Divine Card Creator

Chapter 481 - Hey, Xiao-Xiaohu.

Chapter 481 Hey, Xiao-Xiaohu.

Sword Card Master Association.

Lu Ming quietly listened as Xiaobai explained to him.

Frozen Fox…

Rumor had it that due to extreme climate change, an ordinary fox that had been frozen, mutated in the ice as a result of the energy.

As such, it had the mighty power of ice!

If it could be integrated with Miss Tian’s Original Card and its characteristic was manifested, it might be able to change Miss Tian’s constitution, helping to stabilize her realm!

“It’s feasible!”

Lu Ming’s heart jumped a beat.


He hugged Xiaobai and gave her a kiss. “Haha, you are indeed my Xiaobai!”


“This is annoying!”

Xiaobai blushed red.

Qiu Shuyi who had to tolerate their public display of affection was displeased: (▼へ▼メ)


Lu Ming was very happy. “Do we have the Frozen Fox in our association?”


Xiaobai shook her head. “The data contains all the information that the spirit bodies know. According to the data, the Frozen Fox is a kind of mutated creature.”


Lu Ming frowned slightly. “This is troublesome.”

He looked at the information.

The Frozen Fox was born because of extreme weather. In recent years, due to climate change and global warming, the temperature was slowly rising toward the other extreme. If this continued, there might even be a Warm Water Fox.

Xiaobai’s record must have been taken from very ancient spirit bodies.

Like the Du Ma turtle spirit that had lived for centuries.

It was a very invincible species. It was a pity that with the deterioration of the environment, it was on the verge of extinction. It was the only one left of its species. It was not even able to mate. It could only rub around daily to have fun.

It might be the same with the Frozen Fox.

It was highly possible that it was no longer around,

“Aren’t they spirit bodies?”

Lu Ming scratched his head.

“Yes,” Xiaobai said seriously, “But after the spirit bodies are born, they have characteristics that can be inherited. In theory, the spirit body could be inherited.”


Lu Ming pondered deeply.

IIn a sense, spirit bodies could be treated like leprechauns. Fox spirit bodies would give birth to fox spirit bodies.

After all, since amitosis was possible, the spirit body which was a pure energy should be able to give birth to another spirit body!

To be precise, it was natural that creatures that were condensed from special energy structures had innate spirituality.

Of course, the hybrid of a certain bar spirit and sword spirit was an exception.

Xiao-Xiaojian was speechless.

Lu Ming coughed. “Well, that leaves us with one question. Where can we get the Frozen Fox?”

“Let me check.”

Qiu Shuyi thought for a while and checked with the experts in the spirit body industry, who were at the grandmaster level.

After a long time, she returned looking regretful. “It has been extinct for many years.”


Everyone was disappointed.

“Is there anything else that is similar?” Lu Ming asked.


Xiao-Xiaobai shook its head. “Other ice-based spirit bodies have different characteristics. There is no one who can directly transfer an ability to the Sword Card Master.”

Was there really no other way?

Lu Ming felt melancholic as he stared at Miss Tian in front of him.

If this went on, Miss Tian might die of too much water loss… Although Miss Tian had done some bad deeds in the past, she had turned over a new leaf.

Besides, there were very few females in the association…


Frozen Fox…

Spirit bodies…

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

After a long time, he suddenly had an idea. “Xiaobai, do you think it is possible to create a spirit body?!”


Xiaobai was surprised.


Lu Ming was excited. “The Will-O-Wisp Card is able to turn all the beef into spirit bodies… Although it is nonsensical, it’s still an idea!


“I think if under proper guidance, we can simulate the birth of the Frozen Fox and we might be able to develop such a spirit body!” Lu Ming said excitedly.


Data about spirit bodies flashed in Xiaobai’s mind and she came to a decision.

“It can be done!”

Xiaobai was certain.

“Very good.”

Lu Ming was in high spirits.

So what if they did not have a Frozen Fox? They could create one!!!

The problem was where could they catch a fox?!

This kind of frozen experiment was in fact taking a risk between life and death and it might result in a lot of deaths. Although these days, foxes were considered beasts, there were not many foxes in Tian Du City.

He needed to think about it.

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

Right then, Xiao-Xiaojian suddenly said, “If you only need ordinary foxes, I know of a place where there are foxes.”


Lu Ming’s heart stirred. “Where is it?”

“The thirteenth street in the southern suburbs,” Xiao-Xiaojian said in a low voice. “There is a boss named Guang Dong, who has just opened an eatery selling a variety of rare ingredients, like donkey egg coffee, million-year-turtle-shell, people from Fujian province[1], silver snow fox and more.”

Lu Ming: →_→

True enough.

There were also foodies in the alternate world!

Lu Ming suddenly thought of something. “How do you know about this shop?”

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent for a moment, “I go out occasionally in the evening to make food deliveries.”

Lu Ming was speechless.

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent.

“How dare you make deliveries behind my back?!”

Lu Ming was taken aback.

“The communication device doesn’t have enough money charged to it…” Xiao-Xiaojian whispered.

Lu Ming was full of doubts. “Don’t I give you a few thousand yuan a month?”


Xiao-Xiaojian was a little embarrassed. “Previously, someone suddenly sent a ‘xxxx, xx online’ to me. I was curious and I clicked a few times and there was not enough money.”

Lu Ming was expressionless.


Even card spirits are hooked onto this nowadays?!

“I know it’s wrong.”

Xiao-Xiaojian looked dejected. “Aren’t I working secretly and paying back the money…”

“Get lost!”

Lu Ming rolled his eyes. He could not be bothered to talk to it.

If people found out that the card spirit of the president of the Sword Card Master Association lacked money and had to work because of some useless stuff, it would be embarrassing!

He could not be bothered with the card.

After discussing with Xiaobai, he planned to go there directly to buy two silver snow foxes to see whether they could mutate. After all, he had to at least give it a try!

He left for the southern suburbs right away.

Qiu Shuyi followed him quietly.

They left the association.

Cold winds were howling gently.

Lu Ming was also a bit surprised. He did not go out for a few days but he never expected that the weather would become cold. There were very few people on the streets who wore shorts or skirts.

The lovely summer was over.

“We have entered autumn[2]…”

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

Qiu Shuyi was expressionless.

Lu Ming came to his senses right away. “I am referring to autumn, the season…”

There were murderous intentions on Qiu Shuyi’s face.

Lu Ming: O(╯□╰)o.

Damn it.

The more he explained, the worse it became…

Forget it.

He would not talk about it anymore.

Lu Ming went quietly to the shop, bought two foxes and came back immediately.

He returned to the association.

Xiaobai had set up the room where the spirit body would be born.

It was a room remodeled from a cultivation room. It was full of rich and terrifying energy and the room was set at the freezing temperature of the polar regions.

Energy concentration: 3245 units/m3

Climate temperature: -90°C. (Simulation of Frozen Foxes’ living environment)


“Let’s try it out first.”

Lu Ming threw the first fox inside the room in high spirits.


The fox landed hard on the floor with a muffled sound. When Lu Ming and the rest looked toward the room, they were shocked to see a frozen corpse.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Xiaobai was silent.


It seemed that under the influence of energy, the temperature had become a terrifying force as well.

“Did any spirit body appear?”


The young and old looked at each other.

It seemed that…

They had failed?

“This is not right.”

Xiaobai frowned. “The temperature is too low. This temperature of -90°C will not do. We should gradually lower the temperature.”

“That won’t work either.”

Lu Ming shook his head.

According to records, Frozen Foxes were born due to extreme climate change. When the temperature suddenly dropped, the foxes would die right away!

It was only when the temperature was very low coupled with a shocking energy concentration, that a spirit body like the Frozen Fox was born.

“Then what should we do?”

Xiaobai was distressed.

“Let’s try again.”

Lu Ming improved the environment and threw another fox inside.


The wind was piercingly cold.

The fox was instantly frozen to death.

The experiment of creating Frozen Fox had ended in failure.


“It doesn’t seem to work.”

Lu Ming sighed.


Xiaobai nodded.

A spirit body had to be formed under very harsh conditions. It would not be easy for ordinary fox spirits, notwithstanding Frozen Fox ones…

Wait a minute.


Lu Ming suddenly thought of a possibility. “Do you think it is possible that Frozen Fox is developed from a fox spirit? That is, an ordinary fox first develops a fox spirit and then mutates into a Frozen Fox! It is just that the process is too short so no one knows.”

“That is possible.”

Xiaobai’s eyes lit up.

The two of them began the experiment again.

This time…

They used foxes from their spirit body department.

They recruited experimental subjects for the experiments and many fox spirits signed up for the experiments.

This was the mutation of a spirit body. If it succeeded, their combat effectiveness would be greatly improved! They all wanted that to happen to them!

As for the risks, compared to foxes, the risk involved in the mutation of the spirit body was very low. It was a very low-risk experiment!

Hence, the experiment was launched very soon.

The first fox: a desert fox spirit that roamed the desert and was born there.

They sent the spirit body to the experimental department and used the same method. Surprisingly, when the cold air entered the body, the desert fox spirit really transformed.

It turned from male to female.

Its gender had changed.

“What is the cause of the mutation?”

“It seems that some organs are frozen…”

Lu Ming: o(╯□╰)o.

Damn! What kind of mutation was this?!

Forget it.

The next subject.

Lu Ming did not pin high hopes on this experiment.

He walked to the door of the laboratory and found the second fox spirit. It was actually holding a communication device and reading a novel while waiting. It was absorbed in the novel…


Is the life of a spirit body that enriching?

It seems so.

“Come here.”

Lu Ming waved to it.


The fox spirit walked happily to him.

The lovely fox spirit who loved to read novels was actually a male fox. Compared to female foxes that were practicing makeup, male foxes seemed to have a stronger ambition to become stronger.

“What novels are you reading?”

Lu Ming was curious.

“System command,” the fox spirit said truthfully.


Lu Ming was shocked. “Spirit bodies actually know how to read system command!”

“What’s the matter?

“Everyone is reading it.”

The fox spirit scratched its head. “It’s the kind of novel that says ‘Ding—you have received xx reward’.”


Lu Ming came to his senses. So it was referring to that system.

The fox spirit looked at Lu Ming suspiciously. It felt that the boss seemed to have just said something inintelligible.

Cough, cough.

Lu Ming quickly changed the topic, “Why do you read this text?”

“This is because we are spirit bodies!”

The fox spirit felt that it was right to do that. “We will provide reasonable assistance to the host in their cultivation. I feel that there is a lot of reasonable content in the system command that can be used as a reference.”

Lu Ming was between laughter and tears.

That made sense too. The spirit bodies nowadays were very dedicated…

Very soon…

The two of them reached the laboratory.

“Are we starting now?”

The fox spirit was eager to try.

“Wait a minute.”

Lu Ming stopped it.


The fox spirit blinked.

“I thought about it just now and there may be a part of the restored scene that is missing.”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

“What is it?”

The fox spirit was confused.


Lu Ming brought a huge bucket of water that was filled with energy… He put the fox spirit into the water, throwing it into the laboratory.

The fox spirit was speechless.


A piercing coldness could be felt.

Coldness seeped into the soul of the fox spirit. It shivered in fright. “I…”


A force appeared out of thin air and pressed it back.


It swallowed another mouthful of water.

It was cold and chilling.

It was piercingly harsh.

“The experiment is going well.”

Xiaobai silently recorded the progress of the experiment. “With the help of Master and Senior Qiu, the fox spirit is recreating the experience of swimming and snorkeling in the glacial period…”

The fox spirit was speechless.

As it was submerged in water, the fur of the fox spirit seemed to undergo some changes…


Was that useful?

Lu Ming was surprised.

Hence, he waved his hands. The fox spirit which had just struggled out of the water was pressed back into the bucket…






The processes kept repeating.

Surprisingly, the laboratory’s energy was being madly consumed at an incredible rate! From the response, it seemed to be a good thing.

After a long time…

There was a sudden burst of energy.

The fox spirit which had been immersed in too much water was vaguely conscious. It felt that the surroundings had finally calmed down. When it slowly opened its eyes, it suddenly froze.

Through the mirror, what it saw was a spirit body that was crystal clear and snow-white in color!

Its eyes were icy blue. There seemed to be an infinite charm to them.

This was…

A Frozen Fox!

“Is this…


The Frozen Fox widened its eyes in shock.


Lu Ming and the rest were stunned as well.


They were successful!

After using a large amount of energy, they had finally materialized a Frozen Fox! A mutated species that had disappeared from the surface of the earth!


The Frozen Fox shed tears of excitement.

All the suffering it had just gone through just now was worth it!

“How do you feel?”

Xiaobai silently recorded the mutation process of the fox spirit. The Frozen Fox described its mutation process in excitement and praised the huge bucket of water.

“The energy in this water is very powerful!

“I can feel it!

“I accidentally drank some. It was very useful!”

The Frozen Fox said excitedly, “Where does this water come from?”


Xiaobai lowered her head.

Lu Ming smiled. “Don’t worry. it is condensed from natural and pure energy. It is purer than water!”

“I knew it!”

The Frozen Fox was thrilled.

It was no wonder the energy was so rich and it tasted so pure.

“I want to save some of the water!

“I will store it for future use and maybe I can become stronger!”

The Frozen Fox was excited.

“Don’t worry.”

Lu Ming smiled. “You can have as much as you want in the future.”


The Frozen Fox was puzzled.

Cough, cough.

Lu Ming changed the topic, “Well, the next thing is to become a card spirit, are you ready?”

“Of course.”

The Frozen Fox was thrilled.

There were many spirit bodies that were waiting to be chosen!

It was successful in cutting the queue!

It was even paired with the rare female disciple in the association!

This was an honor!

“Very good.”

Lu Ming nodded slightly. “Well, then let’s start!”


Lights and shadows circulated.

With the help of Qiu Shuyi, Xiao-Xiaojian and Xiao-Xiaobai, they did a minimally invasive operation on Tian Xuejing’s Original Card, making a small slit…

Afterward, the Frozen Fox was shoved into it.


Energy exploded!

Miss Tian’s unstable energy was stabilized right away. The biting cold swept the energy and condensed the water energy that was about to collapse within her body.


An icy blue fox gradually appeared on Tian Xuejing’s Original Card.

It was beautiful.

It was surreal.

At this moment, with the formation of the Original Card and the integration of the Frozen Fox, the river-like water source in Miss Tian’s body finally stopped churning.

Her realm had been stabilized!

“Let me take a look.”

Qiu Shuyi swept her gaze over her.

From her angle, she could clearly tell that the strange energy in Miss Tian kept burning like a beating heart…

All the energy had been frozen by Miss Tian’s power!

It was depleted and turned into her energy!

“This lady…”

Qiu Shuyi marveled. “She will have an extraordinary future.”


Lu Ming was just as amazed.

Miss Tian…

This was what would happen to a protagonist!

She was an orphan and was taken away to undergo a transformation. When she grew up, she was used and later was inadvertently seriously injured. But then she accidentally absorbed the enemy’s power and from then on, she traveled around the world.

And he, he was Miss Tian’s benefactor!

“She should wake up anytime now…”

Lu Ming was full of anticipation.


Qiu Shuyi nodded slightly.

All eyes fell on Tian Xuejing.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she seemed to be waking up at any moment.

Tian Xuejing gradually recovered her consciousness.

Her head was dull and hazy.

She was just about to recall what happened before she lost her consciousness when a clear alert rang in her mind.


“The card spirit system has been activated! The host binding process has been completed!

“This system will help you become stronger and become a powerful cultivator in the truest sense. If you are doubtful, please shout ‘Hey, Xiao-Xiaohu’ in the Sea of Consciousness to wake the system.”

Tian Xuejing was speechless.

[1] This is a joke circulating on the internet, that people from Guangdong province like to eat people from Fujian province.

[2] In Chinese, this sounds like Qiu.

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