Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 26

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 26

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Based on appearance, Xu Wei Rong can really carry the name of being exquisite, tall and slender body, oval shaped face, snow white skin like a peeled hard boiled egg, and a pair of shining eyes. Early in the morning when she greeted Ye Zhen Zhen, supposedly her rank as a Cai Ren should be standing, but being considerate that she just received her first night, Ye Zhen Zhen let her sit.

Xu Cai Ren is the niece of the empress dowager, the emperor’s cousin sister, that is why even Li Concubine and Xi Consort don’t dare to do anything yet. So that is why even though yesterday night the emperor slept at her place yesterday, today there were no sour words passing by, Kun Ning Palace was in peace.

However, even with seeing others were being cautious with her, Xu Cai Ren was not happy inside. Yesterday night, it is true that Ji Wu Jiu slept next to her, but did not touch her at all, and as a woman, it is not nice to go seduce him as well.

Ye Zhen Zhen as usual gift her some items. Ji Wu Jiu has already notified earlier that she cannot give jade toads anymore, so today the gifts were not anything special, Xu Cai Ren only took a look and ask her people to keep it, and stood up to thank the empress. Thinking that because of Ye Zhen Zhen, herself can only be placed as a sixth rank Cai Ren, she doesn’t really have that good of a feeling towards Ye Zhen Zhen, but because of her status, she has no choice but to give face.

The rest of the consorts starts to chat, Xi Consort said “I saw, the gifts that niang niang gave, there was a scented wood bead bracelet, it seems that the emperor also has one?”

Wen Jie Yu add on, “it really is, I saw the emperor wearing it few days ago”

Ye Zhen Zhen have too much treasures herself, most of them she can’t really remember. But towards Su Yue and Su Feng, she believes that they will not gift away things that Ji Wu Jiu give her personally.

The bracelet is not given by Ji Wu Jiu to her, but a gift from another country, there are only 2 pieces, Ji Wu Jiu thought that the scent of the bracelet is very nice so he kept one for himself, and the rest of the items was sent to Kun Ning Palace to be decided by the empress. That’s how the other bracelet came to Kun Ning Palace.

Hearing about that, Xu Cai Ren immediately wore it after returning to her place. In the evening she went to visit the empress dowager alone, Ji Wu Jiu was there also, the three of them had a little chat. Xu Cai Ren was trying to observe Ji Wu Jiu’s wrist, and found out that he really was wearing an identical bracelet.

When they left Ci Ning Palace, Xu Cai Ren did not bother about their difference in status and rushed towards Ji Wu Jiu and held his arms. Since she has always done this before.

“Whats so amusing?” Ji Wu Jiu asked.

“Cousin Brother” Xu Cai Ren held his hands up, and also showed her hands, “take a look”

Ji Wu Jiu heard that she called her cousin brother and not the emperor, was already abit uncomfortable, and then now he saw that the both of them are wearing the same thing, he asks “where did you get it from?”

“The empress gift it”

The empress having that item is not weird, Ji Wu Jiu took his hands back, and didn’t say anything.

Xu Cai Ren got closer to him, and smiled prettily, “cousin brother and sister, a matched made pair”

Ji Wu Jiu stopped, and pushed her away gently, “was that sentence said by the empress?”

The rejection of the other party was too obvious, Xu Cai Ren looked down and said “this sentence is not good?”

“Not good, do not say it again anymore” Ji Wu Jiu said, without realizing her disappointment, he took off his bracelet and placed it into her hands, “since you like it so much, I will give this to you too” and left without bothering to see her reactions.

Xu Cai Ren looked at the bracelets in her hands, and gritted her teeth. Her anger was rising. Her, Xu Wei Rong are childhood friends with Ji Wu Jiu, there are the true matched made in heaven pair, the one that should be at his side should be me.. Just because Ye Zhen Zhen’s grandfather is powerful in court, that was why cousin brother married her.

How can this matter be accepted so easily by her!


Ye Zhen Zhen don’t know what happened to Ji Wu Jiu, he brought a lot of documents with him to Kun Ning Palace to look through.

Although outside it was dark already since it was winter, but inside Kun Ning Palace, with all the candle and lights around, it was very bright. There was a pot of Narcissus flower near the entrance, the white petals are releasing gentle scents that are truly refreshing.

Ye Zhen Zhen was thinking, no wonder everyone wants to be the empress, only with this Kun Ning Palace itself, she will not allow herself to be demoted.

When Ji Wu Jiu came over, Ye Zhen Zhen was playing Hua Rong Dao (a Chinese movement game like Unblock Me). The game she was playing was made to be harder by the local teacher, making it more complicated and hard. Ji Wu Jiu saw her playing it, walked over and helped her win the stage in a few moves, in exchange of Ye Zhen Zhen flipping her eyes.

After a while of work, Ji Wu Jiu gave Ye Zhen Zhen a few documents, “I see that you seem to be very free, and have nothing to do, why not you help me”

Ye Zhen Zhen receive them, but before even reading them, she felt that Ji Wu Jiu has a bad intention. The experience from avoiding traps, definitely raised her awareness. The contents of the documents seems to be normal, all with contents that requires approval from the emperor. But looking at in detail, Ye Zhen Zhen found the trap. One of them was by Fang Xiu Qing, something about changing the main soldier at Da Tong. The initial main soldier was taking the countries money as his own, so without further a due, Ji Wu Jiu sent someone there to take his head off, and to calm the army there. Now the position is empty, so Fang Xiu Qing, wrote in to suggest Li Xu as the new main soldier.

This is the problem, Li Xu is her eldest brother, Ye Xin Fang’s in laws, can be counted as under the Ye Family side, but why did Fang Xiu Qing suggested him?

This Li Xu, althought Ye Zhen Zhen never see him before, but heard of him before. According to what she knew, he was a brave but temperamental person. Da Tong is a border army, there will be rebellious citizen there. As the main soldier there, that person would have to handle these situations well. Ji Wu Jiu should not agree to this matter. Furthermore in the army there is no such thing as being individualist, if the head makes a mistake the other soldiers will need to be responsible as well.

Ye Zhen Zhen thinks that the Fang Old fox, was really good in planning, giving such a huge problem to Ye Family, but of course for this matter, we still need to wait for the final decision by Ji Wu Jiu, but.. this idiot to give her this to see, what does he wants?

What can Ji Wu Jiu wants? Now he has thought it through, Ye Zhen Zhen is Ye Xiu Ming’s granddaughter, but since that she is now his wife, woman that are married off are water that is poured out, no matter what, this woman belongs to Ji Family now, since it is like that, he doesn’t want to trouble her anymore. But then again, since she married him, then she only needs to be by his side, and cannot side her maternal family anymore.

That is why he took that document to test Ye Zhen Zhen. The standard answer should be, Ye Zhen Zhen push back the decision making to Ji Wu Jiu, and implies that no matter what you do, I will support your decision; also even if not the standard answer, if Ye Zhen Zhen agrees to Fang Xiu Qing’s suggestion, Ji Wu Jiu can accept it also.

But, Ye Zhen Zhen gave an answer that was not listed in his mind : She raised her brush, and placed a big X on the document and said “Li Xu is brave but not smart, not possible to take on this post. I think Minister Fang’s is not so wise after all”

This is Ye Zhen Zhen afterall, Ji Wu Jiu thought, such straight forwardness, now even giving any extra thoughts or to cover anything, not to give him a good time.


Although bone breaking injuries requires 100 days to recover, but Ye Zhen Zhen has a very good body to begin with, adding the great medicines that are provided, it was only 2 months plus that her legs are full recovered. This fella has chosen a very special way to celebrate her ability to jump around again.

It seems, that evening Ji Wu Jiu was working hard in Yang Xin Hall, and a Kun Ning Palace was seen running into his office, “Your Majesty, the empress has gone crazy!”

Ji Wu Jiu threw his brush, and rushed to Kun Ning Palace. Feng You De was holding a black cape chasing after him, to help him wear on.

Outside Kun NIng Palace, there was already a small gathering, there was masters and servants as well, all of them were looking up, and mouth open unconsciously, looking like a young bird waiting to be fed.

Ji Wu Jiu looked up as well, and saw that on the roof there was a person standing, he immediately shouted “Ye Zhen Zhen, you come down now!”

Ye Zhen Zhen seems to have not heard what he said. She was standing on the roof, left hand on her waist, and right hand holding a gun, and facing the sky she was laughing, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The people below were getting more afraid. Kun Ning Palace was big and vast, making Ye Zhen Zhen look small on it. The roof was not stable, and was high up, even it is someone skilled in martial arts, they are need to be extra cautious, not to mention we are speaking of the empress right now….

Su Yue was worried till the point of crying, in a matter of seconds, Ye Zhen Zhen gone missing in front of her eyes, the whole Kun Ning Palace had so many people, but none of them knew when she went up, and how she went up.

Wang You Cai was leading a few eunuchs and ladder, and was trying to climb up the to the roof.

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly shoot the gun towards the sky.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The eunuch that just reached the roof got scared by the sound, shivered and dropped down with another eunuchs, and fall on top on the rest that was holding the ladder, making them turn into a ball of people.

The people watching were shocked, and all of them took a step back.

Besides Ji Wu Jiu, standing still, without any fear. His eyes looked straight up towards the person on the roof, his lips lifting.

She actually succeeded.

Enough of playing, Ye Zhen Zhen placed the gun on her waist, and started to think of ways to get down. When she came up, she used a chain claw, and she herself knows a bit of martial arts, it was not that hard to get up here.

But now, to go down, there seems to be a bit of a problem.

Wang You Cai brought the eunuchs to climb the ladder again.

This time around Ji Wu Jiu did not bother about this pride as an emperor and ran to towards the end of the roof, opened his arms and shouted to Ye Zhen Zhen. “Jump down”

Ye Zhen Zhen knows that Ji Wu Jiu is good in martial arts. So she was not worried at all, opened her arms and jumped down, like a bird flying down.

The people watching got shocked again.

Ji Wu Jiu looked up and saw Ye Zhen Zhen that was falling from the sky. This view make her looks pretty almost like a drawing. The time seems to have stopped at that moment, and in the midst of the moment he seems to have heard his own heartbeat.

Putong, Putong,

Ye Zhen Zhen has accurately fell into the arms of Ji Wu Jiu, when she fell into him, he spun the both of them one round, one of his hands removed the gun on her body and stopped.

Ji Wu Jiu then carried her princess style, and was not in a rush to put her down, but to look down and asked “how many shots?”

“Six” She answered clearly.

This time around it was Ji Wu Jiu’s turn to laugh

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

His laughter was clear and brought in a power, that was charismatic. Although it was not painful to the ear, but it coming from Ji Wu Jiu the people there was not able to believe it. The spectators there felt a goosebump and sighed, it’s the end, it’s the end, another got crazy as well….

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