Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Chapter 33 – Can not Support You

Can not Support You

Unfortunately, Chen shi and her daughter did not know that even the model for all women, the Empress had never before received any. Otherwise, how could so much have fallen in to the hands of Prince Yu.

Feng Yu Heng found some information on the value of the items among the memories belonging to the body’s original owner. She could only sigh, as that person’s money spending habits caused even her to nearly bite her tongue.

But, since the other party wished to gift, then she would not reject them. She only faced lady Zhou and smiled shallowly: “I request the lady thank his Highness Prince Yu on my behalf. These gifts, A-Heng likes them very much.”

The members of the Feng family rolled their eyes, did it stop at like very much? Did this Feng Yu Heng truly understand what these gifts meant? This meant that she was simply the most blessed female in the world!

Feng Fen Di broke down and loudly cried. How could a girl who had just turned ten years old handle this kind of shock. As tears flooded down and snot came dripping out, that was the face of someone who had been wronged.

Han shi was visibly upset. First being disgraced was not enough, and now she actually cried?

She was so angry that she secretly pinched Fen Dai. This resulted in Fen Dai crying even louder.

Xiang Rong was just beside Fen Dai. Seeing her like this was truly disgraceful. Regardless, she bore with it and tried to convince her: “Fourth sister, quickly stop crying. Everyone is looking.”

How could Fen Dai listen to her? Not only did she not listen, but she replied while crying: “I also want moon palace silk. I also want smokey silk gauze! Wu1, I really want all of those things!”

Feng Jin Yuan angrily yelled: “Impertinent!” This frightened Fen Dai so much she couldn’t breathe, and almost passed out.

Feng Yu Heng watched this farce play out. She felt quite pleased. Looking over towards Feng Chen Yu who was lightly biting her lip, she decided to give her some more roadblocks- “Fourth sister, quickly stop crying.” While talking, she explained to lady Zhou: “Lady please do not blame my fourth sister, she is still young.”

Lady Zhou naturally would not make a fuss over a ten year old child. She merely smiled and shook her head indicating it was fine.

Feng Yu Heng then spoke again: “Fourth sister, rest assured. When the time comes, if there is any material left after sister is done making clothes, I will at least give fourth sister a handkerchief.”

Although handkerchiefs are small, if it is made with one of the five treasures, then it would be considered one of the most amazing things in the world.

After she said these words, not only did Fen Dai stop crying, even Han shi’s bewitching smile returned to her face.

“Second sister is telling the truth?” Fen Dai urgently asked.

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Naturally it’s the truth. You and Xiang Rong are my little sisters. As your older sister, when I get nice things, it’s natural to share them with my little sisters. Thinking of, eldest sister is the same. You wouldn’t fight with our little sisters for things right?”

Changing the topic, she dragged Feng Chen Yu in to the conversation.

Feng Chen Yu had only just been reined in from her frenzied state by her convictions of becoming the model for all women, yet now it almost boiled over again. Thankfully, the years she spent painstakingly practicing her ability to endure were not in vain. She willed down her greedy desires, still she spent a long while to adjust. Only then did she reply in a changed tone: “Naturally.”

Xiang Rong’s eyes lit up, and she let slip a question like Fen Dai: “Second sister will be making one for me too?”

When Feng Yu Heng looked at Xiang Rong, her gaze became a little more sincere, “Each little sister gets a handkerchief. Is this ok?”

“Xiang Rong thanks second sister!” Xiang Rong bowed, her heart filled with joy.

Fen Dai naturally followed and gave thanks. Even An shi and Han shi gave their thanks to Feng Yu Heng.

With the conversation between Feng family’s members complete, lady Zhou gestured for the final gifts to be given to Feng Yu Heng.

This time, two maidservants came in, and both looked to be around 17 or 18 years old. Their faces were without any makeup. Their natural beauty made everyone feel at ease.

Lady Zhou said: “These are girls personally picked by his Highness Prince Yu. They are here to serve the second young miss.” As she spoke, she received a couple forms from the maidservant. “These are their slave contracts. Please remember this well, second young miss, for future servants, only trust those you hold slave contracts for. Only then can you relax.”

This was considered lady Zhou’s warning to Feng Yu Heng. This also served as a lesson in to the way of life in ancient times. Only then did Feng Yu Heng realize the importance of slave contracts in this era, and the handling of slave contracts became her first requirement for employment.

The work lady Zhou had been sent to do was considered to be completed. Feng Jin Yuan politely invited her to stay for a banquet, but was turned down by lady Zhou. As she was leaving, she pulled Feng Yu Heng’s hand and quietly whispered: “If anything happens, please go to Refined Deity Building on Xi street. That place belongs to his Highness.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, then gave thanks once more.

When everyone from Prince Yu’s contingent had left, the people of Feng manor finally let out a sigh of relief.

This day truly was too full of excitement!

The Feng family matriarch felt that it was no longer only her waist that was not well. Her heart also did not seem too well. The heart was beating so hard it felt like it would leap up her throat.

She looked at Feng Yu Heng and wanted to say something, but she suddenly did not know how she should talk to her.

The yard full of wooden chests covered in red silk and the two girls standing behind Feng Yu Heng reminded her that this granddaughter could no longer be treated the same. Not only was it her granddaughter, but Yao shi as well. She could no longer be treated like a concubine mother who had been chased away.

In hindsight, the matriarch realized that they had reacted hastily and incorrectly in regards to Yao shi because they feared being implicated. Now, karma had come back, and her daughter became quite praise-worthy. As the matriarch, how could she show her face now?

Thinking along those lines, Chen shi, who stood before her, became even more detested in her eyes. Although she still held the jadeite beads Chen shi gave her, how could those beads compare to the gifts that Prince Yu had given Feng Yu Heng. The difference was truly too unsightly.

Sadly, Chen shi completely did not notice that the matriarch and her own husband were annoyed with themselves. She just moved her round body forward a few steps and looked at the chests on the ground. Finally, she found the one that had been brought in first. It was clearly marked for the Feng manor, and contained the shabby betrothal gifts. With a cold snort, she opened her mouth to speak: “What’s there to be happy about! You’ve only gained a cripple.”

Feng Jin Yuan angrily replied: “Shut up!”

The matriarch was so angry that she closed her eyes and simply said: “I can not support you! I really can not support you!”

Chen shi swelled with anger and looked like a ball filling with air. Knowing that her husband and mother-in-law were not to be trifled with, she glared daggers at Feng Yu Heng.

Unfortunately, for someone with no memory like her, how could she remember that from the moment Feng Yu Heng returned to the manor, since when had she gained an advantage?

This time was the same!

Facing Chen shi’s sharp and malicious gaze, Feng Yu Heng did not get annoyed nor angry, instead she bowed towards her. As she rose, she said with extreme seriousness: “Mother’s lecture is extremely on point. I hope mother will not worry, your judgement of his Highness Prince Yu, A-Heng will definitely pass it along.” After speaking, she turned to the two new servants and said: “You two remember to remind me to never forget this.”

The two maidservants spoke in crisp, clear voices: “Please rest assured, second young miss. These servants will keep it in mind.”

“A-Heng!” Feng Jin Yuan looked towards Feng Yu Heng in frustration. There was a bit of uncertainty as to what tone he should take.

Feng Yu Heng did not give him a chance to think and directly changed the subject, “Father, please take a look at whether some servants should carry these things back to Willow courtyard?” As she spoke, she put on an embarrassed look: “I guess it won’t fit in Willow courtyard.”

Feng Jin Yuan finally felt there was a chance to perform: “A-Heng, take a look and see which courtyard you like in the manor. Father will arrange it for you.”

At this time, one of the two servants gifted by Prince Yu’s contingent spoke up: “Second young miss, perhaps first take a look at the residence gifted by his Highness? I heard it’s directly next to the Feng manor.”

When these words were spoken, Feng Jin Yuan immediately understood, “Could it be the empty residence on the North side that belonged to the an old sir?”

Directly next to the Northern wall of Feng manor was a residence that had been empty for many years. That residence originally was bestowed upon the most-decorated general at the time by the late Emperor. Sadly, the old sir had no son nor daughter. After his passing, the residence was left empty. Some how, beyond expectations, it had already fallen in to the hands of the ninth prince.

Feng Jin Yuan smiled bitterly, “That residence is only separated from the Feng manor by a single wall; furthermore, that wall just happens to be at the edge of Willow courtyard. If the residence gifted by his Highness is that one… A-Heng, father can have the wall removed to connect the residence to Willow courtyard.”

The servant that spoke bowed to Feng Jin Yuan and replied in a neutral tone: “It is indeed as the minister said. It is that one.”

Feng Jin Yuan secretly sighed. At that time, this decorated-general was a man who lived a low-profile life. Because he did not have children nor a spouse, and he did not like publicity, the mansion was not big. In fact, it was roughly the same size as the matriarch’s Shu Ya courtyard. But it was certainly extremely unique. There were small bridges over flowing water and lotus ponds. It reproduced the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan in a courtyard garden in the North.

Speaking of, he had once considered buying the residence because he felt that only his most prided daughter, Chen Yu, could match up to that courtyard. But after asking around, it remained unclear who the residence belonged to. He had heard from another official that there was a chance the decorated general had returned the residence to the Emperor. There was no possibility of him asking the Emperor for the courtyard, so he could only give up.

Unexpectedly, that residence still ended up in the hands of the Feng manor. The person to live there would not be Chen Yu but A-Heng.

He looked towards Feng Yu Heng. She was weak and small, and it seemed like a gust of wind would knock her over; however, her face displayed a hard to describe resolve. A pair of eyes clever beyond description made him fear looking her in the eyes for fear of being seen through.

Feng Jin Yuan clearly remembered that he had wholeheartedly loved this daughter before, but this love was significantly less than family interest.

“Father does not need to waste so much money.” Feng Yu Heng spoke softly: “Adding a moon gate to the wall in Willow courtyard will be enough.”

With just a few words, she made it clear that she had no desire to remain connected with the Feng manor. Open a small door, then after leaving the manor, she would slowly seal the door shut.

Feng Jin Yuan felt so exhausted he almost could not bear it. He carelessly waved his hand and helplessly said: “Like this, we’ll do as you say. Housekeeper He!”

He Zhong came at the call of his name.

“Go help the second young miss with carrying the betrothal gifts to Willow courtyard. Also, send some craftsmen to the Northern wall and open up a moon gate. These things must be done before tonight.”

He Zhong received his orders and left.

1: Chinese onomatopoeia for crying.

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