Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 32

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 32

AUGUST 27, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Ye Family’s madams, visited the empress again.

Ye Zhen Zhen was observing her grandmother, her mother as well as her sister in laws, they all seem to have a good complexion. Actually she was most worried for her grandfather, Ji Wu Jiu recently has turned the court upside down, and made Ye Family suffered a bit, this type of thing, it was hard for her not to find out also.

Ye Xiu Ming was someone stubborn and willful, to be bullied by Ji Wu Jiu, definitely he would be angry.

That is why Ye Zhen Zhen discreetly asked about her grandfather’s condition, and finding out that he is still very actively angry, she was supposed to be worried, also feels less worried now. If he is still active that means he is still healthy.

Ye Xiu Ming was not only affected by Ji Wu Jiu, but by Fang Xiu Qing as well. Fang Xiu Qing is a man, so old madam also do not know how he should scold him, so she decided to attack his wife instead, holding on to Ye Zhen Zhen and reminisce the days where that woman once targeted her father, Ye Kang Le, and he under the oppression of the old madam did not marry her. A case of breaking a couple was spoken in such a proud tone, Ye Zhen Zhen did not know what to say. Even her mother was embarrassed, but seeing old madam was very happy, she did not stop her as well.

Although not sure what really happened, Ye Zhen Zhen thinks that Fang Xiu Qing and her grandfather’s bad feelings did not grow on that surely.

Of course not, Ye Xiu Ming and Fang Xiu Qing’s relationship now, actually started because of work. When Fang Xiu Qing just entered the court, Ye Xiu Ming actually think that he has a good future, and the both of them were on good terms as well. It was just that the both of them have very different political views, so they slowly fall apart. Ye Family has deep roots, so the way Ye Xiu Ming deals with matters are not so forefront and straightforward, because he has to consider many sides, and this Fang Xiu Qing, thinking that he is carrying the burden of the welfare of the world, was much more fierce in his decisions. So the both of them started to have very different opinions and did not confer to one another, slowly they have turn to what they are today.

This type of contradiction is very hard to resolve, except to kill off one of the parties.

And when Ji Wu Jiu adds himself into this case, then it got even messier. Actually Ji Wu Jiu did not only use Fang Xiu Qing to control Ye Xiu Ming, but is actually wary of Fang Xiu Qing as well, if not to chase away a minister and to raise a minister himself, for fun?

Thinking about the relationship between the three of them makes Ye Zhen Zhen headache. The three most clever people in the country are busy fighting against each other, every sentence or glance also seems to have a hidden meaning, even thinking about it sounds scary.

Ye Zhen Zhen consoled old madam a few words and changed the topic to another direction. Madam Lu, then spoke about her brother, which was Lu Li’s Father, he recently was required to go to Dun Huang to settle the rebellions there, talking about the conditions of the warfare there, where the opponents are not good in war, but good in escaping, so there was not much that has been done now. Lu Li’s father is someone who has much experience in the warfare, so he was personally chosen by Ji Wu Jiu to handle this matter at Dun Huang. Upon hearing this Ye Zhen Zhen came to realize, why Ji Wu Jiu only demoted Su Jie Yu even though she made such a big mistake, it seems that her father is left to take care of the borders, so he can’t punish the daughter to harshly. She initially thought he didn’t want to harm pretty girls.

Also thinking back on how Ji Wu Jiu’s attitude towards Wang Zhao Yi’s miscarriage, in her heart she concludes that, that person really lost his heart while being the emperor.


That is why at this moment, the heartless emperor at Cui Fang Lou sneezed.

“Sir, did you catch a cold?” Hong Yun asked him. If it was another man, she would have already sat in his arms and used her handkerchief to help him wipe his nose, but the man in front of her now, seems to hate being touched by people. Hong Yun normally likes wealthy and big spender type of men, but towards Ji Wu Jiu there is some sort of force around him that scares her, and makes her afraid of getting close to him.

“No worries” Ji Wu Jiu took out his handkerchief and wipes. A simple movement, was turned into a beautiful scene by him. The white handkerchief in his hand was made with high quality silk, this type of silk has very low production rate and was very expensive. Can be considered as only available to the royalty, normal citizen no matter how rich they are they would not be able to buy it.

Hong Yun was looking at him while holding on to her chin, till he place his handkerchief back into his sleeves, she said “sir, not to hide anything from you, I have stayed for many years in this Cui Fang Lou, meeting uncountable men, but none of them are as honorable as you” People, as long as they have money, they will try to live better. But some people no matter how they try they still can’t be compared to those that are naturally honorable.

As an emperor, Ji Wu Jiu is normally immune to such praises, so he did not reply to her praise but said “let’s talk about the important matter”

Hong Yun laughed “Sir, please speak, I will listen”

“I want to get her”

Hong Yun thinks, man are truly bad, what they can’t get will always be the best. If to his appearance and wealth, what type of pretty lady can’t he get, why must he want the married woman. Also not sure which unfortunate lady got picked by him, I will help you lady, don’t have to thank me.

Therefore Hong Yun smiled “to ask me this question, you got the right person. Woman, they like men who are very cold, the more you ignore them, the more they will notice you. You scold her, shout at her, disgrace her, she will listen to you instead”

Ji Wu Jiu was a man that slept with many pretty ladies, although he is not clear with everything between the feelings of a man and woman, but still… in his mind he imagines, if he were to scold Ye Zhen Zhen, shout at Ye Zhen Zhen… the consequences would be terrible!

Ji Wu Jiu stood up, and took another stack of money from his sleeves and slammed it on the table, with a fake smile he said “what a good answer, these money, use it properly while you are still alive. If this way is not useful, the next time I would come and get your head.” He left after leaving those words.

Hong Yun was shocked till she almost fainted over, how can he threaten someone like that! Easily taking other people’s live, that was too much. But why did she think that he could really do it….

“Sir, please stop”

No matter what, when your life is threatened, other things can be ignored. Hong Yun said “ this matter we need to talk it through, I dare to ask, that person.. e.. madam.. what type of person is she?”

What type of person is Ye Zhen Zhen? Ji Wu Jiu was abit lost, he feels that no matter what words he used to describe her would also not be sufficient, the words really can’t be placed on her, they seem to lose it’s meaning once they are paired with her.

Ye Zhen Zhen…… is… Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ji Wu Jiu sighed and said “You only need to know, she is someone that is very hard to please”

Hong Yun thought that what he said was completely useless, if a married woman was so easily settled by you, then only that would not be normal. She smiled “no matter how hard it is to please her, it is not impossible. There is a saying even the female martyr is afraid of annoying man” When she mentioned the word female martyr, she glanced at Ji Wu Jiu, and seeing that he does not seem embarrass by this word, but was seriously nodding and said “That makes sense”

Hong Yun finally gave up trying to bring him back to the good ways, and said “that is why, sir as long as you always appear in front of her, be good to her, make her happy, as time goes by even the stones will be melted”

“How to be good?”

“Gift her items, what she likes, giver her, needs to share the same interests with her. Also, you must be gentle, not to say anything but you came here twice, but I have never seen you smile before, I wanted to ask if you know how to smile”

“As long as I smile it would be enough?”

“Correct, as the saying one do not hit a smiling person, if you always smile to her, than she would not really reject you so harshly”

Ji Wu Jiu nodded, “thanks” He place the money in Hong Yun’s hand, turned and let.

Hong Yun was happily holding on to the money and looked towards his back and added “Remember, you must not give up! If you were not successful, it must be you did not insist long enough, definitely not my problem!” The last word was the most important point.

Ji Wu Jiu nodded, and jumped down from the second floor, and landed on the floor with stable. Hong Yun was shocked, and so were the rest of the people there, except for Feng You De.

Feng You De was waiting alone in a corner, and kept staring at the woman that wanted to touch him.

Ji Wu Jiu ignored everyone’s gaze and towards Feng You De “Go”

Feng You De was very sad, the emperor came out so fast, it looks like he really can’t…

Ji Wu Jiu was quiet the whole way, and suddenly his lips curved up and he smiled.

Feng You De was in deep thoughts, thinking whether he needs to employ a Taoist to do some exorcism, it seems Gan Qing Palace has some dirty things…

So the both of them were quiet the whole way.

When Ji Wu Jiu returned to the inner palace, he seriously started practicing his smile. With his lips curved up, and glimmering eyes, he looked at the eunuch who was standing at the door of Gan Qing palace.

The eunuch immediately kneeled down shivering “Your majesty have mercy!!”

Ji Wu Jiu “….”

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