Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 22

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 22

AUGUST 18, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Ji Wu Jiu just finished his verdict, when he heard the “wait” beyond the door, all in the hall also turned and look at the door. Ye Zhen Zhen was slowly pushed in by Su Yue. She was wearing a dark red robe, embroidered with colourful small birds, that were very cute, she was wearing a outer clothing that has one gold embroidered phoenix, with a pearl encrusted on the phoenix’s head, looking very peaceful. Her cloth’s was meant to bring a meaning of a hundred birds looking at the phoenix.

Ye Zhen Zhen glanced through everyone that was there and ended with Ji Wu Jiu’s face. He was looking at her as well, but his gaze was on her hands. In her soft and snow white left hand, she was holding two walnuts. The diameter of the walnuts is around one a half inch, the shape is like a peach bun, the skin colour is very red, the pattern and texture of the walnuts are also very smooth, and shiny. This type of walnut is the best there is in terms of antique walnuts, and looking at its surface, it surely has been used for many years, really the cream of the crop.

But, these walnuts is slightly bigger than the normal walnuts, as Ye Zhen Zhen’s hands are considered small, and to hold both and still turning them around, it seems that it is slightly uncoordinated.

Zhuang Concubine and Xian Concubine stood up to greet her, and Xian Concubine had to move to give her space as well, to give her the second best seat in the hall. Ye Zhen Zhen was pushed by Su Yue to Ji Wu Jiu’s side, and stopped. The whole time, Ji Wu Jiu’s eyes has only been following Ye Zhen Zhen’s turning left hand, with smile that is slowly creeping up on his face. Ye Zhen Zhen thought that Ji Wu Jiu only wanted the good things in her hands, so she pretended that she didn’t notice.

After both Zhuang Concubine and Xian Concubine sat down, she finally said “Your majesty, is there any thing that I can’t see here?”

Xian Concubine immediately tried to answer “I ask for forgiveness, your majesty, I made the decision, afraid that I will disturb you so I did not inform you.”

“I was speaking to the emperor” Ye Zhen Zhen started with showing some power first.

Xian Concubine’s head dropped “I apologize”

Ji Wu Jiu said “we are trying to investigate a case here, both evidence and witness is here, what you think my empress?”

Ye Zhen Zhen ordered someone to bring up the evidence, looking through it, and then turned towards the kneeling maid servant Xiao Zhu, smiled and said “I actually have a question I want to ask the witness”

Xiao Zhu heard Ye Zhen Zhen’s voice tone and knew it wouldn’t be good, so she looked on the floor and didn’t dare to look up.

“I ask you, you said you saw a man entered Sun Gui Ren’s room, was when exactly and and from where?”

“Your majesty, I saw him entering yesterday at 9.20, I personally saw him entered from the window.”

At 9.20, the main gate is not locked yet, this man went into Han Guang Palace proudly? Did he think that the guarding eunuch’s are blind?” Ye Zhen Zhen said and her tone got more stronger.

“I think he climbed the wall…”

“This is also another possibility” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded, “I ask you again, did you happen to see that person’s face properly?”

“Replying to your majesty, the sky was dark, without proper lighting, I did not manage to see his face properly, but I remember he was wearing the guard’s clothing”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at the clothes held by Su Feng, it was a guard’s clothings. “then did you see him leave?”

“I have not seen anyone leave”

“Why did you only notify now?”

“I was afraid I saw wrongly, and wrongly accused Gui Ren, so I was contemplating”

After some thinking, Ye Zhen Zhen continued “ according to you, he climbed over the wall to enter, and since it didn’t rain yesterday, then there should be some foot prints on the wall. Wang You Cai, bring a few people with you and look for clues, if you find it, then fine.. if you can’t find it…. “ her voice was gradually lowered and she did not complete her sentence.

“I, I also didn’t know how did the man came in, I only saw that he was under the window, I ask your majesty to check properly”

“Of course I would investigate properly, I would not accuse the innocent, but” She stopped and continued “ I would not let go of any ill intention person.” She then asked Su Feng over, and whispered to her. Su Feng nodded and went out.

Arching his brows, Ji Wu Jiu asked “so, will the empress be reinvestigating this case?”

Ye Zhen Zhen took a sip of tea, and answered “to reinvestigate or not, the evidence will talk. Furthermore Xian Concubine is a clever person, the case that she has gave verdict to, definitely would be trustworthy”

Xian Concubine’s complexion got dark, she used her handkerchief and wiped her mouth, cleared her throat just only wanted to say something, when Ye Zhen Zhen added “Your majesty, don’t you think so?”

Therefore Xian Concubine’s words were swallowed back. She turned to Ji Wu Jiu, he seem to be in a good mood, although he tried to hide his facial expression, but his eyes shows that he is happy, to the point where he did not say anything eventhough Ye Zhen Zhen just spite her, and he was only interested in looking at the show now.

Xian Concubine felt her heart turn abit cold.

After a while, Wang You Cai came back and said “Informing your majesty and the empress, I have searched through properly, we did not find any evidence of people climbing the wall”

Ye Zhen Zhen saw Xiao Zhu and Xian Concubine seems to have something to say, so she took the initiative to help them “even if there isn’t, it also can’t prove much, perhaps this person has a very good martial arts, that can step on snow without leaving traces.”

That skill only existed in legends, although that was what Ye Zhen Zhen said, it was still not really possible, especially in the ears of the expert JI Wu Jiu. But he also did not say anything and only looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, with a heart to tease her, “so that is all?”

“Of course not, let’s move to the evidence, this is a guard’s clothing, but the person who place this item there forgot about something. This set of cloths is new, there is still the new clothes smell, it should not have been worn by anyone before. If Sun Gui Ren really had something with that guard, the cloths should be worn before, and should appear worn.”

“If Sun Gui Ren made that item for him?” Xian Concubine asked.

“Good question, from the material and sewing techniques of this cloths, it should not be from our palace. It should be distributed by the guards office. Clothes from the guards office are normally made by outside and was given the job by the finance department to the local seamstress.” Ye Zhen Zhen looked at Xian Concubine when she said the word finance department, and looked at Xian Concubine with a hidden meaning.

There was a lump of blood stuck in the throat of Xian Concubine, and even if she wants she can’t get it out. The empress only looked at her, and did not mention that she was suspicious, so she didn’t and couldn’t deny. Looking at Ji Wu Jiu again, he was looking at her too, then immediately Xian Concubine’s eyes got red “Your majesty….”

“If you want to exchange lover’s gaze, please wait till later, I am still doing serious investigating here.” Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly said.

Xian Concubine closed her mouth.

“Therefore this cloth is from the guards office, and was given to the guards. Not something made by Sun Gui Ren, also not taken off from the soldier, also not possible that Sun Gui Ren got someone to get it for her to gift him — this type of present the other has plenty, how would she be gift him these. Then all is left is one possibility” Ye Zhen Zhen stopped and took a sip of tea.

“What is the possibility?” Ji Wu Jiu asked.

“Most probably it was the guard got muddle head and placed his new clothes here at Sun Gui Ren’s room, and ask her to help him keep it first. “ Although this might not be really possible but at this moment this should be the only reason left.

Sun Gui Ren thought that there was hope, but started crying again “I am framed!!”

“You close your mouth” Ye Zhen Zhen frowned, “all you said was that sentence, so bothersome… Xian Concubine, what do you think about my explanation, can it be accepted?”

Xian Concubine replied while nodding “It seems like this could only be the reason, your majesty is wise”

“Wrong” Ye Zhen Zhen laughed, “I am wise, but that explanation was a huge mistake. This cloths is identical with the guards clothings, that is true, but it is not any of the palace’s guards cloths”

Hearing her explanation, even Ji Wu Jiu got shocked, “Why are you so sure?”

“Your majesty have you forgotten? All the guards in the palace have identity numbers, this number is given to the guards to keep track of their identity and this number is sew on to the collar of their clothes. Normally it can’t be seen properly, but if something unfortunate were to happen, it is useful to differentiate their identity then.”

Ji Wu Jiu looked at Ye Zhen Zhen “of course I know the guards have identity numbers, I didn’t know it was sew on the collar”

“Your majesty, you are so busy with the court matters, of course it would be normal for you to be not clear with these matters” Ye Zhen Zhen said and flipped the clothes again, “The collar of this cloth do not have any numbers, surely it was stolen before reaching the guard’s office, at the finance department.”

Finance Department was mentioned again, Xian Concubine’s face is almost green in colour.

“I daresay, Sun Gui Ren perhaps you have offended someone, that person wanted you to die, so they thought of something so evil, that implicated the emperor’s name, such evil people. However this plan has so many faults, Xian Concubine did not properly investigate and made you took the fault, and did not put the emperor’s pride into account, it was a little too foolish. “Ye Zhen Zhen said and smiled at Xian Concubine.

Xian Concubine immediately kneeled “ Your majesty, I was too anxious to protect your face, and wanted to quickly settle the case. Although the evidence is not trustworthy, there is still the witness, Xiao Zhu said she it herself?” And she looked at Xiao Zhu, in her heart thinking, as long as Xiao Zhu kept on saying she saw what happened, then even without the evidence, according to Ji Wu Jiu’s personality surely he would not end it easily.

“Really, I saw it personally” Xiao Zhu immediately said.

“Really? Su Feng?”

“I am here”, Su Feng walked over, in her hands there was a pouch, and was brought forward to Ye Zhen Zhen. “ Your majesty, I gotten this from Xiao Zhu’s living quarter.”

Xiao Zhu upon seeing that item, her face changed, without any strength left in her, she just sat on the floor.

Ye Zhen Zhen took the pouch, opened and search through, besides the quite a sum of money, there was also a good grade jewelry, she looked through the pouch again and looked at Xiao Zhu, “you are just a small maid servant, where did you get so much money and these jewelries?” Surely you didn’t steal them did you?”

“No, no , no,.. I didn’t.. “ Xiao Zhu shook her head and denied.

“Of course I know you didn’t, someone asked you to frame Sun Gui Ren, and gift you these items. Sun Gui Ren was leaving in the side court, with very little people by her side, that allowed you to plan this, is that correct?”

Xiao Zhu kept shaking her head “I did not.. I did not… “

“I suspected you from the start, so I let Su Feng searched your room, and these are the clues. Since you aren’t able to tell where these things come from, then why don’t you let me help you investigate? Just now you have already seen my capability, with this pouch and the jewelries, if I want to know where it came from, it would not be hard. I will give you another chance, if you speak the truth now I will spare your life, if I were to get the answer myself… hehe….”

Although Ye Zhen Zhen purposely tried to force out a cold laugh, to create a scary effect, but due to her voice problem, her laugh did not appear to have the effect she wanted, but more like a female, making everyone in the hall feel goosebumps on their hands. Ji Wu Jiu thought that there was a worm climbing on his body, and quickly stopped Ye Zhen Zhen “ If you don’t want to speak the truth, then flogged to death immediately. Feng You De.”


“I will say, I will say, !! Your majesty please spare me, empress niang niang please spare me!!!” Xiao Zhu cried non stop on the floor.


Ye Zhen Zhen, Ji Wu Jiu, Xian Concubine, the three of them was returning to their own place. Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen was heading to the same place, and headed towards the east. Xian Concubine was standing at her place and see them leave together, with a sad expression.

“What is that in your hands?” Ji Wu Jiu was looking at her left hand, he couldn’t take it anymore and asked.

“Walnut, this is ‘Man Tian Xing”, Wang You Cai said it is hundred over years, holding it the hands, the feeling is rather good” Ye Zhen Zhen was praising the walnuts, and looking up she saw Ji Wu Jiu looking at the walnuts in earnest, so she looked down again and said “Your majesty if you like it, I will ask him to search some for you”

“No need, I have them myself”

Ye Zhen Zhen was looking down, and did not see the smile creeping on his face, “Your majesty, I have something I don’t understand”


“Today, Xian Concubine was investigating the case, as per your level, it is not possible that you couldn’t tell that Sun Gui Ren was innocent, but…”

“But did not do anything?” Ji Wu Jiu continued for her.

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded.

“You were to anxious” Ji Wu Jiu answered

Ye Zhen Zhen was trying to understand his words, Anxious? Anxious?? She was anxious to clear this case properly, if she was not anxious, slowly investigate.. slowly investigate.. in the end, by the time the truth comes out… Sun Gui Ren would have been wrongly accused, and be sent to the criminal bureau and be treated by the punishments. In another words, till that time, the case that was personally gave verdict by Xian Concubine, her personally wearing the green hat for Ji Wu Jiu… then… Xian Concubine’s fault would be bigger than now….

Ye Zhen Zhen got shocked.

Ji Wu Jiu wants to punish Xian Concubine? This Ye Zhen Zhen could have guess a little, because this half a month plus, JI Wu Jiu did not go to Yao Yue Palace, but she don’t know what Xian Concubine did wrong to Ji Wu Jiu.

But… he didn’t have to hate it that much right? Xian Concubine was someone he dotes on, and also to punish her, he wanted to sacrifice an innocent person as well..

This man, how can he be so cold hearted.

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