Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 21

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 21

AUGUST 17, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

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Now back to the story~~~~~~~!

Ever since Xian Concubine and Zhuang Concubine started to take care of the inner palace, they praised and punished accordingly, a very job well done, Xian Concubine really played her role well, most people also praises her capability.

However, the only thing that most people don’t know why is that, JI Wu Jiu has not flipped her name plate for a while now.

“NIang Niang, after that time the emperor spend a night in Kun Ning palace, it is nearly half a month that he did not enter Yao Yue Palace.” Today, Qiu Feng brought up this topic again, full of worry in her tone.

“Could it be, the empress said something to the emperor?” Xian Concubine was in deep thoughts, but she can’t think anything through. Not to mention she is doing her work properly, and there should be nothing that could be used against her, and by only depending on the emperor’s negative feeling towards the empress, there should be nothing she could say that will easily change his mind.

“Niang NIang, the empress is someone that is hard to guess, and not easy to handle as well”

Xian Concubine continued pondering, thinking that perhaps she did something wrong, that angered Ji Wu Jiu. But what on earth is he so mindful about?…

Then, from outside a maid servant walked in and said “Niang niang, there is someone from Han Guang palace, Xiao Zhu, kneeling outside, she says she has something to report”

Xian Concubine and Qiu Feng exchange glances, both thinking that there is something wrong. Zhuang Concubine is on the empress’s side, Han Guang Palace and Yao Yue Palace are not in good terms with each other, this is something the entire palace knows, why when something happened at Han Guang Palace, she came to Yao Yue Palace to report?

“Let her in”


From her appearance, Xiao Zhu is a second ranked maid servant, should be doing some tougher work in Han Guang Palace. She was kneeling and shivering on the floor, and said a few words stuttering. Xian Concubine and Qiu Feng’s expression got serious.

“You are sure, you saw it with your own eyes?” This case involves a lot of people, if there were any mistakes even losing one’s head would be considered light” Xian Concubine her tone very serious.

“Replying to niang niang, what I said was true, if I lied, than let me die ,and not reincarnate forever”

Qiu Feng scolded “How dare you, in front of niang niang, what nonsense are you spouting?”

Xiao Zhu got shocked and started to knock her head on the ground, “I am wrong, I am wrong”

“I will only ask you this” Xian Concubine got up, and looked at her ,”this matter why did you not notify Zhuang Concubine?”

“I.. I know that you are the most fair and righteous.. so.. “

“Understood, I know already” Xian Concubine stopped her. Even if Xiao Zhu doesn’t say it, she also knows why, no matter who wants to deal with who, this time it seems that someone wants to use her to sharper her knife, but why not we go with the flow..

Thinking until that point Xian Concubine said “ Qiu Feng, bring her along, we are going to Han Guang Palace now”



“Xian Concubine sis, suddenly coming over to my Han Guang Palace, is there any thing important?” Zhuang Concubine asked, still with the unflattering tone. She was taking an afternoon nap, Xian Concubine suddenly bringing over people to her place, must not be something good.

“There is indeed something, that I have to come here to ask you properly, to have disturbed your nap, I hope you will understand”

Zhuang Concubine smiled upon hearing her reply “what is the matter that Xian Concubine wants to know?”

Xian Concubine, asked “Sun Gui Ren is staying here in Han Guang Palace right?”

“Sis, you really are asking questions that you already know the answer. Lu Zhu, go ask Sun Gui Ren to come out, do not let Xian Concubine wait too long”

“Hold on”, Xian Concubine called back the maid servant that was just heading out, “sis, may I ask where is her room?”

“Not to hide anything from you, this is a big matter, I need to bring some people to check her room, if it were to offend you, I hope you will understand”

She already say until like that, Zhuang Concubine can’t really object, and followed Xian Concubine and headed towards the side courtyard where Sun Gui Ren lives. In her heart she was thinking that since Xian Concubine dares to openly come to Han Guang Palace to look for trouble, that means this matter really is not small. Realizing this, she gave a glance to Lu Zhu, where she understood and slowed down a few steps, and stopped beside a smart maid servant and whispered “later if anything is amiss, quickly run to Kun Ning Palace to inform the empress, be smart don’t let others find out”

They reached the courtyard, Xian Concubine means to turn the issue bigger, and the moment she entered she ordered for the room to be thoroughly searched, so the eunuchs and maid servants immediately rushed in and started to search the room, their seriousness in this search matter has made them not know what happened behind.

The maid servant that was ordered by Lu Zhu was standing at the back of some people, but saw Qiu Feng finding a men’s clothing set, and not waiting for Lu Zhu to remind her, she immediately rushed out of Han Guang Palace and ran to Kun NIng Palace.

On the other hand, Xian Concubine was looking at the man’s clothing in Qiu Feng’s hand, frowning she turned towards Sun Gui Ren, “Is there anything else you can say?”

Sun Gui Ren kneeled, with a shocked expression “niang niang, I don’t know where that item came from, I am framed!” Seeing that Xian Concubine does not seem to be bothered by what she said, she faced towards Zhuang Concubine, and held her dress ends and cried, “Zhuang Concubine, I am staying in Han Guang Palace, you should know well about how i am, please help me say something!”

Zhuang Concubine can only shake her head, this Sun Gui Ren really is muddled in her head, this thing happened in Han Guang Palace, she as the head of this place also needs to try to not be involved, so she shouldn’t say anything at this time.

Sighing Xian Concubine added “Framed or not, we will know after investigating, someone go get the emperor, Qiu Feng, bring a few people and guard Han Guang Palace, maid servants and eunuchs can come in, but cannot go out”

Zhuang Concubine’s face changed, “Sis, what does that mean?”

“Sis, do not think too much, truthfully I also hope that this matter is not real. But if Sun Gui Ren really have something with someone, in order to avoid the news from leaking out, and to let the someone know and to run away, why not we guard here, and does that are not involved can also avoid being involved.”

“If so, why not we invite the empress here as well..”

“ I don’t think we should, firstly the inner palace is under our supervision now, it would not be nice to disturb her over this matter, secondly, if Sun Gui Ren really have something going on with other men, surely it would not be a matter that was recent, if the emperor knows about it, would only be afraid that the empress will be reprimanded by the emperor, it would be better if he doesn’t meet her now”

Her words seems to be so thoughtful and kind, like she is helping and thinking for Ye Zhen Zhen, but actually what was her intention, everyone knows inside. Zhuang Concubine knows that Xian Concubine is trying to use this opportunity to show her capabilities to the emperor as well as to add a kick to Ye Zhen Zhen, although she is anxious now, she can’t do anything as well, as this thing happened at her palace, she knew she can’t be free from getting involved as well.


Inside Kun Ning Palace.

“What did you say?!” Ye Zhen Zhen stood up from her chair out of shock, and the pain coming from her leg got her to shout out further.

Su Yue immediately hold on to her “Niang niang!”

Su Feng looked at the maid servant “You are speaking the truth, of what you seen correct?”

“Its real, I won’t see wrongly”

Su Feng frowned, turned and asked “niang niang, would it have been just an eunuch’s clothing?”

Ye Zhen Zhen shook her head, “even if it is an eunuch’s cloths, to put it inside a Gui Ren’s room it is against the rule as well”

Su Yue said “Weird, such a big thing happened, why no one came to Kun NIng Palace to report?”

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled coldly, “Zhuang Concubine can’t win against Xian Concubine. She really is in a hurry, she already wants to go against me so quickly?”

“niang niang, you don’t have to worry, this matter whether it is real or not, it should implicate Kun NIng Palace”

“Not necessary”

The case happened at Han Guang Palace, Zhuang Concubine confirmed will be involved, and if anything goes wrong, only Xian Concubine be left in charge of the inner palace. Zhuang Concubine is Ye Zhen Zhen’s people, and with such an event this empress will lose one of her wings as well as her pride. Furthermore, Ji Wu Jiu loves to look trouble with her, and now that there is such a nice opportunity for him, will he let it go easily? This case involves the emperor wearing a green hat, can be said that it is more serious than the previous cases, as the empress, she would not be able to run away from another round of scolding. Not to mention no one really knows what Xian Concubine is thinking now, as she may appear to be fair and justice but may have hidden some knives in her sleeves. This case has many holes still, Sun Gui Ren most probably is framed by someone, therefore, will Xian Concubine wrongly accuse someone if she is incapable to solve this case?

Thinking twice about it, Ye Zhen Zhen decided that to wait at Kun NIng palace is not the way, therefore she knocked on her chair, “lets move to Han Guang Palace”


Inside Han Guang Palace, Ji Wu Jiu was sitting at the top, and looked upon the matter with a cold attitude.

Sun Gui Ren cried till she has no voice left, kneeling and crying that she was framed, with a hoarse voice, quite painful to the ears truthfully. Beside her kneeling was Xiao Zhu, and earlier on she has repeated what she said at Yao Yue Palace.

Xian Concubine let out a deep breath, and said “Sun Gui Ren, since the witness and evidence is here, it is best you just admit”

“Your majesty, your majesty, I really am framed, you must help me”

Ji Wu Jiu looked at Sun Gui Ren coldly, “You said you are framed, but is there any evidence?”


“That means you don’t have” after saying that, Ji Wu Jiu laid back to the chair, looked at Xian Concubine and kept quiet. The meaning should be, you decide what to do.

Xian Concubine, receiving the message from Ji Wu Jiu, she felt calmer. Actually, she also knows that there is something wrong, but in front of her was a chance, she should use it properly. After sleeping one night at Kun Ning Palace, he has not been to her Yao Yue Palace, although she said that Ye Zhen Zhen would not be able to persuade the emperor, but in her heart she still does not feel comfortable. So now with this chance she wants to use it to show Ye Zhen Zhen.

Xian Concubine’s tone got more serious “Sun Gui Ren, who is the other person?”

“I don’t have!!”

“I know that the empress normally is very kind to all of you, but you all are getting too arrogant, and no longer afraid. I am not same with the empress’s, not so good tempered, today, if you don’t speak the truth there would be worst punishment awaiting you.:

Here it comes! This evil woman will not let the empress go, Zhuang Concubine calmed herself and said “The empress is very busy, surely it would be impossible to know every little detail that happens in the palace, than only it will allow these people to act like this”

“What you said is true, the empress does not have 3 heads and 6 hands, of course she can only look over the things that are happening directly near her”

Zhuang Concubine was speechless. What Xian Concubine meant was very obvious, this case happened under Zhuang Concubine’s eyelids, you can’t even take care of your ownself, now you still want to help others?

Ji Wu Jiu merely raised his eye brows and took a sip out of the tea cup he just held.

Xian Concubine looked at Ji Wu Jiu, and saw that he does not have any expression, so she tries to ask, “Your majesty, according to you, how should we deal with this case?”

“Now the inner palace is under the care of the both of you, you can decide” Ji Wu Jiu placed down the teacup, and looked at Xian Concubine peacefully, “but since you have decided that she has committed the wrong doing, than be sure to find out the other person involve as well.”

Xian Concubine nodded, “I understand”. Now this matter would be a bit more troublesome, if Sun Gui Ren was really framed, then from where will she find the other man out? Furthermore, Ji Wu Jiu is very clever, even if it was a fake one, she would need to be very careful about it, and cannot allow for any loophole.

No matter what, it has come to this stage, it is already too late to change her decision. So Xian Concubine said “People, bring Sun Gui Ren to the criminal department to force the truth out of her. As for Zhuang Concubine sis….”

Zhuang Concubine stood up and kneeled, “Your majesty I did not know it happened, please punish me”

“Since you accepted your fault, then you will have no income for half a year and will be grounded for a month”

Ji Wu Jiu just finished his sentence, when a voice can be heard from outside, a sweet voice that also carries a hint of power.


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