Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 6

Empress with no Virtue – Chapter 6

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Li Concubine received a poisonous mooncake on the night of the mooncake festival, if not for the cat she would have nearly died. The emperor got really angry after knowing about it, and the empress got an earful about it at Lu Hua Palace. The inner palace is not peaceful, therefore the fault was placed on to the empress, and she were to solve the case in 3 days.

This was the most gossiped news from the palace.

Of course Ye Xiu Ming would have heard about this matter by now, early in the morning court, he has already received many questioning glances, and after reaching home he got reprimanded by his wife. Most people know that Ye Ge Lao is afraid of his wife, in his whole life, he does not even have one concubine, even though he only has one son Ye Kang Le, which is Ye Zhen Zhen’s father.

“It is all your fault, did not want to listen to my advice, our Zhen Zhen is very straight forward, entering the inner palace will definitely get framed to the death by the other women” reprimanded Ye Laofuren (Old Madam).

Ye Xiu Ming clarified in a low voice “ Zhen Zhen is the empress, who would dare to frame/harm her”

“So what if she was the empress, she can’t even come back to see her grandmother. My poor granddaughter..” tears streaming down her face.

“It was all for the benefit of Ye family, if the daughter of Fang Xiu Qing were to be the empress, it will be dangerous for our Ye family… don’t cry anymore, our Zhen Zhen will surely be fine, my granddaughter will definitely be able to overcome such a small case.

While still crying Ye Laofuren started to scold Ye Xiu Ming, and he also does not dare to fight back, can only allow her to continue.

Ye Kang Le was outside listening to his parent’s conversation, shaking his head and sighed in the end he didn’t enter. Previously, for the benefit of his daughter’s future, he did not agree this marriage as well, and also had selected a good candidate for her, but because his father was too adamant he couldn’t do anything.

There is nothing to be done at this stage now, just hoping that Zhen Zhen will behave properly in the palace, unlike at home where she can do what she likes, and that she will be safe there.


In Kun Ning Palace, Ye Zhen Zhen is in a daze while staring at a piece of mooncake.

The mooncake is a white snow skin mooncake, with shrimps inside. Ji Wu Jiu has people purposely made for Li Concubine, and because the taste does not suit the rest of the consorts and even Ji Wu Jiu, every year this type of mooncake is only made for Li Concubine.

The only mooncake with problem, is only this snow skin shrimp mooncake. Yesterday night, when Li Concubine wanted to eat the mooncake, she took some out first to feed the black cat in her arms, but who would have thought, immediately after eating, the cat died.

According to the imperial doctors, inside the mooncake, something called “Xiang Fei Zi” was added. This thing is made from some fruits from the southern side. When smelled carefully, there will be a slight sourish smell, and does not really attract the attention of people, but when eaten there is a special flavor. This “Xiang Fei Zi”, can be used to cook, and also used as medicine however it cannot be mixed with shrimp to be eaten, if not one will appear to be poisoned or if not worst, death.

Ye Zhen Zhen already ordered all chefs that day to be detained and questioned, the kitchen has also been thoroughly searched, there was still no signs of the “Xiang Fei Zi”. This item is made from the south and is hard to get, not to mention low production, and also the northern people also doesn’t really like it, therefore it is not in the list to be purchased into the palace. Though there is some in the doctor’s office, but according to the inventory list, there was no one using it or even any that has gone missing.

Therefore, the only other option is to obtain it from outside and someone were to stealthily got it in the palace, and if it were really the case then, it will be hard to solve.

Ye Zhen Zhen, also questioned the guards guarding each gate, and did not get any clues as well, all of them said they were doing everything according to the rules and did not detect any abnormality. Ye Zhen Zhen did not want to use torture to get the answer, and even if she were to get the answer that way, Ji Wu Jiu is not easy to fool. This time it seems that he purposely made her do all the work. Only afraid in the future there will be more to come.

In other words, if anything were to happen in the inner palace, she will be brought to be reprimanded one round, and after scolding she will still need to clean up the problem, if not with a “Inner palace not peaceful, empress not worthy” title will be given to her, there will be no place for her to even cry later.

This method really is cruel and evil.

Alright, even though at this moment he can’t do this yet, but it will be hard to say in the future.

That’s why Ye Zhen Zhen does not want to leave too many faults in the hands of Ji Wu Jiu, especially the obvious types.

Therefore, Ye Zhen Zhen continued to stare at the mooncake, trying to find for any clues at all.

Another problem with this case is that the people that could be involved are too vast. Li Concubine has been in the palace for many years, she has worked her way up to her current status, and it’s already a miracle. But in this palace, even a little eunuch can be the culprit, no need to mention Xian Concubine and Xi Consort, these people that does not really have a good relationship with her. Even the emperor can’t be out from being suspected, this item after eating will most probably get poisoned, not necessary will be lead to death. There is also Li Concubine herself, she did not actually sustain any injury, it could be that she acted this play herself to get pity and also to frame people that she doesn’t like.

Ye Zhen Zhen is gonna lose it while thinking about this matter. Who on earth did this, if I find out I will definitely cut that person into a thousand pieces!


The next day during lunch time, when due to the case, Ye Zhen Zhen did not have appetite, Ji Wu Jiu was eating happily and even added a bowl of rice.

After lunch he dropped by Kun Ning Palace to kindly remind Ye Zhen Zhen, that she has one day left.

Without an expression, Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him “ If I can’t solve the case, what do you plan to do?:

Ji Wu Jiu replied “ You are my empress, I would not punish you for sure”

Only Ghost will believe you!!

“I will only note down another fault by you, oh right, you already have 2 in my hands”

“Which was the second time?”

“Poisonous Mooncake”

“There is still time, how would you know if I wont be able to solve it?”

“What I meant, was the poisonous mooncake you made”



The third day reached very fast. About the snowskin shrimp mooncake, Ye Zhen Zhen still did not have much clue. What a joke, she is in the inner palace, not the Crime Bureau, how would she know how to solve this case, not only that this case has so many suspects, it is also basically clueless!

After lunch, Ye Zhen Zhen already acted like a pig that is not afraid of the hot water. Afterall, all she will get is another fault with JI Wu Jiu. Holding a tray of treats she was prancing around, totally unlike the head of the inner palace.

Su Feng suddenly ran in hurriedly “Niang Niang, our Kun Ning Palace’s Ding Da Xiang committed suicide!”

Ye Zhen Zhen was shocked, without swallowing, holding her chin she asked “Which Ding Da Xiang?”

“The little eunuch that cleans the courtyard.. niang niang, now is not the time to think, lets go see him first. Su Yue thinks that there is some sort of hidden agenda, is currently guarding over there, not allowing anyone to touch the body or the room”

Su Yue is definitely courageous! Ye Zhen Zhen felt in awe towards her, a lady eventhough facing a dead body still can be so calm and think of the hidden agenda and carefully guarding it.

Ye Zhen Zhen hurriedly arrived at the side courtyard, where all the eunuch’s of the Kun Ning Palace stays. Ding Da Xiang shares a room with another eunuch, today the room mate was working, and not sure why, he suddenly came back, and found that Ding Da Xiang already hanged himself. When Su Yue asked him, why did he return he could not even answer properly.

Ye Zhen Zhen asked “ Most probably you wanted to take a nap and sneaked back here quietly”

The eunuch immediately kneeled and knocked his head to the ground “Niang Niang please have mercy, I do not dare anymore”

…… it was actually just like that, Su Yue thought, indeed only lazy people will understand lazy people.

Ye Zhen Zhen did not bother with him anymore and walked towards the corpse. It has already been taken down, laying on the ground, with eyes popping and tongue hanging out, it was truly gruesome.

“Niang Niang, I found this from his body” Su Yue, quietly gave a packet of thing to Ye Zhen Zhen.

Receiving it, she opened and smelled it a little, there is a little sourness smell. Closing her eyes for a moment, “This couldn’t be Xiang Fei Zi right?”

Many images flashes through her mind, like a few scenes matching into one, making a complete storyline. Ye Zhen Zhen realizes something and shouted “Not Good!”

“What happened, Niang Niang?”

“Su Yue, you stay here and see what you can find out, Su Feng bring all eunuch from Kun Ning Palace to Yang Xin Dian (emperor’s living quarters), if anyone were to even come close to the Yang Xin Dian, all knock them out and bring them here. Hurry!”

Su Feng rushed out after receiving the order. Ye Zhen Zhen gave a kick to the kneeling eunuch and said “ You also go! Hurry and go”

The little eunuch also ran after Su Feng.

Ye Zhen Zhen followed them as well after an afterthought, she was still worried. With her own set of orders Su Yue, cant leave the place and can only shout after Su Feng to look after the empress.

The moment Su Feng heard this, a red figure has already rushed in front of her, when she came back to sense, the red figure is already way ahead of her, sprinting through was Ye Zhen Zhen.

“ NIang Niang’ With the fastest speed she gathered the eunuch and chased after her as well.

Today, many people in the palace saw a hot red dressed empress running true the palace as though she was being chased after. Even though the maid servants and eunuch has been in the palace for a long time, they have not seen such a thing as well. All was scared white, not sure what happened and was afraid they would be involved, so they can only kneel on the floor not daring to move. After Ye Zhen Zhen finally passed by, Su Feng who was leading a group of eunuch was racing past them as well, it made them shiver again.

Everyone was shocked, anyone would be curious, therefore those that are scared remained while does that was a bit more courageous joined the group of eunuch that Su Feng was leading and ran together. Su Feng was leading in front therefore was not aware of what happened in the back, and the eunuch from Kun Ning palace also just received order to catch people, so they did not bother with the rest that were following them as well.

Therefore, as they ran past, their group has expanded 15 times the original size, it seems the people in the palace are really free….

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