Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 25

Empress with no Virtue- Chapter 25

AUGUST 20, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

‘Replying to your majesty, the empress got a cold, will need to recuperate for a few days, I will go open a remedy for this, what is important is to be mindful of fever. Also the leg injury on the empress leg has still not recovered properly, and entering cold water and getting cold wind, will need to be extra careful next time, in order to avoid any side effects later.” The doctor said after carefully checking Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen already changed into dry clothes, with 3 layers of blanket on her, like a small mountain. Now only did she felt abit warmer, and colour has returned to her face.

Su Feng and another maid servant was using dry clothes to help her dry her hair. Her hair is long and thick, not easy to dry. Ji Wu Jiu saw the bandage on Ye Zhen Zhen’s hand and asked “The wound on your hand, what is that about?”

“Your majesty, the empress’s hand there is a part where it split, most probably she hit somewhere when she fell into the water”

Ye Zhen Zhen slowly opened her eyes, and explained “it was caused by the gun, it exploded and caused my hand to split”

“You are too over!” JI Wu Jiu scolded. Explosion is not a small thing, if light one will sustain injuries, if it was stronger one could lose their life, there was once a person that got exploded badly, when he was testing the gun. Today, Ye Zhen Zhen only injured her hand, it can be considered very lucky.

Seeing that he wants to scold her somemore Ye Zhen Zhen quickly covered her head with the blanket, and kept quiet. Ji Wu Jiu was speechless, and pat her head twice, “come out, don’t fake death”

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly thought of something, and showed her head and told Wang You Cai “quickly go and get me back my gun”

Wang You Cai, just wanted to go out when Ji Wu Jiu called him back, “hold it. Feng You De, you go and take, after that keep it at Gan Qing Palace”

Ye Zhen Zhen was unhappy “that belongs to me”

“Even you belongs to me”


JI Wu Jiu straighten up, and calmed Ye Zhen Zhen, “alright now, rest first, you are no longer allowed to play with guns, this is my order”


At night, Ye Zhen Zhen really got fever, her whole body was very warm, and she was mumbling. Ji Wu Jiu stretched his hands and touched her forehead, and got up and asked the maid servant to bring over the medicine. Though, Ye Zhen Zhen was in a daze from fever, she still refused to drink the bitter medicine, so when Su Yue fed her a spoon, she pushed it away, in the end she decided to closed her mouth tight, and made the medicine hit her mouth and spilled on the pillow.

Can’t help it anymore, Ji Wu Jiu can only hold her in his arms, and held her chin with one of his hands, to force her to open her mouth. Su Yue then feed the medicine into her mouth, and because her jaw was held and she can’t spit it out, with a few movements from her throat, she finally swallowed the medicine. Ji Wu Jiu then helped pat her chest to avoid her from choking. After a while, the both of them finally got the whole bowl of medicine down her throat, before Ye Zhen Zhen starts to sweat, the both of them already sweat first.

Ji Wu Jiu ask Su Yue to hold outside, and he placed Ye Zhen Zhen back to the bed, and cover her up with the blankets. Ye Zhen Zhen’s fever made both her cheeks red, eyes tightly closed and at the corner of her eyes there were signs of tears forming. Normally this woman is like a little tiger, it really was a rare sight of seeing her being weak.

After lying down, Ye Zhen Zhen started to mumble again, Ji Wu Jiu’s ears perks up and tried to listen and hear her saying “Grandfather, don’t marry me go to the emperor”

Sighing, Ji Wu Jiu mumbled to himself “you don’t want to marry me, I also didn’t want to marry you”

Just that, now the rice has been cooked, both of us are a married couple. Even though there are many woman in the inner palace, but only you, will be buried together with me later.

People say, 10 years of cultivation you will get a friendship, and 100 years of cultivation you will share the same bed” , don’t know how long did the both of us cultivate in order to gain this life’s faith. This faith, however would have been better if it didn’t happen.


The next day, when Ye Zhen Zhen got up, she found up that it had snowed the whole night, the whole place was covered in snow. Her fever has gone, and although the doctor asked her not to go outside, afraid of her getting cold again, but Ye Zhen Zhen does not want to miss the first snow this year, and wants to go out to walk. Su Yue did not manage to persuade her, so she can only wrap her up properly and pushed a warmer into her arms, and after properly checking and making sure it would be alright, only let Wang You Cai pushed her out.

Ye Zhen Zhen said she wants to go see the plum blossoms, so Wang You Cai pushed her to the imperial garden where the plum blossoms are planted, although she did not go far, she has already met a few groups of people. Ye Zhen Zhen was wearing a leather hat, with a fox muffler, with a tiger skin cape, and her whole body, only her eyes was exposed, so she appeared to be like in a parade that got greeted by people here and there.

Actually the plum blossoms that are in bloom are not too many, only a few that were anxious to bloom. Initially Ye Zhen Zhen was abit moody, there are many place to admire the snow scenery, why did everyone go towards the plum blossom garden, was the inner palace filled with people that like plum blossoms? When she saw Ji Wu Jiu, only did she realized, why everyone is gathering here.

Ji Wu Jiu saw Ye Zhen Zhen from a far, the tiger on her was really obvious.

“Greetings to the emperor, I am still injured so I cannot greet you properly, I beg for your pardon” Ye Zhen Zhen said, but since her mouth is covered, her voice appeared to be rather down.

“Are you better now?” Ji Wu Jiu said, and placed a hand onto her forehead to check. This morning when he woke up her forehead was still warm, now it seems the fever has fully subsided, undeniably, this woman’s body is really not ladylike.

His action was rather intimate, Ye Zhen Zhen was not used to it. Also not used to it were the people that were watching their interaction. Xian Concubine, Xi Consort, Wang Zhao Yi, Wen Jie Yu and others, which they all also accidently met JI Wu Jiu here, and seeing how good Ji Wu Jiu is treating Ye Zhen Zhen, they are all shocked.

Zhuang Concubine was there too, this woman was very smart, she took the initiative to stand beside Ye Zhen Zhen, and helped her fixed the clothes wrapping her. Ye Zhen Zhen was satisfied and started to glance through the women there. Xian Concubine already has a feel of cold and clear beauty, now she is wearing a silver cape made from fox, and with 2 plum blossoms on her hair, in the snow scenery, not only men even if the eunuch saw they will also feel their hearts beating faster. Thinking about it, most probably Ji Wu Jiu will take the chance to forgive her.

Ji Wu Jiu was in a good mood, he wants to bring his big and smile wives to take a walk at the plum blossom garden. Before they reach the garden, they saw a girl coming from that direction, wearing a red cape, and holding a white porcelain vase, in the vase there was a red plum blossom. The girl was pretty and looks gentle, such exquisite face, if not Li Concubine than who else?

Ye Zhen Zhen then only remembered, Li Concubine’s grounding period is over.

Li Concubine walked over with the vase, and everyone thought she would gift it to the emperor, but who knew she would kneel in front of the empress and said “Your majesty, I saw that this plum blossom was blossoming prettily, so I took it and wanted to send it to Kun NIng Palace personally, but didn’t know I would meet you here. Although not much this is my sincerity, I hope your majesty would accept it”

“Wang You Cai, why are you not helping Li Concubine up,” Ye Zhen Zhen was thinking, this time Li Concubine really acted well, on such a cold day, she still kneeled on the snow, such bravery.

Wang You Cai quickly helped Li Concubine up, and a maid from Kun Ning Palace immediately took the vase from her. Ji Wu Jiu saw Li Concubine and raised his eyebrows “why empress has plum blossom, I don’t have?”

LI Concubine looked at him and smiled “Your majesty, if you like I will just go pluck another one for you”

“No need, I remember in your palace there is also one plum blossom tree”

JI Wu Jiu was holding Xian Concubine and walked towards the garden, Ye Zhen Zhen purposely slowed down and looked at Li Concubine’s back, thinking who was so clever to give her the idea, was it really the maid servant Fan Chun? Ji Wu Jiu only punished her because she angered the empress in public, too rude, now she came to the empress and appeared to be good, to show Ji Wu Jiu, most probably what anger he has will be gone by now. Furthermore she is such a beautiful lady, she was prettier than the flowers, even if the fairies saw they will like her.

“Niang niang, what are you thinking of?” Zhuang Concubine asked

“ I was thinking this Li Concubine really looks like a plum blossom fairy today”

Zhuang Concubine pouted “No matter how good she is in acting it, she still isn’t a real fairy”

Ye Zhen Zhen knows that this time Li Concubine will make a return for sure, Xian Concubine also will return most probably, also there is the cousin sister of Ji WU Jiu, will be entering the palace in a few days. This time round the inner palace will definitely be lively. One man need to deal with so many woman, it seems like it is not easy to be an emperor, really a test to man’s body.

However, this all has nothing to do with her, she only hope that this women will know how to act, and don’t make any troubles for her.

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