Empress with no Virtue

Chapter 96

Chapter 96 – Countermeasure

When Ye Zhen Zhen woke up, Ji Wu Jiu was guarding by her side, he frowned, white face without slight color, really had become jade carving.

Ji Wu Jiu knew that Ye Zhen Zhen went to Ba Jiao Pavilion. He assigned detective there whom immediately reported back to him. Ji Wu Jiu was at Yang Xin Hall, he didn’t appear personally, just instructed the detective to properly watch the empress, don’t let the empress suffering injustice. The detective withdrew. He thought to himself which person in this world dared to make the empress niang niang suffering injustice. She was the one who always caused grievance to others.

As expected, in no time the onlookers at Ba Jiao Pavilion watched the empress niang niang beat guifei niang niang until she had become pig head.

But nevertheless Ye Zhen Zhen almost had miscarriage. She didn’t feel tired but angry.

When she woke up, she looked at Ji Wu Jiu’s pale face, handsome eyebrows and dark lock. She got angry again in her heart and didn’t look at him.

Ji Wu Jiu’s hand extended inside the quilt, pinched her hand and soon after withdrew, with attentiveness tucked her quilt properly. After that, he smiled apologetically and said, “Zhen Zhen, don’t be angry.”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s nose was ache. Looked at his appearance made her heart ache, “You are always like this, you never tell me anything, in the end am I your wife?” Saying so, she turned her back at him.

Ji Wu Jiu took off his shoes, reclined on the bed, and hugged her. He laughed and coaxed her, “You are the mother of all people, what for such bad temper?”

Ye Zhen Zhen lowered her head ignoring him.

Ji Wu Jiu sighed and said, “I didn’t tell you, honestly because I’m afraid you would worry. You see, today you almost have a miscarriage after hearing about this. Your body is conceiving a child. It’s inadvisable to tax your mind and body too much.”

Ye Zhen Zhen touched and stroked her belly, “My child is strong.”

Ji Wu Jiu kissed her cheek, smiled and corrected her, “Our child.”

Ye Zhen Zhen struggled to get free from him. She sat down and stared at him, “Tell me, what we should do now?”

But Ji Wu Jiu gave irrelevant answer, “Put on the clothes. Be careful of catching cold.”

Ye Zhen Zhen casually put on the outer clothing, “Speak.”

Once again he was long-winded and said, “Put your foot inside the quilt.” She was barefooted.

Ye Zhen Zhen was annoyed. She stretched out her legs and kicked him, “Say it without saying anything.”

Ji Wu Jiu held her foot in his arms and gently rubbed it, he laughed, “I will warm you.”

“Ji Wu Jiu!”

“I’ll say, Furen please calm down.” Ji Wu Jiu also sat down while still handled Ye Zhen Zhen’s foot in his arms, not allowing her to retreat. Her foot were delicate and soft, stepping on his stomach, the heart also stepped on a soft.

Actually, the reason why Ji Wu Jiu did not say was because he had not yet thought of a perfectly-sound strategy. However, he understood Ye Zhen Zhen’s temperament. If he didn’t tell her clearly, she would be afraid and could not sleep well.

“Bai Xiang Ru can’t do gu technique. If she had been able to do it, she would not have let you off, so her Peach Blossom gu was given by someone else. This gu can be solved by finding the gu master.”

“This gu master can be found?”

“I have investigated and found out that when she was exiled to Liaodong, she got acquainted with a Miao man who can do gu technique. The name of this Miao man is Teng Yi. He is the leader of gu Miao. He was once sentenced of accidentally killing someone and exiled to Liaodong, that was how he met Bai Xiang Ru. Teng Yi’s best gu is Peach Blossom gu which he gifted to Bai Xiang Ru.”

Ye Zhen Zhen hastily asked, “Where is this Teng Yi now? Can you find him?”

Ji Wu Jiu’s smile was somewhat helpless, “I have found him.”

“Then? Have you asked him to come?”

He shaked his head, “He didn’t agree to save me.”


This certain man really gave headache for Ji Wu Jiu. This matter of breaking Peach Blossom gu, got one solution but also impassable. Teng Yi watched foreigner entering Miao village looking for the way to break Peach Blossom gu, he refused to help. Zhao Zhi Cheng could not bring out the emperor and press him. He didn’t dare to say the emperor himself was the one under gu, so he just say that it was imperial edict, normally speaking, this was comparatively reasonable means. However, Teng Yi was so unreasonable.

Back then, this old man left the mountain to work. He was bullied by two young Han men, so this man personally killed them. The local official considered it as self-defense because of his old age. Anyway the ones killed were local hoodlum, no contribution and only bring harm for the society. Thus he gave light punishment, just sentenced Teng Yi with banishment. According to Da Qi law, southern people exiled to the north and northern people exiled to the south. Liaodong was popular region of banishment for southern people, Teng Yi and later on the whole family of Bai Jian Cheng went there.

The local official thought that banishment was light sentence, but Teng Yi did not think so. He felt there were people bullying him, so killed them was only natural, the authorities should not worry about this thing and should not even throw him to Liaodong.

That was why he resented the authorities so much.

Who was the big boss of the authorities?

The Emperor!

Thus he was inevitably hateful towards the emperor.

Now hearing the emperor issued imperial decree to have him save someone, Teng Yi refused to comply, grandfather I will not save!

The emperor personally decreed and had someone run around very far away to find him, indicating that this person was very important for the emperor. The more important this person, the more he did not want to save. He had a joy of revenge watching the Emperor anxiousness.

Zhao Zhi Cheng sent secret letter to Ji Wu Jiu to report the situation while seeking Teng Yi every day. He also saw this old man’s temper was stubborn, even if a knife was on his neck, he might not be obedient. Moreover, the one coming was a senior official, should not forcing Teng Yi too much. He did not dare to use the method of punishing serious crime. Therefore he had to play a role in front of Teng Yi’s grandson.

Unfortunately, Teng Yi was unbending. No matter what he refused to treat.

Ye Zhen Zhen found that this Teng Yi was a bit different from ordinary person. She also originally thought that punishing Teng Yi with banishment was showing consideration to the weak old man. Although the Miao village had their own rules, but in the end breaking the law in Han people inhabited area, naturally should be punished in accordance with the law of Han people. Moreover, everywhere under the sky is the monarch’s land (1), the place where the Miao people stayed was currently Da Qi’s territory. It was just that the imperial household treated these people’s policy as native autonomy, regardless of them.

But it was useless to say this at the moment. Moreover this word certainly would be ineffective towards Teng Yi. This old man had stayed in Miao village for decades and he was respected by everyone as the king of gu, inevitably his way of conduct was stubborn and very confident. This kind of man would not listen to any advice.

Frankly speaking, you could not reason with him. Both people’s arguments entirely were not one system.

If Zhao Zhi Cheng had known Ye Zhen Zhen’s idea, he would certainly shed tears and give thumbs up to Ye Zhen Zhen in the distant Miao village.

Ye Zhen Zhen finally realized Ji Wu Jiu’s frustration, one‘s last hope was present, but unfortunately could not grab.

She frowned and asked, “Is there any other way?”

Ji Wu Jiu shook his head, “Not for now.”

Ye Zhen Zhen blinked, “Is it possible to just kill Bai Xiang Ru?”

He explained, “This kind of gu insect is actually not only existing in my body, but also in her body. Both insects are a pair that can sense each other, otherwise will not have the effect of confusing someone’s mind. If she dies, the insect in her body will also die. The gu insect in my body will sense and it will be the same as gu poison outburst.”.

Ye Zhen Zhen thought for a moment, and thought a bad idea, “Isn’t it her who betray if she with another man?”

“It’s not that simple, the premise of betrayal is mutual love, which both of us must first …… I felt disgust looking at her, supposing that I really have something with her, I’m afraid that I will die even faster.” Ji Wu Jiu was not saying this without basis. The insect within his body always disturbed his will. These times, he would think about Bai Xiang Ru’s face, and then he would be very disgusted, thus he would sober and began to vomit blood……

Hereby, Ji Wu Jiu concluded that the so-called mutual love was not only becoming intimate, but also compulsory to do it willingly.

…… He could not do it!

Ye Zhen Zhen covered her face with both hands and said, “In other words, we can only wait for Teng Yi to nod?”

“Currently yes.” Contrariwise Ji Wu Jiu was very calm, “Look carefully before taking each step.”

“No, I cannot stand you become like this!”

Ji Wu Jiu held her and persuaded, “Heaven never bars one’s way (2). I will not die that soon.”

“Shut up!”

He laughed and hugged her, kissed her on her face, and soon after frowned, “With this kind of temperament, how can I feel relieved?”

Ye Zhen Zhen twisted his face.

“Actually I am more worried than you.” Ji Wu Jiu pulled her face to come over and pointed at himself, “Inside here will soon die.”

Ye Zhen Zhen angrily pinched his waist, “Then why don’t you hurry up!”

Ji Wu Jiu rested his chin on her shoulder, his lip gently stroked her earlobe, “Zhen Zhen also cannot wait?”

“Yes.” Ye Zhen Zhen rolled her eyes.

Ji Wu Jiu buried on her neck and laughed, “Then wait for me to recover.”

Ye Zhen Zhen was a bit anxious. Ji Wu Jiu always said that she was thoughtless, but now the thoughtless one was him.


Since Ji Wu Jiu’s policy now was to wait, Ye Zhen Zhen also did not have good way, so she had to hang her heart with him and wait too. Originally pregnant woman’s mood was fickle. Her nerve was tight and her mood was not good, thus she had to go out and beat someone to vent her anger.

So right away Bai Xiang Ru became Ye Zhen Zhen’s punching bag. One day one beating just like going to work. Even if Ye Zhen Zhen forgot to eat, she would not forget to give one beating to Bai Xiang Ru.

As a result, the Empress Niang Niang daily life can be described in seven characters: chifan shuijiao da guifei (eat, sleep, beat guifei).

Ye Zhen Zhen was excellent in attacking on the battlefield, when she dealt every matter of the six palaces, she could often keep a bit of sensitivity to other’s feelings, unwilling to do something with human life, but this did not mean that she would be lenient when showing her might.

Bai Xiang Ru complained without stopping. She failed to understand, obviously her hand was holding good playing card, but why she was ended up being bullied by Ye Zhen Zhen instead. She was beaten and became like this, she had no face to meet people!

Ji Wu Jiu was very considerate, wisely issued an order forbidding her to go out and did not let her to go out seeing people, also did not let others go and see her, only allowed Ye Zhen Zhen to go to Ba Jiao Pavilion to carry on ‘orders’.

This way, there was no problem with Bai Xiang Ru humiliation.

Beating Bai Xiang Ru, Ye Zhen Zhen felt utterly relieved, there was no qualm. This woman dared to do that kind of thing to Ji Wu Jiu. If not because of considering Ji Wu Jiu’s safety, Ye Zhen Zhen had already grasped a sword and chopped her personally. Ye Zhen Zhen knew, if Bai Xiang Ru’s scheme failed, she should be beaten. If by any chances she aroused any stormy sea, even if today Ye Zhen Zhen did not beat Bai Xiang Ru, if that day came she would not let Ye Zhen Zhen off. Therefore it would be better to have a good beating first.

Naturally, after finish with the beating, Bai Xiang Ru was served with good food, good drink, good doctor, and good medicine. It didn’t matter if she died, but the insect in her body should not die.

This time, Bai Xiang Ru could only say this to describe: To be born was not as good as to die.

Hence, she attempted suicide. Of course she failed to die.

Hearing this news, Ye Zhen Zhen first reaction was not believing. Bai Xiang Ru dreamed to be inseparable (3) with Ji Wu Jiu, she always clenched her teeth and restrained her breath in waiting Ji Wu Jiu to come, afterwards she could exterminate Ye Zhen Zhen and become the empress. With this kind of critical juncture, how was it possible for her to be willing to part and kill herself?

So Ye Zhen Zhen personally went to Ba Jiao Pavilion to look. It was said that Bai Xiang Ru’s fate was great. Because Ye Zhen Zhen beat her every day, the frequency of Taiyi visit was also high, on average there would be two or three times per day. When Bai Xiang Ru took the poison, the Taiyi just happened to be there. She was discovered not long after eating the poison, so they saved her in time and returned her life.

Ye Zhen Zhen assumed either Bai Xiang Ru deliberately eating the poison to frighten Ji Wu Jiu and her, or someone wanted to set Bai Xiang Ru to death.

Waiting on Bai Xiang Ru, Ye Zhen Zhen denied the previous guess. Although she did not die, Bai Xiang Ru’s voice was muted because of the poison. If it was only to frighten someone, no need to pick such powerful poison, a little careless and her life would be loss.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at Bai Xiang Ru on the bed. She had woken up, her face was wounded, and gauze wrapped around her head, all of these was bestowed by Ye Zhen Zhen. She had trauma after beaten up by Ye Zhen Zhen. Opening one eye and seeing the empress stood up in front of the bed, she almost fainted again.

Bai Xiang Ru closed her eyes and did not want to see Ye Zhen Zhen, tears fell from the corner of her eyes and one drop fell on the pillow.

Ye Zhen Zhen sighed. Although she hated Bai Xiang Ru, but she did not plan to excessively make things difficult for this person who placed gu to Ji Wu Jiu. After all, this woman liked a man so much for many years, actually it was pitiful.

But Bai Xiang Ru should not, should not, and should not do something like this. Using gu to obtain a man’s heart to love herself, of course it was absurd, not to mention the man was the emperor, related to the fate of many people.

And yet this man was her, Ye Zhen Zhen’s husband. If she became softhearted, means her brain was truly spoiled.

Thus Bai Xiang Ru’s tears now had not touched Ye Zhen Zhen a bit. Ye Zhen Zhen dismissed all of the servant, standing in front of Bai Xiang Ru’s bed, she lowered her voice and asked, “Who is it?”

Although she extremely hated Ye Zhen Zhen, but now Bai Xiang Ru and Ye Zhen Zhen were standing on the same boat. If she wanted to live, she shall get protection from Ye Zhen Zhen.

So Bai Xiang Ru wrote two words on Ye Zhen Zhen’s hand:

Empress Dowager.

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