Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 940 - Chapter 940 – I refuse to accept! (1)

Chapter 940 – I refuse to accept! (1)

“The academy stipulates that guilds are not allowed to fight privately. If there are conflicts, they can wait until the guild war to resolve them. Since you are a new guild we will forgive you this once. But if there is a next time, you will be severely punished!”

The three members of the law enforcement hall scolded the group aggressively. With a flash of light, they disappeared from the small courtyard.

Looking return of peace in the small courtyard, Yu Zhan’s face showed a trace of disappointment: “Why did they all leave? It would be so much better if we had a fight.”

Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at Yu Zhan and blinked his small eyes. This reckless guy is definitely a cultivation maniac!

Yu Zhan turned his head and looked at Ye Yu Xi, saying, “Leader, you just promised to have a match with me. How about now?”

Ye Yu Xi thought for a moment, nodded slowly, looked around, and said to Yu Zhan, “This courtyard is too small for us to utilize our skills. Let’s go up the mountain.”

“Okay!” Yu Zhan agreed readily and followed Ye Yu Xi out of the small courtyard. Please visit 𝑓r𝙚ew𝚎𝚋𝐧૦ѵ𝗲𝘭. c𝘰m

Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at the two people who left and smiled, thinking in his heart, Yu Zhan, who can’t fight well with him wants to fight Ye Yu Xi. Isn’t this looking for abuse?

Yu Ling looked at Hei Feng Tian Zong’s smile and said coldly, “What are you laughing at? Yu Zhan is very strong, he may not necessarily lose.”


The smile on Hei Feng Tian Zong’s face grew even wider as he said, “Brother Yu Ling, I suggest you follow them and see for yourself. This kind of thing is rare.” Yu Ling thought of Ye Yu Xi’s strength and chased after them…

The three members of the law enforcement hall walked on the road.

“Captain, it was the Blood Enchantress who caused trouble. According to the academy’s rules, they should be punished to work as laborers in the Black Forest.” A member of the law enforcement hall expressed confusion.

“Last night, the evil emperor Bai Jin Yi specifically met with the elders and asked the academy to take care of the Blood Enchantress. The dean and the elders agreed.”

“Evil emperor Bai Jin Yi?” The law enforcement member’s face showed a trace of panic.

“That woman just now is somehow related to Bai Jin Yi?”

The captain’s face flashed with caution: “Do your own job, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Evil emperor Bai Jin Yi, this man is too terrifying!”

Even the Alchemist Academy had no choice but to bow down in front of Bai Jin Yi.

Ye Yu Xi took Yu Zhan all the way to the surrounding barren hills.

After checking the surroundings with mental power to make sure there was no one there, Ye Yu Xi looked at Yu Zhan and said, “It’s spacious here, so let’s do it here.”

“Great!” Yu Zhan’s face showed a hint of excitement as he clenched his fists together and moved his shoulders a bit.

Yu Ling hurried over and stood on the side to observe the battle between Ye Yuxi and the other person.

“Leader, take out your weapon.” Yu Zhan looked at Ye Yu Xi who stood there with her hands down.

Ye Yu Xi smiled slightly and said, “No need for weapons.”

She slowly placed one hand behind her back and her voice was cold, “I’ll only use one hand.” The expression on Yu Ling’s face changed, “Leader, you can’t do this.”

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand towards Yu Zhan, “If you can withstand ten moves, then you win.” Yu Zhan’s face turned a bit gloomy, as he had never been looked down upon by a woman before!

“You’ll regret it!” There was a hint of anger on Yu Zhan’s face as he stepped back and his momentum began to rise.


Ye Yu Xi’s aura flowed through her body, her overwhelming aura was like a towering mountain!

On the side, Yu Ling’s eyes suddenly widened as he saw that she had reached the eighth level of cultivation!

Facing an opponent who was one level above him, Yu Zhan showed no fear on his face. Instead, his eyes revealed madness and excitement as he charged towards Ye Yu Xi with a giant fist imbued with spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed, and with a palm strike, she used 70% of her strength.


Accurately hitting Yu Zhan’s wrist, the surging spiritual power combined with immense pressure, directly knocked Yu Zhan to the ground.

On the side, Yu Ling’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat. Defeated by one move?

Yu Zhan was lying on the ground, and with a stomp, he jumped up and glared at Ye Yu Xi angrily, saying “I don’t accept this! Come again!”

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