Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – Side Story: Husband and Wife

The tribute wine from foreign land was sour and sweet yet not too strong. When Ye Zhen Zhen drank fruit juice, she drank and drank a lot.

After all, wine was wine. Even the wine was not that strong, but it could still be intoxicating.

Ye Zhen Zhen was a bit tipsy after drinking. She groggily led her son slipping away to Yang Xin Hall.

Ji Wu Jiu was in Yang Xin Hall criticizing accounts book. Seeing his wife and son came to see him, his mood was good and he quickly pulled them on his seat.

It was not the first time Ye Zhen Zhen sat on the Dragon Throne, so she completely lacked pressure sitting there.

While the little Ji Zheng Ze still did not understand what taboo, seeing his father and mother sat beside him now, he felt very happy. So he excitedly grabbed his father and mother’s hand and straightly sat his little butt on the Dragon Throne.

Ji Wu Jiu saw Ye Zhen Zhen blushing cheeks and bewildered expression. He thought that she was not feeling well. He touched her forehead and lightly pinched her cheeks, “Zhen Zhen, what’s wrong?”

Ji Zheng Ze also imitated Ji Wu Jiu and asked, “Zhen Zhen, what’s wrong?”

Ji Wu Jiu patted his head gently, “Nonsense, is Muhou’s name for you to call casually?

Ji Zheng Ze flattened his mouth and silently bowed his head.

Ye Zhen Zhen stroked Ji Zheng Ze’s small head and replied, “It’s nothing. Just drink wine a little, and now the wine starts kicking…… Can’t you speak nicely and not scare your son?”

Ji Zheng Ze silently rubbed on Ye Zhen Zhen’s side and meekly leaned on her embrace.

Ji Wu Jiu looked at Ye Zhen Zhen’s drunken state and suddenly he recalled the great ambition that he had before: to press Zhen Zhen on the Dragon Throne and properly love her.

Translated by: San Guniang, please read on the original blog sanguniang.wordpress.com

Taking another look at the brat between them, suddenly he wished this brat was not there.

Thus Ji Wu Jiu immediately called the wet nurse to carry Ji Zheng Ze to leave.

Carried by the wet nurse, Ji Zheng Ze cried and he looked back with gleaming tears. In the end he disappeared at the door.

Ye Zhen Zhen was annoyed, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Wu Jiu sat closely and seized her shoulder, “Zhen Zhen, I have something to discuss with you.”


He pulled several account books from the table, “Help me to check this.”

As expected, Ye Zhen Zhen read it seriously.

Ji Wu Jiu’s hand slid downward, passed through her armpit, and stopped at her chest. He held her breast and rubbed it hard.

Ye Zhen Zhen had drunk wine so her reaction was a bit sluggish. After Ji Wu Jiu was caressing several times, only then she reacted and her breath was unstable for a short while because of his teasing.

She was helpless and embarrassingly lifted his hand, “Indecent.”

In his heart, Ji Wu Jiu thought what standard was required if he wanted to do it with his wife. Once again his hand wrapped around. This time his movement was gentler but even more teasing.

“Ji Wu Jiu!” Ye Zhen Zhen’s voice slightly trembled.

“En, you look at yours.” Ji Wu Jiu laughed, his hand incessantly moved.

“You……” Ye Zhen Zhen raised one hand to push him.

“Good Zhen Zhen, I don’t do anything else.” Ji Wu Jiu pleaded with soft words while rubbing.

Ye Zhen Zhen also no longer cared about him.

Facts had proved what men said at this point could be completely ignored. He removed her clothes as he fondled. When Ye Zhen Zhen discovered, her undergarment covering the chest and abdomen had almost taken off already, only half still hung on her chest, the silky red cloth covered up her fully rounded white chest.

“Wei!” Ye Zhen Zhen was discontented. She wanted to put on clothes again.

Ji Wu Jiu stopped her, “Why?”

Ye Zhen Zhen was angry. With him like this, she might do ‘it’.

Ji Wu Jiu let soft tone out again, “Zhen Zhen, I promise to not do anything unless you ask me.”

Thus Ye Zhen Zhen looked at the accounts book again.

Ji Wu Jiu pulled open the last barrier on her chest. He bowed his head and gently sucked her cherry. His teeth slightly scraped the tip. He also extended and moved his tongue to continue teasing.

Ye Zhen Zhen restrained herself for a while. In the end she put the accounts book down, “Not here, we go to the bed.” Doing something lewd during daytime, sigh……

Ji Wu Jiu hung his eyes down, a trace of craftiness flashed in his eyes. They had married for several years and he specialized in pleasing Ye Zhen Zhen on the bed, thus now there was no pressure in doing this kind of thing. Hearing what Ye Zhen Zhen said, he released her and deliberately said, “Don’t worry, I really won’t do anything.” Saying so, his mouth moved downward and kissed her skin inch by inch.

Ye Zhen Zhen did not have the mood to read the accounts book anymore. She breathed heavily because of his torture and felt embarrassed to open her mouth so she closed her eyes and let him carrying on. Her sensitive places were taken care by him, wave by wave of pleasures rushed to her head. However, these pleasures were no longer sufficient to fill her longing. She softly opened her vermilion lip and reluctantly breathed out a single gasp. Her delicate eyebrows slightly pinched and unconsciously she put her hands on Ji Wu Jiu’s shoulder. She powerlessly resisted and yet she was not able to endure the urge.

Ji Wu Jiu was toying with her. While kissing and caressing her, he observed her facial expression.

The colors of spring sprang on her face. The Zhen Zhen who filled with desire but too shy to open her mouth was really too cute. His bright eyes turned dark. He opened Ye Zhen Zhen’s belt and half opened her pants. He clasped her slender and well-shaped thigh and gently kissed it.

“En……” Unconsciously, Ye Zhen Zhen moaned softly.

But yet Ji Wu Jiu only kissed in front of the ‘door’ and not moved further the least bit. As if there was no teasing, it was like a feather lightly scraped the bottom of the heart. That feeling was really itching and difficult to endure.

“Ji Wu Jiu……” Ye Zhen Zhen’s watery eyes slightly lifted and discontentedly looked at him.

He lifted his head up and smiled. Even though he already knew the answer, he asked, “What’s up?”

“……” Once again Ye Zhen Zhen closed her mouth and twisted her face ignoring him. Her face had been long ago clouded with a thin layer of redness, shortly heated and spread all over her body.

Ji Wu Jiu chuckled and continue to bury himself in the work. Ye Zhen Zhen was restless. Ji Wu Jiu used his lips to deal with the soft and delicate skin of her slender thighs. Her intermittent and intentional lowered moans were echoed on his ears. His body had tightened and reacted since long ago.

But not hurry, he wanted to hear the request from her own mouth.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt upset and was not able to bear anymore, finally she said, “You come quickly.”

“I said I will not do anything,” He paused and laughed, “Unless you ask me.” He said while faintly sweeping his lips past her sensitive spot, made her moaned in desire.

“Ji Wu Jiu!”

“En, what does Zhen Zhen want to say?”

Ye Zhen Zhen wriggled nervously and shamefully said, “I ask you……”

Ji Wu Jiu smiled while maintaining his poker-face, “Ask me what?”

Ye Zhen Zhen clenched her teeth, “Love me.”

“Okay.” Ji Wu Jiu answered laughingly. He returned to sit on the Dragon Throne and separated their body, then held Ye Zhen Zhen and let her sat on his waist.

Ye Zhen Zhen now was not able to take the location issue into consideration. She was completely shrouded by extreme longing, so she held his shoulder trying to find accurate position, slowly lowered her waist and sat.

Finally the hollow in her body was fulfilled, Ye Zhen Zhen squinted to concentrate and gasped in satisfaction.

Ji Wu Jiu also let out a long “en” sound from his nose, the sound carried on rough sensuality and faint sweetness. He hugged her body tightly, made her breast heavily pressed on his chest. After that, he leaned over beside her ear and chuckled, “How?”

Ye Zhen Zhen hugged his shoulder, gasped for breath, raised her eyebrow and said, “So-so.”

Ji Wu Jiu was clearly not pleased with this evaluation, “Zhen Zhen is not honest, I will punish you.” Saying so, his straightened up his waist.

“En……” Ye Zhen Zhen frowned, delighted chant overflowed her throat.

Ji Wu Jiu was satisfied with her reaction. He supported her body with his hands. He said with hoarse voice, “Zhen Zhen, come and take it as you want.”

Translated by: San Guniang, please read on the original blog sanguniang.wordpress.com

Soon afterwards, Ye Zhen Zhen grabbed his shoulder, lifted up her body and slowly came down.

Ji Wu Jiu hummed in satisfaction, “Go on……”

Ye Zhen Zhen repeated her motion several times. She was satisfied until her legs weakened and her motion became slow.

“Put more strength, Zhen Zhen.” Ji Wu Jiu urged her. After a while. seeing her move was still very slow, he supported and lifted up her butt with his palm, pressed down heavily while arched his back to greet her.

The deadly pleasure bubbled up from inside to the whole body, Ye Zhen Zhen closed her eyes and cried out uncontrollably. She felt as if she was flying high in the cloud with breeze and floating white cloud. Subsequently she trembled in happiness and could not control herself.

Ji Wi Jiu caught and kissed Ye Zhen Zhen’s lips. He inclined his body to pick up a document on the table and threw it towards the roof. This was a signal for the secret guard, the meaning was: All get lost!”

After that, Ji Wu Jiu felt at ease to let Ye Zhen Zhen moaned.

Ye Zhen Zhen rode on Ji Wu Jiu’s waist, the movement made her whole body trembled. She hugged Ji Wu Jiu tightly to reach the peak. Ji Wu Jiu was buried in her body, he gasped, big beads of sweat slipped down from his forehead, “Do you want to murder your husband?”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s body relaxed, she open her mouth and panted, her brows unfolded and her eyes were watery. She was overflowing with seductive appearance.

Ji Wu jiu gently licked the tears that had been flowing out of her eyes, laughing, “That was a bit profit, not the interest.”

Ye Zhen Zhen bit Ji Wu Jiu’s shoulder and deliberately squeezed her legs.

Ji Wu Jiu groaned in pain and delight. He promptly pleaded, “Furen, please spare my life……”

Ye Zhen Zhen immediately released him and complacently raise her eyebrow.

Ji Wu Jiu withdrew from her body. He led and placed her on the Dragon Throne, made her kneeling on the spacious chair, one hand grabbed the handrail and the other hand held onto the back of the chair.

After that, he pressed from behind her body, held her waist, and pressed his chest up against her back.

He bit her earlobe and chuckled, “Today, I will not let you stop and leave this room.”

The big show was about to begin.

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