Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1405 - Rainbow Jade Hibiscus

Chapter 1405: Rainbow Jade Hibiscus

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“Young Master, one Rainbow Jade Hibiscus will be up for auction. If you’re interested in plant-type feys that can change the weather, the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus should motivate you to join the auction.”

Lin Yuan turned, and the elderly man walked past him to say, “Young Lady, why are you out here instead of resting?”

The girl did not reply immediately. Instead, she held her hand up to her mouth and coughed into it. She only stopped coughing when her face flushed slightly.

“Elder Duan, the account book is very clear. You’ve carefully done all the sums, so there’s no need at all for me to worry. I heard that there was a VIP from my hometown here, so it’s only right that I come out to take a look.”

The girl was dressed in a long red dress that was adorned with many bright red feathers. These bright red feathers came from a Diamond phoenix-species fey.

She had a composed expression and the aura of someone who had a century’s worth of wisdom. This was similar to the aura that Sun Ningxiang had.

It was likely that she came from one of the Great Lush Federation’s secret elite families.

The girl was also silently observing Lin Yuan at the same time that he was studying her.

Lin Yuan had put on a set of plainer spirit qi clothes.

The only accessory he had on was a bronze pendant of a furnace. Its design was simple and had 99 diamond-shaped larimars embedded in it. Nonetheless, it was worth 6,000,000 Great Lush dollars.

The spirit qi clothes he was wearing were black and made of black silk. The hundreds of fortuitous patterns were embroidered with spider silk from a Diamond dark-type spider-species fey.

Lin Yuan’s attire was enough for the girl to make a mental note of him.

The average disciples of secret families liked spending money on their clothes to show off their status. Only the truly powerful direct descendants paid attention to their accessories and would always add one or two to their outfits.

It was clear that this young man was the latter.

Besides his accessories, the girl marveled at Lin Yuan’s aura and appearance.

She took two steps forward and reached out to Lin Yuan as she said, “Hello, my name is Li Wan. I’m the President of the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce.”

Lin Yuan gently shook the girl’s hand and said, “My last name is Lin.”

Lin Yuan’s mind was fully focused on the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus that Li Wan had mentioned.

Gray’s Cloud Morph had gained the following abilities: Radiance of a Clear Day, Darkness of a Cloudy Day, Frozen Snowy Day, and Roar of a Windy Day. These abilities came from the Clear Sunshine Flower, Cloudy Fog Sunflower, Snow Crystal Orchid, and Hazy Wind Grass.

The Thunder Clap Chrysanthemum should be responsible for the thunderstorm weather.

Thunderstorms were the most violent weather phenomena in nature, and they were extremely deadly.

Lin Yuan dared not allow Gray to try absorbing thunderstorm weather before it reached Gold grade. But with the Thunder Clap Chrysanthemum, Gray would be able to absorb thunderstorm weather.

The Thunder Clap Chrysanthemum was a plant-type fey, and the strength of the weather it produced was linked to its grade and quality. As long as he could control the Thunder Clap Chrysanthemum’s grade, he would be able to ensure that the thunderstorm weather it produced would not hurt Gray.

Sunny, cloudy, snowy, windy, and thunderstorm weather were very common in nature.

The rainbows produced by the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus were considered rare weather.

Gray had not yet encountered a rainbow from which it could absorb rainbow weather.

With the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus, Gray would be able to absorb rainbows and gain a new ability.

If Lin Yuan had known about the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus’ existence, he might not have been set on trading for plant-type feys that could produce weather with the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce.

There were many chambers of commerce in Oak City. If the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce was unwilling to sell them for the sake of the auction, there were sure to be other chambers of commerce that would be willing.

Moreover, Lin Yuan could use his link to the Sincere Merchant Group to trade with the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce.

However, the other chambers of commerce might not have the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus.

Li Wan had mentioned the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus when she heard that Lin Yuan needed plant-type feys that could produce weather because she wanted to convince him to participate in the auction.

Li Wan said in her charming voice, “Young Master Lin, if you’re coming to the auction, I can set a room aside for you so you won’t be disturbed during the auction.”

This was the first time that Li Wan was meeting Lin Yuan. He could tell from the way she was trying so hard to promote the auction that it was very important to her.

Apparently, the combined attack from the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce and Profit Source Chamber of Commerce was scaring the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce.

The Prosperous Chamber of Commerce was unwilling to sell the plant-type feys that could produce weather to him because they wanted to ensure they had enough items to auction off.

Lin Yuan met Li Wan’s gaze and said softly, “The success of the auction will not depend on the weather-producing plant-type feys. As long as you have other attractive items at the auction, the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce would be able to pull in a crowd.”

A pair of Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts appeared in Lin Yuan’s hand, and he started to play with them.

At first, Li Wan assumed that Lin Yuan was still set on buying the weather-producing plant-type feys in advance. If so, she was disappointed at his lack of courtesy.

Elder Duan had already explained the difficulty that the Prosperous Chamber of Commerce was in, and she had shown him enough respect by inviting him three times.

There would be no point in treating Lin Yuan in a friendly manner if he was going to be overbearing.

But when she saw the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts that appeared in his hand, she inhaled sharply and realized what he was getting at.

He was right! If the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts appeared at the auction, there would be no need for the weather-producing plant-type feys. It would even be fine to sell the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus in advance.

Feys like the Rainbow Jade Hibiscus that could produce special weather were expensive in the Divine Wood Federation, but they were not in demand.

However, the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts were completely different. Once the news was released that the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts were going to appear at the auction, the elite of Oak City would arrive in throngs.

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