Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife

Chapter 1231-1232

Chapter 1231 – God King High Realm Part 14

“What Lady Yi Lian said is right!” Lu Zhen frowned and continued coldly, “Elder Zhou Min, you’re indeed being injustice! It is unfair to the other disciples!”


Zhou Min sniggered and rebuked, “Since I am the judge, my word is justice! Furthermore, I shall set a new rule from now on. Disciples of the academy can’t cripple and kill one another. Battles must be stopped once the victor emerges. Otherwise, they will be expelled from the academy!”

Zhou Min was very influential among the academy’s elders. Hence, she could casually set academy rules. Therefore, she said those words…

Lu Zhen was so angered that his expression changed and said, “The person that can make such a decision within the academy is Lord Dean, not you!”

Zhou Min sniggered and rebuked, “The dean never bothers with such matters. Everything just needs to be reported to Elder Rong! But do you think this new rule wouldn’t be approved by Elder Rong? The academy is originally for disciples to learn, not to kill and cripple each other! I have the authority to expel this girl from the academy for casually killing and harming disciples! As for her friends, since they are on good terms with her, they can’t be any good. Our God Academy doesn’t need such people!”

Zhou Min looked gloomily at the rest upon saying that…

“Hehe!” Yi Lian chuckled lowly, “It was Xiao Yu that tried to kill and harm us first. If you want to chase us out from the academy, Xiao Yu doesn’t qualify to continue staying here!”

Zhou Min swept a gaze at Yi Lian before saying coldly, “What evidence do you have to prove that Xiao Yu wanted to kill you all? Why am I unaware of that? My disciple has a kind nature. She isn’t malicious like you all! Thus, she can’t be placed on par with you all on this matter…”

“That’s right!”

A cold voice was suddenly heard from behind the crowd…

“They indeed can’t be placed on a par on this matter since your disciple isn’t compatible!”

Lu Zhen was elated with faint excitement that surged in his eyes upon hearing that voice…

‘The Dean is here. This is great. I want to see how Zhou Min continues to act so arrogantly…’

“Who are you?”

Zhou Min’s eyes darkened as she swept a gaze at Lin Ruo Yu who was walking over to them. Zhou Min sized her up from top to bottom with a disdainful smirk…

“I am Mu Ru Yue’s maternal aunt.”

Lin Ruo Yu halted her steps when she stood beside Mu Ru Yue. She cast a sharp gaze at Zhou Min. With a cold voice, she said, “You want to chase my niece out of the academy? I’m afraid you don’t have the qualification.”


Zhou Min burst out laughing and said, “It isn’t up to a village woman to decide whether I have the qualification! Let me give you a piece of advice so that you won’t get into unnecessary trouble. Our God Academy is so prestigious that no one can oppose…”

Lu Zhen looked at Zhou Min as though he was looking at an idiot…

‘Does this woman has loose screws in her head?

‘Is she trying to use the God Academy to oppose Lord Dean and even said that the influential power of Lord Dean’s subordinates isn’t something Lord Dean can oppose?

‘If it wasn’t that her brain has issues, what else could it be?’

“Is that so?” Lin Ruo Yu smiled. Her smile contained contempt as she continued, “I want to see what you can do to me! Even if my niece wants to wreak havoc in the academy, the Elder Rong you have spoken wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Now, you want to chase her out of the academy? Do you think this God Academy belongs to you?”

The crowd who was still disdaining Zhou Min’s action gasped when they heard what Lin Ruo Yu said… 

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Chapter 1232 – God King High Realm Part 15

What status did this woman possess for her to act so imprudently to the point of not placing importance on Elder Rong?

Even newcomers knew Elder Rong’s position in the academy.

Currently, the dean didn’t bother with matters of the academy. Elder Rong naturally became the governor of the academy. Even Elder Zhou Min had to behave respectfully toward Elder Rong. Yet, she said Elder Rong wouldn’t dare chase her niece out of the academy.

Who did she think she is to act so arrogantly?!


Zhou Min burst out laughing. But there was insuppressible rage within her laughter. She continued, “Good! Really Good! Now, I will prove to you whether I, Zhou Min, has the authority to chase her out of the academy.”

“Someone!” Zhou Min’s gaze turned gloomy as she ordered coldly, “By my order as the elder, Mu Ru Yue, Yi Lian, Li Sha, and Qian Ye have violated the rules of our academy. Thus, they shall be expelled. They shall never step a foot within the compound of the academy ever again!”

Lin Ruo Yu’s expression darkened gradually. Just when she wanted to say something, a voice was heard from beneath the stage…

“Elder Zhou Min, there is a matter I would like to mention.”

Huang Yu glared at Mu Ru Yue as she walked out from within the crowd and said, “Mu Ru Yue’s servant known as Fire Phoenix loves to seduce men! She must have been taught to do so by Mu Ru Yue. This could be seen as proof that she similarly likes to seduce men. A woman like her indeed doesn’t qualify to stay within the academy.”


A sinister cold power enveloped Huang Yu’s body once she said finish those words, making her shudder from the coldness.

When she turned her head in astonishment, a handsome and charming face momentarily entered her gaze…

“It’s him!”

Huang Yu’s expression changed greatly and said, “Isn’t this the man that was within Mu Ru Yue on God Mountain? Why has he appeared within God Academy?”

The man slowly walked toward Mu Ru Yue under the crowd’s curious gaze.

Instantly, a light smile appeared on his handsome face. His gaze from his purple eyes was like warm sunlight shining upon Mu Ru Yue…

“I have just left for a while. Why has a commotion occurred?”

Ye Wu Chen stopped his steps once he was before Mu Ru Yue. With a charming smile, he suggested, “Mu Er, do you need me to kill her?”

He turned his head to look at Huang Yu once he said that.

Every smile disappeared from his face at that instant. It became gloomy and horrifying. Killing intent was fully released from his body without any mercy…

Huang Yu felt it difficult to breathe under his tyrannical grandeur with her gaze filled with astonishment.

“This Elder has just implemented a new rule that disciples are forbidden to kill and cripple each other within the academy. Yet, you dared to want to kill someone before me! You clearly aren’t respecting me as an elder. Since so, you shall be expelled along with them! Somebody, cast them out of the academy and in passing, similarly throw this village woman out!”

Lin Ruo Yu sighed helplessly when she looked at Zhou Min’s arrogant appearance.

She didn’t wish for her identity to be known as she didn’t want trouble. Now, it seemed she didn’t have a choice not to…

“Zhou Min, do you really think you’re almighty? Let’s have Elder Rong personally tell you whether you have the authority to change the rules of the academy at will!”

Lin Ruo Yu sneered as she swept a sharp gaze toward Zhou Min.

Just when Zhou Min wanted to ridicule her, a familiar figure entered her eyes…

“Elder Rong? Why has he come? Zhou Min was stunned as she asked in shock.

However, Elder Rong didn’t even look at her and walked toward Lin Ruo Yu.

“Lord dean, why have you summoned me?”

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