Divine Card Creator

Chapter 482 - The Middleman That Earns the Margin

Chapter 482 The Middleman That Earns the Margin

Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master Association.

Miss Tian woke up in a daze.

The clear and crisp instructions flashed across her mind and she thought they were an illusion. She was about to call out when she saw a blurry figure in front of her…



Wait a minute.

Where am I?

What happened?

Why am I here?


Miss Tian had regained her deep memories. At this moment, she finally remembered what had happened before she fell unconscious. Seemingly, a flaming opponent had pounced at her…

Afterward, she could no longer remember.

Could it be that…

Her vision became increasingly clearer.

She looked down and saw that she was lying in a bathtub, drenched and in disheveled clothes. She looked up and saw the unrivaled looks of her master…

Her heart was thumping wildly.

Was that person yesterday Master?!


Miss Tian’s mind gradually became clear.

I-If it was Master, it does not seem that unacceptable.

She accepted her reality very quickly and covered her drenched body.


“If it’s you…

“I-I don’t mind,” Miss Tian said in a low voice. “I won’t compete with Master’s wife. However, I grew up alone and have never enjoyed the warmth of having a family. Therefore…

“If we have a child in the future, can the child have my surname, Tian?”

Miss Tian lowered her head shyly.


There was a sudden silence in the room.

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.

Xiaobai was speechless.

Lu Ming was speechless.

After a long time, a murderous intent spread and Lu Ming quivered.


“Don’t say nonsense!”

Lu Ming waved his hands continuously. “I have been very good to you. You can’t do this to me!”


Miss Tian looked up blankly.

Lu Ming told her what had actually happened.


Miss Tian felt ashamed immediately. “Sorry!”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Ming wiped his sweat. “It’s fine as long as the misunderstanding is cleared.”

Qiu Shuyi said with a smile, “Although this lady has misunderstood, judging from her reaction… Lu Ming, you have taught your disciples well.”

Lu Ming trembled. “Senior, you can’t go about spouting nonsense!!!”


Qiu Shuyi bent down.


Lu Ming looked away.


Qiu Shuyi was amused. “Aren’t you going to take him in hand?”

“I can’t.”

Xiaobai felt very troubled. “Master is too outstanding… It’s not just Miss Tian. All the female disciples in the association have positive feelings for Master.”

“This has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Ming sighed.

“I trust Master.”

Xiaobai waved her little hands.

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.

She had wasted her breath.


Lu Ming poked Qiu Shuyi. “I’ll help you kidnap a few more teams of TV drama crew later. I heard that the drama called “Mace” has become quite popular recently.”


Qiu Shuyi finally shut up.

The Miss Tian situation then came to a close.

The flood in the association had been resolved. Miss Tian had also integrated a new card spirit and was now considered as a disciple with great potential…

At this moment, something very sudden happened.


Miss Tian suddenly got up and kissed Lu Ming on the cheek. She then ran off shyly.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Xiaobai was silent.


There was dead silence in the room again.

Both Lu Ming and Xiaobai looked at each other in consternation.

What was happening?


Xiaobai’s little eyes were filled with suspicion.

Lu Ming rolled his eyes.

What was wrong with Miss Tian?!

This would not do!

He had to investigate this thoroughly!

Lu Ming looked solemn.

He did not know that, at this point in time, another clear and crisp instruction flashed across Miss Tian’s mind.

“Learning Task “Kiss the President Once” has been completed!

“Reward: The mission system has been activated.

“A new mission has been published: Have Dinner with Li Ergou once!

“Reward: 1,000 energy units.”


This was why she had suddenly kissed Lu Ming.

Because, this was a command issued by the system!

As a young netizen of the new generation, she had also heard of LitRPG [1. LitRPG is short for Literary Role Playing Game] but she did not expect that she would have such a fortuitous encounter one day!!!

Perhaps, she was a legendary protagonist?

Ah! Even though the earlier mission was very embarrassing…

It seemed that she no longer needed to cultivate endlessly!

Was the second mission to have dinner with Li Ergou?

That seemed very simple!

Miss Tian followed the instructions of the system and embarked on her journey of becoming more powerful…

However, she was unaware of something.

At this moment…

A certain card spirit contacted Li Ergou when she was not paying attention.

“Senior Ergou.

“I can make Miss Tian have dinner with you once!

“For real!

“It doesn’t come with any price. You just have to give me 2,000 energy units.”



Hence, a mission was quietly arranged.

At night.

Under the stunned and odd gazes of the disciples, Miss Tian and Li Ergou had dinner in the restaurant of the association. Countless disciples were gaping in shock.

Late at night.

After Xiao-Xiaohu helped Miss Tian advance in her ability satisfactorily, it used the remaining energy to cultivate.

It had been a wonderful day~!

Just as it finished cultivating, it saw a figure appear front of it. It was the worst bully in the Sword Card Master Association… Xiao-Xiaojian!


“I’ve already said this… How could Miss Tian possibly kiss Lu Ming?”

Xiao-Xiaojian had an evil grin on its face.

Xiao-Xiaohu was very calm.

It pondered for a moment and then proposed sharing its gains. “Senior Sword, why don’t we have a 50/50 partnership?”

Xiao-Xiaojian’s face darkened. “Am I that kind of card spirit?!”

“Don’t exaggerate.”

Xiao-Xiaohu furrowed its brows tightly. “60/40. It can’t be any more than that.”

Xiao-Xiaojian’s face turned pale.

“You want more?!”

Xiao-Xiaohu gritted its teeth. “Alright, 70/30. This is my last offer.”

“Shut! Up!”

Xiao-Xiaojian’s murderous intent was obvious.

“Don’t tell me you want 80/20?”

Xiao-Xiaohu was very displeased. “You’re too greedy…”

Seeing that Xiao-Xiaojian’s aura was becoming increasingly unstable, it vaguely sensed that something was not right. It then turned around and saw a faint figure appearing and blocking its way… Oh, Xiao-Xiaobai is also here…

“I’m sorry!”

Xiao-Xiaohu wobbled and surrendered.


“I didn’t know that you were here.”

Xiao-Xiaohu was in tears.

Xiao-Xiaobai: ( ̄▽̄)/

Xiao-Xiaojian was enraged.

This difference in treatment is too much?! I am the president’s card spirit after all! I am also the most amazing ancient sword spirit in the association! What kind of attitude is this?!

It had lost its face in front of Xiao-Xiaobai!

“Take him away!”

Xiao-Xiaojian’s face was ghastly pale.

Xiao-Xiaohu glanced at Xiao-Xiaobai.


Xiao-Xiaobai expressed its agreement.


Xiao-Xiaohu followed it obediently.

Xiao-Xiaojian was speechless.

Xiao-Xiaobai: (*^▽^*)

After a long time…

Xiao-Xiaojian and Xiao-Xiaobai brought it to Lu Ming.

“You are here.”

Smiling, Lu Ming looked at Xiao-Xiaohu, which had just completed its mutation that day.

To be honest, there were many foxes in the association. Since this fox had been named Xiao-Xiaohu by Lu Ming, it went to show what everyone’s expectations of it were. Well, this was the Frozen Fox that he had personally mutated!

However, he did not expect this guy to stir up trouble one day!


Publishing missions!

Heh, this little guy is very capable!

“Sorry, President.”

Xiao-Xiaohu emerged on the surface of the Original Card obediently.

“I heard that you bribed Xiao-Xiaojian?”

There was a knowing smile on Lu Ming’s face.

Xiao-Xiaohu looked down. “Sorry.”

“No, no. Continue speaking.”

Lu Ming was amused as he looked at it. “You only tried to bribe Xiao-Xiaojian and not Xiao-Xiaobai… Well?”

Xiao-Xiaohu glanced at Xiao-Xiaojian and suddenly quivered. “No! I’m the one in the wrong! I did that because Senior Xiao-Xiaojian is very approachable!

“I thought that I would be able to take the chance!

“It’s my fault!”

Xiao-Xiaohu took all the blame.

Lu Ming felt amused. “Forget it. Let’s not talk about bribery. Tell me why you are fooling Miss Tian…

“I heard you received 2,000 energy units from Li Ergou but only gave Miss Tian 1,000?” Lu Ming said unhappily.


Even card spirits knew about the middleman making the most profit! Do you want to start an iguapi.com website?

His head was hurting.

“I’m mainly guiding her,” Xiao-Xiaohu explained, “I have been observing the ‘human’ species and discovered that all of them have the same problem — Laziness!



“They won’t stand when they can sit. They won’t sit when they can lie down!

“During the weekend, they won’t get out of bed unless they can’t hold onto their urine anymore!

“The number of footsteps per day is strictly restricted to double digits and lower!

“They can procrastinate on everything!

“There are even uncanny conversations such as ‘— Do you want an apple?’, ‘ Yes’, ‘Go and wash it yourself,”I don’t feel like eating it anymore…’

“It’s terrible!

“Humans are also that lazy about cultivation. As such, I majored in LitRPG because I want to assist my host in becoming a powerful figure one day!

“Also, there is an additional psychological problem!

“Humans are very short-sighted.

“There are many obvious things, such as exercising — They can’t see the benefits in the short-term and give up easily or they lack the motivation.

“At this point in time…

“If we can use a clear, explicit reward to spur them on, the host will definitely feel more motivated!

“After all…

“There are too few outstanding and perfect people like you, Mr. President, amongst humans.

“And people like Miss Tian…”

Xiao-Xiaohu thought for a moment. “She lacked courage and has low self-esteem. Therefore, I set up this system of reward and temptation so that she can overcome difficult situations step by step.

“This is roughly the case.”

Speaking of this, Xiao-Xiaohu took out his previous communication device and opened something that looked like an app similar to Qidian. It then said, “There are 3,000 LitRPG novels inside here! I’ve read all of them and researched each and every system! Now, I can easily customize a system for my host!”

Lu Ming was astounded.

A mere spirit body had such great ambitions?!

This was amazing!

What else could he say?!

It turned out the association not only had talented disciples. The spirit bodies were also quite outstanding!

System professional Xiao-Xiaohu!


According to a recent evaluation, Xiao-Xiaoshé was already able to control all the light bulbs in the association… It invaded the power system of the association and could control each and every light source.

There would not be a problem even if there was a power outage!!!

And he had heard that Xiao-Xiaohou had recently made new discoveries in its healing ability.

He had been approving countless projects everyday.

Lu Ming pondered carefully. It turned out that, except for Xiao-Xiaojian, the card spirits in his association were that amazing!!!

Xiao-Xiaojian was speechless.

Lu Ming carefully verified what Xiao-Xiaohu said.


It was true.

The so-called markup of 1,000 was retained by Xiao-Xiaohu as a future reward. This would form a gradient!

“In this way…”

Miss Tian would feel more motivated to cultivate!

“Not bad!”

Lu Ming nodded slightly.


He had done the same thing in the past!

Each time he exercised or read books… If he had a system to inform him: Knowledge +1, Physical Fitness +1, would he not feel motivated?

To put it bluntly, this was an issue of willpower.

To strong-willed big shots, this was not useful at all.

However, to ordinary people who lacked willpower or lazy people, the system could assist the host to advance reasonably.

Lu Ming thought carefully and decided to form a system department!



“Henceforth, you will be the head of the system department!”

Lu Ming said in a low voice, “You will be responsible for the planning and development of systems as well as training the spirit bodies and teaching them system-related knowledge. You will help those new disciples and young ones shape their willpower, until they become more mature.”


Xiao-Xiaohu accepted the order excitedly. This was his passion!

Hence, the system department of the Sword Card Master Association was officially established!

This was a very special department under the spirit body department. Its goal was to nurture the spirit bodies in system-related knowledge!

In the future, perhaps the Sword Card Master disciples could have a system?

Of course, when the hosts were powerful enough and had enough willpower and wisdom to see through what happened, this system would return to the identity of a card spirit and become the host’s best companion!

This was a Sword Card Master!

He was too kind-hearted.

At this very moment…


In a sea of flames, dense flames rose and a figure was condensed.

However, this figure stood in the fire dazedly, staring blankly into space.

His predecessors had said that their flame ability far exceeded the abilities of ordinary people and was omnipotent. However, for the past few days, he had met some difficulties.

Forget Jiang Feng…

Even the water from that lady’s body could douse him?!

Moments later, after coming to his senses, he knelt and bowed in the flames. “Grandfather, make your presence known, please…”


The flames raged.

After a long time, a trace of purple flames flashed across the room. An old and frail voice could be heard, “Is there anything wrong?”

“There is something that I can’t figure out.”

He knelt on the ground.

“What’s the matter?”

“Grandfather, yesterday, my avatar was destroyed by a six-star young lady! I don’t understand. The flame figure condensed by our clan can burn everything in the world. Why did this happen?”

The grandfather was silent.

After a long time…

There was a sigh. “This is the cold spirit effect… It’s likely that this lady has an icy cold body constitution. Don’t provoke her.”

“So what if it’s an icy cold body constitution?”

He could not understand. “I remember that my mother also has an icy cold body constitution!”


His grandfather sighed deeply. “Therefore… This is the reason why your father disappeared after that one night…”

He was speechless.

The same day.

At night.

Jiang Feng was back.

According to him, he had gone to the city area to look at goldfish because Tian Du City was not bright enough and the goldfish were not very good-looking there.

As to whether it was true or false.

Who the hell knew…



With his return, the college at the crossroads also resumed normalcy.

After Old Jiang settled various matters, he led the student into military training at six o’clock in the morning. The students’ lives were livened up overnight.

Lu Ming was glad when he saw the tears of gratitude rolling down the students’ faces.


They were ultimately eager to learn.

About that mysterious enemy, according to Miss Tian, that person was raging with flames and had an unknown combat ability. His voice sounded like a male duck.


No one knew who he was.

Miss Tian had been cultivating in seclusion for a long time and could not possibly have offended anyone. Therefore, it was highly possible that the other party’s target was Lu Ming!!!


There was a murderous glint in Lu Ming’s eyes.

Could it be the Assassin Association again?

He already had a deal with them!

“Damn it!” Lu Ming said in a cold voice.

Just as he wanted to question the Assassin Association, Li Haoran suddenly walked towards him and reported something, “Master, I’ve completed the investigations about the incident with the Yang family.

“Furthermore, I discovered a problem.

“It’s not only the incident at the Yang family!

“They are also involved in other things… For example, the shadow that mysteriously appeared near our association…

“Even the incident regarding Miss Tian is likely to be one of their doings.”

Li Haoran looked serious.

“The Yang family?”

Lu Ming paused for a moment.


He suddenly remembered…

There had been an assassination the last time he had gone to the Yang Liu-er’s house!

‘Utmost Righteousness’!!!

“Who did it?” Lu Ming said in a low voice.

“Take a look for yourself.”

Li Haoran sighed. “Because of this, Xiao Yuntian had been very busy. He even pulled strings and eventually found out about this.”


Lu Ming took the documents curiously.

He wanted to see which force would be that evil!

This kind of feud…

This was more evil than Gorgeous -90°c, who had created his old and middle-age portraits and then smeared his reputation because he was jealous of his looks and capabilities!

He flipped open the document and was stunned the moment he saw the first page —

C-card Creators Association???

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