Divine Card Creator

Chapter 38 - Strong Surviving Ability

Chapter 38: Strong Surviving Ability

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“Do you know someone called Jiang Yunshan?”

Lu Ming looked at Xiaobai.

“I do.”

Xiaobai blinked her big eyes. “He is my uncle.”

“Uncle… ”

Lu Ming smiled wryly.

So… In order to plot against him, the principal even mobilized a group of actors… However, what was his motive? Was it to put his daughter in his house?

Was it just because he was handsome?

“That, Brother Lu, I will leave first. I will be busy cultivating and need to leave for my classes now.”

Zhang Xiaopang slipped away.

He felt extremely guilty-conscious and he had been beaten up by the principal before. It was best not to be involved in this matter. Lu Ming and the young lady were left staring at each other helplessly in the shop.

What was the matter?

“What is your dad thinking?”

Lu Ming sighed.

“I don’t know too.”

Xiaobai was at a loss too.

“He’s not afraid that I will do bad things to you?”

Lu Ming sighed.

“No,” Xiaobai said in a serious manner. “You can’t beat me in a fight.”

Do you look down so badly on my combat capability?

“Your dad really feels confident about you.”

Lu Ming was speechless.

After thinking for a while, Xiaobai said in a serious manner, “He can’t beat me in a fight too.”

That was nonsense! Would he dare to retaliate if you were to beat him?

“Study hard.”

Lu Ming sighed. “I will have a chat with your dad.”


Xiaobai continued to learn how to create cards.

Lu Ming also wished to know what this damned principal was trying to do. It was just nice. He could have a chat with him. He requested the contact number from Xiaobai and called him directly.

“Is this Jiang Feng?”

Lu Ming said in a deep and low voice, “Your daughter is in my hands. Transfer three hundred thousand yuan to me. Otherwise, I will kill the hostage.”

He just wanted to be mischievous for a moment.

Thereafter, he suddenly realized one thing. He was the principal! Their principal!

And he….

He was only a student.

“Lu Ming?”

Jiang Feng was a little amused.

“When are you going to fetch your daughter?”

Lu Ming surrendered.

“Is my daughter disobedient?” Jiang Feng asked.


Lu Ming took a glance at Miss Xiaobai. What an obedient child.

“My daughter is not adorable?”


“Is my daughter not pretty?”


“Then what are you dissatisfied with?”

Jiang Feng questioned him back.

Lu Ming was actually at a loss for words.


Jiang Feng was very satisfied.

Indeed, the tactics that he learned from Old Man Jiang worked.

“You don’t even understand me.”

Lu Ming was very worried.


Jiang Feng smiled. “Some time ago, the police uncovered a case of illegal loans that used nude photos as collateral. I discovered a very interesting and intriguing record from it.”

“At The First Academy, Lu Yan had one more card with her.”

“Yesterday, the Card Creators Association called me and said that one of the students demolished their testing area. They came over to confirm if the student was from our school.”

“When you were a child, you liked to pee at all angles. Hence, your dad drew a cross in the center of the urinal for you to aim at. In the end, you stopped peeing everywhere.”

“When you were a child, you liked to peek at your sister bathing. In the end, your dad hung you on the clothes poles and you dared not do so anymore.”

“Do I understand you enough?”

Jiang Feng laughed.

“Where is your shame?”

Lu Ming sighed. “You’re supposedly a well-respected principal. Yet, you actually peeped at other people’s privacy!”

Indeed, a boss at this kind of level could investigate you very thoroughly if he wanted to. Moreover, judging from this, he seemed to know Little Lu Ming’s parents!

He was someone they knew!

It was no wonder he was so ‘vicious’!

In this era, only someone they knew would use such ‘base’ means!

“Scram!” Jiang Feng said unhappily.

Previously, when they sent Lu Ming over, they said that this child was introverted, timid and overcautious. Hence, he needed to train independently.


Timid, introverted?

Who the hell were they kidding?!

“You’re really not worried about her?”

Lu Ming was helpless.

Lu Ming felt that there was obviously a huge gap in thinking between this big boss and him. This was such a ‘fresh and juicy’ daughter and you were putting her in the home of a student full of vigor and vitality?

“What is there to worry about?”

Jiang Feng did not mind. “I have some special matters to settle at my end now. It is quite dangerous. The child will stay with you first. She has very strong survival skills. You don’t need to worry.”

Indeed, this was her biological father!

Look, he could even say things such as strong survival skills!

“But I am worried.”

Lu Ming looked very solemn. “I am so good-looking. Can I not worry about my own safety? What if Miss Xiaobai can’t hold herself back?”

Jiang Feng was wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

Was there someone so shameless?

“I don’t have the ability to protect her.”

Lu Ming spoke in a grave and earnest manner.

It would be very dangerous for Xiaobai to stay here!

It did not have anything to do with him if she was safe and fine. However, he had to bear the responsibility if anything were to happen to her! Furthermore, he really did not have the ability to protect this lady!

“You really can’t?”

Jiang Feng sighed.

“I can’t.”

Lu Ming’s tone was firm.

“One encryption technique,” Jiang Feng said calmly.


Lu Ming was very decisive.

So, he had said so much just because he wanted to gain something? He had picked up the techniques from Old Man Jiang but was actually fooled by this young lad!

“Are you serious about letting her learn about creating cards?”

At this moment, how could Lu Ming not understand.

Jiang Feng sent Xiaobai here for her to learn the basics of creating cards.

After all, sometimes…

A non-mainstream tutor like Lu Ming might be even more professional than the teachers.


Jiang Feng’s tone was a little deep and low. “I think it is quite good for this child to become a Card Creator. She will have the defensive capability and will be safe. She won’t need to come into contact with fighting and killings forever… She won’t end up like her mom… ”


Lu Ming sighed.

All parents in the world are willing to do anything for their child unconditionally.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Ming looked at Miss Xiaobai, who was conscientiously creating cards at the corner. He suddenly thought of Little Lu Ming and his parents. Why did they send him here?

He had such an impressive elder sister!

He had good parents who were devoted to the family!

Logically, they should not send Little Lu Ming to this kind of vocational college…



Suddenly, Lu Ming thought of a scary matter.


Could it be…

They discovered that Little Lu Ming fancied his elder sister?

That was possible!

Little Lu Ming thought about the books under Little Lu Ming’s bed. A young boy thought that the hiding place under the blanket and mattress was a good cover. He was unaware that that place would be turned over by his parents when he was away at school!

The more Lu Ming thought about it, the more he felt that this was possible.

That must be the case.

Therefore, they hoped that Little Lu Ming could cool down at this place and reduce the special feelings that he had for his sister. Unexpectedly, Little Lu Ming actually turned cold.

“Life’s journey is full of hardships.”

Lu Ming sighed.


He did not have any special feelings towards this elder sister. He only had the urge to cozy up to her to gain her favor. After all, this was a leading figure and a live cheating program!

“Forget it.

I’m not going to think so much.”

Lu Ming shook his head.

These matters did not have anything to do with him.

He had finally found Xiaobai’s parents. From an unknown figure, she had become a legitimate Lolita [1. In Japan, Lolita refers to girls between ten to fourteen years of age who have gone through one stage of puberty but not both stages]. He did not need to worry anymore and could finally concentrate on improving his capability!”

“Xiaobai, come.”

Little Lu Ming asked Xiaobai to come over. “Did your dad say anything else to you?”


Xiaobai was a little lost. “He asked me to obey all your words.”

Calm down!

He had to calm down!

“Oh, right.”

Xiaobai suddenly thought of something. She said in an excited and happy manner, “My dad says that Lu Yan is your elder sister.”

“Do you know her?”

Lu Ming was surprised.

“Of course.”

Xiaobai’s eyes were full of hope. “She is an idol for all of us Swordsmen! In the future, I too want to become a Swordsman like her!”


Lu Ming suddenly felt a little guilty.


In the day.

It seemed that the young lady was unaware of the truth.

However, along with the evolution and strengthening of card creating techniques, seemingly, they would really be able to seal the Swordsman techniques in the future, right?

It seemed that he really had to guide her properly.

Lu Ming sighed.

In addition, given the young lady’s talent and her father’s identity, it was considered that he had cozied up to someone powerful! In the future, he would have two powerful figures to rely on!

“You will be my disciple henceforth.”

Lu Ming looked very serious.

“Okay, Master.”

Xiaobai was very obedient and sensible.


Lu Ming was very satisfied with this address. It was just that he suddenly thought of something. “Oh, right. Bring me the card with the lines that I gave you earlier.”


Xiaobai passed it over to him, feeling puzzled.

Lu Ming amended a few strokes of the lines before passing it back to her. “Use this instead.”

“Master, didn’t you say that the lines on the card were almost perfect?”

Xiaobai was baffled.

“Child, do you have a misunderstanding on the meaning of the word ‘almost’?”

Lu Ming looked very serious.

If they were almost perfect, it means that they were not perfect!

What else did he need to say?

Everything about this card was good. Every line was correct. However, if the lines were connected, one could not create any cards with it. There were three hundred basic lines but only one hundred lines here. Lu Ming even modified a few of them. It would be spooky if anyone could create a card with that!

“Master, you are so naughty.”

Xiaobai was not stupid. It was no wonder that she could not create any cards no matter what she did.


Lu Ming was embarrassed. “You’re the naughty one.”

Xiaobai was expressionless. “Master, I am still a child.”

“Cough, cough.”

Lu Ming coughed two times. “Quickly go and study.”


Xiaobai left.

Lu Ming continued to research the techniques related to encryption.

In the afternoon.

The encryption technique promised by the principal had arrived.

Lu Ming took a glance and his face dimmed instantly. ‘D Encryption Technique’ was written on it.


This principal was really stingy!

He had the shame to give people this kind of rubbish?

Nevertheless, this cost sixty thousand yuan. Lu Ming accepted it reluctantly then. This was considered as the compensation for taking care of his daughter and the damages in his shop.

Although his entire shop was only worth ten thousand yuan…

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