Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife

Chapter 39 – Separation Part 1

Chapter 39- Separation Part 1

‘I’m finished! Everything is over.‘

Mu Ting Er’s face expressed her despair, and this left a bitter bile in her throat. At that moment, she really didn’t know what had happened. ‘Why have I said those words uncontrollably?’

“Ting Er, I’ll definitely investigate the truth and give you justice.” Ye Tian Feng pitied the feeble girl in his embrace as he made his decision to seek the backstage master.

He gradually released the delicate body in his embrace. He looked at the ashen complexion of Mu Qing. “Mu family head, the competition must continue, so can I trouble you to take Ting Er back and let her rest up? The second round of competition will be held three days from now. I believe Ting Er should be able to get back on her feet again at that time, as she must be the champion of this competition.”

Three days was how long he gave Mu Ting Er to recover.

Ye Tian Feng slightly narrowed his gaze as he shot an icy gaze towards Mu Ru Yue. He coldly snorted as he couldn’t believe Mu Ru Yue was unrelated to this matter.

“Your Highness….” Mu Ting Er tightly held onto Ye Tian Feng’s hand, begging him with her gaze. She wished for her beloved man to stay by her side as she entered her most painful time of her life. But Ye Tian Feng pushed her hands away. At that instant, her heart fell right to the bottom of the valley, tears in her beautiful eyes.

“Ting Er, I will come to find you after the competition ends.” Ye Tian Feng smiled, his handsome face emitting a warm light. That light that should be warm gave Mu Ting Er’s heart an unprecedented chill instead.

In His Highness’s heart, his matters were more important. At such a moment, his heart was still on the competition.

Suppressing the bitter bile in her throat, Mu Ting Er forcefully smiled. “Your Highness, Ting Er understands.”

No matter how bitter her heart was, she wouldn’t express them as the Crown Prince didn’t like a girl who was unreasonable.

“Hmph!” Mu Qing flung his sleeves as he shot a cold gaze towards Mu Ru Yue, who had a faint smile on her face. He pulled on Mu Ting Er’s arm and said, “Ting Er, Xue Er, let’s head back.”

He didn’t mention Mu Ru Yue.

A gentle breeze blew. Among the dense leaves of a tree, it covered a person with silver, moon-like essence clothing.

The man leaned on the tree. His silver mask only exposed his deep eyes and elegant smile.

His gaze landed on the girl that stood like cold bamboo on the martial stage. With a slant of his lips, it formed a demonic smile. Perhaps no one saw what had happened previously, but he had saw it clearly.

When his gaze shifted to the leaving Mu family’s father and daughters, his gaze sunk as he muttered, “It looks like the Mu family has been completely angered. But that girl, Mu Ru Yue, is really interesting. I wonder how much anticipation she will bring to me.”

His long slender fingertip grazed his lips as his demonic smile intensified. Perhaps, she would be an anomaly on this continent.

In the Mu family lounge, Mu Qing’s expression darkened as he coldly looked at Mu Ru Yue who’d come in after him. He viciously slammed his hand on the table and shouted, “Mu Ru Yue! Don’t you think you have something you need to explain to me?”

Mu Ru Yue’s steps slowed. When she saw Mu Ting Er and Mu Yi Xue sitting in the lounge, her lips curled into a smile. “What do I have to say?”

“Impudent!” Mu Qing’s gaze became increasingly sinister. It was as though there was a sharp sword being shot towards Mu Ru Yue. “How did you become a Third Martial Stage practitioner? Shouldn’t you give me an explanation about that?”

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