Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 38

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 38

SEPTEMBER 3, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

Disclaimer : Slight adult contents in the middle of the chapter, each chapter as funny as usual.. hahaha

Ever since Ye Zhen Zhen knew about Ji Wu Jiu’s talent in handling wars, her impression about him turned slightly better, and will occasionally loiter around in Yang Xin Hall, to discuss some questions with him. Her job as an empress was not really busy, most of the things was settled by Su Yue, Su Feng and Wang You Cai, and some times she will trouble Zhuang Concubine, and the things that truly require her are very little.

So, from time to time she will come and disturb Ji Wu Jiu.

Though, Ji Wu Jiu does not consider this as a disturbance, and to be honest, he thinks the way Ye Zhen Zhen thinks is very miraculous, can think of what others normally won’t think of, and most of them makes him surprise, in a good way.

For an example, this time;

When planning the strategy to go against Tu Lu Fan, besides using the general to fight them on the surface, Ji Wu Jiu also wanted to set traps for them to fall into.

“Tu Lu Fan will most probably attack Dun Huang, this place is located on the west of Da Qi, so as long as we guard the route from Ha Mi to Dun Huang, then we can trap them there” Ji Wu Jiu explained.

“Then what about Da Da? They will attack Xuan Fu or Da Tong?” Ye Zhen Zhen asked.

“Da Tong”

“Why are you so sure?”

“Have you forgotten? The main general in Da Tong is Li Xu, this person is very good in attacking, but not good in defending, very brave but not smart” Ji Wu Jiu said, stopped a while and continued “such a great loophole”

This person is too cunning, Ye Zhen Zhen thinks. Suddenly an idea came to her mind, she said “actually if we know where they will pass by for sure, we don’t necessarily use army to defend against them. We can bury some bomb on their route, and bomb them”

Ji Wu Jiu nodded, upon hearing her words “this is a good idea”

“Furthermore, the best would be if this bomb does not require people to light up manually, as long as they step on it, then they should be blasted apart” Ye Zhen Zhen added.

The more he thinks about it, the more Ji Wu Jiu thinks that this idea is workable, and immediately called the arm power makers to discuss about the possibility, Ye Zhen Zhen was listening by the side, and occasionally add her ideas.

At the same time, Zhang Feng also brought along a good news, the multiple shot gun has been tested and it was very successful, a few days later he will submit in an official request to mass produce this gun, once the emperor approves.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes shimmered when she heard about this, and looked at Ji Wu Jiu earnestly.

Ji Wu Jiu’s got soft hearted by the way she looked at him, so he asked for another gun for her, but of course only the gun, no bullets.


Recently, towards Ji Wu Jiu, the empress dowager seems to understand him less. Her son, since last time has never dote on any woman fully, but now, he has slept in Kun Ning Palace every night for almost a month now. Not sure what that little demon did what to the emperor, making him almost not recognizing his own mother.

Therefore the empress dowager decided to advice Ji Wu Jiu and reminded him to rain fairly.

Results was, Ji Wu Jiu, not giving her any face replied her “mother, you worry too much, the empress is my wife, the relationship between us is very good, mother you should be happy for us instead”

Using this type of words to shut the empress dowager’s mouth is still quite useful, because in status, only Ye Zhen Zhen is the most suitable to be with Ji Wu Jiu, and only her have the advantage to keep the emperor to herself, she is the main wife afterall.

Of course, Ji Wu Jiu understands what is to rain fairly, before knowing Ye Zhen Zhen, he has always been like that, but now there is a little problem, no matter which woman he goes with will also end up with him thinking that the person under him is Ye Zhen Zhen, this makes him think that he himself has some sort of illness too.

But, to so frantically only wanting that one woman’s body, most probably it really is some type of illness.

However, no matter what, towards this type of issue, Ji Wu Jiu decided to follow his heart, what he wishes to do, he will do. And the thing that he wants to do the most now, is to make Ye Zhen Zhen his. Although the progress is not too smooth now, but at least she does not reject his touches anymore, sometimes when he gets a little more intimate, she will also accept. Also, at night when he sleeps with Ye Zhen Zhen in his arms, it was a good feeling too, his sleeping quality was very good too. After she falls asleep he can still be more intimate, to satisfy his needs dryly… If worst comes to worst, when his little brother can’t take it anymore, he will….. uhm… you know…

Though this type of night life looks like someone is truly ill, but Ji Wu Jiu is happy. He thinks that he and Ye Zhen Zhen are living the life of an old couple, waking up together, sitting together, eating together, although the conversations between them are not many, but they seem to know what the other is thinking about and are very compatible.

The above was all along only Ji Wu Jiu’s one sided thinking.

Ye Zhen Zhen did not realze what he does to her. Recently she was studying about the Nu Zhen Tribe most of them time reading books. Ji Wu Jiu asks her why she is studying about them, she answers “knowing your enemy, will never lose against them”

Ji Wu Jiu thought it was funny “you will not be required to be in the front line, to know about the enemy would not be under your job as well”

Ye Zhen Zhen answered “it is still best to understand more, who knows if one day it might be useful”

Ji Wu Jiu thought that what she said made sense, so he also went over to study together. The both of them were next to each other studying the same book, and would occasionally lift up their heads to speak a sentence or two, to discuss abit. Both of them, one red dress, another yellow robe, when they are squeezed next to one another, it looked like a plate of tomato fried egg.

Su Feng will come in quietly to help them change or refill their tea, and steal a look at the both of them. The male is handsome, the female is full of vibrant, like a pair of god and goddess from the heaven, and on earth it would not be possible to find another pair. The candle lights shining upon their face and body, under this warm light, it was almost like a very nice drawing.

This was truly a pair of match made in heaven, Su Feng thinks in her heart.


The empress dowager did not manage to get Ji Wu Jiu to visit other women, so she decided to take another route, to start with the people beside him. She first called upon Feng You De.

Actually, Feng You De towards the emperor doting only on the Empress, has his own thoughts as well. If the emperor found out that he is not able to… in that matter, instead of letting all the woman know, it would be better if only the empress alone knew.

Feng You De was contemplating, not sure if he should inform this matter to the empress dowager. The emperor is very prideful, and the empress is very young and thin skinned, so she wouldn’t tell anyone as well, if the both of them were to drag this matter, then the emperor’s illness would not be able to be cured, this time around, why not we let the empress dowager make the decision.

Therefore Feng You De only said this to the empress dowager “The dragon seed is weak”

The empress dowager was shocked, this was not a small issue, one must understand that until today, the emperor still do not have a single child, at such a young age, he is already…. Surely there must be a way to cure !!

But only to rely on Feng You De’s saying, the empress dowager does not really believe fully, so she asked the imperial doctors, to find out about the emperor’s health.

“Replying to your majesty, the emperor is very healthy, empress dowager, you do not have to worry” Doctor Tie replied.

The empress dowager purposely tried to shake him “you still think I don’t know? If you guys dared to lie in front of me and delay in curing the emperor, I will definitely not forgive you all!”

Looks like the emperor’s little brother being pulled was made known to the empress dowager, Doctor Tie thinks for a while, and replied “replying to your majesty, the emperor really injured the dragon root, but as long as he recuperate for a while, he will definitely recover properly”

Hurt his dragon root!

The empress dowager eye’s flipped and fainted.

Doctor Tie, checked the empress dowager, and she also slowly got up. Doctor Tie knows that she is like this because she is truly worried about the emperor, so he patiently explained Ji Wu Jiu’s situation to her in detail, and the empress dowager only thought that he was lying to console her, and felt even worse after listening to him.

So the empress dowager decided to not mention about raining fairly to Ji Wu Jiu at this moment, in order to rain fairly, one must first have rain.

News cannot be hidden, soon almost everyone in the inner palace, started to gossip with the little facts they know, and concluded.. The emperor… he can’t….

This news in within three days has been quietly distributed throughout the whole palace, Kun Ning Palace’s servants also know about it, Su Yue tried to ask Ye Zhen Zhen about it, and what she got as an answer was Ye Zhen Zhen’s cluelessness.

Su Yue was speechless, and asked bluntly “niang niang, the emperor, can or can not?”

“I don’t know”

“NIang NIang!, You need to know, you must know!”

“Ok, I will go ask him later”


Su Yue thought Ye Zhen Zhen was just joking. She was thinking, if the empress don’t know whether he can perform or not, that means the emperor did not touch her, and the emperor to stay here every night but did not touch her, it concludes to this… the rumors are true.

Today, afternoon, Ji Wu Jiu once again went to Kun Ning Palace to eat, after eating he asked for tea. Su Feng’s tea brewing skills are the best in the inner palace. Ji Wu Jiu found out, no matter from which point, Ye Zhen Zhen seems to be enjoying life better than him the emperor.

Ye Zhen Zhen ordered everyone to go out and said “Your majesty, they all said that you cannot perform”

“Pu—“ the tea that Ji Wu Jiu just sipped was spat out. He took out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth, and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen without any expression.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him calmly, and waits for his answer.

Ji Wu Jiu is not sure if he should be angry or happy, he stood up and headed towards Ye Zhen Zhen, said “you close your eyes”

Ye Zhen Zhen closed her eyes. She felt Ji Wu Jiu took her hands, and placed it on something, then that thing turned bigger and harder….

“Truth against rumors, you come and feel it yourself, whether I can or cannot” Ji Wu Jiu’s voice carries a hint of smile, and also seems to be suppressing something as well.

Although Ye Zhen Zhen has not much experience on this matter, but she also knows what it was, she quickly withdraw her hands, and opened her eyes, and the feeling of dislike can be seen on her face.

Her reaction really hurt Ji Wu Jiu’s feelings, in his heart a feeling of anger was slowly growing, as well as an unstoppably desire.

He thinks he will not be able to suppress it any longer.


If we were to say that if there is anyone who do now know about the emperor not being able to perform, then that person would be Su Jie Yu. These days she is recuperating with closed doors, even Xu Cai Ren did not come to visit, and only heard later than Xu Cai Ren was demoted as Xuan Shi, and was also grounded.

So when Su JIe Yu finally recovered, she went to visit Xu Xuan Shi, these two people when they meet they shared their stories and in the end, ended up crying together. Su Jie Yu then accidently touched Xu Xuan Shi’s bald head, with the baby hair growing, the more she touched it the more addicted she got into touching them.

Xu Xuan Shi’s hair has already grown a thin layer, from far, it looked like a furry melon, So even if there was no order from Ji Wu Jiu to be grounded, she would not get out of the room as well.

After visiting Xu Xuan Shi, Su Jie Yu started to think of how to get back the emperor’s heart. She finally understood, there was no point in revenge, the most important thing now is still to grab a hold of the emperor

After that she did something stupid, something so stupid that Ye Zhen Zhen regrets so much that she did not kill her earlier.

Note: Jeng Jeng Jeng, what could that stupid thing be? Muahahaha ~

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