Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 2

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 2 Part 1

JUNE 13, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Second Day of the Grand Marriage, Ye Zhen Zhen still had many things to do, praying to her ancestors, meet with the Empress Dowager, and which after she still had to lead and bring the inner court ladies/concubines to greet the Emperor. When she can finally return to her Kun Ling Palace, her shoulders are already in ache due to the amount of things she had to do, not to mention that her lower body is in dull pain. All in all, she was very uncomfortable.

Her maid servant, Su Yue is giving her a shoulder massage, while the other maid servant, Su Feng serves her a cup of tea, Ye Zhen Zhen drank a sip.

Su Yue and Su Feng, are both part of the dowry that has been serving her since young. Su Yue, does her job in detail and concise, while Su Feng is smart and has good wits.

“Niang-Niang, yesterday night the Emperor spent the night at Lu Hua Palace” Said Su Yue.

“En”, Ye Zhen Zhen answered nonchalantly.

“That Lee Concubine is really too daring, just because the Emperor is doting on her a little, she actually dared to pick a fight with you, she really don’t know what’s her worth” Su Feng added.


Seeing that her own master is not paying attention to the matter at hand, Su Feng got a little anxious and said “Niang-Niang, you shouldn’t be like this now, you will allow others to bully you easily”

Sighing, Su Yue added, “Now the most important thing is to attract the Emperor, that Lee Concubine, is so arrogant now due to the Emperor’s doting, Niang-niang you should….”

Shaking her head, Ye Zhen Zhen said, “She is this arrogant, because her father is the general in charge of fighting of the Western Regions Barbarians.

What a joke, the emperor is not doting on her now, if he was Ji Wu Jiu wouldn’t let her enter the inner palace. It is just a way to control her father, to help control the western regions. The border is in current need of people, even though General Su is not a great general, but still considered talented and loyal, and since it is hard to find good generals, when there is one, it is best to placate them when possible, and one of the best way is to keep her daughter in the bed of the emperor.

Su Feng, however found this hard to accept. “ then the emperor….”

“The emperor can be considered sacrificing his body for the country, speaking of which I also admire his will” said Ye Zhen Zhen.

Her maid servants bursts into laughter upon hearing this sentence. Slowly Su Yue, stopped laughing, and said “ Our Empress, why are you still the same as last time, now you will need to control yourself, we need to be vary of the ears behind these walls, if it happens to get to the emperor, I am just afraid he will sentence you that you did him great disrespect”.

In her heart Ye Zhen Zhen said “ So what, nothing could be worst then yesterday night”

After resting a while, the other inner palace ladies and concubines came to greet the empress, and which after today, they are to come and greet her every day before she leads them to greet the Empress Dowager.

Ji Wu Jiu, is only 20 this year, that’s why his harem is still small, and higher rank concubines are even less, as for imperial concubines there are only 2 of them, Lee Concubine and Xian Concubine. Lee Concubine is the daughter (not from main wife) of Su General, originally she was just an inner court lady from Dong Palace (Crown Prince Quarters). After the coronation of Ji Wu Jiu, her rank has ben raised step by step. Xian Concubine on the other hand is the daughter (from main wife) of the Ministry of Household Fang Xiu Qing, which just entered the palace together with Ye Zhen Zhen yesterday. According to the rules, when an Empress are to be coronate, one or two other imperial concubines needs to be canonized as well. There can be two ways, either choosing from within the imperial palace or to bring in from outside, Xian Concubine belongs to the latter.

Note- Some terms are abit hard to translate, so i will stop here for now, the imperial concubine ranks…. gotta go research on them first. Will try to update soon.. when possible ??

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