Divine Card Creator

Chapter 477 - Relationship Mentor Li Ergou

Chapter 477 Relationship Mentor Li Ergou

Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master Association.

Lu Ming quietly returned to his room.

Although he had discovered the splashes in the bathroom earlier, as a smart president, he did not hastily expose this hidden threat.


Even Qiu Shuyi might not be able to save him!


It was too close!

Of course.

Through this, he could tell how terrifying the enemy was!

These people…

They had already ambushed themselves in the association!

Lu Ming felt somewhat stunned at the thought of it.


He returned to the room.


Lu Ming muttered inwardly although he looked indifferent.

“What is the matter?”

Xiao-Xiaojian, who was mending the wall, asked impatiently. It was a rare chance for it to be alone with Xiao-Xiaobai. Could Lu Ming not mess this up?!



As it mended the wall, it lunged towards Xiao-Xiaobai…

Lu Ming’s face darkened. Can you have some backbone?

“Something happened a while ago.”

He transmitted the earlier scene that he saw to Xiao-Xiaojian.

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent for a moment. “Is that all?”


Lu Ming looked serious.

“Why don’t… You go to the hospital and do a check up?”

Xiao-Xiaojian suggested.


Lu Ming only stared at Xiao-Xiaojian coldly and then smiled faintly. “Do you miss Brother Cat?”

Xiao-Xiaojian paused for a moment.

Forget it.

There were many chances to be alone with Xiao-Xiaobai. If it were to be pressed against the ground by Brother Cat in front of Xiao-Xiaobai, that would be too embarrassing! Why did it have to do that?!


It transmitted the news to Xiao-Xiaobai. Xiao-Xiaobai transmitted it to Xiaobai and then Xiaobai to Qiu Shuyi. The news quietly spread in that way.

Very soon…

Qiu Shuyi rushed over.

“This way.”

Lu Ming led her into the bathroom.


Qiu Shuyi took a glance.

Toilet bowl…


Qiu Shuyi shot a Sword Aura into the waters and it blasted into the toilet bowl pipes. However, nothing happened and they did not detect any strange aura.

“There is no one.”

Qiu Shuyi shook her head.

Lu Ming, →_→.

This was strange.

He had clearly sensed that there was something wrong..

“It’s okay.”

Qiu Shuyi consoled and said, “Alert me when you sense the opponent again.”


Lu Ming nodded slightly.

“Young man, you have to admit that you’re growing older.”

Looking at the sky, Xiao-Xiaojian sighed continuously.


Lu Ming glanced at it. “Believe it or not, if the enemy is really here, I won’t be the one injured. This is because you’ll be the first one blocking the attack.”

Xiao-Xiaojian’s body stiffened.



It almost forgot the new awakening ability that it had just comprehended. It was a 100% blocking of the attack…

After a long time…

Everyone was dispersed.

After contemplating, Lu Ming installed detectors in the bedroom, toilet bowl and various other places. If someone was here, he would definitely be able to detect the presence.


He was still very baffled.

Was it true that no one came earlier?!

Could it be that…


That could not be true!

It must be fake!

He believed in his physique!!

This was a man’s dignity.

This was beyond doubt!

At this very moment…

Outside the Sword Card Master Association.

A faint shadow appeared in a place that was out of everyone’s sight..

On the ceiling beam in the room.

In the sewerage.

In the toilet bowl.

Endless murderous intents were growing.




They were gone.

The Assassins retreated silently and returned via the path that they came from.

“What is happening?”

“Qiu Shuyi came!”

“Ss… That eight-star Swordsman?! Damn it! Why did she come?!”

“I heard that she is Lu Ming’s wife.”

“Why are you guys that cowardly? When she is not paying attention, just kill Lu Ming and then escape.”

“It’s not that. We thought of a problem. The bodies of seven-star and above Swordsmen are filled with Sword Intent. Since she is Lu Ming’s wife, it means that Lu Ming’s body can withstand eight-star Sword Intent… Will our current assassination plan work then? Will we be able to kill Lu Ming instantly?”

The killer was deep in his thoughts.

This meant that their ambush this time could not possibly kill Lu Ming instantly! As soon as they failed, Qiu Shuyi would take action and all of them would be dead!

They were not afraid of death.

However, it was not acceptable to die without a cause!


It was very logical.

There was nothing wrong with that!

After a long time…

There was a sigh. “Retreat then.”


The killers receded like tides.

“Wait a minute. Where is Xiaosan?”

“He fainted.”

“??? How did he faint before making any move?”

“He had ambushed in the toilet bowl of the Sword Card Master Association for the whole night, preparing to take action. After he received the news, he was infuriated and he suffered from shortness of breath…”

“He fainted due to shortness of breath? When did he become that weak?”

“Uh, no. After he suffered from shortness of breath, he sucked in some unknown material in the toilet bowl. Afterward…”

Sword Card Master Association.

The disciple had waited for the whole day.

The Assassins did not appear…

Even so, the disciples did not let down their guard. They were patrolling and cultivating in various places of the Sword Card Master Association, locking onto every nook and cranny!!!

In the end…

They were certain of something. The Assassins seemed to have retreated.

Seemingly, a huge and sensational assassination crisis had disappeared along with the appearance of Senior Qiu…

The disclosure of the Sun Card had avoided 88% of the danger and Senior Qiu Shuyi had blocked the remaining 1% of the danger. Therefore, none of the Assassins appeared!


They were sure about one thing.

The retaliation of the Assassins had just begun.

With the increased sales of the Sun Card, the situation was getting worse. There would also be an increasing number of Assassins knocking on their doors. Even if there was only 1% of them, it was a huge problem!

In the end…

There would definitely be an outcome to this.

Of course.

That was the future. As for now…

From time to time, the patrolling disciples appeared near the president’s room and pressed their ears against the doors, wanting to hear some strange noises…

“There is no sound?”

“That’s right. It’s different from what is written in the books…”

“Is the president potent?”


Right then…

Sword Card Master Association.


A teenage girl was sitting upright and noting something down.



There was the faint sound of her pen.

After a long time…

The teenage girl stopped writing. She looked very satisfied.


“The President’s Daily Life”

Writer: Zhou Yun. In a certain day and month, Master and Senior Sister Xiaobai ignored what others thought and slept together… On the same day, Qiu Shuyi rushed to the association and had an amiable negotiation with Senior Sister Xiaobai, as if they were long-time friends… Master’s unrivaled charisma and peerless looks were evident …



It was perfect.

After Zhou Yun finished writing, she felt somewhat emotional. “I’m so envious~.”

Master was indeed Master.

He was powerful and confident.

He was unlike that silly guy of hers… who was timid and had low self-esteem.

At the sight of the silly demeanor of the teenager in white, she found it adorable and her heart would soften… However, she would also feel infuriated sometimes. She felt very helpless…

Can’t he be slightly more confident?

The previous time.

She remembered.

When they were on a date, she told him shyly, “If I become fat, will you still like me?”

She remembered.

The teenager stared into the blank space for a long time and then said, “Don’t worry. I will treat you and the child well.”


Look! Where is the logic?!


What child?

She did not come to her senses for a long time that day. She could not figure out the logic of the teenager in white. And when the teenager in white saw Zhou Yun ignoring him for a long time, he became even more upset.

He then said, “I know, I don’t deserve you.”


He walked off, looking upset.

Zhou Yun was speechless.

Why is it that difficult for her to be in a relationship?!

She felt exhausted at heart.



The source of these messy things…

After contemplating, she felt that she should not let the teenager continue to be mix around with Li Ergou!!! She had a hunch that the teenager in white was becoming increasingly odd…


At this very moment…


In a corner of Tian Du City, Li Ergou was teaching a class. A few people were seated together in front of and listening to him seriously. They were filled with a thirst for knowledge.


“What can move someone in this day and age?

“True love!


“What is love?

“Treating the other party well is true love!

“Treating yourself well is selfishness!

“Do you understand?”

Li Ergou was in high spirits.

He did not expect that he would become a relationship mentor day.


The situation was very interesting. He posted some of his own situations online and then… They went viral!!! People were sympathetic and some of them made inquiries!

Li Ergou tried to respond to some of their questions.


He became extremely popular!

As such…

Li Ergou was also a popular celebrity in the online community now.

People called him – Relationship Blogger.

That was right!

This was the other identity of the current Li Ergou!


Li Ergou was very confident.

He wanted to make these people understand what selfless and unconditional love was! He wanted to make selfish love disappear and spread true love in the world!

If the person one loves is happy, that will be one’s greatest happiness!


The teenager in white suddenly asked, “What if she looks for you after she becomes pregnant?”


Everyone’s eyes turned toward him.

After a long time…

Everyone said enviously, “That means it’s your turn!”

“Exactly. My goddess is not pregnant yet… Sob… I don’t even know when she will speak more than 10 sentences with me…”

“Same for mine. You’re progressing very quickly…”

“Congrats, dude.”

Everyone felt emotional.

The teenager in white was speechless.

I-is that the case?

He felt somewhat confused.

I-i turned out that this situation was normal?

“How? Are you guys married?” someone asked.


The teenager in white waved his hands. “S-she doesn’t seem too happy…”

“Did she say that you’re not fit to be with her?”

“Or perhaps you have misunderstood her. She is just worried that the child’s skin color will be different and not showing you her unhappiness…”

“R-right. That makes sense.”

“These kinds of situations are all misunderstandings. It will be fine once you clear them up,” everyone said.

The teenager in white was speechless.

I-is this the case?



Something was wrong.

The president had the same skin color as him!

The teenager felt vexed.

Right then…

Li Ergou, who was on the podium, also looked dumbstruck.

Wait a minute…

How did the plot become like that ♂♀?!! He only said that one needed to be devoted in love. He did not say that it should develop to this extent?! You guys have crossed the line!

Hey! This is a plot that should be found in the websites starting with ‘s’ and not here!

It was a pity…

With the teenager sharing his true feelings, the audience began to share their personal stories.

Someone had already succeeded in taking down the goddess! Although the skin color of the child was different…

Someone had attained companionship, although she would only look for him at times when she had fallen out of love…

Li Ergou was speechless.

After a long time…

The lesson ended.

The students left and said they had benefited a lot.

Li Ergou was speechless.

What did you guys learn?

He had not spent more than 10 minutes talking about his teaching materials! However, the money he received told him that he had completed teaching one lesson!

He could not understand.


It turned out that…

He could also be a relationship mentor like that?!

Li Ergou felt very lost.


In the past.

To his knowledge, mentors, bloggers and Internet celebrities about relationships were held in high regards. He had also become the current Li Ergou due to this reason.





He had become the relationship mentor.

He then discovered… Oh, crap! It turned out that any Tom, Dick or Harry could be a relationship mentor… and any lousy stories could be used to brainwash people…

He was very puzzled.

Amid the puzzlement, he became more and more famous.

It was to the extent that…

He even had a high-end and expensive consultation where the cost was comparable to that of 10 of his lessons. He only had to counsel the other party!!!

It was only at this moment that he realized…


It was that easy to make money!

It turned out that…

He could earn that much money by spouting some nonsense.

That afternoon.

Li Ergou turned up for the appointment as scheduled.

Over there.

In the room.

A teenager was sitting there with a gloomy face. He heard that the lady he loved had died for his sake and he had not been able to overcome this trauma…


Li Ergou downloaded many materials from the Internet and began the brainwashing…


They are like that. Give them some soothing “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and chicken blood injections. You can pour it from the front, top or even shoot them in.


It would work as long as the taste was right.

However, unexpectedly, the other party was unmoved by his reasoning. He had talked for two hours and the other party maintained a depressed face.

Just at this moment…

Li Ergou realized something. This money was not that easy to earn.


It was okay.

Li Ergou had found some information two days ago. There was a kind of attentional shift psychology. It was to find a more perfect and beautiful target and then make the other party overcome his past.

In fact, this was very simple.

Accordingly, everyone fancied a certain type of people. It all depended on who you meet first.

For example…

The one he loved deeply scored five points in all aspects.

What if you were to give him a target that scored 10 points in all aspects?

Even if it was not someone he loved deeply, he might be tempted by someone that outstanding. Or perhaps he would not feel that upset…

He might begin a new relationship.


There was nothing wrong with that.


Li Ergou took out a simulated photograph.

He had thought about it. It was not advisable to use a real photograph. He had not seen many people with unrivaled looks, except for Lu Yan, Qiu Shuyi, Senior Sister Xiaobai, Zhou Yun, Miss Tian and Yang Liu-er…


These ladies might become Master’s harem.

He really could not mess around with them.

It would be troublesome if the other party went to woo them.



After contemplating for a long time, Li Ergou wittingly came up with a virtual photograph!


It was that simple.

Recently, the dating app MM had introduced such a function called CAO. One just had to change and simulate the face to create a mysterious photograph.

Albeit it was such a fraud.


Who is the best looking person currently?





Li Ergou had figured it out.


After he placed an almost perfect photograph that did not actually exist in front of the teenager, he could catch a clear glimpse of the agitation in the teenager’s eyes…


True enough.

Master’s beauty could smitten both men and women…


“This is Min-er’s photograph!”

The teenager looked at Li Ergou emotionally. “Why do you have Lu Min’s photograph?”

“Lu Min?”

Li Ergou’s body turned stiff.


The teenager’s eyes were burning with hopes. “She is still alive, right?! Obviously, this photograph was taken recently! No wonder I can’t find her corpse!

“Oo… Oo…!

“Miss Min-er is actually alive!”

The teenager was extremely agitated.


Li Ergou wiped his sweat and flipped the documents of the teenager. As it was his first time doing this, he had been very nervous and did not read the teenager’s information…



Wang Xuan…

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