Falling In Love With The King Of Beasts

Chapter 676 - Christmas Special 2021 - Part 5

Chapter 676 – Christmas Special 2021 – Part 5


He’d intended to give her a speech. To pour her a drink and maybe offer a snack.

But she’d pulled him in. Her breath thundered against his cheek and her hips were pressing into his thighs. She clawed at his shoulders, pulling him down and his need for her crackled through him like electric light.

“Fuck, Elia…”

“Yes, please.”

He snorted and took her mouth again, but she groaned and pulled away.

“Seriously, Reth, don’t make me trip you again.”

He shot her a mock-warning look. “I let you trip me last time,” he growled.

She gave him a skeptical look, but shrugged, smiling. “Whatever, just… please… please, Reth.” She was breathless and reaching for his buttons.

With a growl of approval, he slid his hands into the back of her leathers to cup her ass, then dragged them as far down her thighs as he could reach until they sagged, then fell to her ankles.

She stepped out of them and kicked them aside even as she got his leathers open and he sprang into her hand. They both groaned and spent a long moment, tongues dancing, bodies quivering, stroking each other.

When she’d pushed his leathers down too and her hips began to flex, seeking him, Reth gave in and, leaning down to yank off his pants, pulled her with him to the fur under their feet.

Both naked from the waist down, the furs felt amazing, ticklish and soft, deep enough to curl around her shins when she straddled his thighs, thick enough to cushion his ass from the lumpy ground.

She was still stroking him, but her hips were beginning to roll when he took her hands and whispered to her to stop before this ended too soon. Then he grasped her bottom and pulled her forward against him until he was embraced by her heat and the rolling created friction between them.

Her head dropped back and she groaned his name as she ground against him, the sound of her voice with that guttural growl raising the hair all over his body like electric current. Her nails dug into his shoulders and her hair swayed, tickling his thighs in a delicious reflection of the furs under him.

He stared down at her, mouth open, marveling at the sheer beauty of her. He wanted to roar. He wanted to shout her name. He wanted the entire universe to know her—and he wanted to keep her entirely to himself, wrapped in his arms and safe from hurt or harm.

“Elia… I…” He didn’t have words to explain the feelings billowing his in chest.

But his beautiful mate understood and pulled her head up to meet his eyes—her own sparking with heat and emotion—as she put a hand to his face.

“I know, Reth. Me too,” she sighed, rocking against him again. “Show me. Just show me.”

With a roar of sheer, possessive heat, he bent her back and guided himself into her, both of them crying out when she finally sank onto him.

For a time, Reth was lost. His entire world became her—the feeling of her body embracing him, the delicious, tingling sensations of their joining, the warm softness of her breasts contrasting with the peaked rivets of her nipples pressing against the fabric of the little dress. Ducking his head, Reth took one nipple in his mouth, over the fabric and sucked, humming around her, wetting it until it clung to her nipple, moving the fabric against it with his tongue.

Her body twitched and her fingers tightened on his shoulders. But then, still gasping and desperate, she raised her head and shrugged the fur jacket off her shoulders, revealing her pale skin and the halter neck of the little dress.

“No, Elia,” he rasped. “It’s too cold.”

“I don’t care,” she gasped and with the jacket hooked on her upper arms, let him take her weight, still rocking with him as she lifted her hands to the ties at the back of her neck, loosening them until the fabric sagged and she yanked it down, baring her breasts to his eyes and the winter air.

With a groan of sheer delight, Reth traced the line from her collarbone, down to her nipple rolling it between his thumb and forefinger until she gasped and cried out. “Do that again!”

And so Reth set to his task, his breath coming in harsh puffs as they rocked together, and he used one arm to pull her down hard into him, and the other hand to caress and pinch and squeeze until Elia’s breath was breaking in her throat and she gave a small cry with each of his thrusts.

“Oh… Reth… oh!” She clenched around him and Reth gritted his teeth against his climax as she began to climb the wave towards her own.

Still stroking, still rocking with her, he dropped his lips to her ear, inhaling her rich, heady scent as he huffed the mating call, then whispered, “Beautiful, so beautiful. You are my Love, Elia. Forever.”

She gave a little whimper and, her hands snaked under his fur jacket to clasp and unclasp at his waist as she pulled him against her desperately.

She was close. So close. Reth could feel himself tipping over the edge and he pushed the bliss back, determined to let her find hers first.

“Oh, Reth! I love you! I love you!”

With a snarl of pure possession, he nipped the skin of her neck. “Mine,” he growled, letting his teeth graze the scars he’d left claiming her two years earlier. “Only mine.”

Her words dissolved to cries then as her body stiffened, breath wheezing. Then he pinched her nipple at the same time he latched a kiss to her neck and she screamed his name, her nails digging into his waist.

His own pleasure crested, breaking over him like a wave, pounding, thundering, washing up the shore in a rush of tingling pleasure that rocked them both from head to toe and seemed to go on and on.

His existence tunneled to nothing but her warmth, her cries, and the softness of her skin. Nose against her neck and breath hot on her skin, he roared his claim to her, his mate, his wife, his most treasured possession.

And when they finally slumped together, boneless and sweaty, she panted for only seconds before plunging her hands into his hair, fisting it, and pulling his head back so she could meet his eyes with her own shining.

“You,” she gasped breathlessly, “are the most wonderful man the Creator ever made, Reth.”

He smiled, humbled and off-balance, but their eyes were locked and he couldn’t look away. “Then I guess we’re even,” he rasped.

Tipping their heads to each other’s shoulders, they clung, giving their breathing time to return to normal.

Reth used the time to inhale her, to fix the feel of her and the emotions she spurred in him in his mind so the memory could be called up at any time.

She was precious. So precious.

He only prayed he could keep her safe and happy. Forever.

An echo of a voice, the Creator’s conviction, reminded him that she was His to choose when forever began… but that she’d been given to Reth for safe keeping. That they had time now, the danger was passed.

Reth sighed then, letting go of the last of the tension he’d felt since the day she arrived in Anima. Tears pinched at the back of his throat, but he swallowed them back.

The danger was passed.

She was his. She was safe. And she was beautiful.

He was the most blessed male in Creation.

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