Divine Card Creator

Chapter 40 - Can’t Afford to Provoke! Can’t Afford to Provoke!

Chapter 40: Can’t Afford to Provoke! Can’t Afford to Provoke!

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“Brother Cat, I love you!”

Lu Ming gave the Original Card a hard kiss.


He had figured it out!

Sometimes, widening horizons was a matter of moments.

For example—

The moment that your weapon strengthens after failing and shattering thirteen times.

For example—

The moment that your girlfriend gets into the BMW of a rich tycoon.

But now…

In Lu Ming’s eyes, the card creating technique were so transparent.


Card Layers…

The concepts in Lu Ming’s knowledge were overlapping now.

With the Card Layer concept, Lu Ming could see not only the simple double encryption but also more high-level card creating concepts!

There was still a difference between the Encryption Layer and Card Layer!

What was the Encryption Layer?

It was the layer that was encrypted on the front of the card.

That was all.

It was only a cover, a brush of one layer. It was independent. Hence, no Card Creators would link it to the Card Layer.

What about Card Layer?

That was the real superimposition!

One could possibly build a high-rise building from it!

Of course.

The Card Layers of high-level cards also needed to be superimposed and connected!

How to connect?

By stairs!!

This was the hardest part!

If one wanted to create high-level cards, meaning, create a two-storey building, there had to be stairs!


What was stairs?

Lu Ming looked at the double encryption on the Original Card, feeling both glad and grateful.

At this juncture, the Encryption Technique was already not the main point. The appearance of the double layers meant that these two layers of encryption were connected. It meant that…

The stairs could be seen now!!!

In between the two layers of encryption, one magical line ran through both layers!

This was the stairs!

“I actually touched this aspect?”

Lu Ming was stunned.

Card Layer!


This was the scope of high-level cards!

In general, only four-star and above Card Creators were eligible to touch this!

But now…

Lu Ming had done it.

He believed…

In his journey as a Card Creator, although he was still a bronze-level rookie, he had already possessed the consciousness at the ruler-level!

“I cannot be impetuous and rash!”

“I cannot feel smug!”

“I have the consciousness but I have to catch up on my standards.”

Lu Ming said to himself.

He was clear that the Card Layer and Connecting Techniques had appeared but he needed a powerful control technique and strong foundation in line drawing to truly master them!

He might really be lacking in these.


He had the Original Card.

What was the advantage of being a teacher?

Imparting knowledge!

Transferring concepts!

A teacher had to explain and analyze such things that were hard to understand, to make it as simple as possible so that the students who did not have the knowledge could master them.

But for Lu Ming?

He had already achieved mastery of the Card Layer concept through a comprehensive study of the subject!

What he needed was the technique!

What he needed was the foundation!

And these…

Even the teachers had no way to help.

They could only make you practice constantly and strengthen and improve continuously!

That was all.

Even the techniques purchased from the Card Creators Association or Internet, which came with ‘design plan, detailed explanation, summary of important points and expert reviews etc.’ were complete sets of meal. According to the level of the experts, these technique set meals came in varying prices.


This was because they could not feel it for themselves!

They could only explain!

They could only explain through many aspects to make you understand!

It was akin to the Fruit Ninja.

When those people plagiarized him, they could only understand the details from others. According to these description and explanation, they created the pirated Fruit Ninja!

And these techniques…

It was the same logic!

Could the teacher impart it to the students?

They could only explain!

Thereafter, from lights and shadow, sound, concept to various aspects, they would let you understand and know the function of these lines as well as the meaning that each line represented!

This was the process of learning a technique!


Lu Ming did not need this at all.

In the past, the gave up on the teacher’s pointers not because he was arrogant.


The Original Card in Lu Ming’s hands was suspending in mid-air.

In the Original Card, each and every encryption line was very clear.

What was the advantage of the Original Card?

One could feel the energy flow process in every line!


Energy flowed through from the first line.

Lu Ming focused and felt the process of the energy flow. In this process, he could clearly feel the speed and density of the energy.

All these were most important!

No matter who explained it, it would not be clearer than experiencing it himself.


He did not need that!

He could figure it out and understand the concept.

In terms of technical aspect, the Original Card was the best teacher!

“Come on.”

Lu Ming was filled with expectations.


It flowed through the first layer of line. It was no different from the previous one.


The flow of energy had finally reached the connecting part!


He could clearly see the drawing of this line. On a flat surface, it drew out a three-dimensional effect. It moved to the second layer from the first!

It opened a new card layer!

Hence, as long as this line was drawn successfully, followed by two-dimensional drawing, it would reach the second layer!


Lu Ming could feel the flow of this energy personally.


The energy flowed through.

Lu Ming looked a little puzzled. The connection had been built and the second layer had appeared. A layer seemed to have been added to the front of the card and everything below it had dimmed.

A new layer had appeared!

He could draw the lines now!

However, Lu Ming did not manage to see it clearly.

“That was too fast!”

Lu Ming adjusted again.

Once, failed.

Twice, failed.


This one line that looked simple was in fact extremely difficult.

The speed, width and density of the energy that flowed through this line seemed a little complicated. There were even some angles. It was difficult to figure it out.

Lines that were similar to energy traffic junction were two-dimensional. Hence, it was easy to draw. However, this kind of card layer connection were more akin to Space Layer Technique!

It was very difficult.

No matter how good one’s line foundation was, it would not work!

This was also why it would become the hallmark of a high-level Card Creator!

What to do?


Lu Ming could only feel and draw it repeatedly.



He was penning and copying it continuously.

Like this?

Like this?

Or perhaps, like this?

However, he kept failing!



Energy flowed and he kept trying.

This was a very amazing learning process.

To Lu Ming, it seemed like he was solving a complicated Olympiad Mathematics question. He could only calculate and try repeatedly to get the answer.

One day, two days…

Time passed quietly.

Lu Ming seemed to have forgotten the time. He was rampantly studying.

In these two days.

Ironically, Xiaobai was the one taking care of him.

Precisely, just as what the principal said, Xiaobai’s survival skills was really very strong…



Lu Ming was still ‘possessed’.


At a particular moment where the energy flowed through, his whole body shivered. As if he had been electrocuted, he could feel that strong gush of intriguing feelings.

It was smooth and effortless!


Lu Ming reminisced that feeling.


He wrote without any hesitation.

On the front of the card.

On that ordinary blank card, a twisted staircase appeared, extending to another brand new layer. The original lines had been quietly covered.

The second layer!

This was the technique of the second layer!


Lu Ming was stunned. He felt elated immediately.


He had actually studied it successfully!

“Try it.”

Lu Ming was emotional.

He took out an Energy Card. First, he drew the lines of an Energy Card in a serious manner. If there was no hiccup, this was a standard Energy Card!


Lu Ming did not complete the drawing for the Energy Card.

Instead, he drew an mystical line at the part whereby he was supposed to finish. A strange feeling appeared in his hands. The front of the card had changed!

All the lines of the Energy Card had turned grey!

There was a misty feel!

On that misty layer, one could actually still draw lines!

Brand new lines!

“This was lamination!”

Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

So, this was the truly powerful card creating technique!



Extremely powerful.

Lu Ming was excited.

One must know. This was the true-blue high-level skill!

It was different from the basic skills of energy intersection. This represented the hallmark of a Card Creator who was four-star or above!

“I really… ”

At this moment, Lu Ming’s brains were hot.

He was too emotional!

How did it feel to figure out calculus in primary school?

Now he knew.


Too cool!

“Who should I look for to brag… share?”

Instinctively, Lu Ming wanted to share his joy. He opened his address book and saw the name Lu Yan but he did not have the courage to call her.

That one…

She seemed to be at the level where she had figured out calculus when she was in kindergarten?

Who else could he share this with?

Lu Ming looked up and sighted Xiaobai, who was a distance away.

What about her…

Forget, he could not afford to prove her.


Lu Ming’s impetuous mood actually calmed down every quickly.

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