Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 10

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 10

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Even until the dinner banquet with his ministers, Ji Wu Jiu can still vaguely see the spinning circles. Ye Zhen Zhen is really like a curse. She also gifted him the dancer, and because of his status and pride, he had no choice but to accept it. Even thinking about it makes him speechless.

Originally, Ye Zhen Zhen only wanted to anger the emperor a little, but accidently hurt another person.. Li Concubine..

Li Concubine counted her toads and compared with Xian Concubine’s, and found out that Xian Concubine has more, although Zhuang Concubine has more than both of them (13 toads one shot previously), that was another case.

That means, ever since Xian Concubine entered the palace, she served the emperor more than her.

Li Concubine was afraid that she will lose power soon, and furthermore the emperor’s attitude towards her has also cooled down more if compared with previously. She needs to think on how to win over Xian Concubine as well as to attract the emperor’s attention again.

To play the zither during the birthday celebrations was such a good opportunity, as she was the best in the inner palace she believed. The plan started well, until Ye Zhen Zhen called out the weird dancer.

Everyone’s attention was only given to the dancer, wherever she danced towards, the people’s eyes will surely follow. The emperor also stopped her zither playing, which is the first time since she entered the palace.

The plan to shine again was a failure, hating on Wang Zhao Yi, Xian Concubine as well and of course she hates the empress the most. Then, the next day the empress was sending out gifts to each palace.

The empress’s family is very rich, besides food, Ye Zhen Zhen doesn’t really care about the other things, and when she is in a good mood, even without proper reasons she will distribute some gifts to the other consorts in the palace. So now, the maid servants and eunuchs was carrying these gifts and heading towards the palaces of the other consorts.

In order to show hierarch, the gifts for the 3 concubines, will be brought by the closest maid servants and eunuchs of the empress.

The one that went to Lu Hua Palace is Su Yue. She was followed by 2 little eunuchs, carrying brocades, jewelry and etc, while she wasn’t carrying anything. After reaching Lu Hua Palace, she bowed a little and said “This is the gifts bestowed by the empress, to thank your hard work during the birthday celebration yesterday, please check them niang niang”

The moment she mentioned “birthday celebration” Li Concubine’s face changed.

Actually Su Yue did it purposely, although she has a mature attitude, and normally the one that advices Su Feng not to be rash, but she is still young, and didn’t like Li Concubine much anyway, so she thought she wanted to anger her a little using words for the empress. Thinking that she is from the empress’s side, even before beating dogs you have to look at the owner, most people would not dare to do anything.

But.. she was wrong.. Li Concubine is not most people….

So after receiving the gifts Li Concubine said “Thank you you majesty” then turned towards Su Yue, “I didn’t know that the maid servants from Kun Ning Palace knows only this much about palace rules, didn’t even kneel after meeting me”

The moment Su Yue heard this, she knows something bad will happen, and immediately kneeled “My apologies niang niang” Kun Ning palace’s maid servants was all thought by Madam Tan who was from the Empress Dowager’s palace. Of Course they all are well aware of palace rules. “It is because I was in a hurry to present the items to niang niang, I ask for forgiveness”

But then again, for Su Yue to receive this scolding is a little hard to accept as well. Although maid servants are required to pay proper greetings when seeing concubines, but they are the empress’s main maid servants, and today was ordered to send gifts from the empress, that’s why bowing a little should have been enough, most concubines will not take this matter seriously. Although the palace rules are strict, it does not mean all rules must be follow rigidly.

“Such an ignorant servant, still daring to make excuses after making a mistake, Fan Chun, slap her!” Li Concubine didn’t want to let go of this chance.

Li Concubine’s personal servant Fan Chun, was in a dilemma while looking at Su Yue, “Niang niang…” This is the empress’s people, do you think the people that you have upset in the palace is very little.

“Slap now!” Li Concubine was very angry, of course advices won’t go in.

Fan Chun was the main adviser for Li Concubine, this girl still had some intelligence, she is considered half, while the other was Zhuang Concubine, but it was too bad that Zhuang Concubine wanted to take a lead as well.

Anyway, Fan Chun always helped Li Concubine plan, and normally most of the time Li Concubine will listen to her, but when her temper is here, she would not listen to anyone, not to mention she was only a maid servant.

That is why Fan Chun knows that whatever she says now would be useless. All she could do was stopped talking and walked towards Su Yue, lifted her hands and slapped her lightly. She now only hopes this slap would not leave her hand print on Su Yue’s face, and that Su Yue won’t report this to the empress.

“You didn’t eat rice ?” Li Concubine was not satisfied

Fan Chun couldn’t help, sighed and with a loud “Pa”, slapped again.

Finally Li Concubine was feeling a bit more satisfied.


Ye Zhen Zhen was holding Su Yue’s chin, looking at the swollen face, squinting her yes, and said angrily “Who did this?”

Su Yue also didn’t know what to say at this point. She felt that today it was her fault first, letting someone hit her one or twice would be fine. The empress’s status is currently not stable yet, she shouldn’t create extra trouble, that is why in the afternoon she was staying away from the empress, and only left Su Feng and another main servant to be by the empress. But who would have known after being asked by the empress a few times, Su Feng accidently slipped about Su Yue, and also asked the empress to help Su Yue.

“Niang Niang don’t be angry, it was me who first made a mistake, and made Li Concubine angry, next time, I will surely act properly and not give you any more problems”

“Hitting you meant that she hit me” Ye Zhen Zhen said coldly, “No matter what, I am still the Empress, who ever dares to bully people from Kun Ning palace, really lived too long!”

Su Yue paled, and kneeled, “NIang niang, don’t be angry!, It was all my fault, niang niang’s status is still not stable, there is many people thinks that you should not be here, the emperor could not protect you, you shouldn’t act rashly..”

“Of course I will not do anything to Li Concubine now” Ye Zhen Zhen gestured for the emotional Su Yue to stop. Now the most dangerous person that is challenging her empress position would be Xian Concubine, such a good knife, why should I throw it so fast”

After listening to her, only was Su Yue able to calm down. She knew although that the empress is a little weird but she will still consider the big picture.

“However,” Ye Zhen Zhen said seriously “This matter I will surely revenge”

Su Yue wanted to advise the empress again, but then an eunuch came in to speak on behalf of the emperor. The emperor wants the empress to meet him at Bi Xin Pavilion.

As long as it is Ji Wu Jiu taking the initiative to look for her, it would not be good news. Making such a mental preparation Ye Zhen Zhen rushed to Bi Xin Pavilion.

Bi Xin Pavilion was placed on a manmade island in Tai Ye Pond. During summer, at the pavilion the scenery was very good and the pond water would be emerald green, calm and gentle. But why is he here now?

Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t guess what did Ji Wu Jiu wanted on her way here, until she reached only she saw that the Emperor was with Wang Zhao Yi.

“Greetings to your majesty”

“Empress, you may rise”

Straightening her body, realizing the atmosphere was a little weird. Looking around, on the table she saw a scenery drawing drawn by Ji Wu Jiu, and another drawing has a pair of mandarin ducks strolling on grass, should be drawn by Wang Zhao Yi.

“Such a great pair of Mandarin ducks!. Ye Zhen Zhen exclaimed.

Wang Zhao Yi got embarrassed and turned red, looking at Ji Wu Jiu for a bit and looked down, and her gentle eyes seems to have a glimmer of sharpness and hate.

Ji Wu Jiu also felt a little embarrass, accordingly he and Wang Zhao Yi is not a pair of scandalous adulterous. Both of them where just having a chat and drawing session, for him to release some stress, there should be nothing wrong. Although the location is abit quiet, though it should not be enough to be called a pair of wild Mandarin Ducks.

However, the little guilt feeling in his heart.. why is it there?

“Your majesty, why did you call me over in a rush, is there any matter?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked looking at Ji Wu Jiu.

Ji Wu Jiu looked serious “Empress, look at it yourself”

Feng You De lead Ye Zhen Zhen down the stairs. Nearing the edge Ye Zhen Zhen saw, and pondered. Why is there people dying every few days, and not to mention one dying worst then the other, it would be such a tiring life.

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