Fortunate Wife

Chapter 221 - AFRAID OF ME? (1


“Li Shu, don’t act on impulse ah.” Li Man persistently chased him to the backyard, seeing that Li Shu grabbed the shovel tightly to hit Xing niang, she hastily held him by the waist.

“You stinking woman!” Li Shu didn’t struggle from Li Man, only pointing at Xing niang and cursed her with fury, “Are you crazy now from thinking about man all day? Leaning on other people’s wall and peeking inside, do you even want your face anymore?”

“Don’t want face?” Xing niang was still leaning on the wall’s edge with one hand on her hip, her expression was full with disdain, “Even if this grandmother doesn’t want face, I will still not do this shameless thing in broad daylight ah.”

Realizing that Li Shu was being blocked by Li Man, she got even more courageous as her two eyes glared in a provoking manner towards him. She felt joyful seeing the wounds on his face, then afterwards, her eyes were attracted to Li Shu’s strong pectoral muscle, slowly crawling to the only underpants he’s wearing, and finally fell to his sturdy long legs.

Xing niang slightly bit her lips, feeling that her eyes were pricked by something when she saw the bulge right on his crotch moving.

Xing niang never expected that Li Shu’s lower part was really imposing even though it’s not stiff yet. If he give a reaction, then wouldn’t he be able to make women happy to death ah? She can’t help but felt a surging feeling, making her body felt hot and wet. Her eyes gave a seductive look towards Li Shu, her former shrewish sound became tender and frail like a young girl.

“Yo, third son, what happened? Why is your face injured? Sister-in-law’s [嫂子] heart feels very painful.”

Li Man was dumbfounded for a while, how can this woman’s attitude change so quickly?

“Has this got any god-damn thing to do with you? Roll away for this grandfather, otherwise I’ll beat you to death with this shovel!” Li Shu said ruthlessly while raising the shovel in his hand ferociously, “I won’t fuss about you stinky woman today because of my wife, if there’s a next time, I’ll let you see for yourself what I’m gonna do with you fucker.”

After some cursing, Li Shu indolently looked at Xing niang’s flattering look with contempt, then pulled Li Man over, “C’mon, wife, we should go back now.”

“Oh.” Li Man also realized Xing niang’s profligate look towards Li Shu as she suppressed the burning fire inside her heart.

“Ai, third son, don’t go ah, sister-in-law is still not done talking with you. Sister-in-law has some medicine at my house, do you want it ah?” Seeing him walking out, Xing niang felt somewhat hate to part with, and so she hastily shouted out to stop Li Shu.

Li Shu ruthlessly spitted on the ground and cursed her, “Shameless!” It looked like he had to set things straight in front of wife.

After seeing Li Shu’s great fury, Li Man also didn’t dare to speak again, afraid that it will instead provoke him to beat people, although that woman really ought to be beaten.

Soon afterwards, Li Shu went to the front yard, one can’t see his shadow anymore, so Xing niang finally retracted her line of sight, twisting her face when she caught sight of her foolish man standing and looking around at her family’s gate, she can’t help but burned with jealousy and cursed Li Man with anger, “Shameless wretch, everyday fucking men all around while wearing clothes like a virgin, I–ptooey…bah!“

Xing niang vented her anger by spitting out saliva many times at Li family’s gate, she can’t stop thinking about Li Shu’s swelling crotch and feeling an unbearable itchiness while clamping her pair of legs, a warm current gushed out from inside, provoking her until she panted hard. However, she’s unable to relieve the lust burning her, so she had no other way but to yell out to her man, “Big Shun, quickly retrieve Second Shun, that dead cuckold, for this grandmother!”

When Li Shu just came back, he heard the shrill roar of Xing niang. He can’t help but snort with laughter, “Woman, you already can’t hold yourself back.”


Li Man seized the shovel in his hand and put it back to the corner of the room, “Li Shu, if you want to beat someone next time, you should choose the tool cautiously. Just a moment ago, if you use this shovel to beat that woman, you might kill someone else’ family if you’re not careful, then you’ll have to pay with your own life, isn’t that just suffering a big loss ah?”

“Then what should I use then?” Li Shu laughed while seeing her worried look.

Li Man looked all around and finally pointed at the broom, “If you want to beat that kind of woman, it should be enough if you just use this plaything ah, you can slap her mouth or hit her butt. Just think of it as giving her a lesson, don’t beat her to death.”

Li Shu sneered ‘hehe’ twice, wife is also ruthless enough ah, slapping someone’s mouth using a broom? That’s interesting, but, hitting a woman’s buttocks? This still need some deliberation ah, because he only wanted to hit a specific woman’ little bum.

“What are you doing looking at me like that?” Li Man became flustered because of his dark eyes staring at her with an ambiguous meaning, then she remembered their situation that was disrupted because of Xing niang, “Li Shu, I’m gonna search for Little Five to teach some more words.”

“Wife.” Li Shu suddenly strode forward in a big step and grasped her arm firmly.

Li Man immediately struggled, “Li Shu, don’t act recklessly, I, I haven’t prepared myself enough, you–”

“What are you afraid of?” Li Shu laughed teasingly while poking her forehead, then said mysteriously, “Wife, come with me, I’ll take you to watch a play, a really good play.”

“Good play?” what kind of theater play could there be in this poor and remote mountain area? Li Man was curious and excitedly letting him pulling on her out.

However, she was unexpectedly brought to squat down at the wall outside of Xing niang’s family’s kitchen.

“What are we doing?” Li Man curiously asked with widened eyes when she heard a woman’s groans and hums coming from inside the room, “What happened?”

“Hush.” Li Shu at covered her mouth at once, then using a single hand, he softly the small wooden window while his finger pointed inside for Li Man to see.

Li Man’s curiosity was roused, so she gazed through the small crack of the window, and immediately gaped dumbstruck by the spring scenery inside, her whole face flushed like a boiled shrimp.

The woman’s white hands was fastened to the roof beam with a rope, there was a rough black-skinned man each behind and in front of her, clamping her in the middle while ferociously moving in a bestial manner.

“Enn… Second Shun, hurry, use more strength, ohhh, yess, like that.. Mnnn, ahh… Big Shun, you idiot, you’re slipping out, quickly insert it in again, this grandmother’s can’t bear it ahhhnn…!! You useless guy, how can you finish so quickly?! Quick, grab that toy here!”

The man with a foolish appearance removed himself from her body with panic, he hastily reached out to the place under the cupboard, taking out a gigantic penis model from the wooden box, then swiftly and violently squeezed it inside Xing niang’s gaping lower cave, exerting his strength to push and pull like a piston.

The woman’s delighted shriek, the men’ coarse and low roar, the scenery inside the room was too unbearable.

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