Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 20

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 20

AUGUST 12, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Ye Zhen Zhen finally understood what trouble is coming from mouth. Frigidly she look at Ji Wu Jiu, “your majesty, my condition now… “ she said while looking down, stopping her gaze at her leg. She is already a disabled person, please don’t bother me further.

“It is just to rest her tonight, where is your mind floating too?” Ji Wu Jiu looked at her and the smile in his eyes got more bright.

Ye Zhen Zhen lowered her head, what else can she think of, then she realized, Ji Wu Jiu only wants to disturb her.

Inside it was bright under the candle light, showcasing the red face of Ye Zhen Zhen, and seeing her blushing so, Ji Wu Jiu did not continue the teasing. Although this woman is normally very thick face, but that type of things, she still only experienced it once before, and also not to mention it stopped halfway… Ji Wu Jiu found that his thoughts has wandered too far, quickly focused, and ordered Feng You De to bring over his documents to Kun Ning Palace, he wants to read through them here.

Ye Zhen Zhen asked Su Yue to prepare what was necessary and did not bother with Ji Wu Jiu anymore, and continued to ponder with her drawings. Both of them was busy with their own things, and the atmosphere was very quiet.

Not sure how long pass by, Ye Zhen Zhen got really sleepy, but since Ji Wu Jiu did not say he was sleepy, she couldn’t really go sleep first. After that she really couldn’t take it anymore and with sleepy eyes she look at Ji Wu Jiu, to find out that he was looking at her as well.

Because she was too sleepy, her eyes can barely open, so Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t really tell what Ji Wu Jiu’s expression looked like, and since she does not really bother about him also, “Your majesty, please rest early, you still have to attend the morning court tomorrow”

Ji Wu Jiu, lowered his head, picked up his brush and continue to write, saying “Empress, if you are tired, you can sleep first, don’t need to bother about me”

Ye Zhen Zhen did not even reply, and allowed Su Yue and Su Feng to help her prepare to sleep.

After a while later, Ji Wu Jiu stretched his stiff body, and decided to sleep as well. A few maid servant quickly served him and after he climbed on the bed, they put down the yellow bed net/cover. Both of their even breaths were interlacing with one another, beyond the bed net, there was only a small light wavering around chasing people off to the dreamland.

Slow wind blowing outside, on the sky there was a new moon, with thousands of stars lighting up the sky, like the candles brightening the sky, guarantee to bring good a night of good sleep.

Ji Wu Jiu suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were darker than the night but there was a glimmer of light from them, with a hint of disbelieve.

On his thigh, there was a hand that quietly creeping over. With lean and small fingers, soft and warm, and it was moving and touching his outer thigh part, and finally stopped at the knee. Ji Wu Jiu’s heart beat begin to rise, and he turned to look at Ye Zhen Zhen. Her eyes was closed, and seemed to be in deep sleep, but she seems to be frowning, seems like she was uncomfortable. It wouldn’t be that she wants it? Ji Wu Jiu got shocked by his own thoughts, but deep inside it was undeniable that there was a growing anticipation.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s fingers started to move, on his thigh, moving a bit, stopped, and moved a bit again.

Ji Wu Jiu starts to feel itchy from her movements, that itch was going upwards his thigh, he couldn’t help but to swallow his saliva.

Still itchy.

Ye Zhen Zhen unconsciously, started to scratch.

Ji Wu Jiu can only grab her hand. And a thought quickly pass through his mind, and then holding her hands he placed it on her legs, Ye Zhen Zhen scratched for a while, and finally her frown was gone and she continued to sleep.

It was indeed her legs being itchy, she scratched the wrong person.

Ji Wu Jiu was not sure if he should cry or laugh.

He tried to sleep again, but no matter what he couldn’t fall back to sleep.

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The blood in his body starts to heat up, although the hand on his thigh is gone, but the feeling of being touched is still here, can’t be forced away either.

If just now, her hands were to move up another inch. … . . . .

Once this weird thought came about, he couldn’t suppress it anymore. Ji Wu Jiu tried to control himself to not think about it, but if her hands were to move up an inch more, it will definitely touch…

Realizing the changes in his own body, Ji Wu Jiu once again got frustrated.

Ever since he got the throne, in the bed business he has never purposely suppress it nor be overly indulge by it, this type of thing to him is like eating, hungry then eat, and one should not eat too full. So normally he rarely gets frustrated over this matter. But now, to be only touched for a bit, he got such a big reaction, he was really surprised himself. But of course, it was because no one took the initiative to touch him before.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Wu Jiu tried to calm himself down, but what he got in exchange was his little brother standing up even taller.

No matter how rational a man is, once all his blood rush downwards, the mental power that controls his body movement will move downwards as well. Although he has a strong will power, Ji Wu Jiu is also just a man.

His gaze suddenly changed, and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen who was beside him.

Someone was still in deep sleep, and wiped her own drool as well.

Ji Wu Jiu sat up, stretched his hands to the back of her neck, and press on her acupuncture spot that allows one to sleep better a few times. Then he took her hands, and placed them between his legs.

Inside, the dimly lit and tiring night, and quiet bed suddenly moved, like a stream of pale yellow waterfall , with boiling heat coursing through, then waves of heavy breathing can be heard.


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Although the previous night Ji Wu Jiu did not sleep well, but when he woke up he found that he was very refreshed. Looking at him Feng You De thought that the emperor looks better today and in a better mood, not in a hurry nor rush, thinking perhaps the things that he had been eating recently has finally been used properly.

Thinking that the acupuncture spot he pressed yesterday night was still working, cause when Ji Wu Jiu woke up in the morning, it did not wake Ye Zhen Zhen, Su Yue wanted to wake her up, Ji Wu Jiu waved his hands and ordered Su Yue to let her continue to sleep.

Ji Wu Jiu was feeling refreshed, but once he think of what he did yesterday night, he starts to feel restless. By his side, he has never been lack of women, to do it himself was really a first for him, not to mention it was done while holding Ye Zhen Zhen’s hand, he still feels something is not right.

But now the fact is in front of him, he was in the mood, and there was no way to release it, furthermore, he did enjoyed it…

So Ji Wu Jiu was in deep thoughts.

His thoughts continued all the way from Kun Ning Palace to Huang Ji Hall, and finally got disturbed by Ye Xiu Ming and Fang Xiu Qing.

Ji Wu Jiu was sitting at his throne, without any expression looking at them bickering .

These two old fellas, is considered the most powerful in court besides him, but now they are both in a heated discussion with words with hidden meaning thrown here and there. The people around them also don’t dare to enter their argument, so they looked at Ji Wu Jiu without a sound.

Ji Wu Jiu was looking at them as well

Their argument topic was still about the repairmen of the water reservoir. Ye Mu Fang, already went to Shan Dong, and the moment he reached there, he was faced with a problem, Ye Xiu Ming confirmed that it was Fang Xiu Qing doing some hanky panky, so he reported to the emperor, claiming that Fang Xiu Qing is not thinking about the citizens but for himself only, and strongly advise Ji Wu Jiu to change the plans on the project.

No matter if it was done by him, Fang Xiu Qing would never admit, so he was fighting back and saying that Ye Xiu Ming was framing him, lying to the emperor, and not following the edict.

Seems like the ability to frame one another is quite strong in the both of them.

Actually, this case was not serious, but Ye Xiu Ming wanted to take this opportunity to warn Fang Xiu Qing to not over do things, and secondly there was a saying that the children who knows how to cry would get candy, that is why he wants to mention it more often in front of Ji Wu Jiu, so even if he were to grant one of his 10 whining it would still be good.

Ji Wu Jiu had enough, and stopped both the old fellas, and ordered an edict to: Give another batch of money to Ye Mu Fang”

Although he dislikes Ye Family, but he does not like personal grudges disturbing the real work. No matter what this project should be completed as soon as possible, Fang Xiu Qing can create obstacles but he has to know when to stop as well, it cannot hinder the project’s speed.

That is why Ji Wu Jiu showed Fang Xiu Qing, to warn him what is the emperor’s bottom line.

After the morning court, Ji Wu Jiu went to the imperial garden for a walk. Passing by Han Guang Palace, looking at that place, he suddenly remembered something. He turned and ask Feng You De, “ I remember previously Zhuang Concubine will make some Gui Hua pastries, that was very suitable for me, why there are none this year?”

“Your majesty, this year Zhuang Concubine made them, but… the empress ate them all.”


As an emperor, surely he can’t do something scolding the empress for eating a few pastries, but he still unknowingly headed towards Kun Ning Palace. Seeing that Wang You Cai wanted to take a deep breath to announce his arrival, Ji Wu Jiu waved his hands and made Wang You Cai swallow the breath.

Ji Wu Jiu walked towards the window and heard people talking inside.

In the room, Ye Zhen Zhen was in thoughts, looks like she was trying to remember something. Su Yue does not know what happened yesterday night, but thinking about Ye Zhen Zhen’s temper, she got worried and asked “niang niang why are you lost in thoughts?”

“Su Yue, I had a dream yesterday night”

“What dream?”

“I dream that there was 2 walnuts”

“Niang niang you want to eat walnuts? I will ask someone to bring them over”

“No” Ye Zhen Zhen shook her head, and said “I was just holding them in my hands, did not eat them”

“It seems like the veins in your hand are stucked, needs to be exercised. Why not we ask Wang You Cai to look for some antique walnut, and to move them in your hands, it is good for health.”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at her hands weirdly “but…. I think, I really have felt the two walnuts….”

Listening till this part, Ji Wu Jiu got stiff. Although his steps were light, but his movement was fast, Feng You De was almost running to chase up, and looking at the emperor’s expression, seems like.. a bit .. stiff? Like he is trying his best to suppress something….

Kun Ning Palace and Gan Qing Palace is not too far from one another, only a corridor away. When Ji Wu Jiu finally arrived at Gan Qing Palace, he couldn’t take it anymore and laughed to himself in front of his table, trying still to control his laughter his shoulders shook along with it.

Feng You De was really worried, the emperor’s body seems to have recovered, don’t tell me the virus got transferred to his brain?…..


Last time, people used walnuts to massage and were used like the now common acupuncture balls that are made of steel.

Also, this story has a lot more steamy parts coming up later…. so will you guys need a disclaimer everytime?

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