Divine Card Creator

Chapter 39 - Mysterious Technique!

Chapter 39: Mysterious Technique!

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“Let me take a look.”

Lu Ming flipped through the document.

The Encryption Technique was actually very common technique.

According to the prologue, there were in fact a few types of encryption methods. Nevertheless, under normal circumstances, external encryption was the most common type.

What was external encryption?

This kind of encryption method would not conflict with one’s card!

After the card was created, one could cast the encryption on the card from outside. Hence, many cultivators simply purchased Encryption Cards from the market for encryption.

It was very intriguing.

Encryption Cards of different levels would of course fetch higher prices.

There were specializations in the industry. Some Card Creators had been researching Encryption Techniques for life. The encryptions that they created was extremely power and also very popular!

However, Lu Ming could only create it himself.

This was because he had to save money.

“These lines… ”

Lu Ming took a glance. It seemed very simple.

The D Encryption Technique was the lowest-level beginner technique that was commonly used by a Card Creator. Typically, one would use a one or two-star card for the encryption.

It was very simple.

For Lu Ming now, this was not a problem at all.

It was just that…

Lu Ming shook his head. “I’ll get it out first.”

The D Encryption had a total of ninety-two lines.

The lines were simple.

The writing was structured.

If he were to think like a programmer, he should be able to divide it into three modules.

1. Energy module — responsible for energy flow.

2. Encryption module — responsible for encryption algorithm.

3. Release module — responsible for releasing the function.

The first and the third segment were self-explanatory. In fact, it was the same as transferring energy and directing it for the release of the Attack Card.

The main point was the encryption module.

Lu Ming researched for a while and realized that these lines were still related to energy flow.

After all…

He could sense that the feelings were similar to when there was an increase in the number of bulls.

“So… ”

“Most likely, these are the lines in which encryption algorithms have been added.”

Lu Ming made a guess.

It was because these Encryption Layers were in fact a lock. A lock that did not require opening!

In the situation where the lock was encrypted, you could only use the card normally. If you tried to examine the lines at the back, you might cause a full collapse!

The encrypted lines were the core of the encryption!

“Get it out first.”

Lu Ming tried to create this card.

The difficulty level was not high.

He completed it very quickly.


Lu Ming looked at his own card encryption.

Sure enough.

There were changes to the jet black card. Before he could feel the energy in the lines, now he could no longer feel anything.

“It has been encrypted.”

Lu Ming understood.

He had learned how to create this card.

As long as he drew the lines according to this card, he could create an Encryption Card!



Lu Ming could not really figure it out.

He read the tutorial but it did not seem to tell him much. It only wrote — A deeper technique. Ironically, learning too much might affect your current judgment.

Was it because there was a conflict in what he learned?

Lu Ming frowned.

This was the case with Mathematics in his previous life.

Most of the Mathematics knowledge that he had learned when he was a child had been overthrown at university… If one was taught everything at the same time when they were a child, most likely, anyone would be confused.

One could only gradually pick up the knowledge.

Maybe this was also the case for the encryption technique?

Their standard was too low at the moment. They could only copy and absorb the information without digesting it. That was the reason that they could not tell them too much now?


What was it that it did not wish to say?

“This card… ”

Lu Ming looked at the card with completed encryption in his hands and the lines on the design plan. He was deep in thoughts.




Lu Ming frowned.

He disliked these kinds of vague feelings. Obviously, the existence of encryption was related to a high-level technique but it had been quietly concealed.

Of course.

To a one-star Card Creator…

These skills were akin to calculus that suddenly popped out from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

He could not understand it at all.

He did not feel like understanding it too.

However, Lu Ming disliked these feelings of ignorance.

What could it be?

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

However, the lines were clearly so simple. They could not possibly conceal any techniques. If they really did, it would not be possible for a one-star Card Creator to complete!


It did not have anything to do with the lines!

Lu Ming had a sudden realization. The most important thing about this Encryption Card was not the lines but the concept!

The concept of encryption!


The true concept of creating cards!


Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

In fact, he had always been curious about this technique. Exactly how could one add the encryption lines to the back of the card without affecting the latter?

Design plan…

Encryption product…

Lu Ming stroked the jet black front of the card. The encryption effect had completely covered up the original lines.

He could not feel anything.

This was the outcome of the encryption.


How did they add these lines?

Were they just a cover?

Were they just like paint that could be directly layered over the card?

That would be very stupid.

“I can’t figure it out.”

Lu Ming’s head was hurting a little.

Clearly, he had a hunch that he had guessed it but it was very vague feeling and he could not see through it. This was the most upsetting part.

“Forget it.”

Lu Ming smiled bitterly.

It could be because he had not reached that stage yet.

Now, his foundation for card creating was powerful but he was still a one-star Card Creator!

His cultivation was too weak!


He would be able to understand when he was a second-star Card Creator?

“I’ll study the D Encryption first.”

Lu Ming took a deep breath.

He wanted to try… What exactly was the effect of this D Encryption?


Lu Ming tried to crack this layer of encryption technique. He carefully dissipated the energy on the surface of the card.


The energy was abnormal!

The Bulls Card was instantly destroyed!

All the lines had vanished. This card actually became a waste card!

A true waste card!

“So this is how it works…”

Lu Ming understood now.

Hence, professional cracking techniques were needed to crack it!


In this case, he felt more assured.

Furthermore, this was only the beginning.

The D Encryption was certainly trash but Lu Ming was very curious… If he were to integrate seven cards that were D encrypted, what would happen?

This was what he wanted to try!


He tried to integrate two D encrypted cards.

There was no change in the lines.

Lu Ming took a glance. Seemingly, it was just pure quantitative evolution. Hence, it should be the lines of the encryption algorithm. It was just that it had become a little more complicated.

There was not much use!


Three cards, four cards, five cards… until the moment where he integrated seven cards.


Lights flashed.

The card was transforming!

“It’s coming.”

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up.

Sure enough.

He had guessed it right!

After he filled up the Lighting Original Card, the lines changed!

“Let me see.”

Lu Ming was filled with expectations.

The lines were still the same. The encryption lines seemed to have become a little more complicated but it did not change drastically. However, a layer actually appeared on the surface of the encryption!


Lu Ming was a little puzzled.

What did it mean by another layer appearing?


It was very strange.

Clearly, this was a simple front of the card. Clearly, this was just an Original Card.


Little Lu Ming could clearly feel that there were two layers like a multi-storey building. What appeared this time was actually a line structure that was similar to a two-storey small building.

What the hell was this?

Lu Ming was a little puzzled.

Clearly, there was only one layer of card surface. How did it construct a spatial structure?

Wait a minute.

The front of the card…

Second layer…

Lu Ming’s pupils shrank suddenly. He finally knew the concept represented by the Encryption Card!

So, that was the case!

Lu Ming was amazed.

He had thought of countless possibilities but never thought that it would be this!


Only this kind of concept could perfect the card!

Only this kind of concept could explain everything!

All this while, he had a doubt…

The surface on the front side of the blank card was so big. A few hundred lines was the limit. How did it accommodate ten million lines? Intersection of lines? Three-way intersections?

One would not be able to input all the lines with any technique or mean!

At this point in time, he finally understood.

This was a brand new card creating technique — Card Layering!

If the front of the blank card was the foundation, he could superimpose this kind of technique and create a real high-rise building!

The higher the level of the card, the more the layers!

This was the profound secret of the high-level cards.

But now…

This small Encryption Card was using such a technique!

Yes, the so-called encryption was basically adding a new layer on top of the basic lines on the card to cover it!


It was very smart. It could be executed via casting. No one had realized that! However, it was completely exposed in Lu Ming’s Lighting Original Card!

The integration of the Lighting Original Card had turned one layer into two!

It had become double encryption!

Lu Ming saw it very clearly.

“So, that was what happened.”

Lu Ming completely understood now.

It was no wonder he felt that this was so familiar!

It was because this was the layering that Lu Ming had seen Photoshop!


Card Layers…

It was so ingenious!

Lu Ming simply knew it too well!

One must know…

In the past, he had learned two years of Photoshop skills in order to woo his little junior sister in the school. He had the standard of transforming a pie face to a small V shaped face using Photoshop!

It was a pity that there were only slightly over fifty female students out of the two thousand students in their Science and Engineering Faculty. There were too many wolves but too little meat. He could only give up.

After graduation.

When he was prepared to show off his skills, the craft that he had painstakingly mastered had been eliminated by the beauty cameras. He remained single.


He could put it to a good use here!

“Card Layer… ”

Lu Ming was very emotional.


The limit of his mind had been broken.

It was no wonder…

They would cover up these matters.

To an ordinary one-star or two-star Card Creator, they could not even understand the lines on the front of the card, let alone this kind of superimposing skill?

True enough, this was the calculus in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

This was a high-level technique that far exceeded his current stage. At the very least, it was four-star and above!


This was a true-blue high-level technique!

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