Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 39

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 39

SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 ~ LAMLAM1990

December 12th, another snow fall. The whole palace seems be covered by a pair of swan’s wings, white and peaceful. The weather after the snow is extra refreshing, all the servants were attracted out to take walks and to stretch their bodies.

At the eastern side of the palace, there is a small garden called Luo Chun Yuan, according to the stories, it seems an emperor has built this garden for a concubine that he liked last time. This place is rather secluded, also simple and small, there are some plants here but not as interesting as the imperial garden’s, so there are very little people that head over here. But there is a small pavilion here called Fu Wang Pavilion, very well built. This pavilion is built on top of a man made hill, quite spacious inside, and also is considered the tallest place in the inner palace, when one stands in this pavilion, you would be able to see the entire inner palace. Looking at the people walking around in the palace, Ji Wu Jiu will have this feeling of being able grasp everything under his control, almost like he is the one that can decide all their fates.

Why do people love power so much? Because with power, you will gain control, to be able to control the life and death of many people, will help them gain security and accomplishment. Men, from the very moment they were a monkey, they have already been separated according to status, to obtain power. This fact has been driven into their blood and bones, after thousands and thousands of years, it is still so.

That is why, to fight for power or control is born within any males. It is just that some people are restricted by certain conditions, and will reduce their capability to fight for power. Ji Wu Jiu is standing on the highest peak of the Da Qi empire, to objectively discuss about his conditions, it is formed by finance, army, science, population, and others, if to say that he is also at the highest position of power in the whole mankind, it is not wrong to say so as well. To stand on the place he is at now, he has already been forced to be involved in any sorts of power struggle, to scheme and plan against others, full of experience, and also smarter than the rest, even Ye Xiu Ming and Fang Xiu Qing, this two current ministers are also being controlled by him, he really is a very capable little rascal.

This also caused a very sever outcome: He is used to scheming and trapping people to keep them under his control. However, in this world not everything can be controlled by him, and also not everything or matter can be schemed upon.

A very long time later, Ji Wu Jiu will frequently think back, if he had understood those principles, then there would not be so many obstacles that happened.


Knowing that Ji Wu Jiu will occasionally go to Fu Wang Pavilion to look at the people under him, is not many, Su Jie Yu who has been with him for many years, would be one of them. That is why, not too long after Ji Wu Jiu stood at Fu Wang Pavilion, Su Jie Yu came up. She was personally carrying a tray, with 2 big cups with cover on top; Fan Chun was following her at the back, after reaching, she placed two fox seat covers on to the stone chairs there.

Su Jie Yu put down her tray, massaged her arms, smiled and said gently “Your majesty, it is very cold here, drink a cup of hot tea to warm yourself up”

Ji Wu Jiu sat next to the stone table, Su Jie Yu opened up one of the cups, inside there was another cup of tea being warmed up with hot water, so much water, it must have been hard for her to carry it up. She dried up the smaller tea cup, and with both her hands she placed it in front of Ji Wu Jiu.

When it comes to being gentle and caring, Xian Concubine carries it best with her mouth, while Su Jie Yu carries it best with her hands. It has been years, how many faults has she made, how many people has she angered, till Ye Zhen Zhen entered the palace did she only face many challenges, that is because she always has the capability to soften Ji Wu Jiu’s heart.

With this cold weather, what is needed is none other than a cup of hot tea to warm up.

Ji Wu Jiu took the tea, and take a look at the tea, the colour was reddish, smells very nice, it was Shi Qi Red tea. This type of red tea has a nickname “Qun Fang Zui”, it is a type of famous tea, every year the best tea will be sent into the palace for the imperial family. This type of red tea is not the best, but Ji Wu Jiu really likes the colour and smell, that is why this time Su Jie Yu really provided what he liked, seeing that after smelling it Ji Wu Jiu took a sip, she finally calmed down.

Then, someone else climbed up as well.

Ye Zhen Zhen was dressed up like a fur seller by Su Yue again. She was holding a heater in her hands, on her head she was wearing a fox hat, and when she saw Ji Wu Jiu and Su Jie Yu in the pavilion, she immediately turned around and tried to leave.

Ji Wu Jiu called her “Empress, why not come and sit together?”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t want to bother about them initially, but afraid that Su Jie Yu will scheme something, so she sat down at the side.

Perhaps the flogging that she received was still in her mind, when Su Jie Yu saw Ye Zhen Zhen, she appeared to be not at ease.

“I did not know that the empress would be coming over, so I have only prepared 2 cups of tea, I hope you forgive me”

“She brought her own” Ji Wu Jiu saw Wang You Cai holding a big cup. He knew what was held inside that cup, it was her Da Hong Pao. (another type of red tea, Chinese tea… has tooooo many types)

The most authentic Da Hong Pao, is from Wu Yi Mountain, and the trees are very tall, monkeys are trained to pick this tea, and requires many steps to produce, and this creates high grade Da Hong Pao tea. This type of tea, every year it only produces not more than 1kg, and all are to be submitted to the palace for Ji Wu Jiu, and can be said that it is the emperor within the teas. Few days ago, Ji Wu Jiu gave some to Ye Zhen Zhen, Su feng used milk to cook the tea, and strained the tea leaves, and added some milk, warmed it up and gave to Ye Zhen Zhen to drink.

Ye Zhen Zhen liked this type of milk tea the most, Ji Wu Jiu does not like the smell of milk, so after trying one time, he does not drink it anymore. But, he likes to see Ye Zhen Zhen drinking them. When she drinks the milk tea, some will be left on her lips, then subconsciously she will use her tongue and lick one round, and every time she does it, Ji Wu Jiu will feel his throat tighten.

Therefore, he took all his beloved Da Hong Pao tea and gave it all to Ye Zhen Zhen.

Su Feng gave Ye Zhen Zhen a small cup of milk tea, and after drinking it, as usual Ye Zhen Zhen will lick her lips, and did not realize Ji Wu Jiu was looking at her. Suddenly, she heard Su Jie Yu screamed “Your majesty, becareful!”

Seeing carefully, someone actually came up from the back of the pavilion, holding a sword aiming at JI Wu Jiu. Su Jie Yu was seating next to Ji Wu Jiu, when Ye Zhen Zhen heard her scream, Su Jie Yu already rush over to block the back of Ji Wu Jiu.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s reaction was very fast, with a twist of her wrist, her cup fly out, and it flew towards the assassin, the assassin then use his sword to block, and missing his opportunity, Ji Wu Jiu has already stood up and was fighting against him. Ye Zhen Zhen saw that the assassin was wearing guard’s cloths and felt that something is not right.

Although the assassin is now going against Ji Wu Jiu that has no weapon on hand, it was still very hard to win over Ji Wu Jiu, and very soon was at the losing end. Ye Zhen Zhen wants to capture him alive, so she also joined in the fight. With the both of them together, the opponent has no way of wining, and was hit by Ji Wu Jiu, and when he was almost going to fall of the pavilion, this man made hill is very tall, and people falling down from here, will definitely die. Ye Zhen Zhen without thinking, rushed over to catch him. Ji Wu Jiu’s heart almost leapt out from its place, caught her wrist and pulled her back, perhaps he was shocked so the strength he used was very strong, both of the people was pulled back. The assassin fell onto the floor, holding his injured part, coughing non stop, Feng You De and Wang You Cai, rushed over and removed his weapon, and held him down.

“You are crazy!” Ji Wu Jiu reprimanded Ye Zhen Zhen angrily.

Ye Zhen Zhen saw that the assassin’s jaw moved a little, and shouted “Do not let him suicide!”

Ji Wu Jiu with quick moved walked over, one leg stepping on the assassin’s shoulder, raising his feet a little, aiming at his lower jaw and kick it a little, and what could be heard next was a Ka Ca sound and the assassin’s jaw has been dislocated.

Feng You De search his mouth, and took out a small black packaging, on it there was 2 teeth marks. What is inside is most probably poison. He wanted to bite through the packaging, but did not make it in time.

Ye Zhen Zhen finally let out a breath.

The guards below immediately rushed over and took the assassin away. Ye Zhen Zhen asked, while following from behind them “Do you guys know him?”

“Replying to your majesty, he is a third rank guard, Kang Cheng Lu”

Then Ye Zhen Zhen ordered them “Guard him properly, make sure he does not have the opportunity to commit suicide!”

Su Jie Yu finally came back from being scared, and climbed into the arms of Ji Wu Jiu to cry.

Ji Wu Jiu did not push her away. With one hand he held onto Su Jie Yu, and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, “why are you afraid that he will suicide?”

“I am scared of not having any evidence” Ye Zhen Zhen replied.

“Why are you scared of not having any evidence?” Ji Wu Jiu asked again.

Ye Zhen Zhen thought that Ji Wu Jiu is very bothersome, so she did not reply him and asked to leave. After returning to Kun Ning Palace, she is still worried. If assassins appeared in the palace, then Lu Li will not be able to run off from the responsibility of not doing his work properly, there could also be people that will say that the assassin is working with Lu Li, and if it continues so, then most probably Lu Family and Ye Family will be involved as well.

Ye Xiu Ming is a minister that has served three dynasties and teacher to two emperors, he can be said to be not afraid of any crime accusations, however there is one accusation that even him can’t take, that would be treason. Not to mention his status with the imperial family is very sensitive, if he were to be blamed to treason, some people would actually believe. That time, Ji Wu Jiu would not need to do anything, the whole nation’s saliva would be able to drown Ye Xiu Ming.

Actually what Ye Zhen Zhen is afraid of is, Ji Wu Jiu purposely change the facts from white to black. He is the emperor, and wary of the Ye family for a long time now, if this time he used it as an opportunity to get rid of the entire Ye Family, it would not be a hard thing to do.

Ye Zhen Zhen got more afraid as she thinks about it, the room is actually warm, but she still felt cold throughout.

Cannot be like this, must be able to find the true criminal before Ji Wu Jiu do anything!

Thinking till this part, Ye Zhen Zhen found out a loop hole: Why does the assassin want to kill Ji Wu Jiu?

To kill the emperor so openly like this, either there is a deep hatred towards the emperor, or he wants to treason. When Ji Wu Jiu was coronated, he has pardoned the country once, and when he got married, he did it again, he did not do any cruel things, even if he has to kill someone, those who are killed are big criminals and deserves to die, so to kill someone that was innocent, this possibility is very low.

To say treason, that it would be very weird. To commit treason, there is two ways, one is the citizens calling for a revolution, another would fighting over the throne. Now the days are peaceful, the citizens are living well, who would even bother to go start a revolution. As for the throne, if one wants to fight for it, the first part you must be a person that is qualified to take over the throne. The empire must be passed on to someone that has the bloodline, Ji Wu Jiu not to mention brothers, even a sister also he doesn’t have, and those at the side are too far, no one is eyeing at the throne as well. Wanting to kill the emperor? Ok, fine, then who would be the emperor after killing him? Do you think you can become if you wish to be? Who would be willing to accept you simply?

Ye Zhen Zhen found out that she fell into a black hole again. Not to mention to find out the real mastermind, for her now to find out the motive of killing the emperor also she is not sure…

Wait… kill … kill?… If ….The main motive is not to kill people?

A door seems to have opened infront of Ye Zhen Zhen.

She thought of how Su Jie Yu trying to block the attack of the assassin and how smooth her actions were. Su Jie Yu, a weak woman, that never practiced the martial arts before, how can her reaction be quicker than her, and Ji Wu Jiu? The assassin was behind Ji Wu Jiu and Su Jie Yu, in order to see the assassin, she must first turn back, if there was nothing why did Su Jie Yu turned back? Also, the place that the assassin appeared was directly opposite Ye Zhen Zhen, if to say the first person to spot the assassin, then it should have been her wouldn’t it?

Also, for a cowardly, unskilled, slow reaction woman, to see someone jump out from no where, the first reaction shouldn’t it be just mindless scream? How can she skipped this step and immediately guard Ji Wu Jiu? How can she be so sure that the assassins target is going to be Ji Wu Jiu?

All this coincidence fall onto a line now, Ye Zhen Zhen finally found a possible and logical answer: Su JIe Yu got crazy from trying to gain the emperor’s favor, not sure who’s idea did she get it from, or perhaps it was her own plan, and in the end she did such a foolish plan, wanting to act out a scene, using the method of saving Ji Wu Jiu to gain his favor again.

If it really was no, then Su Jie Yu is really stupid to no extend. The plan might look like it could work, and if it were successful, then it would definitely make her climb up her posts again, but has she never think about it failing? If it was exposed, then there would be unlimited people involved. This was trying to kill the emperor, who cares if it was real or not, it was definitely unforgivable, if really exposed, then General Su will definitely not be saved, even the entire Su Family would also be required to be used as a wager.

Therefore, it is very important to get the criminal to admit to the crimes when he is alive, and not let this matter implicate the Ye Family. Ye Zhen Zhen’s mind was only full of these thoughts while she walk back and forth in her room.

Note: Ladies and gentlemen ~ that was the stupid thing that Su Jie Yu did……

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