Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife

Chapter 34 – The Competition Begins

Chapter 34-The Competition Begins

Three quarters of an hour past noon, the audience surrounding the martial stage were excitedly discussing who would win the competition. Some even set some bets. Of course, everyone thought that Mu Ting Er, who was at the Fourth Martial Stage, would be victorious, while last place would naturally be Mu Ru Yue. Who told her to be a trash?

“Up next, Mu Ting Er of the Mu family against young mistress Zhang Ya Xin of a honorable Marquis house.”

It was finally Mu Ting Er’s turn.

Everyone’s mood was roused as they placed their gazes on the green clothed young girl. Mu Ting Er seemed to be enjoying those gazes as she smiled elegantly, taking gentle lotus flower steps as she got onto the martial stage.

“Father, it’s elder sister Ting Er’s turn.” Mu Yi Xue pulled Mu Qing’s sleeve as she jumped excitedly. “Elder sister Ting Er is so amazing. Once she stepped onto the martial stage, the crowd quieted. Excluding elder sister Ting Er, who can bring about such an effect?”

Slightly raising her snow-white chin, Mu Yi Xue expressed a complacent smile. How could she not feel proud from having such an outstanding elder sister?

The princes and royals of the city couldn’t help but cast affectionate gazes at Mu Ting Er, but the other side’s eyes seemed to only look at Ye Tian Feng with a sentimental gaze.

Even when those men with affectionate gazes acknowledged that she only had Ye Tian Feng in her eyes, they weren’t heartbroken. They felt that only an outstanding man like Ye Tian Feng was worthy enough to be her match.

They were a perfect match— destined to be together. How could Mu Ru Yue, who had her marriage withdrawn, be compatible with him? How was she comparable to Ting Er?

If they were in Ye Tian Feng’s shoes, they would definitely pick Mu Ting Er over the trash that only had a beautiful appearance.

“Young mistress Zhang, let’s begin.”

Mu Ting Er turned her gaze towards Zhang Ya Xin, a friendly smile on her face. No matter who saw her face, they wouldn’t feel discomfort towards her.

“Lady Mu, you don’t need to be courteous.” Zhang Ya Xin smiled and released the long whip attached to her waist. A bright red, long whip immediately soared into the air.

Hearing wind in her ear, Mu Ting Er moved her body to the side to avoid that blow and rapidly charged across the stage. In a few breaths time, she had already moved behind her opponent.

Feeling an icy sword against her neck, Zhang Ya Xin’s body shuddered as she smiled wryly. “Lady Mu, it seems that I am not your opponent. I willingly concede defeat.”

“You let me win.”

Mu Ting Er withdrew her sword as she cast a gaze filled with feelings towards Ye Tian Feng.

The results of the match was within everyone’s expectation as there was a vast disparity between their abilities. It wasn’t even a competition. Zhang Ya Xin was definitely not Mu Ting Er’s match.

It seemed that the championship would be hers without any difficulties.

“Feng Er, is that the girl you love?” Emperor of Zi Yue stroked his beard as he smiled with satisfaction. “Not bad, her talent and personality is top grade. Your sight is really good. Among the three daughters of the Mu family, only Mu Ting Er, who wasn’t blood related, is the most outstanding.”

“Royal Grandfather, if you like her, then that’s great.” Ye Tian Feng’s heart moved. It seemed that his Royal Grandfather really liked Ting Er. If this were the case, then Master wouldn’t need to appear and Royal Grandfather wouldn’t hinder him in marrying Ting Er.

Hearing the grandfather and grandson conversation, Ji Ru Ya, who sat at the side, pouted, her eyes expressing her disdain. That Mu Ting Er really had a beautiful appearance and great talent, but she seemed too hypocritical.

She admired the Mu Ru Yue she’d seen a few months ago instead.

At this moment, the announcer announced once more.

“Up next, Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family against the noble son of the Protector General of the Kingdom, Li Lu.”

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