Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 2 Part 3

Empress with no virtue – Chapter 2 Part 3

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Bored with their arguments, Ye Zhen Zhen made a gesture, and Su Yue immediately brought out a prepared gift towards Li Concubine. According to the rules, when one served the emperor they are to be gifted something by the Empress.

“Even with the grand wedding, even if you are the empress, the Emperor still slept at my place” thought Li Concubine, happily she looked at the thing that was brought forward to her. There was a few priceless jewelry, showing the generosity of the empress, also there was a white jade carved toad?

The toad is the size of a fist, clear and snow white, very well carved, looks almost like a real toad, but because it is too realistic, it does not really look too good and slightly disgusting. At the eyes, there are 2 red bean sized rubies.

The toad is placed in the middle of the platter, with an eerie feeling, the toad seems to be staring straight at Li Concubine, making her feel goosebumps all around, and she was also afraid that it will jump on to her. “Empress, what, what does this mean?” losing her smile Li Concubine asked.

Ye Zhen Zhen answered “Li Concubine, didn’t you know, Toad has a lot of children, and can grow wealth, it has long been a symbol of wealth and prosperity, today I think that it is the most suitable gift for you”.

Normally, after serving the emperor for concubines to get a symbol of fertility is good, but why is it a toad, is it that the empress wants to imply that Li Concubine is one.

Li Concubine is no longer able to smile, looking at the toad, it is already a wonder that she did not show her disgust. “Such a valuable item, its, its still best to keep it by the empress’s side”…

Ye Zhen Zhen stopped her, “Li Concubine, you don’t have to worry, this type of things, I have plenty, almost no place to put them anymore” Although not shown on the other consort’s faces in their hearts they are secretly enjoying it, looking at Li Concubine speechless..

Something that the Empress have too much, was seemed as a treasure by Li Concubine, this clearly shows that Li Concubine has not seen the world. Without anymore words to retort back, Li Concubine can only gratefully accept the gift.


In the Emperor’s Study


After hearing the Eunuch’s report, Ji Wu Jiu, spit out the tea that he just sipped. The dark brown liquid was spilled on the papers on his desks, which were about where the emperor should have slept yesterday night, submitted by the ministers.

“She really said that?” Ji Wu Jiu asked while calmly wiped his mouth with the given hankerchief.

“To answer the emperor, even though if I have to die, I wouldn’t dare to keep anything from you!” The little eunuch was scared by Ji Wu Jiu’s reaction, still shivering he pondered about the details he told the emperor. It does seems like he knows a little too much and these info should have hurt the pride of the emperor a bit.

“Understood, you did a good job, next time keep being vigilant, do not let the empress find out”

“To work for the emperor, is my duty, your humble will definitely be able to do it”.

“Alright, you all may leave”

Because the emperor said all, Feng You De, also carefully left, not forgetting to close the door behind him. The moment the door was closed, he hears a porcelain item being smashed to the ground.

Looks like the emperor is really angry, Feng You De thought while shaking his head.

In the study room, Ji Wu Jiu was almost having a fit. So daring to say that “I” am sacrificing my body to save the country? And that she is admiring this will?? This woman.. really.. really….

Ji Wu Jiu, realized that he could not find a good word to describe Ye Zhen Zhen. Looks like she has already surpassed a normal person’s intelligence. Then, he slammed the table..”Really, looking for trouble!”

Since meeting her the first time yesterday night, Ye Zhen Zhen did not managed to please him at all, remembering her face of displeasure the other night, Ji Wu Jiu suddenly took a deep breath. He is the emperor, he is supposed to be the one that chooses which woman to like or despise, but now a woman actually dare to look down on him.

Indeed, those with the Ye surname, all are troublesome

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