Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 640 - Wind Storm

Chapter 640: Wind Storm

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The countless different tastes amalgamated into a torrent which assaulted Bei Feng’s taste buds. Even with his huge amounts of mental power, his reaction was still stunted.

Before the taste was gone, another taste would come bursting out.

At this point, Bei Feng had already thrown away his previous thoughts. It was no wonder Immortal Spirit Fishes were so expensive!

As long as one bit open the meat, they would be able to experience an incredibly rare and amazing taste.

It wasn’t clear how much time had passed; it might have been one minute, or just a mere blink of an eye.

The taste in his mouth finally disappeared, and Bei Feng also regained his clarity.

But this was still not the end! Slowly, a new wave of tastes appeared again.

This taste was so unique that it was impossible to describe with words.

A comfortable smile appeared on Bei Feng’s face, perfectly complementing the feelings in his mouth.

“Truly inconceivable.” Bei Feng sighed in a heartfelt manner. All those explosions of tastes were just to produce this taste that was unique to each person who ate it.

Bei Feng enjoyably chewed the piece of fish. The texture of the meat was smooth but firm at the same time. The tenderness of the fish continuously played with his taste buds.

Soon, an entire Immortal Spirit Fish disappeared into Bei Feng’s stomach. However, his stomach did not look any different at all.

The digestive ability of cultivators was extremely shocking; not to mention meat and blood, even if they ate metal or stone, it would still be digested!

At the same time, their appetite was also incredibly terrifying. As long as one was somewhat accomplished in cultivation, eating an entire cow would only be like eating a snack.

The Yellow Golden Sea’s weather was something that could change at a single moment’s notice.

One moment ago, the sky was still clear with a gentle breeze, but in the next moment, it was suddenly filled with thin black clouds which covered the sun.

The water was calm, but gave off an intimidating vibe. The seagulls which had been flying around were nowhere to be seen now, and even the fishes in the water had disappeared.

Those were signs of abnormality.

It was the calm before the storm.

Bei Feng was also starting to feel worried, though he knew that as a leader, he should not panic.

A small storm would not be an issue to a Thousand Year King. But, a storm in the middle of the Yellow Golden Sea would not be of small scale for sure.

The fearsome storms here came accompanied by lightning and thunder, which could easily send a Ten Thousand Year Supremacy to the hallows.

“Speed forward,” Bei Feng commanded.

In those circumstances, Bei Feng and the gang were only like ants waiting to be stepped on, so he naturally did not want to stay there any longer.

After giving instructions to Lu Bu and the rest, Bei Feng was ready to leave the dangerous waters.

Sea storms were not something that would start in an instant, as they required a buildup.

The longer it took to build up, the fiercer the storm.

After a full three hours, Bei Feng and the rest had already travelled several thousands li away. But, not only had they not left the area the dark clouds covered, the ominous aura had instead become even heavier.

This aura is as if there’s a powerful cultivator here; the only difference is that it’s coming from the heavens instead.

Bei Feng felt somewhat uncomfortable. With this kind of aura pressuring them from the surroundings, his strength had been suppressed by at least 30%!

The area that this storm covers is too wide. Even if we rushed away with all our might, we won’t be able to leave its range.

Bei Feng furrowed his brows in seriousness. With what they’d seen so far, it was easy to imagine just how wide this storm would be.

This isn’t even the eye of the storm. If we were at the very center, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to utilize even a third of my strength.

Bei Feng finally understood why even Ten Thousand Year Supremacies were at risk of death in this kind of place.

In a situation where they couldn’t use their strength, even a Ten Thousand Year Realm expert would be destroyed if they were unlucky.

Several hours had already passed, but there wasn’t a single wisp of wind in the sea at all.

However, the previously calm water had already begun to surge. The endless expanse of water before their eyes was moving.

As the ocean churned, several huge waves that towered for tens of meters rose up. Such a scene was breathtakingly beautiful, just like a giant ink painting.

The most lethal danger was often hidden beneath great beauty. Right now, it was the same.

Although this scene looked exceptionally grand, no one who was stuck in it would be in the mood to appreciate it.

Two more hours passed, and the golden ocean was already filled with huge waves that towered for tens of meters!

Wave after wave, they crashed fearsomely down.

The dark clouds in the sky were as thick and heavy as mountains, and it looked as if the sky was falling down.

The sun had already been completely covered, and although it was clearly still daytime, the entire area had sunk into complete darkness.

To ordinary people, it would be impossible to see anything clearly. However, everyone there was a Thousand Year King realm cultivator.

They were naturally unaffected by this factor. Everything was as bright as day before their eyes.

“Family Head, we discovered a large group of Immortal Spirit Fish!” An agitated voice rang out as Lu Bu hurried over from the back, his face filled with excitement.

“How many?” Bei Feng asked curiously. If they were able to cause the usually steady and calm Lu Bu to lose his composure like this, it was likely not as simple as just 100-200 fishes.

“A great plenty! They are densely packed, and absolutely incalculable!” Lu Bu gestured emotionally. This was a huge shoal of Immortal Spirit Fish; just the fully mature ones already numbered in the tens of thousands!

“Oh? Bring me to see.” Bei Feng raised his brows and let Lu Bu lead the way. “So many!”

Although he had expected there to be a lot of Immortal Spirit Fish, Bei Feng still sucked in a large breath of air when he saw the sight himself.

A thousand kilometers away was a school of huge fishes swimming towards the ship.

The swarm of Immortal Spirit Fishes covered almost the entire water surface, with a few of them jumping out of the waters.

Their bodies were robust and covered in shiny scales which reflected the sun rays.

“Family Head, should we capture this school of Immortal Spirit Fishes?”

Though Lu Bu knew that a storm was approaching, he still could not feeling tempted to catch the Immortal Spirit Fishes.

If one Immortal Spirit Fish alone was worth 60 high-grade spirit stones, then what they were looking at was a whole spirit stone mountain!

“No, we will not take any action for now,” Bei Feng said after much consideration.

“Family Head, this opportunity is one of a lifetime. If we miss it, it might never come again. It would be almost impossible to see such a big school of Immortal Spirit Fishes.”

Lu Bu was not ready to let go of this rare chance, as he felt it would be easy to capture the whole swarm.

Bei Feng looked at Lu Bu, and said, “As a cultivator, you should remember that the most important thing is not skills, cultivation level, nor resources, but your life! All opportunities are none of your business if you are dead!”

Looking like he got enlightened, Lu Bu calmed down.

“Your subordinate understands,” Lu Bu replied respectfully as he realized how risky his thoughts were.

When did he become so comfortable with taking risks? Shouldn’t a cultivator be more careful, and not overestimate his skills?

Lu Bu reflected on his mistake, and the enlightenment seemed to improve his Martial Dao Will.

“Immortal Spirit Fishes are timid creatures, so they know how to avoid trouble. Seems like they are trying to stay out of the storm by swimming to another place,” Bei Feng surmised as he watched the school of Immortal Spirit Fishes swim in another direction.

“Let’s follow the Immortal Spirit Fishes and see where they are heading,” Bei Feng added. “Since we are already in the danger zone, we won’t be able to escape the storm. However, we can still follow the fishes and see if there’s a safe place to hide. No other place could be more dangerous than here.”

“Your subordinate understands.” Lu Bu bowed respectfully before taking his leave.

The very next moment, the ship started to change its course as it turned in the direction which the Immortal Spirit Fishes were swimming in.

A ten-meter-tall wave appeared, becoming an obstacle to the ship.

Even the Immortal Spirit Fishes were affected as their swimming speed slowed by half.

“Go as fast as you can, crash through the wave!”

Bei Feng stood on the deck barefooted, unfazed by the shaking of the ship. It was as though he was nailed to the deck.

“Yes!” Lu Bu nodded his head, and proceeded to steer the ship into the wave, crashing right through it!

The incoming wave crashed down like a piece of sky falling down, pouncing directly onto the 10 zhang long ship!

It looked like suicide whenever the hundred meters tall wave crashed down onto them.

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