Divine Card Creator

Chapter 8 - Crazy Popularity

Chapter 8: Crazy Popularity

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The fainting of Qian Shengcai was just a trivial matter.

Even the losses of these downtown shops were trivial matters. With Lu Ming’s full disclosure of the Fruit Ninja Card, this card had really become popular.



Lu Ming wrote down all of them in a thesis, comprehensible with one glance.

Many Card Creators created the cards according to the design plan and discovered that these new functions was indeed more thorough and comprehensive. It was more fun and interesting!

As for the shabbiness of the illusion?

On the contrary, no one cared about that anymore.

It could be said that the Fruit Ninja was famous now and had gained huge popularity. Many people now knew about it’s original creator, Lu Ming, and his thesis.

In a local school.

A vice-principal who specialized in Illusion Studies sighed when he finished reading all of Lu Ming’s ideas. “Unfortunately, he is not an Illusionist.”

The other teachers felt the same way too.


It was a pity that he was not an Illusionist.

Illusion was the main factor of success for the Fruit Ninja card! If Lu Ming was an Illusionist, that could prove his creativity in this aspect!

It was a pity…

He was not.

He was a Card Creator.

That proved that he only thought of this in a moment of inspiration and got someone to create this. Furthermore, it was also too late if he really possessed the talent for creating illusion.

Lu Ming was already sixteen years old. He had passed the best age to pick up the discipline. In order to cultivate Illusion Studies, he would have to give up the Original Card and rebuild the illusion core. It was too late for that.

Hence, this vice-principal felt that it was sheer pity.

“How about the Card Creators Association?”

The vice-principal inquired.

“They are indifferent. After all, although the Fruit Ninja is very popular, there aren’t many card creating skills involved. So, those veterans won’t care.”

“The popularity this time… displays more of his talent in business,” one of the teachers said.

“Let me think.”

The vice-principal still felt a little regretful. He took the initiative to recommend Lu Ming to his good friend, who was a powerful Card Creator. However, that person was silent for a long time after reading the lines.

“This card is too shabby.”

“It’s not just the illusion. The entire card creating process is very shabby.”

“Do you know what I saw?”

“There are no skills involved at all.”

“Putting aside the high-end card creating techniques, let’s talk about this design plan.”

“Messy and unstructured lines. Only the parts that involve the usage of Energy Card are neater. The positions of the rest of the lines are correct but the drawing is very sloppy. There is no aesthetic sense at all.”

“Undoubtedly, this is a Card Creator that specializes in Energy Cards!”

“He is cannon fodder from an Energy Card training institution. He’s completely different from a normal Card Creator. He doesn’t even have the basic standard skills of a Card Creator.”

“Perhaps the creativity of the Fruit Ninja is not bad… and that made him popular.”

“However, to a Card Creator… ”

That Card Creator left, shaking his head.

The vice-principal did not speak for a long time. He gave a huge sigh. “It’s a pity.”

Of course, he was not the only one who had noticed Lu Ming. Lu Ming had become famous overnight and many people now paid attention to him.

However, these Card Creators only shook their heads after looking at Lu Ming’s design plan. The traces of being trained in the training institution was too obvious!

“The drawing cannot make it.”

“The energy level is not stable.”

“Not structured enough.”

Many Card Creators gave their evaluation.

Everyone loved a genius but obviously not this type of genius.

The training institution could churn out batches and hundreds of inferior menial gangs every year. How many of them would become successful? Furthermore, the way that the training institution treated the Card Creators as a money-generating machine made the Card Creators detest it more. As a result, they also detested the Card Creators who graduated from training institutions.

Were they creating cards over there?

They were clearly plagiarizing!

Those from the training institution were not even fit to become Card Creators!

“Training institution… haha.”

“No matter how creative he is, it cannot hide such inferior skills. Regardless of his popularity, it cannot conceal the ugliness of his drawing skills.”

“Those from training institutions are an embarrassment to the Card Creators.”

“Creating cards should be elegant.”

Many Card Creators were also bombarding Lu Ming.

However, regardless of their assessment of Lu Ming, they could not fight the fact that Fruit Ninja had become popular. It was so popular to the extent that no one could ignore its presence!

It was even dominating the headlines.

Be it the news, internet or social circles, Fruit Ninja had taken the spotlight.

“How many points do you have now?”

“One hundred and twenty. You?”

“Only one hundred and fifty. Hehe.”

“Crap. There is an outburst at one hundred and twenty. How did you escape that?”

“My reaction is fast.”

“This won’t do. I have to go back and cultivate.”

Everyone was talking about it.

Queues, arguments, points accumulation.

Its popularity exploded.

Fruit Ninja had almost become the card that everyone needed to have.

Of course, some people were not satisfied with the shabby illusion. They began to modify it.

“Fruit Ninja – Crazy Slash of a Lifetime”, “Fruit Ninja – Meteor Hammer”, “Fruit Ninja – Shooting Through the Sky” and various odd versions of it were launched. Different weapons, different occupations and even fine-tuning of the illusion background. Building on the foundation, people amplified the effect.

These Illusionists brought Fruit Ninja to greater heights.

Of course.

Lu Ming’s version was still the most popular one.

It was true that the illusion was shabby, was not realistic, and lasted for a short amount of time. Nevertheless, the cost was amazingly low and no one could surpass it!

Even the updated versions of it only required an energy level of forty-five points!

Who could achieve that?

No one!

This was because even the lowest skill of Fireball required fifty points of energy level! Some of the modified versions of the Fruit Ninja Illusion Card even required more than hundred points of energy level!

Naturally, the more realistic the illusion was, the more energy would be used up.

After the problems encountered in the initial experience, various large Card Shops could only accept the popular edition and sell the Fruit Ninja Illusion Card as a Cultivation Card.

The cost of each card was seventy yuan. They were selling it for one hundred yuan, earning only a slight margin for the workmanship.

“Boss, one Fruit Ninja Card.”

“Boss, I want ten pieces.”

Qing Ming City, in the outskirts.

The tattooed man from the loan company was dumbstruck when he read at the reports on the internet. When he saw the few words of the so-called ‘Original Creator of Fruit Ninja’, he felt pangs of pain in his heart.

That fair-faced boy actually had such capabilities?


“Did you keep any negatives?”

The burly man beside him said, “If we have negatives of his young lad, we can extort him viciously.”

“I… ”

The tattooed man opened his mouth slightly. He felt bad and said, “This lad had long settled his debts. I have also destroyed all his information. Naturally, I have also destroyed all his photos.”

“Don’t you have a habit of keeping the negatives?”

The burly man glared ferociously. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t keep a single negative of this lad!”

“I only keep the photos of those pretty girls.”

The tattooed man smiled bitterly. “We can extort those who are weaker in character and do some things… But this lad… why would I keep those photos of him dressed up as a woman?”

Photos of a man dressed in ladies’ clothes besides taking up storage space, what other use could it have?

Only Heaven knew.

At the first sight of these photos, he was so amazed and stunned by them. He even did that… that thing. When he realized that they belonged to a man, he almost died of disgust.

If not for the sake of that one hundred thousand yuan, he would have deleted them long ago!

Why would he keep them?

Who would have thought that this young lad had such capabilities?

“The money that we received… ”

The few of them felt a little annoyed.

Without the nude photos, they were well aware that Lu Ming would not give a shit about them!

At this very moment…

Just as the pirated Fruit Ninja was exploding in popularity, Lu Ming, this main lead, was very low-profile.

The sky gradually turned dark.

Lu Ming was still making the cards in a serious manner.

He was very clear on one thing. Selling the cards was for the sake of paying off the debts, and earning money was for the purpose of cultivation. In this world, the only thing that he could rely on was his own capability!

He had also read the comments online.

In fact, those people were right. There were many people from the training institution who were purely part of the menial gang, carrying out repetitive manual labor and jobs.

That was the case for both his previous life and current life.

The genius who created programs was basically a different species from the coding peasant that carried out repetitive coding tasks!

In the eyes of those Card Creators, Lu Ming was obviously the coding peasant who was at the bottom of the hierarchy. One who only knew how to carry out repetitive manual tasks everyday and did not even have a mind of his own.

Nevertheless, Lu Ming did not care the slightest bit about their comments.

He had just begun his journey.

Sooner or later, he would let those guys know that he was a true-blue Card Creator!

As for now…

Of course, the most important thing was to improve his capability quietly.

Initially, he only had forty-eight points of energy level. During that period of time when he rampantly created three hundred cards, he actually increased his energy level by twelve points, sprinting to sixty points!

It was just that this energy was still too little.

It could barely create the most inferior Attack Card.

“I’m still too weak.”

Lu Ming was aware of his own capability.

Create cards!


This was the most basic way to improve.

There were two aspects to improving the capability of a Card Creator.

The first was to improve the energy level. This was the foundation. After all, when one had greater energy, they could create more powerful cards. The other aspect was the card creating skills!

It was only until he mastered the powerful card creating skills that he could create more powerful cards.

Advancement in energy level required a lot of resources. It could not be rushed. Hence, Lu Ming was more concerned about the skills.

Powerful card creating skills could make the drawing lines look more simple, structured, and tidy. It could also complete some matters that a single line could not do.

For example, the intersection of the lines.

When two lines intersect, how could one handle it?

If one continued to draw in a straight line, the two lines would be conflicted and messy. The card creation would fail. Hence, this was a skill that had to be mastered!

Besides this, there were also more sophisticated three-way interlace and four-way convergence, and so on.

There was still a lot to learn if he wished to become a true-blue Card Creator.

Lu Ming had mastered zero skills.

“I have to study hard.”

Lu Ming took a deep breath.

Of course, card creating skills were available for sale in the market and the Card Creators Association. There were even a complete set of case study cards. But that price…

He also could not count on that rubbish vocational college of his that nobody cared about.

“I will make an Attack Card first, and examine the lines thereafter.”

Lu Ming decided to give it a try tomorrow.

It was very late at night.

There were fewer and fewer passersby.

Looking at the time, Lu Ming was preparing to close the door.

Just as he walked to the door, he suddenly saw a shadow in the shade of the trees, hiding out of the scope of the surveillance camera. He was instantly alerted.

“Who is that?!”

Lu Ming shouted in a low voice.

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