Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 2 Part 2

Empress with no virtue, Chapter 2 Part 2

JULY 14, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

The ranks of the imperial consort are as below, in the second rank there are 3 sub ranks, Zhuang rank, Hui rank and Xi rank. In the third rank, “ Jie Yu” there will be 3 person, fourth rank “Zhao Yi”, 2 person and fifth rank “Mei Ren”, which are the rest of the people. All these imperial consorts are pretty in a various ways, showing that Ji Wu Jiu has many different tastes. Without an expression Ye Zhen Zhen, glanced through the consorts. An action albeit natural brings forth grace and majesty, and those who was glanced by her could not help but to feel in awe.

Then, her gaze stopped at Li Concubine. Initially she didn’t want to find trouble, but since Li Concubine arrived late today, she wanted to give her a chance to explain herself. Sure enough, Li Concubine started to explain herself, “I was not feeling well, therefore made it late here, therefore was rude to Empress, hope you give me punishment”. Ye Zhen Zhen answered nonchalantly “ Li Concubine, you don’t have to worry and be so formal, after all it was to serve the emperor, what is there to blame.

Li Concubine observed that Ye Zhen Zhen, did not show any expression on her face, feeling a little surprised. Another doted consort, the consort of Xi rank, smiled and agreed with the empress. Then turned and smiled at Li Concubine “Mei-Mei, heard that yesterday Sis accidently fell yesterday, are you feeling better now?” “ Yesterday the Emperor already asked the doctor to check on it, it is not a big deal, thanks for the concern” answered Li Concubine. “Sis, although you got hurt, instead of informing the doctor first, you told the Emperor, the way you act was truly cautious” Xi rank consort said while glancing at the Empress, to find out that her eyes were closed without any expression on her face.

The other consorts were happily watching them bicker, as Li Concubine were usually the most powerful one, not many dared to anger her. But since the empress is here today, Xi rank consort wanted to express her dislike as well as loyalty towards the empress. However it seems like the empress will not be bothering about them and sat there to watch them bicker like the rest.

Xi consort, went a little speechless although still wanted to stand by what she said. Then, Zhuang consort, who has always sided Li Concubine added “ Sister Xi, perhaps you didn’t know, the emperor has given instructions to the eunuchs and servants, if anything were to happen to Li Concubine, they are to report to him first. Also, that the Emperor arrived earlier than the doctor it’s because the empress’s chamber was nearer to Li Concubine’s place in comparison to the doctor’s office. The emperor also arrived quicker, perhaps because he places Li Concubine in his heart.

“What a clever mouth” commented Ye Zhen Zhen, with an expression full of praise. It seems that she was only paying attention to those words. Zhuang consort, did not know how to response, unaware whether the empress is praising or sneering. Unsure of the empress’s true intention. Li Concubine on the other hand smiled and said “ Zhuang mei-mei, what you said is true, I was not aware that the servants in the palace were like this, they didn’t think it through before reporting it to the emperor. I didn’t know that the emperor care so much about me as well”. Using words to uncover the scars of Ye Zhen Zhen.

Author’s Note

The ranks of the imperial concubines.

Empress = Sole Leader

1st rank = Concubine (or Fei in chinese)

2nd rank = Zhuang, Hui, Xi (chinese, no translation)

3rd rank = Jie Yu (chinese, no translation)

4th rank = Zhou Yi (chinese, no translation)

5th rank = Mei Ren (chinese, means beautiful person)

Hope the addressing of the concubines are not too confusing. Part 3 coming up soon. The chapters are very long.. sorry for the wait.. hehe =)

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