Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 5

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 5

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The Empress Dowager, does not really like Ye Zhen Zhen, Although most people can’t tell, but Ye Zhen Zhen can feel it, and those that know a little about the past could also guess. Initially the empress dowager’s family, Xu family was also quite powerful in the court, but after the appearance of Ye Xiu Ming (Ye Ge Lao),……

Though, previously Ye Xiu Ming did not grow power for himself only, because the Xu family has too much power that even the previous emperor has to consider their feelings before making any decisions. Therefore Ye Xiu Ming couldn’t take it anymore and joined hands with the previous emperor to cut down the Xu family’s power. In that power struggle, although nobody was sacrificed, has made Xu family very weak and until today they have not fully recover.

And now Ye family, is the one with power, it feels like the history repeated itself.

That’s why whenever Ye Zhen Zhen visits Ci Ning Palace to greet the Empress Dowager, she can feel that the empress dowager is treating her rather cold, though to others it seems normal because the empress dowager herself is known to be the quiet and calm type.

However, the Empress Dowager seems to like Xian Concubine, to the point that even when Ye Zhen Zhen speaks a little more to Xian Concubine, others will look at her weirdly

First, the emperor’s doting and now even the Empress dowager’s concerns, it’s only been a few days and Xian Concubine seems to be gaining more power.. in the long run..

“In the long run, won’t over Niang Niang be stepped over by her?” Su Feng exclaimed. She was keeping it to herself the whole day, only let it out in this manner, instead of “Phoenix Seal being snatched by her”, which was not too auspicious to say.

Ye Zhen Zhen was sitting infront of the mirror, letting Su Yue remove her make up, although she did glanced at Su Feng, and saw her frowning while looking at the sky, a frown so deep that makes people want to flatten it for her.

“You should really start changing your attitude, sometimes not everything needs to be said” Ye Zhen Zhen said.

Su Feng feeling better “ Niang-niang, you are the one being bullied here, and yet you are the one consoling me”

Su Yue added “Although what Su Feng said was not pleasing to the ears, but its true, isn’t it time to worry. The Emperor…”

“I got it, I got it” Ye Zhen Zhen, once both of them come to this topic, she finds it bothersome. “Why must we mention him, tomorrow will be the mooncake festival, I want to eat lotus mooncake.”

Su Feng wanted to continue the previous topic but Su Yue gave her a glance asking her not to continue, and both of them have no choice but to continue the mooncake topic. After that when Ye Zhen Zhen was finally happy, she went to sleep.

After she fell asleep, Su Yue and Su Feng went out to discuss.

“Tomorrow will be the mooncake festival, according to the rules every month’s 1st and 15th day the emperor will visit Kun Ning Palace, We should prepare properly, we can’t let the empress do according to her will…”

“I heard that each lady in the palace would personally prepare a mooncake to be presented to the emperor, our empress….”

“Don’t even mention to personally make, our empress’s skills don’t you already know.. DIdn’t lord cousin brother said that after eating what she ate, he wanted to go and die. If we were to present the mooncake from her to the emperor, won’t we be charged with treason”


Ye Zhen Zhen was laying on her bed, with her eyes wide open. Because she slept to much in the day, she cant really sleep well now. Her ears are quite good therefore the conversations outside can be heard clearly by her.

The next day, during lunch time, Ji Wu Jiu received 2 plates of mooncake from Kun Ning Palace, the little eunuch who brought it over especially told Feng You De that the mooncake was personally made by the empress, and to make sure that the emperor try it. Feng You De, although still not clear of the intentions of the empress, still made sure to pass on the message to Ji Wu Jiu.

A little surprised, “has this Ye Zhen Zhen finally realized her part”.. Ji Wu Jiu ponder.

Looking at the mooncake, the size is just as big as an egg, very small and cute, with Chinese prosperous words such as “花好月圆” and “国泰民安 . His dislike towards Ye Zhen Zhen was reduced by just a tiny wee bit, taking a piece, he took a huge bite.

After that, he was in a bad shape…


The little mooncake was lethal, during the dinner celebrations, Ji Wu Jiu was still in a bad mood. Although Ji Wu Jiu shouldn’t really be blamed, he was born in the royal family as the eldest son, was fed with good food from young, not to mention after being the crowned as the crowned prince at 8, he was treated even better, with delicacies and great food, making his palate extremely high quality. In other words, the food that he thought was so-so, if given to a normal citizen it would be an extremely rare delicacy, therefore if it is something that even normal people would think it is not so good, then.. to him it will be…

That’s why after receiving such a huge blow to his tongue, it is only understandable that he is in a bad mood.

Therefore, the consorts that were very happy to join the dinner, after seeing the expression of the emperor, also left quietly after the celebrations.

That night, ji Wu Jiu went to Kun Ning Palace, turned one round and left. This was a very clear message to everyone, the Emperor does not like the Empress.

After the dinner, Xian Concubine was deep in thoughts, standing by the entrance of her Yao Yue Palace, she was thinking about the last time she met her father, and his last instructions to her. “Must make the Emperor dessert the empress” (Actual meaning her is to change the empress)

It is certainly not an easy thing, that Ye Zhen Zhen is a really hard to guess figure, not to mention she is very clever, never in a rush to make decisions

Also, after receiving her second jade toad, the emperor has not flipped her name plate since.

Thinking about that, she let out a sigh..

“Niang-niang, are you thinking about home?” her maid servant Qiu Feng asked.

“This type of sentence, do not let me hear a second time, once I enter the palace, the palace is now my home”

Ji Wu Jiu heard this from outside, and was pleased. It is easy to find fault in a person’s words. Looking at Xian Concubine alone, she is indeed a beautiful woman, clever, very graceful and thoughtful, however when placed with Ye Zhen Zhen, she is still not up to par. Thinking about Ye Zhen Zhen, thanks to her all his consorts seems to be better.

Smiling Ji Wu Jiu went into Yao Yue Palace. Xian Concubine was too happy and lost for words when she saw him, looking at him with a very touched expression filled with watery eyes, Ji Wu Jiu felt good as a man. Both of them then sat at the courtyard, and enjoyed the moon light together, like a pair of match made in heaven

The atmosphere was very good, after a few drinks Xian Concubine was red, and blushing in the cheeks. JI Wu Jiu saw and felt warm too. He carried her princess style, and lightly pecked her lips, and decided its time to enter the chamber for the important business.

However, outside there was an eunuch making an emergency report. “Your Majesty, something happened at Lu Hua Palace”

This night was truly tiresome for Ji Wu Jiu, one of his most tired mooncake festival, in one night he had to change so many venue.

Therefore when he reached Lu Hua Palace, his was in a bad moon.

Ye Zhen Zhen was already in Lu Hua Palace, was in a pleasant mood sitting at a side looking at a crying Li Concubine, while pretending to console her. Hearing the words she used to console Li Concubine, Ji Wu Jiu frowned.

“You are still alive and well, why are you crying, stop crying”

“That little animal must have been involved with you in the past life, that’s why he is here to save you now. If it is fated, there is nothing you can do about it.”

“Zhuang Zi died a wife also didn’t cry, you just lost a cat”

“Su Feng, go to Kun Ning Palace, take some jewelry for Li Concubine to help her calm down, remember to bring the extra-large toad that I have, it’s a set with 12 other small toads, bring it over as well”

Li Concubine immediately stopped crying, facing Ye Zhen Zhen now, to persuade her to change her mind, which she agrees after. (about the toads..haha)

After understanding what happened, Ji Wu Jiu finally made his appearance, In the inner palace, something like this actually happened, this time he really wants to ask the Empress about it. (Planning to trouble her)

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