Dual Cultivation

Chapter 35 I Want to Try Putting It in My Mouth...

Chapter 35 I Want to Try Putting It in My Mouth…

“Mmmm~” Lan Liqing bit her bottom lip as Su Yang sucked on her twin peaks, his hips gracefully moving like a dancing crane.

It has been many minutes since they started their dual cultivation, yet neither of them seemed to have any thoughts of stopping.

“Lan Liqing, are you even cultivating properly? You seem to be enjoying yourself and have forgotten about the whole point of this.” Su Yang reminded her that they were still cultivating.

“Eh? Ah… of course, I am cultivating properly!” She hastily replied in a stiff voice filled with emptiness; she had clearly forgotten to cultivate because of the pleasure.

“Then make sure you absorb all of this Yang Qi!” Su Yang said as he released another bulk of Yang Qi into her forbidden garden.

“Ahhh!” Lan Liqing could feel the insides of her flower engulfed by a surge of sudden heat, and her mind blanked out again.

After releasing his Yang Qi into Lan Liqing body, Su Yang gently laid her on the bed and unplugged his still stiff dragon from her pink hole, causing a large amount of holy fluid to gush out like a divine river.

“Let’s take a break to cultivate. Your Yin Essence was stronger than I had expected so I will need to cultivate for a bit before we continue.” Su Yang said to her as he sat down in the lotus position with his eyes closed.

Lan Liqing laid on the bed that was soaking wet from her Yin Qi in exhaustion, her refined figure still twitching from the euphoric feeling that covered every inch of her bottom half.

After she rested, Lan Liqing struggled to sit behind Su Yang with their bare backs touching each other.

When she finally calmed down and was able to concentrate enough to cultivate properly, Lan Liqing was shocked to the core when she sensed the abundant amount of powerful Yang Qi that was built up in her body, not to mention the extreme purity of the Yang Qi; it was as though there was an ocean of Yang Qi in her body that could be considered Yang Essence because of its high quality!

“With this much high-quality Yang Qi, let alone the 4th level of the True Spirit Realm, even the 5th level of the True Spirit Realm is possible!” Lan Liqing turned her head to look at the back of Su Yang’s head, her gaze filled with wonder.

“Just who in the world are you, really?” she mumbled.

Lan Liqing then began to cultivate the Yang Qi in haste, afraid that the Yang Qi might lose quality if it remained untouched for too long.

Meanwhile, Su Yang’s cultivate base soared like a dragon piercing the heaven. Prior to obtaining Lan Liqing’s Yin Essence, when he consumed the Pure Yang Flower, his cultivate base had skyrocketed from the 6th level of the Elementary Spirit Realm directly to the 3rd level of the Profound Spirit Realm! He had soared five levels in a matter of moments after fully consuming the Pure Yang Flower, not to mention his physique that had directly entered the late stages of Profound Spirit Body Refiner!

However, such an explosive rise was just the beginning of a small spark that would later become fireworks!

When Su Yang first penetrated Lan Liqing, stealing her Yin Essence, his cultivation base also experienced enormous changes.

His cultivation base directly soared three more levels, reaching the 6th level of the Profound Spirit Realm. As for his physique, it had barely changed, since Yin Essence only affects one’s cultivation base and would not benefit body refiners.

Currently inside Su Yang’s body was like a volcano that had recently erupted. Everything about him changed, especially the quality of his Yang Qi. If compared, his Yang Qi would not be any less effective than cultivators at the Earth Spirit Realm, perhaps even stronger.

Many hours passed since Su Yang and Lan Liqing cultivated each other’s special Qi.

And because Lan Liqing had the higher cultivation base with fewer resources than Su Yang, she was the first to open her eyes.

She stood up, her body looking anew and filled with energy.

“He really wasn’t lying… Not only did my cultivate base advance, but the results were better than he’d said!” she wanted to embrace Su Yang at this moment, but knowing that he’s deeply into cultivating, she held herself back.

“Hm?” Lan Liqing suddenly noticed the divine pole that stood tall in-between his legs.

“He’s cultivating like that?! How can he concentrate when his thing is so looking so fierce and painful, even looking so peaceful as he cultivates?”

Lan Liqing was impressed by his ability to concentrate even under odd situations, and her lower body reacted when she saw how mighty and domineering his little brother looked as he cultivated.

And since Su Yang has yet to awaken from his cultivation, Lan Liqing had no other choice but to satisfy herself as she waited.

“Mmmm…” she softly moaned as her beautiful fingers caress her little pearl.

Time passed slowly, and a few hours later, Su Yang opened his eyes.

However, the first thing he saw was Lan Liqing laying on the bed with her legs spread in front of him and fiercely playing with herself.

“Aiya, are you trying to rub your little treasure off, my dear Liqing?”

When Lan Liqing heard Su Yang’s teasing voice that came out unexpectedly, her heart skipped a beat from surprise.

“S-Su Yang!” she quickly sat up with her face burning red from embarrassment.

“I apologize for taking so long that you had to satisfy yourself…” Su Yang stood up and approached her, his eternal wood still as vigorous as ever.

“As an apology, I will show you a few techniques…” he said with a smile.

Although speechless and still feeling embarrassed, Lan Liqing also smiled at him, even spreading her arms wide to welcome him into her embrace.

“Su-Su Yang! W-What is this position?!” Lan Liqing exclaimed with surprise when Su Yang suddenly laid his back on the bed and made her sit on his crotch area.

Su Yang smiled and said: “Something that will take you straight to heaven.”

After saying his words, Su Yang pierced her hole with his sword.

“So deep!” Lan Liqing felt her mind going crazy as her cave was explored with even more intensity; it felt like she was riding a horse.

Afraid that she would lose balance, Su Yang held onto her hips as he repeatedly shoved his sword upwards, looking as though he was trying to pierce the heavens, his sword easily reaching the limit of her cave.

Lan Liqing felt that this position was more embarrassing than the previous, where she could feel Su Yang’s sharp gaze all over her body, especially her forbidden garden that was endlessly making vulgar noises.

“It’s a beautiful view from here, Liqing… It’s so mesmerizing that I cannot look away.” Su Yang’s smiled, which only caused her to feel even more embarrassed.

Su Yang suddenly used his legs to raise his hips, causing her to lose balance. When she fell onto his chest, Su Yang felt her twin peaks softly pressing against his chest like two meat buns. He then embraced her, his hips moving increasingly faster and stronger.

“So strong… Aahhh… I will really go crazy… Aaahhh… at this rate…” Lan Liqing’s eyes were sparkling like a night sky filled with flickering stars, her gaze at Su Yang filled with passion and desire.

Su Yang kissed her and said: “I will make you show me your everything by tonight, Liqing!”

“Ahhh! It’s coming again!” Lan Liqing began twitching, and her little flower released another stream of sparkling love juice.

An entire day had passed since Su Yang and Lan Liqing secluded themselves inside the second floor of the Medicine Hall, where many disciples and elders came and went for medicine or help.

There had been plenty of elders who had requested for Lan Liqing’s presence during these hours, but they were all politely turned around by her disciples, who was given strict orders to not allow anyone to bother her while she treats Su Yang.

“Aiya… I wonder how Su Yang is doing right now…”

“Although I trust Master’s medicine skills, I still cannot help but feel anxious…”

“Ahhh… Su Yang, I will not forgive you if you die…”

Everybody there showed worry for Su Yang – everybody except one person.

“Junior apprentice-sister Xiao, what’s with the frown? I have not heard a word from you since this morning…”

“Hmph! All of you looking like young maidens in love is the reason I am frowning! Just what is so special about this Su Yang?! I don’t understand it!” Xiao, the only sister amongst them who refused Su Yang’s service, explained her frustration with the situation.

The girls there look at her with bitter expressions.

“You don’t understand because you left during that day…”

“You will never understand our feelings, junior apprentice-sister Xiao… our desire…”

“Oh, Xiao’er… it is still not too late. If you approach Su Yang with respect, then he might agree to let you into his room…”

“…” Xiao was speechless. She had a feeling that her sisters were no longer the sisters she once knew, and that only further deepened her worries.

“This Su Yang… I will see what he’s why he’s so special… if he manages to leave this place alive!” she thought to herself, staring intensely at the second-floor staircase.

Inside the room on the second floor, Lan Liqing had her head resting on Su Yang’s lap as he combed her beautiful hair with his hands.

“Su Yang, I want to try putting it in my mouth…” Lan Liqing suddenly said with a blushing face, her gaze staring lovingly at the standing dragon in-between his legs and her fingers gently caressing it as though she was examining a peerless treasure.

Su Yang chuckled. “Do you even know what to do?” he asked her.

Lan Liqing suddenly kissed the head of his dragon with passion and said: “No, but I will learn…”

She began licking his rod as though she was licking ice cream. “It’s sweet…”

After licking it for a few minutes, she opened her mouth and slowly began putting it in her mouth.

“It’s bigger and stronger than I thought…” she thought to herself when she realized that it had barely fit into her mouth. And after taking moment to familiarize herself with the feeling of having a man’s thing in her mouth, she started moving her head up and down.

Su Yang smiled gently as he watched Lan Liqing suck his little brother; it felt like he was watching an innocent girl eating candy for the first time. And although her techniques were horrible with barely any sucking force, the soft feeling of her tongue and the warmth of her mouth were heavenly.

He laid on the bed and said to her: “Lay on top of me and stick your butt towards my face; I’ll make you feel good, too.”

Lan Liqing, who was immersed in savoring the taste of his Yang Qi, silently shifted her position.

Su Yang stared at the beautiful pink that hung above his face, and his hands grabbed Lan Liqing’s soft buttcheeks. He then pulled her cave towards his mouth.

“Mmmm!” Lan Liqing had to stop her mouth movements the moment Su Yang’s tongue invaded her cave. However, not willing to admit defeat, she started moving her head even more vigorously soon later.

Time began to pass slowly, and the two continued to relish the taste of each other’s treasure.

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