Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 1

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 1

FEBRUARY 25, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Da Qi Xi 2nd year, August 9th, avoid travelling but good for marriage

This day is indeed auspicious, it was carefully selected by the Chinese Astrology Department, clear skies, sunny, that made even the lion seemed tamed.

Cheung Ning Street near the forbidden city, a line of guards of honor can be seen leading a wedding procession. But unlike the ordinary people, the palanquin is not red, but instead a gold one with a raised ceiling carried by 16 people. The palanquin is drapped with gold embroidered Phoenixes, top to down golden tassels, and surrounded by expensive pearl strings, waving in the wind where together it dazzled to the point where eyes aches.

The only person that is eligible for this type of marriage treatment, is non other than the Empress.

The streets were lined with people, everyone was trying to see the procession. Even though there were other festivities that could match the occasion, but seeing the Emperor’s wedding is something that is very rare.

Although there were many people in the procession, some playing music and some not, it kept moving forward in an orderly manner. There was also four young presentable eunuch responsible to throw candies and coins placed in hemp bags to the crowds. Whenever the young eunuchs raises their arms, there will be a burst of fury in the crowd.

The procession can be seen to be moving towards the Ye Manor, and from far at the main door, a group of people dressed in dark colours can be seen kneeling on the floor and amongst them, the leader is a white haired, respectable expression, and shining bright eyes.

“That would be Ye Ge Lao” someone from the crowd said after identifying that old man from a far.

“Who is this Ye Ge Lao?” asked one young teenager.

“Ye Ge Lao is Zhong Ji Hall, head scholar, two generations of high positions in the cabinet and three dynasty veteran minister.” Following the explanation of the old man’s background, the speaker’s voice increases in confidences, even though he is not close with Ye Ge Lao, but it does not decrease him being proud of that man.

People around the area are also satisfied with the speaker’s introduction. Even though this matter is known to all, however every time it is brought up by someone, Ye Ge Lao will still receive the respect from many, like the street performances that has been seen many times, but one could not help but to see it again when available.

“Today’s bride is Ye Ge Lao’s first grand daughther, maiden name is Ye Zhen Zhen, 17 this year. Ye Ge Lao have 3 grandchildren but only one grand daughter, she has been brought up like a treasure, loved by many” another person said.

“You dare to address the Empress with her maiden name, are you not afraid of being caught and be planked?” Someone jokingly asked.

” I heard, this marriage has been confirmed three years ago”

“Then why only today, did they get married?”

“Three years ago, the late emperor passed away, the current emperor wanted to fulfill his filial piety therefore pushed the marriage till today.”

“Daddy, the emperor wants to marry Ye Ge Lao’s grand daughter, then won’t he need to call Ye Ge Lao grandfather?” A little boy asked.

This time there was no answer, but instead the father uses his hand to cover his son’s mouth.

The young eunuch raises their arms, coins falls from the sky. People no longer stay to chat but to bend down to collect the coins from the ground.


At the Ye Manor, today’s is a day of celebration, everywhere is pasted red papers with auspicious words, all the household members are looking happy, well except for one person.

Ye Zhen Zhen, with a expressionless mood faced herself in the copper mirror. The mirror was purchased before the marriage, with a very good quality which enables anyone to properly see themselves. This is also the first time Ye Zhen Zhen found out how she really looked like. Egg shaped face,small but high nose bridge making the face seems very charismatic; a pair of single lid phoenix clear eyes, which sometimes portrays a very strict expression. And also a pair of eyebrows that has the same length with her eyes, that made her look unhappy if she raises them.

Even though the make up was grand, it matches well with Ye Zhen Zhen’s face, making others feel cautious and in awe around her. But it is unsure whether the emperor will like this type of woman.

Xi Niang, helped Ye Zhen Zhen reorganize her clothes and her phoenix crown, making sure all is right, then helped her stand up. ” Miss, it will be time soon, please first receive the title”

Ye Zhen Zhen, did not answer and followed her to receive the decree.

Seeing Ye Zhen Zhen, receiving the royal decree and the title of empress, Xi Niang felt calmer, thinking that no matter how unwilling Miss is, the position of empress has already been confirmed. Oddly enough, when other people would think being an Empress is a great glory, it is only their Miss that is very unwilling. Normally Miss and the Master of the house have a great relationship, and because of this marriage they have been fighting a few times. However, in the end Miss still couldn’t win over her grandfather and finally submit to the wedding.

Not long after receiving the decree, it is finally the auspicious time, Ye Zhen Zhen was guided towards the gold and sparkling palanquin, and the wedding procession begins bringing along a trail of carts, which happens to be Ye Zhen Zhen’s dowry. It does not matter if the bride is willing or not Ye Ge Lao wanted to make sure his beloved grand daughter got married proudly.

Inside the palanquin, Ye Zhen Zhen, was remembering her grand father’s final words to her ” Must not be dethroned as an Empress”. While massaging her shoulders due to the heavy phoenix crown, she acknowledges that her grandfather knows her really well. But since you know me so well, why do you still push me into that palace that eats up people without leaving even bones.

Thinking about her future husband, Ye Zhen Zhen feels her head aches more. No matter from which angle, the emperor does not match her ideal husband type at all.

In the Da Qi dynasty, women’s social status is has been increased comparing to the previous dynasties, where women can have a certain freedom in marriage. Ye Zhen Zhen is from a big family, grandfather is 3 dynasties veteran minister, also the emperor’s teacher, her father is working in social affairs department, where if without accident her father will also join the cabinet. Therefore besides the princess, there should be no other girl that is as prestigious as Ye Zhen Zhen. With such a strong family background, there will be endless types of husband for her to choose from, and no matter who she decides, it definitely would not have been the emperor. She has been brought up in a pampered environment, and if she is at her husband’s place she would be treated the same, and of course the most important part is that her husband would not be able to look down at her. Above, is something the emperor would not be able to do.

Moreover, ever since the current emperor got throned, he has not been seeing the Ye Family in good terms. One is a powerful veteran minister, another is a new emperor with thoughts, in the court power has always been fought over. The emperor still does not have strong grounds to be able to do anything towards the Ye Family, but it does not mean that in the future he will not. At this moment, she may seem very lucky to be the empress, but when the emperor wants to get rid of the Ye Family, most probably Ye Zhen Zhen will be the first person the emperor will start with.

The more she thinks about it, the darker her future becomes. Ye Zhen Zhen can only stop her thinking and holds on to her yawn. This morning, before the sun comes out, she was awoken to wear the complicated and heavy wedding attire, making her tired to the extreme.

She fell asleep all the way to Kun Ning Palace, even when she was brought to her chamber, she was still drowsy. Thats why when Ji Wu Jiu walked in to the room, the first thing he saw was her yawning. Originally cold faced Ji Wu Jiu, when faced with the current situation turned even colder. What an Empress, which such actions, blaming Ye Xiu Ming (Ye Ge Lao).

After yawning Ye Zhen Zhen saw Ji Wu Jiu, so she slowly got up and greeted him. The emperor received the greeting even though he is not happy with it. But certain things still had to be done. After that he sat down next to her. One looked like a polished jade, another like a flower, they looked great as a pair.

This pair, looked at each other for a brief moment, and turned away. Both wanted to get a better glimpse.

Ye Zhen Zhen, poured herself a cup of wine, remembering that someone mentioned the first night of marriage will be rather painful. Therefore she would prefer to be in a drunk state so that she will not be aware of what is happening and won’t feel the pain.

Right after she drank her first cup, she realised Ji Wu Jie was watching her. Ye Zhen Zhen got a bit embarrassed and asked if he wanted a cup. She got up and poured another cup for the emperor, thinking that she should have first offered him a cup, but she ignored him earlier because he was not pleasant to her eyes.

Still, the emperor received the cup from her, and drank all in one shot. Finally, Ye Zhen Zhen remembered that she have forgotten the couple shot that newly weds needs to consume together, which was reminded by Xi Niang earlier, but due to the complicated ceremonies she has left it out, it should be understandable right..?

Ji Wu Jiu, after finishing his cup, filled it up, drank a little and passed the cup to Ye Zhen Zhen. Unwillingly she took the cup and drank it all.

After finishing the couple shot step, the next step is much more awkward. Ji Wu Jiu, willed himself to carry Ye Zhen Zhen to the bed, and starts to remove her clothes. But under her “you are a beast” gaze he no longer has the will to continue on.

“Close you eyes” Ji Wu Jiu requested.

Even after she closed her eyes, her expression still did not let him increase his ‘appetite’

But luckily she is still considered a beauty, and her charisma has dropped after closing her eyes, not to mention that her body figure is very good, and she feels good to his hands…

Therefore this love session can be considered good.

And then, Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly feels a pang of tearing pain at her lower body, without using her brains to think, her body has already given a reaction, her leg has already given a kick to the person who gave her the pain.


Ji Wu Jiu fell to the floor, with a unbelieving expression. Ji Wu Jiu is actually a person that is good with martial arts, with a good teacher too and normally when handling Ye Zhen Zhen’s level of capability he would be able to avoid easily. However, just now he was concentrating on doing that type of thing….

“How dare you!” Ji Wu Jie retorted quickly, looking at Ye Zhen Zhen with a stern face. Even though he has always been able to hide his emotions well, this time he was not able to totally control his anger, heavily breathing, that is appears that he could breath out fire any time soon.

Ye Zhen Zhen, kneeling on the bed, trying to put on a sincere expression said ” It is my fault, accidently harmed the dragon body, may the emperor give punishment”

Punish? How to punish? This type of crime is very big. However this is the first night of marriage, and if he were to punish the empress, it would mean to not give face to Ye Ge Lao. No matter how much he wanted to, it is not the right time.

Furthermore, on the wedding night, allowing oneself to be kicked down the bed by his wife, if its spread out, the husband himself will lose face as well. That is why when Ji Wu Jiu looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, it has added an emotion of complicatedness.

Then, someone from outside called “Emperor”, allowing the both of them to come out from the awkward atmosphere. The person who called the Emperor is none other than his head eunuch Feng You De, who have accompanied the emperor ever since he was a crown prince, which has been over a decade.

“What is going on?”

“Emperor, just now Lu Hua Palace’s eunuch has reported that Li Concubine has accidently fell quite badly.”

Leaving out a huge sigh, Ji Wu Jiu feeling better said ” Head to Lu Hua Palace”.

“Following the Decree”

As Ji Wu Jiu was heading towards the door, he turned his head to look at the Ye Zhen Zhen on the bed, to only find her covering her mouth and taking a big and long yawn.

Note: As I am still new to translating, and that this is a period novel, many words are hard to substitute. Hopefully it will be smoother in the future chapters. Do drop any comments so that I can improve the translation.

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