Dragon Emperor, Martial God

Chapter 745 - Plaything

Chapter 745: Plaything

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Ling Yun was already at the foot of Yunmeng Mountain when Chen Jianwei flew back to his lair.

He wasn’t escaping. There was no need for it since Cao Shanshan was back in his arms. Ling Yun’s preparations were sufficient for this battle.

Ling Yun dashed out so fast only because he wanted Cao Shanshan to get into the car quickly so that she wouldn’t be drenched to the bone.

The rain was too heavy, and everything was veiled in its curtain. The surface of the mountain seemed akin to a fast stream or river, with flash flooding everywhere.

The torrential rain definitely affected Chen Jianwei’s vision. He might be at the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm Level Six, but he couldn’t see clearly through the heavy downpour.

Chen Jianwei was almost flying along the treetops, but the Yunmeng Mountain was too big, and there were small waterfalls everywhere. The rain blocked his line of sight and affected his hearing, which effectively infuriated him.

He had no choice but to hover over the forest once he flew back to the cliff in order to get as many clues as possible.

Ling Yun regained the initiative in this battle when he successfully rescued Cao Shanshan. Everything was up to him. No one could stop him if he wanted to make a break for it.

“Found it!”

Chen Jianwei saw the freshly broken tree branches trodden by Pierce and understood immediately.

“It’ll be the death of me!” Chen Jianwei screamed and chased the clues left by Ling Yun and his gang.

Cui Lao drove the silver-gray car that Chester drove. Chester didn’t have the time to drive away after saving Ling Yue last night, so he had waited until everything was settled at the Ling Family before turning into a bat and returning quietly to the Chen Family’s villa in the southern suburbs. He then drove the well-hidden car back. This car was Chester’s precious baby, there was no way he would just leave it there.

Ling Yun only stopped when he reached the silver-gray car.

The road had been submerged by the rain flowing down the mountain. The water was knee-high and gushed like a raging river.

Ling Yun held the umbrella in one hand and circled his other arm around Cao Shanshan’s waist. He activated his Yin-Yang harmony balance silently to evaporate the rainwater on Cao Shanshan’s body once again to prevent her from catching a cold. He then turned to Cui Lao. “Cui Lao, please drive…”

He opened the door to the car and placed Cao Shanshan’s petite body into the backseat. Ling Yun then took out all his remaining Fire Talismans and gave them to Cui Lao.

“Cui Lao, use the Fire Talismans if any members of the Blood Clan attack the car! There’s no need to save them!”

“Fourth Young Master, I brought quite a lot of what you gave me previously. It’s about two or three bundles worth!”

“Take it, I don’t need them!”

Ling Yun smiled at Cao Shanshan and was about to close the door to the car.

Cao Shanshan was baffled that Ling Yun wasn’t getting in. “Ling Yun, aren’t you getting into the car?”

Ling Yun gave Cao Shanshan a mysterious smile. “Shanshan, the enemy will be here soon. I have to protect you all the way back home!”

Ling Yun knew there was going to be a tough battle without even thinking. He used the safest method to save Shanshan, but he wasn’t afraid of battle!

He was raging with anger, and the conditions were just right for him to kill whoever stood in his way tonight!

Cao Shanshan looked on as Ling Yun threw the umbrella into the car and put on a black mask, leaving only a pair of murderous eyes visible. However, that same pair of eyes held deep affection for her. She couldn’t help but tremble as she cautioned her lover. “Ling Yun, y-you have to be careful…”

Cao Shanshan’s thoughts suddenly went back to that night of the Qingming Festival. Ling Yun was also domineering and handsome in the rain!

However, that was when he was saving Zhuang Meifeng. Tonight, the person who was being saved was her, Cao Shanshan!

Ling Yun beamed at Cao Shanshan. “Don’t worry!”


The car door closed. Cui Lao masked himself as well and stepped on the accelerator, slowly heading in the direction of the capital.

They were at least thirty kilometers from the Huairou District!

Ling Yun waved his hand up into the air. Pierce, who was surveying the area, swooped down. Ling Yun jumped and stood on Pierce’s back.

“Fly as fast as the car travels. You only need to concentrate on flying, there is no need to care about the approaching enemies!”

Ling Yun stood proudly with his hands behind his back, his voice calm.

“Yes, my honorable boss! Pierce will gladly serve you!” Pierce replied respectfully. He spread his wings out and caught up with the car, flying a dozen meters above them to avoid the cameras on the road.

On full display!

The car was only two kilometers away when Ling Yun sensed an approaching enemy. He feigned ignorance, waiting for him to approach.

The first one to arrive was, of course, Chen Jianwei.

Chen Jianwei exited the woods and saw the silver-gray car immediately when he came to the road. He also saw the arrogant Ling Yun standing on a member of the Blood Clan.

“How could it be him again!”

Chen Jianwei lost his composure!

Chen Jianwei was familiar with this silhouette since he was heavily injured by Ling Yun not once but twice.

“F*ck, who the hell is this person! Why is he targeting my Chen Family?”

Chen Jianwei relied on the Blood Element Beads and the fresh blood of countless virgins to recover and improve his strength. However, Ling Yun beat him to a pulp too many times, casting a shadow over him.

The thing that startled Chen Jianwei the most was that Ling Yun was actually… actually stepping on the back of a member of the Blood Clan!

What in the f*ck was going on! Why was he so heaven-defying?

Since when did members of the Blood Clan willingly let people ride on them?

Chen Jianwei’s eyes nearly popped out!

However, he had no choice but to continue. He simply couldn’t let him take Cao Shanshan away!

Moreover, Chen Jianwei knew that Ling Yun had numerous treasures on him — the Devil’s Blade, Dark Storm, and a flexible sword. He would gain numerous benefits if he were to kill Ling Yun!

Chen Jianwei’s eyes flashed cruelly as he flapped his wings, rushing towards Ling Yun. He overtook Pierce by several meters and turned around to face them.

“So, it’s you, Pierce!”

Chen Jianwei finally discerned who this member of the Blood Clan was. He was shocked to find that it was Pierce! Pierce, who was still fighting beside him last night!

“Pierce, y-you! Why are you betraying me! Am I not providing you with enough fresh blood?”

Chen Jianwei raised his fingers at Pierce, yelling in anger.

Ling Yun’s divine sense could cover a hundred square meters, so the rain wasn’t able to block his vision! He was training the godly Yin-Yang Eye!

Ling Yun could see Chen Jianwei’s movements and expressions clearly. He wondered if his arrows could blind Chen Jianwei’s eyes at this distance.

However, Ling Yun knew that he couldn’t kill this Chen Jianwei for now. He needed his blood to figure out how to turn the Cao Family back into humans.

He could only think of a way to capture him alive.

Cui Lao obviously noticed the low-flying Chen Jianwei and slowed the car down. “Cui Lao, don’t slow down. Just drive!” Ling Yun told him through telepathy.

Cui Lao nodded and accelerated once more.

Ling Yun stared at Chen Jianwei and changed to his hoarse voice before answering him, saying, “Betray you? Surnamed Chen, you have done so many bad deeds that even the Blood Clan cannot tolerate you. How is that a betrayal?”

“Fight if you want, if not, scram! I don’t want to waste my energy getting angry at you!”

Chen Jianwei finally realized that they weren’t fleeing at all. Instead, they were slowly waiting for him to catch up.

This person was too arrogant!

Ling Yun was certainly arrogant. He killed all of the opponents at the Chen Family villa alone!

“Friend, can you tell me, how did my Chen Family offend you? Why are you against my Chen Family?”

Chen Jianwei was very cunning. He knew that Ling Yun could slaughter a Xiantian Realm Level Seven ninja, so he didn’t dare to let up and was just trying to delay for time.

“Hehe, I’m willing!”

Ling Yun laughed. He understood Chen Jianwei’s motive but thought nothing of it. Tonight, he was going to slaughter as many of the Chen Family as possible!

One more killed was one less to deal with!

Chen Jianwei was wasting his efforts. It was impossible to get anything out of Ling Yun.


An arrow pierced through the rain curtain and shot through Chen Jianwei’s right shoulder, hurting him like mad. He flapped his wings and shot up into the air.

Ling Yun was simply bullying him. He stored his golden bow when he saw Chen Jianwei fleeing through the air.

Honestly, Ling Yun couldn’t fly yet, so he was filled with jealousy whenever he saw things that could fly.

Chen Jianwei didn’t dare to descend. He could only follow the silver-gray car while he fought back his tears.

Close range, Ling Yun had the Devil’s Blade and the Dark Storm, as well as the pure Yang True Qi. He had the strength to kill a Xiantian Realm Level Seven master.

Far range, Ling Yun had a bow which was faster than lightning. There was no way to dodge.

He was a plaything of Ling Yun now!

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