Divine Card Creator

Chapter 35 - Did the Card Creator Eat Your Rice?

Chapter 35: Did the Card Creator Eat Your Rice?

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Downtown area.

Lu Ming woke up early in the morning.

Yesterday’s events did not have any impact on him.

When he was doing his programming job before, he had seen many of those scenes.

Someone played the cracked version of the game and angrily scolded him ‘rubbish’…. He also heard before that, after reading pirated novels, someone wrote criticism on the website of the original novel.

Hence, he was not the slightest bit surprised by this kind of reaction. One would never know how people like that existed in this world.

Before he opened the door, Lu Ming was thinking about this.



Lu Ming pushed open the heavy anti-burglary doors.

At the doorstep.

A young lady was squatting. She looked like she was eleven or twelve years old. She was wearing a school uniform, with her hair tied into two ponytails. She was staring at him with her big and watery eyes.

There seemed to be a sign hanging in front of her.

“Little friend?”

Lu Ming looked at her, feeling baffled. “Do you want to buy cards?”

The young lady glanced at Lu Ming and sighed. She pointed at the sign in front of her.


Lu Ming took a closer glance and was instantly dumbstruck.

“Respected shop owner, good day. This is Mr. Jiang who caused trouble at your shop yesterday. After I went home, I sorted out my thoughts. I am deeply apologetic for the trouble. Unfortunately, my family is poor and I don’t have the ability to compensate you. Hence, after careful consideration, I have decided to let my daughter come to your place to work to pay off my debts.”

— The extremely guilty Mr Jiang.

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.

What did this mean?

Did he need to harm his child in this way?!

Guilty-conscious? Guilty, my nose!

He had vaguely felt that something was amiss yesterday. Judging by this, yesterday’s conflict was planned. He had already sent someone over today?

Lu Ming was going a little mad.

Before him, the sign in front of the young lady seemed to have turned into four words — Become a kept woman.

It was crazy!


Young lady.”

Lu Ming squatted down in a serious manner. “I don’t want the compensation anymore. Ask your father to bring you back. See, it’s not suitable for you to stay here, alright?”

The young lady looked at him coldly and then flipped the sign.

On the sign.

There were two flight tickets printed.

It was the 6 o’clock morning flight to Tian Du City.

“Hello, my humble self will be out of town for work to repay what I owe you. I will definitely clear my debts after I come back. If you kick my daughter out for being clumsy, just dump her on the streets. I believe she will be able to survive.”

— The guilty Mr. Jiang.”

Lu Ming froze completely.



What did he mean by just dumping on the streets?

This was the first time that Lu Ming suffered from such a bad emotional breakdown. What was this?

Ten minutes later.

In the shop, Lu Ming and the young lady looked at each other helplessly.

Lu Ming had no choice. He could not possibly really dump her on the streets. He could only pick her up and use her. Ah, wrong. It was to bring her back into the shop for the time being.

“What is your name?” Lu Ming asked.


The young lady raised her hand.

“Official name?” Lu Ming asked.

“Jiang Yuebai,” Xiaobai said in a serious manner.

“Nice name.”

Lu Ming exclaimed. Although there was a problem with this father’s brain, at the very least, he named his daughter quite well. However, the mother must have come up with the name.

“What did your dad say when he sent you here?” Lu Ming asked.

“To repay his debts.” Xiaobai replied. “He asked me to listen to you.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes, nothing else.”

“He asked you to obey my every word?”




Lu Ming suppressed the little commotion in his heart.

Calm down!

He had to calm down!

“Let me ask you something.”

Lu Ming said in a low voice. “Your dad…. did he pick you up from the streets?”

This young lady was quite beautiful and charismatic. One could tell from one glance that she was not a child from an ordinary family. That guy who caused trouble yesterday. How could he give birth to such an adorable young lady!

After pondering seriously, Miss Xiaobai sighed. “I have also pondered over this question before. Regrettably, this father of mine is actually my biological one.”


Lu Ming could only give up.


What exactly was that guy trying to do by sending his daughter here?

Lu Ming could not figure it out.

Could it be that a competitor was trying to erode his career ambitions with a honey trap? This young lady was obviously very young. It would be more suitable if she was older by a couple of years.


Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

What was happening?

He did not know.

However, he was very certain about one matter. He had been used this time. However, what was the other party’s motive? What was he trying to do? He had no idea.

Call the police?

That was fine too. However, before that, he had to find out who the mastermind was. Otherwise, after chasing Xiaobai away, there would be Xiaolǜ, Xiaocui etc. How could any normal person endure this, right?

What if they could not hold themselves back?


There was a flash of idea in Lu Ming’s mind.


He glanced at the young lady and smiled suddenly. “Xiaobai, what is your profession?”

“I have not chosen it yet.”

Xiaobai shook her head.

Choosing a career was a very important and serious matter. If one was not careful, it would affect his entire life.

She had not chosen?

Hey, hey.

Lu Ming smiled very happily.

“Do you want to become a Card Creator?”

Lu Ming revealed a fatherly smile.

“I don’t want to.”

Xiaobai said without any reservation.


Lu Ming was shocked.

He had failed even before trying to fool her?

“They’re homebodies.

Too fat.

Too boring.”

Miss Xiaobai answered in a very serious manner.

From the combination of these few words, it meant boring and fat homebody!


Young lady, this will not do.

If this was in his previous life, you would be doxxed!

What was wrong with a Card Creator?

Card Creators don’t eat the rice in your house. Why do they become damned fat and boring homebodies?

“Hey, hey.”

Lu Ming smiled happily again.

Never mind.

It was fine that she did not like it. He would feel more thrill in teaching her then…

“Come, Xiaobai.”

Lu Ming brought Xiaobai to the counter. “Your dad asked you to work here to repay his debt, right?”


Xiaobai nodded.

“Mmm, very good. Come, draw the lines of this Energy Card.”

Lu Ming revealed a sweet smile. “This is the basic job in a card shop.”

“Don’t know how to?”

Lu Ming was a little disappointed. “Nevermind. Let’s change tasks. There is another basic task in the card shop. That is, to piece the card fragments together.”

He took out a card fragment.

Thereafter, he carefully cut it and placed the card fragment in the blank card.

Of course.

He needed the draw the lines on the blank card to allow the energy to enter it.

“Did you get it?” Lu Ming said.

Xiaobai shook her head.

This job seemed easy but in essence, one still needed to understand the lines!

One still needed to draw lines!

This was the work scope of a Card Creator.

“You don’t know this too?”

Lu Ming was very disappointed.

“What’s the use of having you?”

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

He secretly felt a kick in his heart. He had finally voiced it out!

“I can sell the cards,” Miss Xiaobai said in a very serious manner.

“Cough, cough.”

Lu Ming took out his cell phone and downloaded a picture from the Internet for Xiaobai to see. “Do you recognize this thing? This is called the auto card vending machine. As long as you scan to make a payment, the card will pop out. With this thing, a small shop like us doesn’t need any employees.”

“But we don’t have it in our shop?”

Xiaobai was baffled.

“We are going to have it,” Lu Ming said seriously. “When I am rich, I will definitely buy one.”

Miss Xiaobai was expressionless.

“Of course.”

“The main point is that you don’t have it now.”

Lu Ming gave a cough. “Be it salesperson or vending machine, I don’t need them. Hence, the only thing lacking in my shop is a Card Creator!”


Miss Xiaobai, do you want to learn how to create cards?”

Lu Ming was full of smiles.


Xiaobai shook her head.

“What is your career ambition?” Lu Ming asked helplessly.


Miss Xiaobai’s eyes were filled with hope.

“A Card Creator can become a Swordsman too!”

Lu Ming said without thinking. “See, a Card Creator can seal everything. He can seal all the techniques of a swordsman to. He can choose any career that he wants!”


Lu Ming searched for a pile of Swordsman cards for Miss Xiaobai.

“One sword coming from the east…

One sword coming from the west…

One sword coming from the north…

See, these techniques can all be sealed!

You have not chosen yet. You must be hesitating or have other things that you wish for. Since that is the case, why don’t you become a Card Creator?

You can seal any career skills!” Lu Ming said.


Xiaobai was a little tempted.

“Of course.”

Lu Ming waved his big hands. “If you wish to become a Swordsman in the future, you just have to seal the Swordsman’s abilities, that will do! Furthermore, there are legacies, various sects for Swordsmen…

The Card Creator can also seal all the sects!

If you don’t believe me, take a look.”

The Legacy Card showed her the Swordsman-related cards. “This is the Spirit Sword Legacy, it mainly does… this is the Heavy Sword Legacy, it does…. As Card Creator, you can choose!”


Miss Xiaobai’s eyes lit up.

“Do you want to become a Card Creator?”



Lu Ming was glad and he smiled.


I’ll teach you how to condense the Original Card.

Focus your mind and then condense the Original Card according to this book’s structure…”

Lu Ming brought the young lady to one side.

It was just that his gaze was focused on the outside of the shop.

He actually….

Did not appear?!

He had thought that after fooling Xiaobai to this extent that Mr. Jiang would appear! After all, choosing the career should be the most important matter in one’s life?

That Mr. Jiang really trusted him so much?

He had really dumped Xiaobai here?

The sky gradually turned dark.

One day had passed and the young lady had learned conscientiously for one day.


Still, no one came.

Seemingly, Mr. Jiang had really dumped his daughter here!!!

Did that mean…

Calm down!

Calm down!

Lu Ming was silently chanting in his heart…. Justice, Honesty, Teamwork, Friendliness… Very quickly, he calmed down. At this moment, Miss Xiaobai suddenly walked over.


Xiaobai was a little puzzled. “What do I do after condensing the Original Card?”


An Original Card that was shining faintly appeared in her hands.


You got this out in one day?!

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