Divine Card Creator

Chapter 480 - A Missing Jiang Feng.

Chapter 480 A Missing Jiang Feng.

Sword Card Master Association.

Lu Ming stared at the card materialized by the Original Card and was deep in his thoughts. He had indeed created it, but as for testing… It was impossible to do testing in the association. After all, the Sword Card Master Association had been recently established.

If not…

The First Academy?

Hence, Lu Ming contacted the dean. “Dean, I just created a card, our testing area…”

“It is still under construction.”

“Still under construction?”

Lu Ming was disappointed.

It seemed that it could not be used.

This time, he had fully funded the testing area.

The First Academy had enlisted the help of many big shots and hence the reconstructed testing area had to be much more powerful! It could withstand the power of a seven-star card, notwithstanding a six-star card!

It would be very easy to test a six-star card.

However, right now…

He spread his hands.

Lu Ming carefully inspected the lines of the cards that he had in his hands.

He could not figure it out.

Top-notch six-star card!

Its lines were much more complicated than the Stars Card!

If not for the integration of the Lightning Original Card, Lu Ming would not have had the chance to come into contact with such a card!


“If I have to do testing…”

Lu Ming had an idea and he asked, “Xiao-Xiaojian, can you simulate the effects?”

Xiao-Xiaojian sighed. “Are you thinking of demolishing me?”

Lu Ming was speechless.

Who the hell wanted to blow up a card!

He only wanted the card to deduce the effects!

Xiao-Xiaojian said faintly, “Aren’t you aware of the effects of the cards in this series?”

Lu Ming was silent.

In that case, there was no need for testing.

No matter how much he tested them, cards in the Bulls series were always related to bulls and demolition, hence…

There was no hurry to test it.

Now that Senior Qiu was there, he was not afraid of being assassinated. He would put the testing aside until the testing area in The First Academy was reconstructed.

Hence, he put aside the six-star card that was from the Bulls series.

At this moment, out of Lu Ming’s series of five-star cards, he had successfully studied two cards! He had integrated an improved six-star card! His card creation skills had been strengthened!

And then, there were those five-star cards that he had yet to create.

For example, the Five-star Scene Card: Family Bonds Card! Research progress 10%!

Five-star Carry Card: Mover Card! Research progress 95%!

Five-star Meltdown Card: Elimination Card! Research progress 20%!


Lu Ming realized something.

He should work on the Mover Card first.

He would then have another powerful six-star card!

Hence, once again, Lu Ming was immersed in creating cards.

Night was falling.

Li Haoran suddenly came looking for him.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Ming looked up.

“Master,” Li Haoran said in a low voice. “It is regarding the college at the crossroads. School has started and Ye Liangfei and the rest have been conducting classes. But there is a small problem—”

Li Haoran paused. “The principal is not around!”

“Senior Jiang is not back yet?”

Lu Ming was puzzled.


Li Haoran felt troubled.

He did not know what to do. College had just started. There were many matters waiting for Jiang Feng, the principal, to handle.


Lu Ming pondered deeply for a moment.

The principal…

He thought about it. Indeed, it had been very long since he had contacted Jiang Feng.

“Has Xiaobai contacted him?”

“Yes, Senior Sister Xiaobai said that her father has not contacted her for a long time.”


Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

Was Old Jiang being hunted down again?

He called Jiang Feng.

Unfortunately, there were only endless beeping sounds.


He could not even hear the touching gasping sounds…

The adorable comrade Jiang Feng must have gone into hiding again or he was someplace pretending to be dead?

Something was wrong.

It was already agreed that he would come to the association after he had settled everything!

This was not Qing Ming City!

At the Sword Card Master Association, unless seven-stars barged their way in, no one would hurt Jiang Feng! Why was he not back yet?!

Perhaps, something had happened again?

At the thought of this, Lu Ming looked serious.

“It’s alright, you will be the standing principal.

“Let me think of a solution,” Lu Ming said in a low voice.


Li Haoran took his leave.

Jiang Feng…

Lu Ming was puzzled. Where did this guy go?

At the thought of this…

Lu Ming contacted Xiaobai.


“Come to my room,” Lu Ming said in a low voice.

If he wanted to look for Old Jiang, he had to rely on Xiaobai’s tracking system.


Xiaobai sounded flustered. “N… now?”


Lu Ming nodded.


Xiaobai’s voice became increasingly softer.

After a long time…

The door to the room opened.

Xiaobai was dressed in cute adorable pajamas. She came barefooted, holding a quilt and a pillow with her. Xiao-Xiaobai trailed behind her with a large bag of clothes…


Xiaobai felt very embarrassed. “Have you told Senior Qiu?”

Lu Ming was speechless.

Wait a minute, did the girl misunderstand what he had said?!

Right then…


Cold winds were howling gently.

Jiang Feng, who was dressed in thin clothes, stood in a wasteland. The cold wind blew against him, but he remained motionless, looking majestic in the wind.

“Autumn is here…”

Jiang Feng sighed.

It had been too long…

Not too far in the distance.

The freshly cooked well water was already boiling.

Jiang Feng brewed a cup of tea and threw a bag of ‘Ju Neng Gai’ calcium that was said to be able to significantly strengthen the bones into the tea.

He drank it.

It tasted great.

At this moment, the cold winds blew.

Jiang Feng drank the tea one cup after another.

Suddenly, murderous intentions revealed themselves.

Jiang Feng sneered.

They’re here again?

He unzipped his zipper, aimed at the flames that had barely appeared and shot at the flames, extinguishing the fire before it began to rage…

Heh, does the enemy think that I have calcium for nothing?!

An overdose of calcium would result in urinary stones, giving the enemy a hard time!

“Jiang Feng?!”

There was an angry roar.


Jiang Feng merely sneered. “Did you see the well full of water? Let’s see whether your flames that can locate me are more powerful and abundant than my urine.”

The other party was speechless.

After a long time, another flame appeared, accompanied by a hoarse voice. “I don’t believe I won’t win!”



The flame flickered.

It appeared in different angles and places.

Whenever the flames appeared, they would be accurately extinguished by Jiang Feng.


“How is that possible?”

The flames were incredulous.


Jiang Feng merely smiled.


Before, his wife…

Forget it.

He would not mention his achievements from the past.

Given his past training, Jiang Feng was hale and hearty despite his years. His aim was very accurate! Those flames were insufficient to harm him!

It was impossible to hurt him!


Jiang Feng drank another cup of tea and added another packet of calcium, saying overbearingly, “Come again!”

The other party was speechless.

The faint flames disappeared.

Cold winds were howling gently.

It was as if the flames had never appeared.

“Fools!” Jiang Feng sneered.

He checked the date. The college at the crossroads seemed to have started school.

After settling this, he had to go back.

He wondered how Xiaobai was doing… He had to have a good chat with Lu Ming regarding Xiaobai. Otherwise, it would be too late if they had a shotgun-wedding!

This was what had happened to him.


He had better hurry back as soon as possible.

Right then…

Sword Card Master Association.

In a dark corner that had gone unnoticed.

A strong fire flickered. The flames condensed. The flames actually rose into the air, eventually forming a figure out of flames.


“Am coming.”

There was a grim smile in the hoarse voice.

It’s useless trying to work on Jiang Feng.



Everything has failed!

All of my actions taken against Jiang Feng have failed. However, that’s alright. After a period of investigation, I eventually found out Jiang Feng’s weakness!

His daughter.

Jiang Feng actually has a daughter!


Since I cannot defeat Jiang Feng, I will work on his daughter…


A red light flashed.

It quietly faded into the association.

His daughter…

It locked its gaze on every female and was delighted to discover that there were very few females in the association. It would be an easy task to find his daughter!


Red lights flashed.

It swept its gaze over several women.

Suddenly, a young lady suddenly opened her eyes and looked in its direction!


It felt excited that she had discovered him!

True enough, she was Jiang Feng’s daughter…


Lights flashed.

It dashed directly to the room the young lady was in.

“Who are you?”

The young lady was puzzled.


“You will know very soon…


It smiled grimly and instantly swept the young lady away.

The moment the lights tried to sweep the young lady away with it, a terrifying energy melted the flames. It was furious.

Although it could not defeat the despicable Jiang Feng, it would not lose to her!


The flames raged.

At this very moment, in Lu Ming’s room.

He pulled Xiaobai towards him, he was between laughter and tears.

“Be good.

“Don’t fool around!

“I merely have something to ask you.”

Lu Ming was helpless.


Xiaobai was disappointed.

“Can you contact your father?” Lu Ming said in a low voice.

“Let me try.”

Xiaobai turned on her communication device with a serious look on her face.

She clicked on several interfaces and opened an item that said ‘son’…

It was blank!

“My father seems to have changed it.”

Xiaobai was unhappy.

Obviously, after what had happened last time, Jiang Feng silently changed his communication device. Therefore, they had no idea where Jiang Feng was!

It was really…

“That Old Jiang…”

Lu Ming was helpless. “Hopefully he is fine.”

“Dad will be fine.”

Xiaobai was very certain.


Lu Ming smiled faintly.

Afterward, looking at the bag of clothes that Xiao-Xiaobai had carried with her, Lu Ming was between laughter and tears. He stroked Xiaobai’s little head. “Xiaobai, you are still young. There are some things you have to wait until you grow up to understand. You need to know what feelings are. Then, I will agree to everything that you want to do, alright?”

“Okay,” Xiaobai replied obediently.

Although she did not really understand, she knew that her master did it for her own good.

“Be good and go back to your room…”

Lu Ming was about to say something.

Suddenly, he saw a puddle of water under Xiaobai…

Has Xiaobai reached that age?

Something’s wrong…

This water…

Lu Ming looked up and his expression turned ugly. The pool of water was spreading all the way to where he was. It was even spreading further…

Right then, Xiao-Xiaojian suddenly spoke up.

“Lu Ming.

“I sensed a violent invasion of energy somewhere but it was blocked!”

“Oh no!”

Lu Ming’s countenance changed. “Something has happened!”


He suddenly rushed out of the association and was shocked to find that terrifying water emerged from somewhere. It kept flowing, covering the entire Sword Card Master Association!

Damn it!

Is it the Assassins again?…

Since it was blocked…

Therefore, did Senior Qiu do something?!

Lu Ming was just about to go out when a striking figure appeared from the room next door, looking dazed.

“Senior Qiu?”

Lu Ming was stunned.

“What has happened?”

Qiu Shuyi blinked, feeling curious.

Lu Ming was shocked. “Have you been in the room all along?”


“I am watching television dramas…”

Qiu Shuyi was puzzled.

She frowned slightly, sensing some energy. She grabbed hold of Lu Ming. Sword gleams flashed and they appeared in a certain room on the second floor.

It was the cultivation room.

A steady stream of water emerged from the room…

It flooded the corridor and flowed toward the first floor.

“Water-based abilities?”

Qiu Shuyi was puzzled.

They were dazed when they reached the cultivation room.

Tian Xuejing lay flat on the ground, endless energy dissipating from her body, massive amounts of water kept flowing from her body. She was like the surging river.


Lu Ming was shocked. Miss Tian?!

“Let me look at her.”

Qiu Shuyi walked forward to check.


“This is strange.

“This lady seemed to have absorbed a large number of ultra-high-quality fire elements energy. The energy kept evolving and churned within her, resulting in a continuous flow of water…

“The energy was broken down and integrated by her body. It then materialized to form water and it flowed out of her body…

“This is roughly what happened.”

Qiu Shuyi looked grave.

This was the first time she had encountered such a strange situation.

Lu Ming was silent.

He knew roughly what was going on.

It was very obvious.

After absorbing the energy, Miss Tian’s energy increased significantly and there was an imbalance in her body. She had barely stabilized her realm and it exploded instantly…

He gave Qiu Shuyi a brief explanation.

“I see.”

Qiu Shuyi understood now.

However, the issue was why would there be super high quality fire elements in the association?!

Card spirit?!

But that was not the case.

Miss Tian did not have a card spirit!

After what had happened the last time, she took the initiative to separate her card spirit from its Original Card and gave it to Li Ergou, as she felt that it was wrong.

Since then, she had been busy stabilizing her realm.

Therefore, Miss Tian did not have a card spirit, not to mention fire elements!

Where did the strange energy come from?

“Let me look at it.”

Qiu Shuyi swept her gaze over it.

She was indeed an eight-star.

Within seconds, sShe understood what had happened from the scorch marks on the ground!

A powerful fire elements figure had entered the Sword Card Master Association and tried to attack the lady. In the end, it was extinguished by her strange constitution. Nothing was left of it.

This was the reason why Qiu Shuyi did not sense anything—She had yet to react and the enemy was gone.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Therefore, Miss Tian was suffering from a work injury?

“Are the defenses in the association that weak?”

Lu Ming was confused.

Countless spirit bodies were on duty!

They monitored every corner!

None of the assassins had gotten in! Right now, he had come to an agreement with the Assassin Association and the Assassins were gone. However, other people snuck in instead???

“The enemies may be too strong.”

Qiu Shuyi shook her head.


She gently pressed Miss Tian’s back.


Sword Intent surged.

The water suddenly stopped flowing.

Qiu Shuyi frowned. The flames… the quality… It must have been someone very powerful for them to go unnoticed!

Could it be that a powerful figure had struck?!

True enough, the words of the Assassin Association could not be trusted!

“Lu Ming.”


“From today onward, you shall sleep with me!!! No matter what you do, you have to be within my sight!”

Qiu Shuyi’s gaze was serious.

“This doesn’t seem too appropriate…”

Lu Ming felt a little embarrassed.

“Special period, special treatment,”

Qiu Shuyi said calmly.

“What about showers…”

Lu Ming asked softly.

He was serious.

It was obviously not right to do everything within her sight!


Qiu Shuyi swept her cold gaze over him. “I will use my Sword Intent to help you bathe. There is no need to undress.”

Lu Ming was spooked.


Was this peeling his skin?!

“It’s okay.

“I won’t shower these few days.”

Lu Ming sighed.

Forget it.

He would bear with it for now.

At that moment…

Xiaobai said seriously, “Well, I can protect Master as well!”

“Be good, don’t mess around.”

Lu Ming touched her little head.

“I am not messing around.”

Xiaobai gave Lu Ming a serious look. She was capable of protecting her master!


Qiu Shuyi understood and chuckled. “That is just as good. Since the bed is large, the three of us can sleep together.”


Xiaobai was in daze.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Wait a minute.

Why did things turn out like this?

Just when Lu Ming was confused, Qiu Shuyi retracted her hands, a grave expression on her face. In front of her, water surged out of Miss Tian once again…


There was more water!

“There is no way to stop it.”

Qiu Shuyi sighed.

The energy was too peculiar. On top of that, as Miss Tian’s constitution was very strange, if she sealed it by force, she might hurt her. Therefore, she had to stop!

“Is there no other way?”

Lu Ming looked at the flow of water on the ground.

If the water continued to flow, it might flood the first floor…

“That won’t do.”

Qiu Shuyi shook her head. “Let’s bring Miss Tian away first.”


Lu Ming nodded slightly.


He suddenly came up with an idea. “What do you think if we send Miss Tian to the desert? If we sell water, will we make lots of money?”

Xiaobai was silent.

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.


One adult and one child looked toward him. What kind of devil was he?! Miss Tian was already in this miserable state, and yet he was only thinking of making money! Was he a president?!

“I am too used to thinking about this issue.”

Lu Ming smiled wryly.


With Senior Qiu’s help…

They got a big bathtub and they placed Miss Tian near the sewer, so that the water that flowed from her would go directly into the sewer…


They could not continue in this way!

Especially when they could tell from the naked eye that the water was increasing…

“She has been unconscious for too long, her control of energy is weakening.”

Qiu Shuyi had a headache as well.

In the past when she encountered enemies, she could just kill them.

This kind of matter…

She had no experience.

“Can we wake her up?”

Lu Ming asked.

“No, the energy is too terrifying for her. Unless she absorbs all of them, otherwise it is impossible for her to wake up.”

Qiu Shuyi shook her head.


Lu Ming stared at the unconscious young lady and was worried. If Miss Tian had an unstable energy realm, something terrible would happen sooner or later!


Lu Ming pondered for a moment and went to the office to get a thermos cup. “How about we directly block it?”

“Go away!”

Qiu Shuyi shot Lu Ming a fierce stare. “Unless you block all her pores, otherwise, water will keep appearing.

“Your cup…

“You can fill it with water to drink.”

Qiu Shuyi pursed her lips.

Lu Ming rolled his eyes.

Forget it.

Although theoretically the water that was condensed from energy was very pure, if he drank it… He could not accept the idea of drinking it.


The two of them were full of worries.

What should they do with this lady?!

Right then, Xiaobai suddenly said, “Master, I have an idea.”


Lu Ming looked at her.

“Among the spirit bodies listed in the spirit body department, there is a type of spirit body that has a powerful ice-based ability. It might be able to turn Miss Tian’s body into a cold state, thereby stabilizing her realm!”

Xiaobai sounded very serious. “The spirit body is called Frozen Fox.”

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