Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 29

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 29

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Ever since she got punished to kneel in front of Kun Ning Palace, Xu Cai Ren caught a cold, she rested for a few days to get better. When she saw Ye Zhen Zhen again, she was more polite, not even a little feel of grudge can be felt.

Only disappointing those that was waiting for a show. But again, although Xu Cai Ren’s backing was strong, but according to the ranking, no matter what she can’t go against Ye Zhen Zhen.

The person who was most frustrated was none other than the empress dowager. From her point of view, Ye Zhen Zhen punishing Xu Cai Ren, was like slapping her personally. The worst part was that Ji Wu Jiu actually didn’t stood up and help Xu Cai Ren, she really don’t know what he is thinking. The empress dowager was trying to look back her son’s actions in detail, thinking back he was really weird recently, really understanding him less and less.

This should be understandable actually, Ji Wu Jiu was granted the position of crown prince at the age of 18, and after that he was sent to live in eastern palace, and because he is the only person that can take on the role of crown prince, with no other candidates, above him, his parents, below him the ministers, even the normal citizens placed high hopes on him. That is why he was working like a dog everyday, and the time spent with his mother can be said to be very less, naturally will be less close compared to normal mother and son.

The empress dowager heart was not stable.

She thought both Xian Concubine and Xu Cai Ren can be brought up, now the most important matter is to bring down Ye Zhen Zhen. Just that both Xu Cai Ren and Xian Concubine did not move according to her wishes, to work together. They are not close to each other.

Xian Concubine does not wish to have any relation with Xu Cai Ren; similarly Xu Cai Ren thinks that Xian Concubine is overly cautious and would not be easy to communicate with her. Actually, ever since she entered the palace, she was observing the rest of the woman in the palace, after much observation, she finally found a good sword.

“Someone like Li Concubine, with high rank, with the emperor’s doting, straightforward character and stupid women, of course would be a good sowrd” inside Kun Ning Palace, Ye Zhen Zhen, who was holding a box the size of a fist said.

The little box is box with many tricks, Ye Zhen Zhen just got it recently, she likes it very much. Su Yue heard her words, frowned and said “Niang niang, what you mean is, Li Concubine will join hands with Xu Cai Ren?”

“80%, will. Both of them has grudge against me, one with high position, another with hidden thoughts and evil, getting together truly match them, to commit crime together”

“Then, your majesty what should we do? Su Feng said a little anxious.

“What else can we do, to defend when they attack, as long as the emperor does not side them, just two woman, I still can handle” Just afraid that if anything were to happen, JI Wu Jiu might come and add another leg, not to mention their relationship now is not very good. Thinking about that, Ye Zhen Zhen thought that the case was not so simple.

When the emperor was mentioned, Su Yue frowned more, “niang niang, the emperor has not stepped into Kun NIng Palace for a few days already” Last time, even though he doesn’t sleep over much, but he will still drop by every two days to walk one round, now..

“It’s better if he doesn’t come, i like quiet”

Su Feng suddenly lowered her voice “ Niang Niang, I heard from Yu Ji from Gan Qing Palace, the emperor went out from the palace today, and some more went to a very uncommon place, making it very mysterious. Where do you think he went?”

Ye Zhen Zhen stopped moving her fingers, looked at Su Feng “How would we know where the emperor goes? Even if we know, we should not simply tell others. I think that Yu Jiu is not a good person, you better don’t communicate with him anymore”

Su Feng nodded, but still was very curious in her heart. Where on earth did the emperor go?


In our life, it is hard to be predicted, Feng You De was standing in front of Cui Fang Lou, thinking about life. He has already lived for a few decades, and he has never thought that one day he will come to a brothel.

Of course, he was here to accompany the emperor.

Earlier, after much contemplation, he finally shyly approached the emperor with this matter, and never thought that the emperor would agree.

For the emperor, to roam around in this type of place is really not something to be proud of, that was why Ji Wu Jiu did not even bring a single guard, and only brought Feng You De with him. But towards the guards, no matter what, the emperor’s safety is the upmost importance, that is why they still quietly followed him. Guards, they are best at being hidden in the crowd, Ji Wu Jiu was deep in his own thoughts, so he didn’t realise them following him.

So that is why, now one emperor plus one eunuch was standing in front of Cui Fang Lou.

Ji Wu Jiu does not have many life experiences, this is the first time he went to a brothel. He never needed to come to this type of place to look for girls, just that there are some words that he cannot say to the ladies in his palace, that is why he must come out here to ask.

Stiffing his face, he went in, the moment he reached the main lobby, he was crowded by a group of women, some was holding his arms, some his shoulders, one who was extra brave was even touching his chest. Feng You De quickly pulled these women away, but did not manage to pull all, Ji Wu Jiu has a form of attraction that makes these women keep sticking to him.

It is not that these prostitutes are very thirsty, just that Ji Wu Jiu was truly attractive, and his charisma was really attracting them as well. Not to mention for him to pay for them, even if they are required to pay for him, they would be more than willing.

So many women’s scent all mixed together was a bit too much for his nose. Ji Wu Jiu from his shocked stage finally came back and was able to quickly get rid of the women sticking to him.

The ladies were then all at the side whining.

The madam then quickly approached him “This gentlemen, looks like this ladies did not enter your eyes, I am not sure what type of lady are you looking for?”

Feng You De replied “get the best one here will do”

“Such a coincidence, today our Cui Fang Lou’s best lady was looking for a soul mate, would you like to take a look?”

Ji Wu Jiu, although has never entered a brothel before, also know what the best lady meant, so he nodded, and let the madam bring them to the back garden, and wait. There was already full of people, all waiting for the best lady to appear.

Actually this Liu Yue lady, was originally a musician here, very talented, many rich people were using money on her. So the madam force her to take customers as well, so she got angry and said that her first man must be someone she likes. The madam thinking that in the future this lady will also be under her anyway, so she allow her to do as she wishes.

That is why today there is such a scene.

Ji Wu Jiu just only sat down, then the Liu Yue lady came out, and saw him immediately. Politely saying a few words, her gaze stopped at Ji Wu Jiu’s sitting area . Everyone got soft from the gaze of the pretty lady, except for Ji Wu Jiu, who was still calm. After that, he was some how called into the ladies room.

Rationally, Liu Yue lady was really pretty, but in Ji Wu Jiu’s life, what he did not lack was pretty woman. Once he entered the room, he placed a stack of money, “I want to ask you a few question”

Liu Yue saw the money, her face got dark, “Sir, I am not money minded, I initially thought that you would be different from those man, who knew.. “

“I ask you, how only would a woman give her all to a man?”

This type of question asking towards a prostitute, the person would definitely take it as a hint, Liu Yue poured a cup of wine for Ji Wu Jiu, and said “to be honest, although I got to be sold here, I really never got intimate with men before”

This sentence was very obvious : I am still a virgin.

If for most normal men, when they hear this they would be very happy, but when Ji Wu Jiu heard it, he was very unhappy, and was looking at Liu Yue with disdain.

Liu Yue “….”

Ji Wu Jiu found out that what happened was slightly different from what he thought it would be, he wants to correct it.

Then, the madam leading a girl came in with a few dishes and was serving Ji Wu Jiu happily. In this area of business she has survived for so many years, her ability to judge people is very good, this gentlemen is definitely someone with a good background, rich if not noble.

Ji Wu Jiu called out to the madam “go get me someone full of experience”

Liu Yue’s facial expression got very bad.

The guard that was hiding on the roof heard him, and think in his heart. The emperor’s taste is really strong.

An experienced lady was quickly brought in, this lady is called Hong Yun, appearance seems to be elder then Liu Yue by a few years, wearing a peach colored dress, with a thick make up, when she walked in her waist was moving left and right. The moment she came in, she wanted to approach Ji Wu Jiu, but he quickly responded and did not allow her to come close, and quickly sat down, pushing her on to another chair as well. “Sit properly, answer me this question, and this money would all be yours”

Hong Yun took a look at the money on the table, and was happy till she almost can’t close her mouth, “tell me, I would answer you without hesitation”

“How do I make a women give me her all”

Stunned for a moment, she laughed “ai yo, what are you saying, which woman would not give everything to you?”

Was his identity been busted? Ji Wu Jiu gaze got serious.

“Sir, you are so handsome, I really can’t think of any woman that would not fall for you”

“…..” so this was the case.

Ji Wu Jiu sat down on a chair, looked down and said “there is a woman, she… doesn’t seem to be willing to be touched by me.

“As a lady, most probably she is just shy?”

“She is already married” Embarrassed to admit that she is his wife”

Inside Hong Yun’s heart, she thought, really can’t tell that he has such a good vibe around him, but actually he is an adulterous that is courting other people’s wife. Her face not showing a sign of what she thinks, smiled and said “If like that, most probably her heart already has someone”

”Shut Up!” Ji Wu Jiu suddenly hit the table and shouted. The cup on the table vibrated accordingly and made ding ding dang dang noise.

Hong Yun got scared by his sudden outburst. She used a handkerchief to close her mouth, to smile apologetically, but she just couldn’t do it. Currently the other person is having a very dark face, his gaze like a sharp sword, making people shiver from within. She also thinks that he might actually kill her, and it seemed like an easy task for him.

No, not only angry, Ji Wu Jiu’s shoulder was shaking slightly, He does not want to believe, he wants to ignore it, he purposely avoided it, and suddenly now someone to so straightforwardly say it out loud, like a wall that he tried to build so hard now having a large crack, making him unsure of what to do now. Such dissapointment, such anger, shock, as well as… not sure of what to do….

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