Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 34

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 34

AUGUST 28, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

To make a complain report requires skill.

You can’t say what you want, but you have to truly consider what the other person is more sensitive to, for an example…..

“Your majesty, I heard that the empress before she married was very close to lieutenant Lu and are cousins?”

In Ci Ning Palace, Xu Cai Ren was massaging the empress dowager with her hands. The empress dowager eyes were closed but when she heard what Xu Cai Ren said, she opened her eyes.

Xu Cai Ren frequently visits Ci Ning Palace, first to act as a filial niece towards her aunt, as well to gain favor from the empress dowager, and not to forget she can see Ji Wu Jiu more often. Before she entered the palace, she was thinking that they would be a loving couple but it did not happen as she wanted, he seldom visits her.

Ji Wu Jiu was looking down and his hands slowly moving the cup in his hands, and replied liked it was no big deal “her family really has a lot of brothers and sisters. But since she entered the palace, then she is part of the royal family, there is no need to discuss those. You have nothing better to do already, why bother asking about those things?”

Xu Cai Ren didn’t know one sentence from her can cause Ji Wu Jiu to reprimand her, so she lowered her head “I am wrong”. Her hands unknowingly increased strength.

The empress dowager pulled her hand down, held it and slowly patted her hands, turned and looked at Ji Wu Jiu “blood are thicker than water, how can we break away from family so easily” then she look at Xu Cai Ren “was the person you mentioned Lu Li? He and the empress are truly cousins”

XU Cai Ren suddenly nodded “it seems like the empress and Lieutenant Lu really has a good relationship”

Ji Wu Jiu’s expression turned sour, he placed the cup in his hand down on the table, the tea in the cup could not take the action and spilled out, and some got into his hands and the table.

Xu Cai Ren stunned. And looked at the empress dowager with a scared look.

The empress dowager is not afraid of Ji Wu Jiu, who ask her to be his birth mother. She consoled Xu Cai Ren again, and towards Ji Wu Jiu she said “what are you angry about!… Wei Rong, was there something you want to say?”

Xu Cai Ren was contemplating and carefully took a peek at Ji Wu Jiu.

“Do not be afraid, just speak out, I will back you”

Ji Wu Jiu although still with a dark face, did not stop her however.

Xu Cai Ren then continued “actually… it is nothing big. Just that two nights ago, I don’t feel well, so I wanted to go to Ying Hua Hall to pray abit. But the moment I entered, I heard there was a happy conversation going on inside the hall. I got very curious, so I eavesdropped for a bit, and because I was too far, I could not tell what they were talking about, but I can tell that the voice belonged to the empress, and she called the man cousin brother, that is why I ask that question earlier”

The empress dowager’s face turned serious, “child, there is somethings that you have simply say… are you sure you saw it yourself?”

Xu Cai Ren nodded, “I did see it personally, if you do not believe me, then I will swear” she said and starts to raise her hands to swear.

The empress dowager quickly stopped her “alright alright, I believe you, but this involves the royal family’s pride, you definitely can’t tell other people” then she asked Ji Wu Jiu “emperor, what do you say?”

JI Wu Jiu stared at Xu Cai Ren for a while, making Xu Cai Ren shivered and afraid to return his stare. Hearing that the empress dowager was speaking to him, Ji Wu Jiu stood up, and answered “I would not dare to bother you, I will definitely investigate this case properly, mother please rest well, I will leave first”

Seeing that Ji Wu Jiu has left, Xu Cai Ren started to massage the empress dowager again. Her face is no longer calm like just now, she frowned and reprimanded Xu Cai Ren “when you want to act, why didn’t you inform me first, if today I did no support you, a small little Cai Ren, will never be allowed to discuss about the empress in front of the emperor”

“I am wrong! Because I was afraid of implicating you that is why….”

“What implicate, I am his birth mother, what can he do to me!”

“Yes, the emperor is a filial son, he would not do anything to you for the empress”

That sentence was pleasing, the empress dowager nodded and smiled. After a while, she got worried again “ its just that, although you said those words earlier, I do not think that the emperor will believe so easily”

“Do not worry, as long as we let the emperor see it for himself, even if he doesn’t believe he will have to believe”


Facts shows that the empress dowager still understands her son very well. Ji Wu Jiu rationally will not really believe what Xu Cai Ren said. Both woman that does not like Ye Zhen Zhen was putting up a show in front of him, it was very obvious that they what they wanted to do. He is not stupid, actually he is way more clever than normal people.

But although his rationality does not believe, it does not mean his feelings also does not believe. Although he can ignore, telling himself that was just gossip, but Xu Cai Ren’s words still went in straight into his mind.

In a quiet night, in a quiet hall, only one man and one woman, happy conversations… in his mind he kept replaying the scenes like it was real. Not only that, he even dubbed the scene, the woman in his mind was using a charming voice calling “cousin brother” so sweetly and lovingly.

After doing his work for a while, what he himself is thinking also he is not sure off already, then he threw his brush, and the brush rolled around on the documents, causing a streak of red lines.

“Feng You De, go to Kun Ning Palace and get me someone, I have something to ask”

Ever since the person he place at Kun Ning Palace was gotten rid of by Ye Zhen Zhen, he placed another one there again, but because Ye Zhen Zhen was very cautious, his people was not able to get close to her.

“Replying to your majesty, the empress, these few days every night will leave the palace at 7.20pm , and return at 9.50pm in the night”

“Do you know where she went?”

“I do not know”

“Alright, all can leave”

After getting everyone to leave, Ji Wu Jiu was in a daze at his sit. 7.20pm to 9.50pm, it was the time that he will not be in Kun Ning Palace. Recently he has been sleeping at Kun Ning Palace every night, originally he wanted to read his documents at Kun Ning Palace, but it was inconvenient to transfer these documents here and there, and also that Ye Zhen Zhen does not like it, so he will do his work in Yang Xin Hall and after in the night he will go back to Kun Ning Palace. That time, Ye Zhen Zhen would be in deep slumber already, her body was very warm when he held her in his arms, he will get warm very fast too, both of them will sleep like that, the feeling was very secured and nice.

Originally he thought their relationship was improving, but didn’t know what Ye Zhen Zhen was doing everynight when he was not around.

What did he do wrong? Ji Wu Jiu unconsciously grabbed on to the chair’s handle with much force. The truth is infront of him, if he wants to investigate, he definitely would be able to do so. But he was not sure if he really wanted to investigate.

After all…. What if it was real?

What can he do to her?

Thinking about it, Ji Wu Jiu’s gaze suddenly changed, and the strength of his hands increased, “pa” the item in his hands got broken into two.


At the same time, somewhere in the inner palace, Lieutenant Lu was looking at an embroidered pouch in his hands, and asked the eunuch in front of him “you were saying, the empress ordered me to go to Ying Hua Hall at 7.50pm to meet, and to discuss about something?”

The eunuch answered “Exactly”

Lu Li placed the pouch into his sleeves and replied “thank you, I will definitely meet her on time”

The eunuch went off. Lu Li took out the pouch and pondered. This was definitely Ye Zhen Zhen’s personally made pouch, but her behavior he was clear, normally she was very careless, for her to drop this somewhere was not weird, and to let someone find it to be used in an evil way… Furthermore Ye Zhen Zhen is not someone rash or stupid, to meet a man at night at a quiet place, something like this she would definitely not do. Even if she really needed to see him, she would also do it properly, she will either send Wang You Cai or Su Yue that level of people to convey the message, why would she send an eunuch that he didn’t know, something was not right.

Therefore, there must be some scheme behind this.

But since it involves Zhen Zhen, then no matter what he will have to go, and if someone really wanted to use the matters of male and female to accuse zhen zhen, then it is best to get rid of the person quicker.


After dinner, Ye Zhen Zhen rested a while, then took a book and left the palace, and only brought along Su Yue with her.

The winter night was very cold, both of them were tightly wrapped, Su Yue holding the lantern, and another hand holding Ye Zhen Zhen, and tried to convince her “Your majesty, tonight it is so cold, why not we don’t go tonight?”

“No, I have to be commited”

These few days where did Ye Zhen Zhen go?

Answer : Ying Hua Hall

To do what?

Answer: Practice martial arts.

God knows from where Wang You Cai manage to get a martial arts book “Ying Yang Jing”. The book was quite thick and the pages have turned yellow, with some holes that seems to have been eaten by insects, it looks like an old book, making people think that it had aided in the previous jianghu matters.. all in all this book was giving out a feel of ultimate martial arts book.

On the book it was written, to practice this skill, you must find a quiet and uninterrupted location, the best was deep in the forest, or waterfall area, places that Ye Zhen Zhen can’t go. So she can only find a quieter place in the inner palace, and concluded at Ying Hua Hall.

That is why these few days, every night she will come to Ying Hua hall to practice. “Ying Yang Jing” is a type of inner kung fu, so she would only be required to meditate and all is good.

No one stays at Ying Hua Hall at night, only an eunuch guards this place, but on such cold days, that guarding eunuch has earlier hide himself somewhere to keep warm.

Lu Li got close to Ying Hua Hall’s garden, and found out that there was light coming out from there. In the garden there was a huge tree, but is naked of leaves. He saw Su Yue beyond the tree who was standing outside the hall. She was very cold, shivering and rubbing her ears.

He walk towards her “Miss Su Yue”

Su Yue saw who he was from the light and surprised “Lieutenant Lu? Why would you be here?”

“I happen to pass by” Lu L said and took out the pouch and gave it to her “Keep this properly, do not let the empress lose her things”

Su Yue took it and check it, even more surprise “this is really what we dropped a few days ago, why is it in your hands?”

Lu Li just wanted to answer, but heard Ye Zhen Zhen asking from inside “Su Yue, who is outside?”

Su Yue saw that Lu Li shook his head, so she answered “niang niang there is no one”

“if no one, then there must be a ghost speaking?” The door open from inside and when she saw Lu Li, she smiled “cousin brother, it’s you”

“It’s me, Zhen Zhen” Lu Li smiled, “but, I cannot stay here for long, you have to take care of yourself” Then he lift his arms up, and nearly wanted to touch her head like how he used to, but luckily he stopped in time, and did not move.

“Cousin brother, wait for a while” seeing that he wants to leave, Ye Zhen Zhen quickly say, she pass the martial arts book to Lu Li “have look and tell me how is this “Ying Yang Jing””

Lu Li flipped the book, and returned it back to her “it is just some basic inner skill, it is good for you to practice them too”

“This is an ultimate martial arts book”

“Is it, then most probably I did not see properly, Congratulation cousin sister obtaining ultimate martial skill”

Then, from far a male voice can be heard “It looks like I did not come at the right time”

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly felt something was not right, this timing, this place, this scene, her relationship with her cousin brother….. it was too easy for people to misunderstand. Furthermore, Ji Wu Jiu has already suspected that she and Lu Li has some sort of romance going on.

Ji Wu Jiu walked out from behind a tree, not sure if it was due to anger or from the cold, his face was pale, and he seems to give of a very cold feeling. But due to the weak lighting, Ye Zhen Zhen could not see his expression properly, and only thought that his eyes is as cold as ice, and sharp as arrow, and directed at her, making her feel scared.

“Your majesty…” This time she is gone for, Ye Zhen Zhen really needs to explain properly.

However before she can speak, suddenly outside there were many lights. Two groups of eunuchs was holding lanterns to make a road, closing in the empress dowager was holding a maid servants hand and walking towards the, with a serious face.

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly understood. This was very obvious a trap, they have properly planned this, to frame her of adultering and to make sure she is cornered truly.

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