Divine Card Creator

Chapter 36 - D Encryption

Chapter 36: D Encryption

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Lu Ming was breaking down a little emotionally.

It was true.

Programmer was a very boring profession. Hence, Lu Ming was used to adding spice to his life. Occasionally, he would joke or conveniently let his imagination run to bolster his ‘no girlfriend, only right hand’ life and inner heart.

Why did he teach Xiao Bai how to create cards?

He only wanted to force her parents to appear.

It was true!

After all…

Look, a fine lady who suddenly went to learn programming… Oh, creating a card…

Could you tolerate it?

Anyway, Lu Ming could not do so.

However, Xiao Bai’s parents could endure it. They did not appear at all! Of course, the greatest joke was that Xiao Bai actually condensed the Original Card successfully. Damn, who knew how she succeeded?! The lines that Lu Ming had passed to her were in fact a wrong version that was modified… the cultivation effectiveness was even lower than that of official textbooks! He passed the lines to the young lady as he only wanted to trick her parents to come. Damn. In the end, she actually succeeded?

“I’m done for.”

This was Lu Ming’s first reaction.

Only heaven knew!

How long did Little Lu Ming take?

Based on rough estimates, he used about half a year’s time.

But Xiao Bai?

Only one day!

No, more accurately, she only used sightly more than half a day!


This was a genius with amazing talent!

This kind of talented player was usually nurtured from young by choosing a career that was most suitable for her. Now, he had bluffed a fine young lady into becoming a Card Creator!

“When can I seal the Swordsman techniques?”

Miss Xiao Bai was very happy.



The Original Card was hovering in the air, looking like it was about to fall. It looked like a child was playing her helicopter toy for the first time.

In one moment, it was up.

In another moment, it was down.

At some point in time, it toppled.

“Soon, soon.”

Lu Ming sighed. What was this?

Xiao Bai’s parents were not coming. Did he really have to take care of this young lady?

Oh, right. Culture Education!

According to regulation, a person could only cultivate when they had passed the final examination of the nine-year compulsory Culture Education and after confirming that they had the ability to be responsible for their actions. They would then have the freedom to act and register for a college! Otherwise, as children were insensible, it was very dangerous for them to attain powerful energy!


“Xiao Bai, Culture Education is still quite important… ”

Lu Ming coughed.

“I have taken all the examinations.”

Xiaobai shook her head.

“Didn’t you just complete primary school?”

Lu Ming was confused.

“I skipped a couple grades,” Xiao Bai said casually, “Culture Education is so simple. I casually skipped a few grades and graduated.”


Lu Ming smiled wryly.

The term ‘casually’ was well-used.

So, yesterday, that guy was lying when he told him that his child did not manage to get in junior high school! No, wrong. In terms of age, Xiao Bai was not even his daughter!

Who exactly are you?

What exactly is your motive?

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

Did that guy shove his daughter onto him because of his good looks?

That was possible.

The sky gradually turned dark.

Lu Ming kept his Card Creator knowledge and waited for Xiao Bai’s parents to appear. However, it was late at night and he did not see anyone appearing.

“They really left?”

Lu Ming was surprised.


Xiaobai nodded.

“So, you don’t even have a place to sleep?”

Lu Ming sighed.

“My dad told me to listen to you,” Xiao Bai replied.

Lu Ming was stunned momentarily. He silently chanted Justice, Honesty, Teamwork, Friendliness…

“In that case, you can sleep in the bedroom while I sleep outside tonight.”

Lu Ming sighed.

“Okay,” Xiao Bai agreed.

It was very late at night.

The shop was closed.

The young lady had studied hard conscientiously for the whole day before she went to bed. Lu Ming was sleeping in the shop. He kept feeling that what happened today was a little absurd.

This momentum…

It was completely different from what he had imagined!

Could there be any problem?

Mr. Jiang…

Jiang Yuebai…

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

What if someone was really plotting against him?

Badger game?

In the middle of the night, the young lady suddenly came into his room. Immediately after, the police officer pushed open the door and entered… He would be detained for a whole load of charges. In that case, he would really be imprisoned for three years or more.


Just imagining this scene made Lu Ming’s liver hurt.

Hence, after much consideration, he simply switched on the surveillance camera in the shop.

Well… In that case, he no longer needed to be afraid of the young lady pouncing on him at night!

He had the evidence!

The next day.

Lu Ming woke up.

The young lady was already practicing very seriously.



The Original Card was flying everywhere.

It was completely different from the unstable state it was in yesterday. Although the speed of the Original Card was slow, it could already suspend steadily in the air.

“When can I seal the Swordsman techniques?” Miss Xiao Bai looked at Lu Ming and asked.

“Soon, soon.”

Lu Ming pondered for a moment. “Let me see how much energy your Original Card has.”


Xiao Bai placed the Original Card in front of Lu Ming.


“One hundred points!”

Lu Ming was expressionless.

He suddenly had a revelation. Had he misunderstood the Card Creator profession all along?

Little Lu Ming used half a year to successfully condense the Original Card and he only had a miserable ten over points. After striving hard for half a year, he finally dashed to forty-eight points. But Xiao Bai?

She did it in one day!

Once she succeeded, she had one hundred points!

So, if he had not gone through that internship, the young lady would have surpassed him in just one day? He had struggled for one year!


Damn, this innate talent!

“Is it very low?’

The young lady was worried and unsettled.

“Yes, a little,” Lu Ming said without a change in his expression. “I will teach you how to draw the lines of the card. Practice it properly. After some time, when your energy level increase, you will be able to seal the Swordsman techniques then.”


Miss Xiao Bai was very happy.

It was really…

Wait a minute.

Lu Ming suddenly had a moment of realization.

Was he overthinking?

Since her parents did not want to come, he would not bother then! Anyway, Xiao Bai had officially become a one-star Card Creator. She was really of some use now.

For example—

Creating an Energy Card!


Converting the Energy Stone into an Energy Card.

This was his job in the past everyday. If he were to let Xiao Bai do it…

Hey, hey.

It seemed workable?

At the thought of this, Lu Ming was very satisfied. Since you sent free labor to me, do not blame me for being impolite!

Energy Card…

Lu Ming took out the school textbooks.


After pausing for a while, he eventually did not teach Xiao Bai this.

This was because he was well aware of the school’s card creating curriculum. The teaching method of the training institution only focused on one word – fast!

Pick up the skills faster, and work faster!

That was all.

Lu Ming knew this method very well.

In his previous life, there were countless of such training institutions for programmers!

Would anyone really care whether the code was outstanding, tidy and neat? Would they care about the level of efficiency?


They only considered one thing – how to make these people pick up the knowledge faster! This was because they could then quickly immerse themselves in work after picking up the knowledge!

They could earn money!

It was the same situation for Card Creator.

“I can’t teach this.”

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

Since he had led the young lady into this path, of course, he had to teach her the correct lines.

Or perhaps…

This was the other party’s motive?

This was interesting. This seemed to be his only strength. If this were the other party’s objective, he only had to take the initiative to ‘cooperate’? Would that not be better?

He was very curious about the outcome that would be waiting.

Connecting finger?


Or perhaps…

At the thought of this, Lu Ming revealed a smile. It was intriguing.


He took out a blank card and personally drew an Energy Card!

This was an Energy Card that was different from all the other Energy Cards in the past. He drew the lines personally, tapping on his ultimate and streamlined line drawing foundation!

No technique was involved!

It was only basic lines and it was almost near to perfect.

“You can learn according to this.”

Lu Ming passed that Energy Card to Xiao Bai.


Xiao Bai began to learn.

The young lady was very obedient and sensible. Perhaps due to her father’s instructions, she barely declined any of Lu Ming’s requests. This made Lu Ming felt very absurd.

No one would treat his own daughter in this way!

Damn Mr. Jiang. He was eroding his pure and innocent heart!

Xiao Bai was learning.

Lu Ming was still checking the information conscientiously.

He had already thought of how to handle that ten thousand yuan — purchase the encryption technique!

He was well aware that not every card could be experienced in the shop like Fruit Ninja. If it was sold, it would be replicated in a matter of minutes!


It was time for him to master some encryption techniques.

It was only after he mastered the encryption techniques that he could receive more profits from his future card sales!

It was necessary to learn it!

However, as he had never touched on this area before, he had to research and find out a large amount of information. He had been doing this these past two days.

What was encryption?

How many types of encryption were there?

Which kind of encryption was more suitable?

Which encryption technique was more suitable for a beginner?

Wait a minute.

Lu Ming flipped through pages and read, rampantly absorbing the information related to encryption. In the end, he decided on one encryption skill — D Encryption. Sixty thousand yuan. The shortest time to crack: Twenty-four hours.

“Twenty-four hours… ”

Lu Ming frowned a little.

Encryption was a very unique and amazing technique. It had specific lines and special algorithm. Hence, it differed almost entirely from all other kinds of lines!

Even the encryption technique of a one-star Card Creator was not easy to crack.

This was because once it was forcefully cracked…

The card would be destroyed!

Hence, there was the existence of the shortest time to crack.

This meant that if you were to encrypt a card, even a powerful Card Creator would need at least twenty-four hours to crack it!

This was the time interval that the encryption strove for.

Of course.

Undoubtedly, the D Encryption was the lousiest technique among all the other encryption techniques.

“Is this the only option?”

Lu Ming frowned a little.

Twenty-four hours of security for the original version was really too short! D Encryption was the most rubbish technique. Even someone like him who had not learned it before had heard of it.

He might as well not encrypt if he were to learn this!

It would be a waste of time!

“Lets see.”

Lu Ming continued to read.


C Encryption Technique, twenty thousand yuan, shortest time to crack: Three days.

B Encryption Technique, sixty thousand yuan, shortest time to crack: Seven days.

These were only basic encryptions.

Besides this, there was a whole bunch of encryption techniques staring with various names. They were powerful encryption techniques specially researched and developed by grandmasters. As for the price…

They would typically be around a three-digit figure.

Lu Ming conscientiously scanned through the techniques available in the market.

In the end…

He still reverted his gaze to the D Encryption. “Actually, the D Encryption is not bad.”

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