Divine Card Creator

Chapter 37 - The Colors Could Change Now!

Chapter 37: The Colors Could Change Now!

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Although the D Encryption a low-level technique, the cost performance was higher!

It only required sixty thousand yuan!

One would neither be shortchanged nor conned!

Furthermore, many people who learned high-level encryption techniques actually purchased the D Encryption because this was the most basic skill and an entry-level one.

Or perhaps…

He should bite the bullet and get the C Encryption?

Actually, he could only cough up slightly over hundred thousand yuan… He could then take a loan or something…

Calm down!

Calm down!

Lu Ming made himself calm down.

He definitely could not take out a loan for the sake of a bit of money! He would rather take a low-level encryption than make his life tougher because of a high-level encryption.


This was similar to buying a car!

One had to make arrangements to allocate the funds properly.

“It is you then!”

Lu Ming stared at the D Encryption, preparing to buy it.

At this moment, someone Lu Ming did not wish to see stopped by. A round and fat figure strode towards him with stubby and sturdy legs, like a blown-up balloon that was deflating.

“Brother Lu, Brother Lu. I want to buy an Energy Card.”

Zhang Xiaopang was very excited. “I’m buying a lot. Can you give me a twenty percent discount?”

“How many do you want?”

Lu Ming walked to the door at the entrance to block him.

“Ten cards!”

Zhang Xiaopang looked serious and stern.

Lu Ming was expressionless.

Haha, this was your so-called ‘a lot’?

“Aren’t you cultivating now?”

Lu Ming was curious.


Zhang Xiaopang smiled bitterly. “However, I didn’t expect that cultivation would consume so much energy. I specially prepared three Energy Cards but I’ve finished them.”

Ever since he integrated the high-level cards, his cultivation speed was too fast. If he were to really go full speed, with one hundred points a day, his money would decrease at the rate of hundreds of thousands!

He had even forgotten…

Zhang Xiaopang’s situation was the norm for a college student!

He had been too complacent, too complacent.

Lu Ming adjusted his mindset.


Twenty percent discount for you.”

Lu Ming prepared ten Energy Cards for him.

“Thank you.”

Zhang Xiaopang was excited. Of course, he knew that one could barely profit from the sale of things such as Energy Cards at a twenty percent discount. Brother Lu still took quite good care of him. Haha.

“Brother Lu.

Let me tell you secretly. My Illusion creation standards has improved tremendously.”

Zhang Xiaopang was a little smug.

“Improved to what extent?” Lu Ming sneered. “Can you let the illusion change colors according to the user’s mood?”

“Yes, I can!”

Zhang Xiaopang did not hesitate at all. “Although I have not done that, I have already learned the core technique.”

Lu Ming was shocked. “Did you really crack it?”

“Of course.”

Zhang Xiaopang was smug. “If you don’t believe me, come and take a look.”


Energy shined and flashed.

Zhang Xiaopang brought Lu Ming to his illusion.

This was the Illusion Core. It was in essence similar to Lu Ming’s Original Card. The items that Zhang Xiaopang usually used to cultivate and condense could be found here.

However, he was a little surprised that it was quite empty.

In a faraway place…

There was a dog.

What was he asking him to do?

Lu Ming was a little baffled.

“Please wait.”

Zhang Xiaopang took a deep breath. “Let me stir up my emotions.”

He then became emotional.

Seemingly imagining something, his mood turned unstable and his breathing heavy.


Zhang Xiaopang yelled loudly. Soon after, the dog in the distance moved suddenly. It ran quickly to the grounds near a tree and twitched continuously in the direction of the tree.

Lu Ming was confused.

“What did you mean by ‘done’?”

“Hurry up. Look!”

Zhang Xiaopang was both excited and elated. “It has changed!”

Lu Ming was a little baffled.

As he took a closer look, the dog looked the same. Where was the change in color?

“It really did change!”

Zhang Xiaopang was emotional. “It has become more lecherous. Look at how ferocious it is now.”

Lu Ming was expressionless.

Suddenly, he felt that his intelligence might deteriorate with this fatty as his friend.

This was too silly!

“Brother, look.”

Zhang Xiaopang was excited. “When my mood is different, this dog’s level of lust is also completely different.”


Lu Ming wanted to completely ignore him.



“Hey, hey.”

At the sight that Lu Ming was not interested, Zhang Xiaopang then regained his senses. He said embarrassingly, “I know that it is still quite a distance from the goal but they use the same Illusion Core! Furthermore, there are different levels to this! It is the same as that core! I have already planned it. The level of lust will change according to the user’s mood:

It will be a happy color when they are happy.

It will be a lonely color when they are upset.

It will be a hungry and thirsty color when they are emotional.

It will be a pessimistic color when they are bored,” Zhang Xiaopang said excitedly.

Lu Ming was expressionless.

Suddenly, he felt that making fun of Xiaopang was a wrong decision. Why? The final version that he came up with was actually that!

What did he mean when he said the core was the same?!

Clearly, they were completely different things, okay?

“Hey, hey.”

“This is the simpler version.”

Zhang Xiaopang rubbed his hands. “Be rest assured, I have already mastered the technique of detecting the user’s mood. Regarding the technique of changing according to the user’s mood, he was only short of changing colors. Hence, this was a substitute for the time being. Don’t worry, when I master the technique of changing the sky color, I will be able to complete this project soon!”

So, that was the case.

Lu Ming understood now.

The study of illusion techniques seemed similar to that of a Card Creator. In terms of the techniques on the surface, this thing was actually quite close to Lu Ming’s request!

He had completed two out of the three techniques. True enough, it was closer to achieving the results!

“Study hard then.”

Lu Ming patted his shoulder. “Since you have already gotten the Energy Cards, hurry. Go and learn.”


Zhang Xiaopang was full of confidence.

However, just as he was about to leave, he felt that something was odd. This was because until this point in time, Lu Ming had been blocking the entrance and did not let him enter the shop!

“Brother Lu, you’re not even letting me enter the door.”

Zhang Xiaopang was speechless.

Lu Ming looked at him coldly. “I treat you as a friend and you actually want to enter my house?!


Zhang Xiaopeng looked puzzled.

“Alright, hurry up and scram. Go and study.”

Lu Ming chased him away. He returned to the shop only after confirming that he had left.



Lu Ming regained his senses.


At this moment, a figure walked over from afar.

“Hello, customer. Can I… ”

Lu Yan spoke instinctively. Thereafter, he felt that something was amiss. This was because that guest’s body was big at one moment and small the next, and shining continuously. She looked like a broadcaster in a beauty camera application.

This standard of transformation…

“Zhang Xiaopang.”

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.


True enough, the customer’s figure bounced back to the fat and round Zhang Xiaopang.


At this moment, Zhang Xiaopang was ignoring him. He was staring at the young lady who was studying conscientiously at the corner of the shop. He looked wide-eyed and tongue-tied. It was no wonder Lu Ming refused to let him enter!

He was too much!

He actually had a kept woman!

It was no wonder…

It was no wonder that Brother Lu had been staying indoors for many days. He did not even go out.

It turned out that…

“I… I want to open a shop too!

I want to employ a female employee too!”

Zhang Xiaopang was emotional. So, Brother Lu was the true veteran!

“Scram!” Lu Ming replied brusquely.

He knew that Zhang Xiaopang would definitely think astray when he came in. He did not know how this lad’s brains grew. It seemed that he could link everything only to that.

“A little disciple that I have taken on.”

Lu Ming felt that this explanation was better.

“Disciple?” Zhang Xiaopang thought carefully. He actually felt more emotional. “I… I want to take in a female disciple too!”

What else could he say?

“Come, Xiaobai.”

Lu Ming sighed. “Say hello to this weird uncle so that he can quickly scram.”

“Hello, uncle.”

Miss Xiao Bai looked up and greeted in a serious manner.

“Hello, hello.”

Zhang Xiaopang revealed a kind smile.

However, the moment that Xiao Bai looked up, the smile on his face froze. He shouted in shock, “Jiang Xiaobai!”

Upon finishing his words…

He actually turned and ran.


Xiaobai, who had been immersed in creating the cards, then took a closer look at the weird uncle in front of her. “Eh, it’s you. Xiaopang!”

“Do you know each other?”

Lu Ming grabbed Zhang Xiaopang, who had wanted to escape.

“Hehe. Actually yes… ” Zhang Xiaopang said in an embarrassed manner.

“What is the matter?”

Lu Ming felt more curious.

“I know.”

Miss Xiaobai was biting on the Card Creating Pen, her big eyes filled with laughter. “He tried to rob my house recently and was caught by my dad. He was given a harsh beating.”

“Steal things?”

Lu Ming was surprised.

He looked at the hat in Zhang Xiaopang’s hands. So, you made this thing in order to steal?

“It’s not stealing.”

Zhang Xiaopang felt wronged. “Didn’t I flunk a few subjects at that time? In order to change my results, I asked the principal. He refused to. So, I had to sneak into his house and make the changes by accessing his computer. Unexpectedly, he discovered me… ”

Lu Ming was speechless.


What else could he say?

He ambushed at the principal’s house to better his grades! Was he not courting death?!

Lu Ming was gloating a little.

However, he very soon realized that something was amiss.

The principal…


My house…

Wait… Something did not seem quite right?

Lu Ming rubbed his head and forced himself to calm down. He then discovered the problem —That damned Mr. Jiang was actually their school principal!!!

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