Divine Card Creator

Chapter 7 - Emotional Meltdown

Chapter 7: Emotional Meltdown

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The next day.

Lu Ming opened the shop early in the morning.

The first thing he did was to pay back the money that he loaned from the loan company.

Although there was still some time before the repayment date, Lu Ming had already prepared one hundred thousand yuan, which was the money he owed them in addition to the accumulative interests. There was nothing they could say.


What a caring client!

If they were to loan the money to someone else, they would be able to earn lots of money!

They had destroyed all the nude photos of the boy dressed up in ladies’ clothes!

He gave them one hundred thousand cash on the spot!

The loan company was very familiar with all the procedures.

The tattooed man from the company was very satisfied with their transaction.

Although the company had been cheated initially and there were some twists and turns, everything had turned out well. It was just that he gave Lu Ming odd stares.

It was not a threatening stare, instead it seemed weird.

Could it be that he looked too beautiful when he was dressed up as a woman?

That was what Lu Ming had in mind.

“Hey kid, you can contact me anytime you need.”

The tattooed man destroyed the photos and left.

“It’s over.”

Lu Ming felt relieved.

It was the best decision to end it today.

On the surface, these companies might seem to follow the rules.

Even for the so-called nude photos, on the surface, they termed them as credit loans. As long as the money was returned, all the nude photos would naturally be destroyed. Little Lu Ming had also inquired about several loan companies nearby and came to the conclusion that the reputation of this company was good, and they did not cause serious trouble. Therefore he decided to take out a loan from them.


Lu Ming knew very well that this was only on the surface.

Once their other shady income was much larger than this shell company, they would not hesitate to clinch a big deal and then re-open another company in a different location.

There were all sorts of loan companies. Apple Loan, Banana Loan, Durian Loan. But all of them might be opened by one person!

“They didn’t know that we made Fruit Ninja.”

“That was why they ended the transaction right away.”

Lu Ming knew this very well.

Now that the photos had been destroyed, he had resolved Little Lu Ming’s problems. If these people came looking for trouble in the future, then they must not blame them for calling the police.

Since the problem of using nude photos as collateral to obtain loans had been resolved, he could worry about the market now.

He was not demanding. Those shops earned a lot of money. He only asked that he could have a small income. After all, he was slow in creating cards. If there was a high demand, he would not be able to fulfill the orders.

However, he had been thinking too much.

After one night, Fruit Ninja had been sought after by everyone!

He went online to check for relevant news. Right now, Fruit Ninja had set off a fanatic wave. There seemed to be some shops which did marketing, and all of Qing Ming City was talking about the card now.

All the other shops also responded quickly to the current trend.

Other than the few shops in the city area, Fruit Ninja Card could be found in all of Qing Ming City.

Were there other similar cultivation methods?

Of course there were!

However, they were mostly boring.

While with Fruit Ninja it was much more interesting to cultivate yourself while playing the game. Many people, even children, were willing to cultivate themselves!

He heard that a secondary school principal took a look and felt that this was a good product, saying that he would propose in the near future to use this in school as science cultivation.

Right then…

All the shops in the city center were providing Fruit Ninja Card at a cheap price!

Eighty yuan for a try!

Fifty yuan for a try!

Twenty yuan for a try!

Each shop was lower than the other!

In the end, everyone simply standardized to twenty yuan for a try!

Moreover, the illusion that they created was more realistic and had more images. It was much better than his illusion. Since the creation costs were low, their profits were still very significant.

“As expected.”

Lu Ming did not feel the least bit surprised.

The world of pirated goods was indeed unscrupulous!

In his previous life, although the game companies had a lot of pirated products, the players would scold them for having pirated goods. But no one seemed to care here.

This was because precious cards used a strong encryption technology!

If one could figure it out… It would mean that the person was very skilled!

“If so, then don’t blame me for going overboard.”

Lu Ming stretched himself.

He only wanted to earn tens of thousands yuan as his start-up capital. Since he was denied the money, everyone should give up the thought of making money from it. At the thought of this, Lu Ming gave Zhang Xiaopang a call.

“Fatty, come here, I have big plans for you.”

“What’s up?”

Zhang Xiaopang had doubts.

“Turn the table,” Lu Ming said with a smile.

Right then…

Qian Shengcai sat in his office, feeling delighted.

Although someone made him very upset yesterday and he was in a bad mood the entire night, how could he not be happy from looking at the sales and reception today?

The higher-ups had approved his application!

Right now…

He would be responsible for the pilot operation in Qing Ming City.

The higher-ups also knew that time was critical. Therefore, they gave him one morning to prove to them that he could make profits and that the profit model would work, after which they would adopt it at all the other branches!

What an honor?!

It would be his idea!

As for the profits?

He was not worried at all.

Twenty yuan for a try. It was enough for him to make lots of money!

As for Lu Ming?


He was just a kid.

They had no right to be involved in such a big event.

It seemed like many people were there for the experience. He was already able to envision his promotion. Very soon he would be able to leave this place…


There was a cry of shock from the outside.

“What’s the matter?”

Qian Shengcai was very unhappy that his dream was interrupted.

“Boss, something serious has happened!”

The staff at the entrance panicked, pointing to the online news.

“Why are you in a panic?!”

Qian Shengcai felt displeased with the interns. They would panic over little things. They should behave appropriately. “As the staff of the flagship store, you must stay calm…”

While he was talking, he looked at the news and cursed, “Damn!”

Chun Pin Shop.

Zhang Chun was looking at the increase in sales leisurely.

He had to admit that the Fruit Ninja Card was really good. There was a certain addiction to it, such that everyone could not help but keep trying! And keep improving!

He had tried more than ten times in order to last longer than one hundred seconds!

How could such a card not be popular?

They had agreed on selling it for twenty yuan. It was meaningless to compete with each other to see who would give a lower price. It was better if all of them could make money. Of course, he and Old Qian benefited the most from it.

As for Lu Ming?

He was not in their considerations.

So what if he was the founder?

He became worthless as soon as they managed to make pirated copies of it.

He hired hundreds of Card Creators to create an abundance of Fruit Ninja Cards overnight for the sales event today!

This was the moment that he had been waiting for!

They did not care for Lu Ming’s small antics.

“Perhaps, I can expand the business,” Zhang Chun thought to himself.

It was just that…

Right at this moment, he saw the message that was pushed by the Card Creators Association.

Unlike Qian Shengcai, he was a Card Creator himself. He built the shop from scratch. He was part of the Card Creators Association as well.

The Card Creators Association was where all the Card Creators learned and interacted with each other.

They would exchange card creating skills, ranging from the basic lines to the high-end core skills, and would also trade a variety of materials as well as participate in academic discussions.

This was the home to all the Card Creators.

Zhang Chun was active in the association and he would be updated with the news.

However this news…


One look at it and Zhang Chun turned icy cold. “Fruit Ninja—The Cultivation Card that Everyone Should Have!”

How did this thing show up!

Zhang Chun panicked.

Although Fruit Ninja was popular, it was only inside of Qing Ming City. Other places had absolutely no idea of this card!

However, it was alright if they knew about it…

The problem was…

The source of the information!

Damn it!

He was concerned about the focus of the news. It was about the design plans of the game!

That was to say, the damn thesis was about the Fruit Ninja design plan, meaning that the Fruit Ninja design plan had been disclosed to all!

Sure enough.

When he clicked to read, the first line that he saw was about the design plan!

It was the design plan for Fruit Ninja!

There was no need for Illusionists to create the illusion. Since they had the design plan, all the Card Creators could create it by following the design plan.

Zhang Chun panicked.

But he soon calmed down.

“Never mind.”

“We can still make some money.”

“After all, we are one step quicker than others, we…”

Zhang Chun had yet to comfort himself and he broke out in cold sweats when he saw the second half of the thesis.

In the thesis, there was a detailed introduction of the function of Fruit Ninja and it stated that this was design plan for Fruit Ninja 2.0 version. In addition to the original basic design, it also contained the following content:

1, Points accumulation design – time mode was changed accordingly to points accumulation mode.

2, Fun design – addition of consecutive chopping of fruits bonus points, as well as clearing of all fruits bonus points.

3, Increase in varieties – increased fruit varieties.

4, Bomb design – addition of the bomb clearance system. A dead bomb c bane found among the fruits, and it can not be touched.

5, Life design – in the original design, one would die after failing. In the new design, one has three lives, which creates a longer experience and enables the player is able to better control the speed.

6, Selection of weapons – addition of more weapons.



Zhang Chun had an emotional meltdown.

What was this?

This was an upgrade to the Fruit Ninja!

More comprehensive!

More powerful!

More efficient!

The cards that they created overnight had turned useless in an instant.

And, most importantly, the design plan was open to all. There was no need for Illusionists. All they needed was a Card Creator and they could create it easily!

The price was marked clearly!

No one would be willing to waste their money at the shops!

They would definitely scold them for being after their money!

Would they scold Lu Ming?


Although Lu Ming sold a lot of cards at one hundred yuan per try yesterday, he had stated his reasons for sharing the design plan at the end of the thesis.

“‘This was originally intended for commercial sales, but after learning that many educators were interested in this card, I have decided to make it public after improving and finalizing it!

Children are the strong ones of the future.

They should have better physical qualities.

They should have a better cultivation illusion.

These… are my gifts to them.’—Lu Ming, founder of Fruit Ninja.”


This was a gift to growing children!

All those people who were basking in the glory should be happy that they could earn some money, they did not have any right to blame other people.

“The shop…”

Zhang Chun hurried out of the office.

True enough…

The crowd was gone in an instant!

No one was a fool. This was important news and everyone in Qing Ming City learned about it in no time. No one would waste their money on semi-finished products.

They could use the design plan and get a Card Creator to create the card for them!

“It’s over.”

Zhang Chun trembled slightly as he looked at the thousands of Fruit Ninja Cards at the counter.

All these cards… had become useless!

Heaven knew how much he had spent on them!

“Lu Ming!”

He wanted to hate Lu Ming, but then he suddenly remembered that he only wanted to sell it at twenty to thirty thousand yuan, but he had refused his offer. The other party did not get a single cent but was willing to share the design plan with the Card Creators Association in order to gain popularity. It seemed reasonable.

Why did he not think of it?


He had thought of it, but he could not care much about it!

Because they did not expect that other than sharing the design plan, he would create an upgraded version of the Fruit Ninja!

He only had one thought in mind now.

“If I had known… Wouldn’t it have been nice to give him twenty thousand yuan yesterday?”

He felt very regretful!

And at this moment, he was not the only one who had such a thought.

All the shops in the downtown area, especially those shops that Lu Ming called and contacted last night, hated themselves.

Why did they not accept his offer?

This was the upgraded version of the Fruit Ninja!

Moreover, no one had expected that this card which was to test one’s reaction could have so many other components added to it! But at a closer look, it seemed very reasonable.

There was even a feeling… that this was the complete version of the Fruit Ninja!

Qian Shengcai of Ye Zi Chain Store felt chilled to the bones. He could not wait to give himself two tight slaps after reading all the content of the thesis.

He was too arrogant!

If he had known, he would have bought it yesterday!

It was only for fifty thousand yuan…

Because of a mere fifty thousand yuan, everything was ruined.

With this design plan, the design plan that he spent half a million yuan to research yesterday, but was not equipped with enough components, as well as the Fruit Ninja Cards that he ordered people to create in bulk overnight had become a joke.

Blame Lu Ming?

He had told him everything on the phone yesterday!



It will only cost fifty thousand yuan!

As for him… Everything dimmed out around Qian Shengcai and he fainted.


“Store manager!”

People screamed in shock.

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