Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 37

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 37

SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Early in the morning, Feng You De was leading an imperial doctor with a full white beard to Gan Qing Palace.

This doctor’s surname is Tie, the head of the imperial doctors, and also the strongest in skills. Earlier on, he heard that the emperor wanted to meet him, he roughly guessed that it would most probably be about the night two days ago… about that night where the emperor and empress, when they played abit over board, he has already heard about it from Doctor Tie.

But far from his expectations, the emperor did not ask him to check his body, but gave him a book.. “Yin Yang Jing”?

This book was taken from Ye Zhen Zhen by Ji Wu Jiu. Originally he saw that the book was very normal, but after a while he found out there was something extra about this book, just that no matter how he flips the book, it seems the skills that the acupuncture points that this book involves are not really used to train internal kung fu, so that is why today he found a professional to look through it.

Doctor Tie, flip through the book, closed it and returned the book back to Feng You De.

“So?” Ji Wu Jiu asked

“Replying to your majesty, this book truly can help to cultivate a little of internal kung fu but it would not be effective. The main purpose is….” He tried to properly rephrase his words, “used to balance yin yang”

Balancing Yin Yang? Ji Wu Jiu looked at Doctor Tie skeptically: Don’t tell me it is about what I am thinking about?

Doctor Tie nodded: Exactly what you are thinking about!

He took the book from Feng You De again, opened it and showed Ji Wu Jiu “this book is called Yin Yang Jing”, actually this was a combination of 2 books, the front part was “Yang Jing”, to be practiced by males; the back part is “Yin Jing”, practiced by females. After cultivation, in due time, it helps to bring the Yin and Yang together”

In other words, it was something that helps the bedroom activities!

Ji Wu Jiu murmured to himself “no wonder now a days she is very manly in her behavior, she went and studied the “Yang Jing” part”

Doctor Tie didn’t really understand “sorry, but what you mean is….?”

“nothing, Feng You De, award”

After the doctor left, Ji Wu Jiu took the book and split it into 2, “Yang Jing” he kept for himself, “Ying Jing” he plans to return it back to Ye Zhen Zhen. Although the book has not been returned to her, he can’t help but be anxious about the harmonization of the Yin and Yang.

Then he went to Yang Xin Hall, but didn’t realize after looking through a few documents, Ye Zhen Zhen personally came to Yang Xin Hall to look for him.

Ji Wu Jiu was very surprised, one needs to know Ye Zhen Zhen seldom take the initiative to visit Yang Xin Hall.

“Is there a reason you came to look for me?”


“Then you miss me ?”

“I came here to watch something”

Ji Wu Jiu didn’t understand. He took something from his table and passed it to her “why not take a look at this first, should be more interesting”

Ye Zhen Zhen took it and glanced through, there were 3 documents, two of them came from 600 miles express mail, and another is 800 miles express mail, they came from Gan Su, Da Tong, Liao Dong, the contents were about a similar thing. Beyond the borders there were armies approaching them, and to timing was actually quite similar as well.

These three places is located at the northern borders of Da Qi, the south, middle and north, the distant between them is a thousand miles, if there are army movements there at all three places at the same time, then it is worth to be contemplated.

The opponents of these 3 places are the southern Tu Lu Fan, northern Mongolian Da Da Bu, as well as the eastern Nu Zhen tribe, all the head of their regions, armies are strong too.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at the documents carefully, and worriedly said “this groups of barbarians would not attack us Da Qi at the same time right?”

Ji Wu Jiu nodded, this woman indeed understand the root of the problem, this was what he was most worried about. He asks “If there were to attack at the same time?”

“If yes then we would need to defend all three sides, and not to mention these three places are very far, not able to help one another. At that time when our armies are separated to different locations, we would be in a disadvantage. Also not to mention we need to leave a portion of them in the capital to protect it, because if any of the three locations has been won over, the other 2 sides would definitely not be able to help, and also not enough time, so the capital can only protect itself” But if really so, then the armies that are separated into 3 different locations would be even more dangerous. Ye Zhen Zhen frowned.

“You said it very well, come here” Ji Wu Jiu gestured “Sit over here”

Ye Zhen Zhen know that he wants to show her something, so she sat next to him, the dragon chair is very wide, two person sitting side by side, does not make it crowded also.

JI Wu Jiu opened up a map infront of them, there was markings made on three places on the map. Looking at the map he said “what I am curious is, if it is real, then why will they join hands to attack Da Qi”

To go to war, the risk is very high. These barbarians have a harsh life, during winter if they ate too many lambs, then during spring they would have to spend it in hunger. So every two to three days they will go into Da Qi and steal things, and sometimes they will get something good. But war would be different, it would require countless amount of people’s live to change, unless the wages is huge, if not it was not worth it to try.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s finger gestured on to the map, and said “don’t tell me they want to take over our land? Their appetite is really big”

“It should not be that simple” Ji Wu Jiu ponders for a while and asks “how do you think we should place our armies?”

“I do not know these stuffs”

“No worries, just tell me your opinion”

“Tu Lu Fan compared to the other two is abit weaker, and is the furthest from our country, after they extend to Ha Mi, did they only have interactions with Da Qi. There is General Lu and General Su guarding there, and keeping them away from the borders should not be a hard thing. As for the other 2 places it would not be easy, I think we should place an army in the middle of Xuan Fu and Da Tong, as a second layer of defense. It is near to the capital as well, so there should not be any mistakes. Also, Da Da Bu’s armies is also scary, so there should be elite forces to guard there. As for Liao Dong….” Ye Zhen Zhen was contemplating a bit.


“I do not really know about Nu Zhen tribe, but with the rough terrain there, they shouldn’t be able to attack us there.” After Ye Zhen Zhen finished, she saw Ji Wu Ji was looking at her, so she asked “how did my explanation go?” A face asking for praises.

“Not Bad”, Ji Wu Jiu nodded, “but I think you missed out something, at war, we should not depend too much on the geographical reason, in the end the factor that determines wining or losing, is people”

Ye Zhen Zhen was not happy with his reply a little.

One of Ji Wu Jiu’s hand held on to her shoulders, pointed at the map and said “Tu Lu Fan, seldom wages wars with us, this time most probably they were threatened by someone, or used by someone, this two should be investigated further, Da Da Bu’s internal management is having conflict now, their leader and prime minister is not in good terms, a few ministers are also wavering, and wanted to treason, we can use this point; Nu Zhen tribe, their army and horses are strong, all of them are loyal and full of ambitions, they are the most dangerous group out of the three of them. That is why “ he concluded “Tu Lu Fan and Da Da Bu, is not worrisome, they are just chess pieces in this game, only Nu Zhen tribe is the one we should be vary about, we will need to properly fight with Nu Zhen, and let them realize the true power of Da Qi, so that next time they will consider it properly”

Ye Zhen Zhen was abit astounded with all these information

“What’s wrong” Ji Wu Jiu can’t help but brushed her chin a little. This movement was very light.

“You are very good” Ye Zhen Zhen’s clear eyes were clearly indicating her sincerity. Although this person is bad, but he has some real capabilities.

To be praised by Ye Zhen Zhen so straightforwardly, Ji Wu Jiu’s heartbeat sped up. He looked at her and said “if so, why not award me with something?”

“What award do you want?”

“Kiss me” He pushed his face over.

Ye Zhen Zhen was not used to how that person can change from a capable emperor, to a gangster in just a few seconds, frowning she pushed his face away.

Then, suddenly there were noises of people speaking outside, in the conversation include crying noises from a woman.

“Who is making fuss outside?” Ji Wu Jiu shouted

Ye Zhen Zhen though, in her heart she said, its here!

Feng You De, spoke through the door, “Your majesty, Xu Cai Ren wants to meet you”

“No” Ji Wu Jiu, still have not decided how he wants to punish her.

Therefore, outside Feng You De’s advice can be heard “Xu Cai Ren, you also heard it yourself, please return”

“I won’t, I want to meet the emperor! Your majesty, cousin brother! Your cousin sister is bullied by the empress!” She actually managed to lose the eunuchs, opened the door and went in.

Ji Wu Jiu was shocked by the entrance of something, e no.. someone.

This person’s hair seems to have dropped all, more or less, and was only left with a few strands, appearing to look like a few grass that was dying soon on a vast land, it was better to have none; not only so, her eyebrows was also gone, in a glance the pair of eyes was like it was placed on an empty face, with two black holes, with water coming out from it, her skin was pale, most probably because of the hair loss.

“Your majesty!” Xu Cai Ren was struggling to rush to Ji Wu Jiu’s side, and was held down by the eunuchs that rushed over. Feng You De took a look at Ji Wu Jiu, the latter nodded his head, so he left with others.

Xu Cai Ren was sitting on the floor, crying non stop.

Ye Zhen Zhen was sitting properly on the dragon chair next to Ji Wu Jiu, looking at Xu Cai Ren, and asked smilling “cousin sister, did you take wrong medicine? Why did you suddenly turn bald? Although it is rather interesting”

“It was you, you evil woman!” Xu Cai Ren glared at Ye Zhen Zhen, so angry that she wants to eat her raw, but Ji Wu Jiu was still here, she came here to ask for his help, that is why she is trying her best to control herself from going over to Ye Zhen Zhen to bash her up, she turned to Ji Wu Jiu, face full of tears. If it was when she still have hair, she most probably would still be able to bring up some pity, but now… it was rather….

Xu Cai Ren cying hard “Your majesty, your majesty, the empress gave me poison, that caused me all my hair to drop, your majesty please help me!”

Ji Wu Jiu turned and look at Ye Zhen Zhen, “you did it?”

“So what if I did it, if she can plan to trap me, I can’t give her a little poison?” Ye Zhen Zhen broadly admitted what she did and also added oil to the fire, “not to mention, she also used you, this also is considered to help you revenge” In her heart, she knows Ji Wu Jiu hates it when people try to outsmart him, this time he would not help Xu Cai Ren.

Indeed, Ji Wu Jiu nodded “Makes sense”

Xu Cai Ren did not believe Ji Wu Jiu would actually act like that, “your majesty, your majesty! You have to help me, the empress she…”

Ye Zhen Zhen stopped her with a smirk “I, advice you to stop the pestering, justice or not, it is not decided by you. Why didn’t you think, if I can make you lose your hair, I can also make you lose your head! I have already soften myself, and kept you alive, you did not repent but came here to make so much noise. You should keep your tail and be a human properly, when your hair grow back, it would be fine again”

Ji Wu Jiu wanted to laugh from her weird speech, stopping himself from laughing, he cleared his throat and called Feng You De in, “ Xu Cai Ren’s hair has all dropped, not pleasing to the eyes, from today onwards she will be demoted to 8th Rank Xuan Shi, no wages for half a year, and grounded for 3 months”

Xu Cai Ren was dragged out while crying.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt that she finally managed to get her revenge. She leaned on the dragon chair, relaxed her body, and closed her eyes, her nerves were in a lazy mode.

The more he look at her, the more he likes her. One of his hands was placed on the chair, the other held on to her should, looking at her side profile, the more he looks at her, the more he wants to kiss her.

No rush, now it is not the right time.

“Your majesty, what are you thinking about?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked.

—– I am thinking, one of these days, I will definitely hold you down on this dragon chair, and properly love you. (wink wink… hahahahaha)

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