Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 33

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 33

AUGUST 27, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

After Su Jie Yu got hit 40 times, she was not able to get down from her bed a good few days. During the days she was recuperating, from the whole inner palace only Xu Cai Ren came over to visit sometimes, and it was also with hidden bad intentions, it can be seen how “good” her relationship with the rest are.

She was sad, and can’t help but blame Xu Cai Ren, the person who planned the idea for her. Thinking that she will need to punish her next time she sees her, but who knew that person will come by to visit her.

But before Su Jie Yu can open her mouth to scold her, she took the initiative to kneel infront of her bed, and slapped herself.

Su Jie Yu was shocked, the anger that was built in here got diminished to half, “what are you doing!”

“Little sis was useless, I have sis you suffer!” Xu Cai Ren said with tears streaming down.

Su Jie Yu scoffed and kept quiet.

“I am still new in the inner palace, I didn’t know the empress is so cunning. Today, my intention to come is not to get your forgiveness, just hope that you don’t keep the anger in your heart, if you are not feeling good, now you can hit me a few times, to release your anger”

Su Jie Yu this person, has a similarity with Ji Wu Jiu, like people to lower themselves in front of them. The lower the person goes, the more satisfied they get, and their ears will also get softer. She was infected ever since she entered the palace, she is like that towards Ji Wu Jiu, and the moment she turns around, the people under her will do the same.

Honestly speaking, there is something called karma, today so many women lower themselves towards Ji Wu Jiu, next time there would definitely be a woman that would be able to make Ji Wu Jiu lower himself to her. This was life.

Not to mention, the Xu Cai Ren infront of her now although was thickening her face to say pleasant things, so after placating Su Jie Yu the both of them then continued with a session of cursing and gossiping about Ye Zhen Zhen, almost to the point where they can stand shoulder to shoulder to fight against her.

After coming out from Lu Hua Palace, Xu Cai Ren slowly walked back, she saw in front there was a group of guards passing by, and the leader was someone strong, with good leadership feel.

“That is Lieutenant Lu?” Xu Cai Ren asked

“Yes he is” The maid servant by her side answered.

Xu Cai Ren has heard about Lu Li before, he is one of the popular bachelors in the capital, good family, good attitude, with a bright future. Previously when her parents were deciding her marriage partners, he was one of the choice, but…..

“I heard he is cousins with the empress, most probably their relationship should be very good” Xu Cai Ren stared at Lu Li’s back figure, and murmured.

No matter if their relationship is good or bad, using the fact that they are cousins, and both of them always meeting in the palace (albeit not intentionally), to place a fault on to Ye Zhen Zhen should not be a hard thing to do. Cousin brother is easily suspicious, rather believe things that did not happen then to miss out, not to mention this type of indecent things.

Xu Cai Ren gritted her teeth, her gaze turning into murderous intent.

Ye Zhen Zhen, I will definitely bring you down!


Considering that the empress has just recently showed her power, so recently the people in the inner palace was very quiet on the surface and people do not dare to scheme anything.

But of course, that was only the surface. But actually the people are quite in a mess?

As everyone know, the everytime the emperor smiles, most of them time he wants to bully someone. But these two days his mouth is always carrying a slight smile, and it looks very scary, it meant.. someone will be really unfortunate!

Just that, why the emperor until now is not taking any action….

Ji Wu Jiu did not comment on this weird atmosphere, but he also realise that smiling might not work. Because when he smiled at Ye Zhen Zhen, what he got in returned was a frowning Ye Zhen Zhen and “who are you planning to trouble now?”

Furthermore, it was quite tiring for his face.

So Ji Wu Jiu was not in a good mood. Other than that, there was something else that made him feel even worst.

As an emperor, to have multiple wives is very normal, at night to occasionally visit different woman is also very normal. But… no matter which woman he was with, he will subconsciously imagine that the woman is Ye Zhen Zhen. This….

This type of thing, is really embarrassing, and should not be known, but at the end Xian Concubine found out. That night when the both of them was active on the bed, and during the most important part Ji Wu Jiu closed his eyes, and with a very satisfied face said “Zhen Zhen!”



Xian Concubine felt that she was poured by a bucket of ice water, from head to toe. She looked at Ji Wu Jiu with disbelief, and eyes filled with sadness, and disappointment.

When Ji Wu Jiu realize what he has done, immediately pulled a long face, and didn’t even console Xian Concubine, tidied up hurriedly and returned to Gan Qing Palace, not staying the night.

Xian Concubine was laying on the bed, tearing up. She can accept that she has to share him, but she can’t accept herself to be used as someone else’s replacement.

Everyone say the emperor dislikes the empress, but the truth seems to be so. Evidently the emperor’s heart cannot be known.

Xian Concubine held onto the blankets and murmured “then, you shouldn’t blame me for being cold hearted”

The next night, Ji Wu Jiu was loitering in Kun Ning Palace.

When it was time, Ye Zhen Zhen was hinting him but he does not leave. The both of them did sleep on the same bed before, but that time Ye Zhen Zhen’s leg was injured so Ji Wu Jiu couldn’t do anything to her but.. this time it is different…

Now, Ji Wu Jiu was sitting on the table, only wearing his inner clothes. Under the warm lightings, it made his facial expression very gentle, and got rid of the coldness he carries during the day.

“Come over” He called Ye Zhen Zhen, his voice carrying a hint of pamper-ness.

Ye Zhen Zhen replied honestly “Your majesty, you know that I have a weird sickness, I cant service you” She will vomit if she tries..

“Come here, I won’t touch you” Ji Wu Jiu promised

Ye Zhen Zhen was thinking, if you touch me I will vomit for you to see. So with less worries she got onto the bed. Because all the people serving them was sent away by Ji Wu Jiu, he personally removed her outer clothes, and folded them. This made Ye Zhen Zhen abit shocked.

Then, he lay with her on the bed and held her in his arms, hugging her tightly.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt her whole body stiffen.

Ji Wu Jiu whispered in her ears “sleep, I said that I won’t touch you” For now..

Ye Zhen Zhen was very worried, but after being stiff for a while, sleepiness took over, so slowly she drifted off to sleep.

With her in his arms, Ji Wu Jiu can’t fall asleep. He thought that he really deserved what he did, there were so many women he doesn’t find them, but must crazily go for this woman. Now, to have her in his arms, but can see cannot eat, This is definitely a type of sickness!

Seeing that the person is in his arms already, it placated his feelings a little, but.. not enough.. way not enough. He felt that in his heart although not painful but seems to feel very empty, the closer he got to her, to more empty he felt. She was so near, yet so far from him.

He moved his arms a little, and in exchange he heard a sigh indicating uncomfortable-ness.

Ji Wu Jiu looked down, and kissed her black hair, mouth contemplating, but slowly it went down to her neck. He took a deep breath, and he was filled with her scent, light and not very obvious but was capable of grabbing his soul.

Therefore, a little brother on his body that was asleep, suddenly woke up and raised his head…..


The next day after the morning court, Ji Wu Jiu found out that Ye Zhen Zhen was not there when he went to Kun Ning Palace, the maid servants said that she went to Tai Ye Lake to ice skate.

For a man to chase a woman, the most important part is only one: One must frequently promote their existence. JI Wu Jiu was very clear about this point, that is why he changed his clothes and headed towards Tai Ye Lake.

Many people has gathered here already. Ji Wu Jiu found Ye Zhen Zhen has this ability, wherever she goes the people will follow. No matter how quiet or dying that place might be, she can also turn it into a happening place.

The frozen Tai Ye Lake, has formed a thick layer of ice on the surface, and people can go on without worries. Ye Zhen Zhen asked for a pair of skate shoes to be made, under the shoes was a piece of wood with curved up endings, looking like a small boat. The wood was polished well, and on the ice it was very easy to move.

Wearing this shoes, she was happily moving about on the ice.

But no matter how good, for a person to skate for the first time, there will be times where she lost her balance and moving back and forth. Ye Zhen Zhen nearly fell a few times, but somehow manage to stand back. Wang You Cai leading a few other eunuchs was standing on the ice, originally to help protect Ye Zhen Zhen, but they themselves were falling here and there.

Slowly being able to control her body, Ye Zhen Zhen left Wang You Cai and the rest, and was rushing forward, from far it was like a red cloud passing through very fast, or a bird carrying a flower flying through.

Ji Wu Jiu took interest into the skating and also walked on to the ice, slowly walking towards the middle. Today he was wearing a white robe, his black hair down, calmed face, with an elegant demeanor walking on the ice, almost like a fairy.

“Your majesty, move away, move away quickly!” Ye Zhen Zhen was shouted while skating with speed. She found out the shoes are not listening to her and couldn’t be stopped! Seeing Ji Wu Jiu appearing in her sight, she wanted to avoid him but couldn’t, so she can only ask him to move away. Thinking, for Ji Wu Jiu it would be easy for him to avoid.

But Ji Wu Jiu seems to be too shocked, and stood still at his spot.

A a a —- peng!

Ye Zhen Zhen with a very heroic posture fell onto Ji Wu Jiu, under the force the both of them fell, Ye Zhen Zhen straightened her waist, to find out she was riding on Ji Wu Jiu’s body.


And he seems to be enjoying it?

Ji Wu Jiu’s was laying straight on the ground, and was looking at her. Her back was facing the sun, and this winter sun was especially warm, and made a surrounding ray on her body, the ray pass through her shoulders and fell onto his eyes. So his eyes were rather painful now, and could not see properly, but the situation in right now, appears to be something red on something white, like a sunset on the cloud, making him thought that they are in a heavenly scenery.

“Your majesty, are you alright?” Ye Zhen Zhen saw that Ji Wu Jiu was in deep thoughts, afraid that he might have hurt his brain. She used her hands to lightly tap his face.

“You….” Ji Wu Jiu opened his mouth, though did not continue.

At the same time, Ye Zhen Zhen realize that she performed a misconduct again, she wanted to climb up from his body, but would not have thought that the moment she moved, he suddenly moved and holding her they roll around and ended with her being under him.

Now the both of them are even closer to one another, his hot breath was on her face, she turned her head away feeling uncomfortable.

“What’s with me?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked.

Ji Wu Jiu opened his hands, in his palm there was a hair ornament. It was dropped by Ye Zhen Zhen when they were rolling. He placed the hair ornament back on to her hair, and helped her tidied up her messy hair. Then suddenly he looked down, and before she can react, his lips were at her forehead, gentle and polite, and did not move even after some time.

You would definitely not be able to leave my palms.

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