Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 19

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 19

AUGUST 11, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

After getting hit, Matthew no longer enters the palace.

Ji Wu Jiu looked for another westerner for Ye Zhen Zhen, this time he is a priest, also known as the western monk. This person is rather elderly, wearing a black robe without a belt, and wearing a rosary on his neck. His hair is very thick, almost like a sheep, and has a full beard, that covers his mouth. Seeing him will give off a feeling of “even if you did any mistake, don’t worry the god will forgive”, that’s what Ji Wu Jiu thought.

Ji Wu Jiu forgive him for that, and introduced him to Ye Zhen Zhen. This person is not good looking if compared to Matthew, you have to focus in order to look through his facial hairs.

“The way he walks looks like a big sack that turned into a demon” This was what Ye Zhen Zhen’s first impression of him was.

That sentence made Ji Wu Jiu spit out his tea again, and since then, every time he saw the priest he will think of the walking sack. Almost like a curse that can’t be stopped.

Mr Beard is called “Mr Dou”, this was how Ye Zhen Zhen calls him too. Ye Zhen Zhen actually likes Mr Dou better than Matthew, because he can read, and knows a lot. Ye Zhen Zhen especially like when they ate together, when she sees him trying his best to put food into his mouth without the food touching his beard.

After observing for a few days, Ji Wu Jiu found that Ye Zhen Zhen was satisfied, and he himself was satisfied about it, and thought that this would be the end of the case.

But, Ye Zhen Zhen thinks otherwise. Although she doesn’t half a small chest, but her forgiveness isn’t too big, so she did not forget that Ji Wu Jiu is a very self centered person and how he punished the innocent Matthew. Thinking that she must get her revenge this round.

Such a coincidence, the moment she feels sleepy someone gave her a pillow. These few days something happened, that allowed Ye Zhen Zhen to laugh at Ji Wu Jiu.

We must start the story few days back, when Ye Zhen Zhen’s female family members are allowed to visit.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s grandmother, mother and 2 other sister in laws entered the palace. Her third brother hasn’t gotten married.

The old madam no longer cared that she was the empress and immediately hugged her and cried non stop. The other three woman followed and cried together, Ye Zhen Zhen’s mother cried the most. They scared Ye Zhen Zhen, she don’t know who she should console anymore, finally with the help of the maid servants they brought along, they finally ceased the crying. Then they started to chat.

Woman, when they gather together, they will talk about the usual, whats happening at other families and what not. Then the topic lead to the empress dowager’s niece who got her marriage canceled. The lady is called Xu Wei Rong, same age as Ye Zhen Zhen, and was promised to another family’s son, who knew that the news of the promise being broken, would be so near the wedding date some more.

“I heard that it is because the man’s side got a deadly disease, and seeing that the wedding is near, he cancelled it to save Xu Wei Rong… .. “ “What type of sickness did he get?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked..

“It isn’t disease” her eldest sister in law said. “the man eloped with another girl”

“!!!” Ye Zhen Zhen opened her mouth in shock “really?” But.. if that really happened, the family would have kept it real quiet, how did others find out?”

“It really is so.. there is no wall that can block the wind” Mother answered

Ye Zhen Zhen closed her mouth and shook her head, “that guy really is useless, throwing his family, as well as dragging down an innocent girl with him”

“You should stop pitying others first, think about yourself, you silly girl” Grandmother tapped Ye Zhen Zhen’s forehead.


“She is the empress dowager’s niece, the emperor’s cousin”

“……. The empress dowager won’t get her in the palace right?” Ladies facing this type of matter really is unlucky, definitely there will be people saying things, but if she is accepted to enter the palace, then the story would be different.

Old Madam Ye, with a worried face nodded her head.

Ye Zhen Zhen was abit speechless, trying hard to find the good things about the palace, why is all the woman trying their best to squeeze into here. Thinking that Ji Wu Jiu will have another pretty small wive, Ye Zhen Zhen was even more speechless.

If she can do something about it……

Matters concerning about taking new consorts for the emperor, the empress actually has a say. If she purposely stop it, even if Ji Wu Jiu were to bring in the girl, he can’t give her too high of a position also. But before this, Ye Zhen Zhen still wanted to know how Ji Wu Jiu wants it to be, and as long as she acts the opposite way, then it would be good enough…

“Your Majesty, I heard about Xu Sisters case, a good lady, meeting with such an unfortunate fate, really is horrible” Today Ji Wu Jiu came to Kun Ning Palace to check on the well being of the disabled person and heard this question coming out from Ye Zhen Zhen.

“She is elder than you by two months” Ji Wu Jiu replied slowly, while cooling down his tea, vapor building up in front of his, making it blurry.

Ye Zhen Zhen unconsciously touched her nose, “that.. few days a go I heard mother talking about her, she is a clever and pretty, talented girl”

“This matter, mother has already mentioned to me”

I knew it! Ye Zhen Zhen eyes were rolling “then, what does your majesty thinks?”

Ji Wu Jiu placed his teacup down “This type of matter, the empress can take charge, no need to ask me”

“We are talking about getting you a consort, of course we have to ask for your opinion”

Ji Wu Jiu did not answer, and looked at her calmly, with eyes that seems to be able to see everything.

Ye Zhen Zhen is not good with going around the bushes, and felt abit guilty under his gaze, and avoided his eyes.

“She is my playmate when we were younger, quite cute, of course I would hope for her to enter the palace to keep me company. Empress, see what you should do”

Then she can’t let her enter the palace. Ye Zhen Zhen thought.

Xu Wei Rong is Ji Wu Jiu’s cousin, he did not have any brothers or sisters, so he is a bit closer with Xu Wei Rong, but their relationship would only be brothers and sisters. As soon as he heard he needs to take her as his woman, he will have a guilt feeling of incest, and honestly did not want her to enter the palace.

But, the inner thoughts of Ye Zhen Zhen he saw through, that is why he said the opposite. Thinking that, that silly woman don’t even know how to lie, Ji Wu Jiu looks down at her.


The empress dowager tries her best to get Xu Wei Rong to enter the palace, the empress tries her best to stop it. This was the latest gossip in the palace.

Ji Wu Jiu faked the “can’t wait to get a new pretty gal face” while standing aside. Sometimes he will comment on Ye Zhen Zhen’s actions. One time he knocked her head and said “Jealous Wife”.

This news was quickly spread, and the title Jealous wife was placed on to Ye Zhen Zhen. She was thinking whether she once again fell into Ji Wu Jiu’s trap, because if this title got solid, then next time when he wants to demote her from the empress position it would be easier. (Last time one can ask for divorce if wife is easily jealous, as men are allowed to have a lot of concubines.)

That is why Ye Zhen Zhen starts to contemplate.

The moment when Ji Wu Jiu wanted to shamelessly announce that he wanted to give up getting a concubine because he got pestered by the Jealous Wife too much, a person that he did not include in his place stood up.

Xian Concubine gave her opinion, “Although the inner palace matters should be decided by the empress, but since I am taking care of the matters as well now, I can’t help but to say a word of fairness”

Xian Concubine has her own plans, although Xu Wei Rong entering the palace may endanger her position but since the emperor likes it, then most probably the woman will enter the palace in the end, why not she help him now and still can obtain a title of benevolent.

Ye Zhen Zhen no longer wants to carry the title of Jealous Wife, so she let it be.

Ji Wu Jiu :…………………………

This time he took the stone and slammed on his own feet, thinking about how to torture Ye Zhen Zhen he forgotten about another clever person. But… Xian Concubine this time, got too clever.

Ye Zhen Zhen was feeling down, why is he still unhappy when she finally agreed? This fella really is hard to make him happy.

She is now in Kun Ning palace, facing a table full of drawings. Drawings of her gun that can shoot more than once. She told this matter to many people, but they did not believe her, not even Ji Wu Jiu.

This is the sad story of a genius, Ye Zhen Zhen thinks.

JI Wu Jiu was looking at her now, his white face looks abit tired, because of Xian Concubine’s interference, he is not in a good mood. He also don’t know why he wandered to Kun Ning Palace, this woman don’t even know how to make him happy, all she thinks about is how to trouble him.

“Your majesty, are you not busy lately?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked.

Ji Wu Jiu suddenly thought of another thing, “you always give jade toad to other people?” Recently he has been receiving reports from his small wives about receiving toads from the empress, although this animal is supposed to be a prosperity animal, and they can’t really deny it, but after receiving too much of it, they will still feel goosebumps. Wang Zhao Yi, even placed the big jewel encrusted toad at her bedside, and that night that toad even entered Ji Wu Jiu’s dreams.

Repeated reports finally conditioned him to relate Toad to his bed business, will make Ji Wu Jiu hard to focus during his business, and then his lower body will be less active.

Infront of him, the consorts don’t dare to say anything, but at the back, they hint the kitchen that the emperor is abit weak lately…

This type of topic will damage the emperor’s reputation, so they also can only help by placing more nutritious food into the emperor’s daily meal.

Therefore, Ji Wu Jiu ate a lot of those things without knowing, but sometimes he will wake up in the middle of the night feeling very hot. We need to know, now it is already early winter.

Hearing from Ji Wu Jiu about the toads now, Ye Zhen Zhen answered “Yes”

“Is there any special reason behind?”

Cannot mention “fertility”, if not it would be telling the emperor that his future children are toads, also cannot mention ab out wealth, why would the emperor’s woman need to be wealthy?… thinking about it hard, Ye Zhen Zhen said “the meaning is that they are all toad and you are a swan, ” 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉“ it means that the toads want to eat swan meat. Although not nice to hear, but it is still words of flattery.

This person, she really dares to say anything. Ji Wu Jiu not getting angry and continued asking “What about you? You are a toad as well?”

“I am your empress, of course I am a swan as well”

Ji Wu Jiu smiled, “What about Xian Concubine? She is a toad as well?” Suddenly thinking about what Xian Concubine did, he frowned.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked up, from her drawings to Ji Wu Jiu’s face and replied while smiling “Xian Concubine is the moon’s Chang Er fairy”

“You see her so?”

“But then again, story states that when Chang Er escaped from the moon, in the end she turned into a Yue Jing, another name for toad”

So, still a toad!

Ji Wu Jiu got very happy from her nonsense, and felt better. Dinner time is approaching soon, he did not move and had dinner together with Ye Zhen Zhen at Kun Ning Palace.

After dinner, both of them looked at each other.

Ye Zhen Zhen thought that he would be like last time, after dinner he will go, but did this it seems like he does not seem to want to leave. Ye Zhen Zhen could only shout out to Feng You De outside, “Feng You De, bring the name plates over, the emperor haven’t flip them”

“No Need”. Feng You De just only looked up , Ji Wu Jiu stopped him.

Ye Zhen Zhen had a bad feeling, “Your Majesty, you are not gonna take a walk outside?”

Ji Wu Jiu looked at her, with a hint of smile creeping up “We are a pair of swans right? Don’t tell me you want me to go look for a toad?”

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