Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 11

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 11

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The emperor once again reprimanded the empress in public.

This time it was because of the corpse found at Bi Xin Pavilion. The body was tied both hands and legs, mouth stuffed, and thrown into the pond, and was discovered by Ji Wu Jiu while it floated up, and was immediately ordered to be brought up.

Normally, at the inner palace, any maid servants or eunuch passing away is nothing new, but if it was found personally by the emperor, than it mill make matters complicated.

Furthermore this corpse is a close maid servant to Wang Zhao Yi, when she saw it she nearly fainted.

After scolding, Ji Wu Jiu asked Ye Zhen Zhen to investigate the case. And that the palace actually have someone so cruel to take lives, he added another order for her to reorder the inner palace to restore peace.

After receiving the order, Ye Zhen Zhen could only laugh coldly in her heart. As a person above all, JI Wu Jiu would never place such importance on a mere maid servant’s life, he surely is trying to make her troubled that is all. To reorder the inner palace? Definitely he is trying to use this chance to find fault if she didn’t do it properly, but if she do it too well, she would make a lot of known and hidden enemies. Even as an Empress, her position was not stable, the emperor does not dote her, the empress dowager does not like her, and with all this matters it is really going to be hard to stay here.

“This Ji Wu Jiu is really too cunning, not a good person!” Ye Zhen Zhen, scolded out, as she can’t take it anymore

Su Feng paled, and immediately closed the empress’s mouth, “My empress, you shouldn’t!”, Although they are at Kun Ning Palace, but who knows if there are any ears here sent by the emperor. Such rude words should not even be thought of, mentioning the emperor’s name is even worst, daring to say it out like this, not sure if she should be called brave or foolish.

Su Yue was shocked and she was already kneeling, “My empress, you are a smart person, for once I will say truthfully. In this inner palace, there is no one that is not cunning or evil? Even for Li Concubine is she was foolish or innocent how would she reach her position now. You are the head of the inner palace, the higher the position the more dangerous it is, there are countless pairs of eyes staring at you! I have followed you for so many years, I am well aware of your temper. You are brought up in Ye Manor like a jewel, if when you made mistakes, no one in the Ye Manor actually punishes you. But in the palace it is different, nobody will overlook your mistakes, everyone also wants to win over you, also wants you to die”

Ye Zhen Zhen got shocked, “still dare to say me, you also said what you shouldn’t have said”

‘It is because I can’t help it, please listen to my advice, I know that you understand fully in your heart, but its just that you can’t swallow it, but if it were to continue I can only be afraid of the consequences.. Even if you don’t think for yourself, you need to think for Ye Manor as well”

“Stand up first”, Ye Zhen Zhen said, while looking at Su feng, who immediately helped Su Yue stand. Ye Zhen Zhen sighed and continued “Everyone thought that I would be able to protect Ye Family, but I can’t even protect myself, how am I to help Ye Family?”

To be a powerful political family, it almost always require a weak emperor, but Ji Wu Jiu is a very healthy, keen and good emperor, and he definitely would never allow any family to grow strong. If Ji Wu Jiu is a cunning tiger, then Ye Xiu Ming would only be considered a female lion. Not that Ye Zhen Zhen does not believe in her grandfather, but it is a fact. Time is standing by Ji Wu Jiu’s side, it would not be possible for Ye family to win.

Not to mention, the more power you have the more trouble you would get, then Ye family now even have an empress, using the “family” status, how is it possible that others would not feel jealous.

Sighing again, Ye Zhen Zhen thought that this chess move of placing her as an empress, was done wrongly by her grandfather.


“How can a good person be a good emperor” Ji Wu Jiu said after listening to the report, while placing his brush down. In a low voice, almost like talking to himself, but also seems like telling the people there.

There were only 2 eunuch’s there at the moment, and both of them also does not have the right to comment.

“You may go”

The eunuch kneeling, stood up and left, while still bending his waist. If Su Yue were to see his face, definitely she will know that he is no stranger.

There is only 2 person left in the room, Ji Wu Jiu said, “the empress is an understanding person”

“She is still Mr Ye’s granddaughter” Feng You De replied. Though this sentence is merely pointing out the facts, but there seems to be more to it, it was like to remind him to keep his distance from her.

Ji Wu Jiu, looked at Feng You De, said what was her servant’s name again? Su Yue?

“Yes that is the name”

“It clashes with Xian Concubine’s name”

Feng You De thought that the Emperor really thinks a lot about Xian Concubine, even to this extent. Su Yue is the personal maid servant of the empress, whether name clashes or not is decided by the emperor’s one word, as there are a huge difference between an empress and concubine, even if Xian Concubine is being doted on, she is still only a concubine.

He thought that the emperor will give order to Ye Zhen Zhen to change Su Yue’s name, but after waiting for a while, the emperor still did not say anything. He looked up and found that Ji Wu Jiu has already picked up his brush and continue looking through the documents.

“….” Feng You De don’t know whether he should ask the emperor, after contemplating for a while, and finally have the courage to ask, Ji Wu Jiu looked at him with a cold glare. Feeling a chill, he quickly looked down again.

Ji Wu Jiu flipped open a document, it came from the newly appointed 3 main camp head soldier, asking the emperor to personally visit the army camp to motivate the soldiers.

This is the type of people that he wants, someone who know what to do.


These days, there are rumors flying in the inner palace. Everyone is saying that the maid servant that died at Bi Xin Pavilion has spoked to Ye Zhen Zhen through a dream, to tell her about what happened, and also told her the murderer.

But the people around the empress has very tight lips, no matter how they tried to ask about the case no answers were given. Only Su Feng, who slipped a little that the murderer clashes with the flower god. This sentence has then been spread about by the servants throughout, to the extent that even if the empress does not punish the murderer, the flower god will do it.

Actually this matter is very amusing, there are many ways to clash with the flower god, it could be birthdate clash, or fate clashing, or that day that time accidently clash… Which type was the empress referring to?

Ji Wu Jiu after hearing about this, only laughed a little. This type of drama to create ghosts and gods, we shall see what will happen.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s drama was actually very simple, she didn’t really want to investigate the case, and the people that died without reason in this palace are too many. She only wanted to look for a scapegoat, to answer Ji Wu Jiu. As for what type of scapegoat—- of course is the one that she dislike.

These days, the one that she dislikes the most would be Fan Chun, the maid servant who slapped her Su Yue.

And Fan Chun’s name can be somehow be related to clashing with the flower gods.

Today, Ye Zhen Zhen was talking a walk with Wang You Cai in the imperial gardens, from far she saw a big built person leading a troop of army passing by, and they also saw the empress’s entourage, and quickly went aside. In the inner palace the guards can move around their designated areas, and if not necessary they are to avoid contact with the ladies in the inner palace.

“Captain Lu” Ye Zhen Zhen called the person leading the troops.

Lu Li heard her calling, walk towards her and kneeled “Your majesty”

The person kneeling is wearing a dark red palace uniform, on the uniform there was an embroidered an image that represented the 4th rank martial minister rank. This person has a big built, and when he walks he has an air of superiority, when kneeling his back is straight, not even slightly moving.

Looking at the people who she grew up with greeting her according to the rules, Ye Zhen Zhen felt a little awkward. Looking at the back of his head, “Raise your head”

“I do not dare”


“Niang-niang!, niang niang.. .. is there anything I can help you with?”

“Do you know anyone from Da Li Shi (something like FBI)?” Da Li Shi is in charge of investigations.

“In Da Li Shi, I have some connections, is there something wrong?”

“Nothing much, just want to you to help me ask if anyone from Da Li Shi is interested to be an eunuch.”


After sending Ye Zhen Zhen off, Lu Li can finally feel better, after thinking, he frowned and shook his head, Zhen Zhen is a very straightforward person, in this inner palace one would not know how much she will need to suffer.

After walking for a while, suddenly there was a maid servant running towards her ,and whispered to Ye Zhen Zhen. “Bring her” Ye Zhen Zhen replied.

After a while, a maid servant was sent to her, looking pale, after seeing Ye Zhen Zhen, she kneeled on the ground and started knocking her head to the floor, “Please have mercy, please have mercy”

“Which palace are you from?”

“Your majesty, I am from Ci Ning Palace”

Ye Zhen Zhen stopped asking and gestured “bring her out”

This was really unexpectied, Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t think that simply giving out some seeds will attract a bird on it’s own. The maid servant in bright daylight, was burning incense and memorial papers in the imperial garden, not even sure if she wanted to fall into the trap herself or really got scared by the rumour, thinking that she really angered the flower god. Therefore, this case no longer needs to be investigated further. Anything that happens in the inner palace, there will be no one daring enough to try to blame Ci Ning Palace, therefore she should be the murderer. Just that, being able to catch and tie up another person, stuffing the mouth and quietly thrown into the pond, shouldn’t have been done by a mere maid servant.

But why did the empress dowager want to harm Wang Zhao Yi? This is harder to understand, Wang Zhao Yi does not have a high rank, and also not very doted on, and have just only showed herself a little, not even possible to effect anyone. Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t think of an answer, and could only take it as that unlucky maid servant saw something that she shouldn’t have.

No matter what, it is the end of the story, giving face to Ci Ning Palace, and able to close Ji Wu Jiu’s mouth.

As for to reorganize the inner palace….. hehe.. you want me to reorganize, I will “properly” organize it for you.

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