Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 639 - Inextricable

Chapter 639: Inextricable

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The strength of an Immortal Spirit Fish over 10 meters long was also exceedingly terrifying. Ordinary peak Thousand Year King realm experts would not be able to defeat it at all.

Furthermore, their numbers were low, and it was rare to find one. Right now, even the biggest Immortal Spirit Fish was only about six meters long.

But in Lu Bu and the others’ eyes, they were already a huge mountain of spirit stones.

Peak-grade spirit stones were extremely expensive. Most spirit herbs would not be able to fetch such a price.

“Prepare to cast the net,” Bei Feng cooly commanded.

“Yes!” Lu Bu and the others hurriedly chorused. Next, they took out a previously prepared net made of Heavenly Silk.

The cost of a net like this was nothing short of terrifying. Its flexibility was also extremely good. At the very least, it was quite unlikely for any Immortal Spirit Fish below 10 meters to be able to break through it.

Bei Feng did not interfere, and simply sat on the deck enjoying the ocean breeze as he chewed on some seafood.

Lu Bu took out a large wooden box from the hull. It constantly emanated an extremely good smell. Inside, the box was filled with large wriggling bugs the size of thumbs.

These bugs were each about five, six centimeters long, and two rings could be seen on their body. They were black in color, with a pair of large claws in front of them. Their bodies were covered entirely in a hard shell.

These bugs emanated a strange smell, which to some seemed fragrant, and to others putrid.

Lu Bu flung the box out, scattering the several thousand bugs into the golden sea.

The instant that the bugs entered the water and began struggling, the frightened Immortal Spirit Fishes at the front suddenly hesitated. Finally, under the lead of a six meter long Immortal Spirit Fish, they rushed madly towards the bugs.

At the same time, 10 Thousand Year King realm experts soared into the air and began to cast out the net in a huge area around the fishes.

Immortal Spirit Fishes were quick-witted creatures, and had a timid nature. The moment they felt that something wasn’t right, they would quickly run away.

But, because of the temptation of the Spirit Beetles, their instinctive hunger suppressed their nature.

Immortal Spirit Fishes were very quick in the water, and even third or fourth layer Thousand Year King realm experts were only around as fast.

So, Lu Bu and the rest did not dare to make any overly big movements, and could only rely on the wide surface area of the net. Taking advantage of the time when the Immortal Spirit Fishes were feeding, they would surround them.

Several thousands of Spirit Beetles were completely devoured within a few minutes. Now that the lure of food was gone, the Immortal Spirit Fishes also began to discover that something was not right, and they began to panic.

“Blub, blub!”

Bubbles began to rise out of the water along with strange shrill sounds. It was as if the Immortal Spirit Fishes were communicating.

Lu Bu’s face changed as he looked at the Immortal Spirit Fishes jumping up, ready to escape.

Because it was their first time catching Immortal Spirit Fish, they did not have sufficient experience, and didn’t know that these Immortal Spirit Fishes’ could eat so quickly.

Right now, the net hadn’t been cast properly, and the Immortal Spirit Fishes had already reacted.

“Not good! Hurry, let’s reel the net in quickly!” Lu Bu knew that now wasn’t the time to be careful anymore, and so he gave the order. In any case, the Immortal Spirit Fishes had already discovered that something was wrong, so they only needed to care about moving as quickly as possible and catching as much as they could right now.

In an instant, the others also exploded with their full strength as they dragged the net over quickly.

But, ultimately, the net hadn’t been closed properly, so even though the group had reacted quickly, it was still too late as they’d left behind an escape path.

Apart from six or seven Immortal Spirit Fishes that were slower, the others all managed to escape.

The Yellow Golden Sea was vast and unending. This was also the deep sea. The moment these Immortal Spirit Fishes escaped, they simply needed to dive into the water from some direction, and they would disappear completely without a trace.

“What quick-witted fishes.”

Bei Feng smiled, seemingly not minding at all.

Within the net, a handful of fishes was struggling desperately. However, the strength of the net woven with Heavenly Silk was incredibly tough. No matter how they struggled, they could not break out.

With their space greatly confined by the net, these Immortal Spirit Fish whose strength normally rivalled the Thousand Year King realm were all hoisted up with ease.

Lu Wei took out a small knife and directly began to let out the blood of the Immortal Spirit Fishes.

Immortal Spirit Fish’s blood was poisonous enough to kill a peak Hundred Year realm expert with ease. It was also somewhat effective even against Thousand Year Kings.

After that, the entire fish was strung up by the tail. Copious amounts of blue blood flowed from the wounds, emanating a clear fragrance.

After they were handled, they were placed into a spatial ring.

The only way to properly drain the blood from the fish was when it was alive. If they tried to drain the blood after it died, the flesh would be ruined.

Lu Bu stood beside Bei Feng, and respectfully said, “Family Head, this servant wasn’t able to do the job well.”

“It’s fine, just be more careful next time. You know I like action more than words.”

Bei Feng waved his hands, unconcerned.

Lu Bu’s attitude didn’t change. A lot of people would lose sight of themselves after achieving some success. However, Lu Bu was very clear who had given him all he had today.

“It’s said that the Immortal Spirit Fish has a unique taste if you eat it raw. Later on, the few of you can go and pick out two fishes to try,” Bei Feng said with a smile.

“En, thank you, Family Head.” Lu Bu bowed and left.

As for Bei Feng, he directly took out one Immortal Spirit Fish and peeled off the skin without harming the flesh underneath.

With a turn of his hand, a little black dagger appeared. After measuring the fish roughly, a series of afterimages appeared, without the blade being seen at all. At this time, Bei Feng did not seem inferior to a skilled butcher dismembering an ox.

At the end of the day, achieving understanding in one area would unlock the skills in other areas as well. As long as one’s strength reached a certain level, and one’s control over their body was sufficient, such an act was nothing difficult at all.



The strokes seemed weak, but the sounds rang out clearly.

The small knife made with Thousand Transformations was incredibly sharp, and there wasn’t any obstruction when he moved. He only needed to control the direction of the knife and push lightly, and the blade would slice all the way to the end!

Bei Feng’s knifework was visually appealing as if it was a kind of art.

In another blink of eye, the weapon in his hand disappeared.

On the chopping board, a skinned Immortal Spirit Fish was laid out. The fish meat was faint pink in color, and filled with cloud-like patterns.

A stream of ocean breeze blew over. All of a sudden, the Immortal Spirit Fish, which looked like it hadn’t been sliced, changed!

Apart from the fish’s head, the flesh on its body began to fall outwards like a blooming flower!

The thinly sliced meat floated upwards because of the wind, but remained stuck to the skeleton.

It was like a gust of wind had blown through a wheat field, like a wave rising and falling.

Bei Feng did not use any other ingredients, because the Immortal Spirit Fish itself was the best ingredient!

The more outstanding an ingredient was, the simpler it was to prepare.

The unique taste of this kind of ingredient was something that humans could never reproduce using average ingredients.

Bei Feng directly placed a piece of meat into his mouth. Unexpectedly, there wasn’t any taste at all.

Could this be a fake fish?!

Bei Feng was somewhat stupefied. The flesh of the Immortal Spirit Fish was something that countless people contested for. However, there wasn’t any taste at all in the piece of meat he’d eaten.

Bei Feng was a Thousand Year King, and his five senses were much sharper than the other people’s. In terms of his sense of taste, he could even detect if there was a grain of salt in a cup of water!

For this fish’s meat to have no taste, it was exceedingly strange.

Somewhat perplexed, Bei Feng bit into the meat.


In the instant that he sank his teeth in, his entire body jolted.

His eyes were also filled with shock!

An endless myriad of flavors!

Countless flavors exploded in his mouth, giving his sensitive taste buds a violent rush!

Precisely because his five senses were more sensitive than regular people’s, the impact that he received was greater as well!

In a short moment, he was unable to react at all.

Take a person with more sensitive sense of smell, and they would be completely floored by some overly strong odors that others could normally tolerate.

Right now, Bei Feng was the same as well. He was completely immersed in the sensation of the countless different flavors.

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