Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 15

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 15

AUGUST 6, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Ever since Li Concubine got grounded, Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t see her and Xi Consort bickering, so she has less entertainment.

Seeing that the empress is stronger than Li Concubine, and that there is Xian Concubine that is doted as well, most people thought that LI Concubine will no longer be able to make a come back. There was an obvious power shift that divided the people in the inner palace to 2 sides, the empress or Xian Concubine.

Today, Ye Zhen Zhen was walking around the inner palace, wanting to look for an open place to train her archery skills. When passing by Han Guang Palace, she looked up, admiring the work of the name board. Hundred of years ago, there was an emperor, that has very good hand writing skills, and decided to write the name boards of each palace in the inner palace. The name board in front of her now, is really admirable, Ye Zhen Zhen nodded with agreement while looking at the board.

Outside Han Guang Palace ,there was an eunuch that saw Ye Zhen Zhen, perhaps he was too nervous that is why instead of greeting the empress he went “The empress has arrived”

Zhuang Concubine heard and quickly rushed out, and greeting her along with her servants.

Ye Zhen Zhen “….”. I really was just passing by only.

But now, she has no choice but to drop in Han Guang Palace and to sit for a while. Zhuang Concubine immediately brought up some pastries, Ye Zhen Zhen took a bite, it was quite good.

“This pastry is made from this year’s Gui Hua, I am not very skilled, am not sure if the empress will like it.”

Ye Zhen Zhen a little surprised ask “you made it?”

Zhuang Concubine nodded ‘I made it personally”

“Very good”

“Thank you for the praises your majesty, but it was thanks to the flower’s freshness” Actually this pastry was made for Ji Wu Jiu, it is not hard to make, but just takes up a lot of time and effort. That is why since the flower has been plucked in august, she could only produce one small plate in this one month plus. Ji Wu Jiu has never praised her handwork, but she knew he liked to eat it, and every year he will also finish the pastries she sent to him.

Ye Zhen Zhen got happier after eating something good, so she started to chat with Zhuang Concubine. Zhuang Concubine got shocked, as one should know that the empress is not a tiger made from paper, and normally she is not closed with anyone, today she purposely came to my palace, perhaps…..

“I heard previously Li Concubine angered you, making you shocked, are you feeling better now?” Zhuang Concubine suddenly brought up another topic.

“Thanks to your concern, I am good”. What do you mean you heard, you saw it yourself.. Ye Zhen Zhen thought.

Sighing Zhuang Concubine added “Li Concubine is very temperamental, these years I have told her before, but she never listens. After you have arrived and stabilized the inner palace, she is already considered to be in more control. You need to know last time, she was worst then now.”

Ye Zhen Zhen did not reply while chewing her pastry. She knew Zhuang Concubine is using Li Concubine’s history to surrender to her. As long as she ask, Zhuang Concubine will surely tell all the shocking bad history of Li Concubine, that might even make Li Concubine to never make a comeback.

Ye Zhen Zhen knew from the start that Zhuang Concubine will be like this. A concubine that did not come from a powerful family, and not really doted on, and only wanted to live a bit more comfortable in this inner palace, a powerful back up would be required.

Under the expectant eyes of Zhuang Concubine, Ye Zhen Zhen slowly said “Your pastries is very good, please give me the rest of them as well”

In order to survive in the inner palace, it is normal to look for allies, but if one to accept just anyone, then there is a chance that the allies would be the one that will bring you down. Li Concubine just got punished, Zhuang Concubine is already in a hurry to change sides, it shows that this person’s loyalty is very limited. Also Ye Zhen Zhen haven’t find out much about her strengths.

Besides Zhuang Concubine, those who wants to get Ye Zhen Zhen’s attention are many.

Ye Zhen Zhen know that if she were to gather people to side her in open, then Ji Wu Jiu will dislike her even more, and won’t only find small troubles for her. Also personally she does not want to be involved in the fights in the inner palace. The reason they fight is solely to gain power and doting. As for power she does not need to fight for it already, as for the emperor’s love, she doesn’t even want it, therefore as long as the small wives does not bring her any trouble she will be happily watch the show from afar.

So Ye Zhen Zhen has always treated those people that wants to ally with her coldly.

“Niang Niang, the empress seems to be doing nothing, after punishing Li Concubine.” Qiu Feng asked while holding a cup of tea for Xian Concubine.

“She is the empress, of course she can do nothing, and only react when there is something” Xian Concubine said, frowned and shook her head. If Ye Zhen Zhen does not take the initiative to act, then she also shouldn’t be proactive as well. Ji Wu Jiu likes woman that is obedient”

“Even so, you are still important in the emperor’s heart. Yesterday he already sent someone to ask if you would want to go see the hunt” The emperor, will think of you no matter what he does” Qiu Feng said with a sweet mouth.

So what, the emperor flipped the name plate of Wen Jie Yu, thought Xian Concubine. Ji Wu Jiu, this person can sometimes be romantic and sweet, sometimes can be cold as ice, she no longer knows how to make him happy.

Of course Qiu Feng would know what Xian Concubine is thinking, so she consoled “daring to advice you, you don’t have to think too much. Even the common people has a few wives, furthermore he is the emperor. It is not possible for him to only dote on one person, as long as in his heart you are there, thinks about you, and helps you if anything happens, then it is enough”

Xian Concubine nodded, but still let out a sigh.


If the two main power in the inner palace is not doing anything, the rest of the people also feel helpless and can’t act as well.

Ye Zhen Zhen finally found a nice place to train her archery skills; Beside Jing Yun Gate, there is an empty land in between Qian Zhao San Hall and the Eastern Palace of the crown prince, it is vast and long, not to mention archery training, it can be used for horse riding as well. This part belongs to the front palace, so people from the inner palace cannot come here; also the Eastern palace is vacant now, Jing Yun gate is also a closed gate, rank 2 and below ministers are not even allowed to come close, that is why this place has very little people passing by, the perfect place for her.

Ye Zhen Zhen made Wang You Cai stand far from her, she pulled her bow, and aimed. The arrow flew out and stopped at Wang You Cai’s hat. Wang You Cai’s whole body was shaking.

Su Yue and the rest was clapping and cheering at the back.

After that Ye Zhen Zhen thought it was fun enough, so she let the eunuchs from Kun Ning Palace to stand in a row, she took 3 arrows and let them out at the same time, 3 of the eunuch’s hat also got hit by the arrow.

Another wave of cheering and clapping can be heard.

Inside Eastern Palace, side hall.

Ji Wu Jiu walked around the hall, and stopped in front of a drawing. In the drawing there is a girl wearing a red cape standing in the middle of a snow path. In her hand there is a white vase, and in this vase there was a blooming plum blossom. The girl in the picture smiling towards the person beyond the drawing.

While in deep thoughts about the drawing, Ji Wu Jiu suddenly heard from outside loud noises.

“Who is outside?”

“Your majesty, the empress is training her archery skills”

Daring to make a fuss in this place, there could only be that woman. Ji Wu Jiu shook his head.

“Your majesty, should I go stop them?”

“No need, it is normally quiet here, it is good to add some noises too” Ji Wu Jiu said and sat down. Although there is no one that stays here, but there are people cleaning it everyday so it is clean. Thinking back about the 10 years that he stayed here, it was still very clear and he could remember each part detail. That time he was also very busy, everyday he was at Wen Hua Hall learning about the court matters, or listening to Ye Xiu Ming that old fart’s lecture. The hatred he have for Ye Xiu Ming started then, no matter who it is, if to be scolded by that old fart everyday, will also start to have negative feelings towards that person.

It is such a pity, Ye Zhen Zhen had to be that person’s granddaughter.

It seems that Ji Wu Jiu’s thought has floated quite far. After a while, voices can be heard from outside.

“This is where the emperor used to stay” This is Ye Zhen Zhen’s voice.

“When the emperor was a crown prince he stayed at Duan Jing Hall, this place is the side hall, it is one of the place where the servants may live. Li Concubine and Xi Consort also stayed here before”

Ye Zhen Zhen held her bow and arrow to the side, Wang You Cai immediately take it from her. She walked towards the side hall, and looked at the words on the name board, it is not from that emperor years ago, it looks like Ji Wu Jiu’s handwriting instead.

Ji Wu Jiu raised his hand to stopped Feng You De that was going to go out. He sat in front of the window, and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen silently. Her hair was tied up in a simple bun, making her look fresh, her clothes were tightly fitting her, showing her figure, very enticing. She just exercised, so her breath was still not very stable, and has natural blush on her face, and with small sweat droplets forming on her forehead, with a pair of very big and clear eyes, looking at the name board lost in thoughts.

“Empress, you stared at it for so long, you don’t know the words?” Ji Wu Jiu asked from the window, mischievously.

Ye Zhen Zhen then only realized he was there. The afternoon sun was shining into the window, shining on to his face, taking off the serious face he has normally, making him look gentle and easy to approach. Almost like a person picking flowers that came from a drawing.

Looking at Ji Wu Jiu, Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly smiled, and thought that he was just a flower picker (to imply that he have a lot of woman). “it seems to fit the occasion…”

Ji Wu Jiu is unsure why, but he felt that he just got flirted with…

Note: Oh my, the words are getting harder to translate… there are more and more words with no direct translation.. so i have to rephrase them to make them at least mean the same.. the best i can.. i hope it doesn’t run to much.. but if one to read it in chinese, it would be much funnier or serious in certain parts.. sigh.. i am not up to par yet.. T_T

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