Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1463 - Scheming

Chapter 1463: Scheming

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Only Lin Yuan, the Moon Empress’ disciple, could obtain a precious item like the essence blood of a main-dragon-species fey.

Ning Yanting’s face had been flushed with embarrassment when he typed out the message asking Lin Yuan for help.

However, Lin Yuan did not reply to his message even after three days had passed. This left Ning Yanting feeling rather bitter.

Just as Ning Yanting was about to resign himself to his fate, he received Lin Yuan’s call telling him that he could solve his problem.

Ning Yanting was speechless. He had no idea what he should say as thanks seemed too superficial.

Nonetheless, Ning Yanting could not afford the essence blood of main-dragon-species feys.

Lin Yuan sensed Ning Yanting’s conflict and said, “Elder Ning, feel free to let me know if you have any other needs. Coincidentally, I need your help with something.”

When Ning Yanting heard how Lin Yuan addressed him, he felt as though he could see the young man furiously scribbling away during his exam. Although that young man was now the Moon Empress’ disciple, he was still as humble as he had always been.

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“Young Lord, please let me know if you need me to do anything.”

When Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Chimey had urged him to start the Warm Sun Fund soon.

Previously, Lin Yuan and Sun Ningxiang had discussed how the Warm Sun Fund should be carried out.

Besides the time it spent increasing its power in the hopes of holding a fan meeting soon, Chimey spent all of its time live-streaming to garner funds for the Warm Sun Fund.

Lin Yuan could not disappoint Chimey.

He had come from the less prosperous Xia Region in Redbud City. As such, no one knew about the environment there better than him.

Thus, Lin Yuan planned on starting the Warm Sun Fund in Xia Region before spreading its influence to the rest of Redbud City and eventually the entire Radiance Federation.

In order to ensure that the Warm Sun Fund operated smoothly, a person with a ministerial background like Elder Ning was necessary.

After telling Elder Ning about his intention, Lin Yuan hung up.

He drained one drop of essence blood from the main-dragon-species fey organs and sent it to Elder Ning.

Ning Yanting was burning with excitement and motivation.

This young man had not even left the Xia Region for a year, yet he was already thinking of a way to help his hometown.

How could such a pure-hearted person exist? If he was doing all this for his hometown, imagine what he could do for the entire Radiance Federation?

Ning Yanting had always felt that Lin Yuan had enough Creation Master talent to be considered a genius that created a new record for the Creation Master exam.

But now, Ning Yanting felt that Lin Yuan’s character was even more brilliant than his Creation Master talent. His character far exceeded being described as noble because he also wanted to help others.

Lin Yuan logged into Star Web and visited Zhou Jiaxin’s store.

When he arrived, he saw that the store was having a sale. Many customers in the store were fighting to buy up the spiritual ingredients.

Most of the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the pool had already been sold.

Currently, Violent-tempered woman and five other employees were present in the store beside Zhou Jiaxin. All seven of them were frazzled with all the work they had to do.

Lin Yuan walked up to Zhou Jiaxin, who was introducing a spiritual ingredient to a customer, and said, “Big Sister Xin, I missed the Star Web messages you sent me. But once I saw them, I immediately rushed here.”

Zhou Jiaxin froze when she heard this familiar voice and whipped around in shock.

Once she was certain that the voice had come from Lin Yuan, Zhou Jiaxin apologized to the customer before asking an employee to take over the introduction.

She walked over to Lin Yuan and said with a smile, “You sure have grown in the few months since I last saw you!”

Lin Yuan had indeed grown from 177 centimeters to 180 centimeters, and his physique had also filled out significantly.

Lin Yuan could tell that Zhou Jiaxin was trying to hide her sadness and asked, “Big Sister Xin, your Class 5 store is doing well. Why are you closing it all of a sudden?”

Zhou Jiaxin sighed and replied, “You’re a major shareholder of the store, so I wanted to ask your opinion first. However, the three Class 2 Creation Masters that the store employed are no longer willing to work for us. An old rising faction has been pressuring me to turn my store into one of their chain stores so they can take over the management.”

Lin Yuan finally understood the situation. An old rising faction was targeting Zhou Jiaxin.

If the rising faction chose to use underhanded methods, Zhou Jiaxin would be helpless against them. This was the reason many Class 5 stores needed to gain the support of factions.

However, Class 2 Creation Masters were not considered important people in a rising faction.

Zhou Jiaxin had also treated the three Class 2 Creation Masters very well, and there was no reason for them to succumb to the rising faction’s threats to stop working for Zhou Jiaxin.

Since Lin Yuan was confused, he asked Zhou Jiaxin, “Big Sister Xin, did the rising faction force the three Class 2 Creation Masters to leave?”

Zhou Jiaxin hurriedly shook her head and replied, “This rising faction has had its eye on our store for a long time. They did not make their move in the past on account of the three Class 2 Creation Masters’ pride.

“However, Whale Ocean Commerce is holding a large-scale recruitment of Creation Masters, regardless of their class or experience. They claim that they want to test the Creation Masters. Whale Ocean Commerce will nurture the Creation Masters who join. This news was the reason the three Class 2 Creation Masters chose to leave.”

At first, Lin Yuan had only wanted to do a small favor for Zhou Jiaxin. But he did not expect to learn such a piece of news from her.

Whale Ocean Commerce again! Creation Masters again!

Lin Yuan had found out from Ji Feng that Whale Ocean Commerce was not hiring Creation Masters for their abilities but for their actual selves.

Whale Ocean Commerce’s offer would draw countless Creation Masters to them.

If these Creation Masters all ended up secretly killed by Whale Ocean Commerce, the Radiance Federation’s Creation Master potential would be halted.

However, there was something that Lin Yuan did not understand.

Even if Whale Ocean Commerce was daring enough to use the Creation Masters’ bodies to commit crimes, they would not be able to escape the long arm of the members of royalty once their deed was discovered.

Previously, Lin Yuan planned on taking White Speak to Whale Ocean Commerce’s residence one night to conduct an investigation. However, there was no guarantee that they would be able to escape detection by Whale Ocean Commerce’s experts or even find anything useful.

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