Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 17

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 17

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Ye Zhen Zhen thought that the tiger would bite off her neck, but who knew that the tiger would just give her a bear hug.

Under the huge body, she nearly vomited blood due to his weight, after waiting for a while, she still didn’t find any movement from the tiger. Slowly she opened her eyes, and blinked. What she saw was the white chin of the tiger, by her nose she caught a sniff of what only a wild animal would smell like.. and blood.

The tiger was on top of her, not moving.

Ye Zhen Zhen was not sure what happened. Thinking hard, and trying her best to move her body to get out… she didn’t want to be squashed to death, after avoiding being eaten.

Suddenly, the ground had a loud “de””de””de” horse hoof sound, the sound getting closer. Soon, the tiger was lifted from her body.

A few soldiers dragged the tiger aside, Ye Zhen Zhen looked at the tiger, and saw that it remained the position just now, both eyes still wide open, looking still very scary. On his head, in the middle there was an arrow, it was shot through the skull of the tiger, must have been a very powerful arrow. Along with the brain juices, blood was seeping through. The arrow was made from iron. The design of this arrow is bigger than the normal arrow, very powerful stronger than normal arrow by 3 times, but it would require a very strong person to shoot this arrow.

On the arrow’s body there are 2 engraved words, not very clear from far, but without checking it, Ye Zhen Zhen already knew what it says on the arrow. There are two types of arrows that only the emperor uses, one is called “Fei Mang” another “Liu Xing”, the first is very powerful but short distanced, the latter is light, can shoot very far,accurate but far less powerful.

The arrow in view now is none other than “Fei Mang”. But to be able to shoot “Fei Mang” with such accuracy, the archer’s skill is very high.

After moving the tiger’s body, no one dared to get close to Ye Zhen Zhen. Her husband is looking at her, no one would dare to touch her..

Ji Wu Jiu was on top of the horse, his expression was dark, he felt that there was something stuck in his chest, that he couldn’t let out, in the end he just scolded her “Foolish!” Even he would not dare to fight a tiger alone, this woman… really don’t know what is called danger.

Ye Zhen Zhen was lying on the ground, with a pale face “Your Majesty, my leg broke”

“……” Ji Wu Jiu took a deep breath, hardened his expression and got down from his horse, and checked Ye Zhen Zhen’s injury, after confirming that she is only injured at the leg, “Won’t die”

With a solemn face, his handsome features got distorted due to his anger, with a dark expression. The whole feel he is giving out is really scary, making people hard to even breath around him.

Ye Zhen Zhen has never seen such a Ji Wu Jiu before, her heart took a shiver.

Ji Wu Jiu ordered someone to get a tree branch, and personally tied it on Ye Zhen Zhen’s calf.

After that, holding her arms, he carried her up (princess style). Although this was one of the rare occasions to be intimate with her, he was angry as well, such conflicting emotions.

The Ye Zhen Zhen now can only think of quickly getting out from this place, so she didn’t think too much of what he did. Ji Wu Jiu was holding her hands, she got surprised and ask “Eh, your majesty, why is your hands so cold?”

“……” JI Wu Jiu didn’t answer her, he placed Ye Zhen Zhen on the horse, and climbed up himself, and placed her in his arms. Although it was quite taxing to this all by himself, but she is the empress, if possible another man should not touch her.

“Your Majesty, are you very cold?” Seeing that Ji Wu Jiu’s face is still not in a good mood, Ye Zhen Zhen asked again. According to her, this question should be a type of caring, to show how much she worries.

“Don’t talk”

“….” Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know why he was so cold towards her. Murmuring to herself, “it is not something embarrassing also, I am cold too…”

Hearing what she said, Ji Wu Jiu’s first reaction was to get a few clothes from the soldiers to help cover her, but then again she is the empress, it would be unthinkable to put another men’s cloths on her. His own cloths are emperor’s robes, also can’t let her waer..

Sighing, he hugged Ye Zhen Zhen even closer to himself.

This group of people returned to the Xing Palace, because of Ye Zhen Zhen’s injury they can’t move too fast, if not her condition will turn even worst. Also because of her leg injury the whole way she have to sit with both legs facing to one side, but after a while it was too painful for her, Ji Wu Jiu can only hold on to her legs with one hand, so that her legs are more comfortable, another hand was holding the reign controlling the horse. Ye Zhen Zhen’s hands was on his waist and lying on his chest.

The actions of these two people were very intimate but slightly weird as well, the soldiers at the side all act like they didn’t see and slowly kept their distance from them.


When the both of them reached Xing Palace, it was already evening. The sun was setting, with a red sky. Ji Wu Jiu looked down at Ye Zhen Zhen and found that she actually fell asleep.

Even with her position, she also can fall asleep, she really is very skillful.

The sunset rays was lighting her face, adding a more gentle feel to her strong facial features, the autumn wind was slightly blowing her hair, making her itch and her frowning abit, unconsciously shifting in the arms of Ji Wu Jiu.


Besides unable to cry or laugh, JI Wu Jiu’s heart felt something different happening inside.

If someone is able to sleep peacefully in your arms, what does it mean?


The emperor hunting down a tiger got spread throughout the camp very fast, showing his capability. Ever since his return, all the ministers was showing up to congratulate him, and comparing him to the previous emperors, and came to a conclusion: You are in the same group as them.

Though this couldn’t really be counted as boot licking, the ministers of this country has been educated to love the country and always will expect something out of the emperor. Also these ministers that are able to be at their position today, would have fought in the court for a few decades, surely they know what and what not to say. JI Wu Jiu is strong in both literature and martial skills, full of talent, also very mature for his age, definitely a good exemplary emperor. They definitely have to be on his good side.

Always hearing good things about him, he also didn’t think too much about it anymore. Ye Xiu Ming, that old fart also headed towards him, and forcing himself to praise the emperor as well. Ji Wu Jiu answered half heartedly. Ye Xiu Ming is his teacher, no matter how much he dislikes him, he still have to give him some face. This was also what made JI Wu Jiu different: In the court, no matter who also he can scold, only Ye Xiu Ming he can’t if not he will be placed with a title of not respecting his teacher, and will give a new gossip topic for the ministers.

That is why he can only scold his granddaughter.

After the words of praise, Ye Xiu Ming, finally asked about Ye Zhen Zhen’s condition.

“The empress hurt her calf, the imperial doctors checked, and already joined back the leg, and she is resting now. If teacher is worried, you can go have a look. Her father must be worried too, ask him to go together as well”

“I humble thank your majesty graces”

This was really counted as a grace, in normal circumstances the empress should not be allowed to meet any ministers at court, not even her father.

That is why when Ye Zhen Zhen saw her father and grandfather, she was very happy, and hurriedly let them forgo the greetings and shoo-ed everyone else out, the three of them sat down to chat.

This year Ye Xiu Ming is already 60 over years old, healthy, lively, and a very experienced background, giving of a very strong and powerful image. Though in comparison to Ye Kang Le, his son who appears to be much more humble and easy to approach.

The both of them asked her about her injury in detail and gave a few advices. Ye Kang Le, seeing that his beloved daughter got hurt, was also feeling down, thinking about what happened scared him as well, lucky the emperor was there in time.

After a little small talk, Ye Xiu Ming suddenly got serious and asked Ye Zhen Zhen “yesterday the emperor during the morning court, mentioned that you gave the idea for the water reservoir?”

Ye Zhen Zhen surprised “ What idea?”

“The one that asked the farmers to be free from tax instead of getting money from the treasury”

“Yes, there is such a thing, what happened?”

Ye Xiu Ming let out a deep breath and said “Zhen Zhen ah.. you got tricked… I got tricked as well..”

Ye Zhen Zhen asked unsure why “I only said a few ideas, and this was not hard to think of, the emperor would thought of it too”

“Of course he would have thought of it, but he purposely wanted it to come out from your mouth”


“The person in charge of this case was not decided till now, because it is a big project that is why both me and Fang Xiu Qing also recommended someone to the emperor. After half a month, we finally got the job to be given to your second brother”

Ye Zhen Zhen finally understood, this was a hole that was already dug by Ji Wu Jiu.

Her second brother Ye Mu Fang, is the second head in charge of the works department, although still young, his job position is considered high. Ji Wu Jiu would have known that Ye Xiu Ming would recommend his grandson that is why he thought of a plan to trick them, looking like he complied to Ye Xiu Ming, letting him think that he got a good task for his grandson, but actually just a rotten egg.

Why rotten?

It is common knowledge that in order to finish a job properly it would be unavoidable to bribe some state ministers to help ease the jobs. These are rules of the political world. Now with the plan Ye Mu Fang will not have money in hand, and still would need to complete the job properly, it would definitely be harder. Although Ye Family is powerful, but its power is mostly held in the capital or big states, not possible to overlook every single corner of the country. The project of this size would involve a lot of people and without money it would be very hard to do the job smoothly.

This is not the worst part. Besides the works department, another department is involved; The finance department. Everything involving the calculations of tax, money, treasury department are under the control of the finance department, if the finance department does not cooperate, it will make the job even harder to complete. And will Finance department cooperate fully with Ye Mu Fang?

We shall ask the minister of finance, Fang XIu Qing to answer this question.

Fang Xiu Qing, smiled without saying a word.

Great, the idea if was told by Ji Wu Jiu earlier, Ye Xiu Ming would definitely not let Ye Mu Fang do these tasks, although the person in charge can be chosen as him, but he will have his ways to change it, but this idea came from the empress, Ye Xiu Ming didn’t have the chance to fight, when the emperor started to praise the empress for being able to think of such a good plan, and that Ye Xiu Ming has such a clever granddaughter.

Ye Xiu Ming nearly vomited blood in the court.

But no matter what happens, he had to be patient.

Ye Zhen Zhen, her second brother, her grandfather, also fell into the trap Ji Wu Jiu prepared. That idiot actually dug such a big hole to fit so many people.

He really is too hateful!!!

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